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UNLV Faculty Institute on Research-Based Learning for High Impact Classes


Note: This is a non-working sample form.

Deadline extended to November 6, 2009

The Institute invites proposals for the redesign of existing large-enrollment/high impact, lower-division courses to incorporate a research assignment and develop undergraduate research and critical thinking skills.

The program seeks faculty who…

  • are teaching/coordinating one or more large enrollment/high impact course in Fall 2010
  • are interested in utilizing technology to create active learning environments in large classes
  • want to exchange teaching ideas with colleagues from across the UNLV campus
  • are eager to explore creative and effective ways to work with University partners  to bring research into the classroom
  • are interested in revising their course to offer greater opportunities for student engagement in research projects that use the Library's print and/or digital collections
  • will meet the commitments outlined for Fellows

Fellows are committing to:

  • fully participate in the Institute held on campus from Monday – Wednesday, January 4-6, 2010, including
  • attendance at all sessions from 9am-3pm each day, including lunch
  • completion of independent work outside the session times
  • availability for consultations outside the session times
  • participating in three additional Friday morning sessions during Spring 2010
  • contributing to Institute email exchanges, web sites, and public forums
  • completing a revised course syllabus and including an undergraduate research assignment, in collaboration with the Institute Partners
  • completing a plan for implementing and supporting the research assignment, in collaboration with the Institute Partners
  • participating in evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of the Institute experience and the impact on student learning related to undergraduate research
  • attending post-Institute events organized for the Fellows
  • sharing their Institute experience with their colleagues.

Sponsoring departments are expected to make a long-term commitment to institutionalize
the redesigned courses and to offer them on a regular basis.

Selection Criteria
The following types of courses and proposals will be given preference.  Those
that fall into more than one of the categories will be advantaged in the selection process.
Courses that are:

  • large enrollment
  • high impact
  • lower-division
  • UNLV or NSHE core or required for a major
  • rotated among two or more instructors/teaching assistants within a department who intend to share and/or coordinate syllabi

Proposals should:

  • promote the sequential development of undergraduate research competencies and improve coherence in the curriculum
  • articulate sustainable changes to departmental or interdepartmental curriculum
  • demonstrate strong support of the sponsoring department(s)

Funding and Support
The Institute funds up to fifteen Fellows selected competitively from the applicant pool.
Each Fellow will receive:

  • A stipend of $1500
  • Individualized consultation services provided by academic support partners in the areas of research-based learning, critical thinking, library resources, assignment design, pedagogy, educational technology, course evaluation, assessment of student learning, collaboration with teaching assistants, and other aspects of course implementation.
  • A liaison librarian who will partner with you at the Institute.

Application Instructions
Complete applications consisting of the following four elements should be submitted no later than Friday, November 6, 2009.

The first three parts must be submitted by email:

  • Cover Sheet (see below)
  • A narrative in electronic format not to exceed two single-spaced pages that describes the course(s) proposed for redesign, including:
    • the course level (e.g. lower division, upper division)
    • a narrative description of the course (one paragraph)
    • the current and/or envisioned research component
    • the current and/or envisioned use of library collections
    • a rationale for including this particular course in the Institute
    • a statement about why the applicant is interested in participating in the Institute, including evidence of commitment to undergraduate education and undergraduate research and willingness to engage new ideas in collaboration with the Institute Partners (no longer than one page)
    • A current course syllabus in electronic format

The final part must be submitted by campus mail:

For additional information, contact:
Vicki Nozero
Director of Research & Education
University Libraries
Lied Library M/S 7014

Cover sheet (application part 1)

Submit application by Friday, November 6, 2009 to Victoria Nozero.

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Course Information:

Department course number:

Title of course:

Name of department chair:

Semesters in which this applicant will offer this course:
Spring 2010 Fall 2010 Spring 2011

Departmental designation:
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General education core course
General education distribution course

Number of sections:

Anticipated enrollment (average per section):

Course URL (if applicable):

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