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Title Dates Contents
English 1986-1993 Interim
Environmental 1970-1993 Ecology action, hazmat safety, Harry Reid Center
Epilogue 1957-1970, 1972, 1976-1978, 1980-1982, 1986 UNLV yearbook. Published by CSUN and at times the UNLV Alumni Association.
Ethnic Student Council 1999 - Calendars, multicultural newsletter
Evaluations 1980-1992 Academic reports, student and committee attitudes toward UNLV
Facilities Management and Building Services 1994 Facilities and building services
Faculty (student evaluations) 1968-1972 Student evaluations of faculty
Faculty Allegations 1982-1983 Alleged violations, reply to alleged violations, and supplemental documents #'s 1-4
Faculty Bulletin 1951-1964 University of Nevada, Reno faculty bulletins #125-906
Faculty Info. Bulletin 1964-1978 Information bulletins for the President's and Chancellor's Office
Faculty News Bulletin 1957-1972 News bulletins
Faculty Policy Bulletin 1964-1977 Office of President #64-1 - 68-1 Office of Chancellor #68-2 - 77-12
Faculty Schedule Cards 1956-1962 Schedule cards for faculty
Faculty Senate News from the chair 1983-1991 News bulletins from the Chair
Femnet Newsletter 1989-1991 Femnet information
Financial Services 1979-1994 Annual reports, scholarship info., financial aid office, newsletters, etc°≠
Fraternities and Sororities (Greek Life) 1966-1994 Rush calendars, constitutions and by-laws, greek info, interfraternity council
Gernotology Program 1984 Interdisplinary program
Graduate College 1995 Assessment reports
Graduate College 1967-1994 Profiles In Success publication
Graduate College Record 1980-1985 Newsletter
Graduate College Update 1985- Spotlight on Graduation and Graduate College Update newsletters.
Graduate Policy Bulletin 1967-1989 Graduate handbooks, policy manuals, Preparing and submitting a thesis
Graduate Program Review 1983-1985 Department program reviews
Graduate Student Association 1980's Constitutions, proposals, minutes and memos, council funding and handbook
Graduate Students 1967-1995 Profiles in Success
Graduate Studies 1981-1986 Departmental brochures, GSA Communique
Graduation List 1964- List of all graduates
Guide and Information Booklet 1954-1993 UNLV and SNU
Health College (Allied) 1969-1974 Nursing, self-evaluation reports, health sciences, and memos
Honors Convocation Program 1967-2000 1-33th annual Honors Convocation programs; HP dispatch
Honors Programs 1967-1987 Brochures and memos
Hotel Administration, College of 1972-1998 Brochures, newsletters, luncheon and dinner menus
Hotel Administration, College of 1992 Student projects on incentive travel
Hotel Administration, College of 2005-2007 PREMIER magazine
Hotel College 1974-1979 Draft of Check In-Check Out by Jerry Vallen, copies of the Coaster Mig publication, brochures
Hotel College No date. Manuscript of Check In-Check Out by Jerry Vallen
Human Performance and Development 1962-1964 & 1980's -1994 Physical education documents
Human Resources 1990's HR Perspective, newsletters and payroll services
Human Resources 1959-1961 Charles J. Armstrong and The Dormitory Planning Committee
Information 1971-1972 & 1980's Department brochures, public information handbooks, and campus directories
Information Science Research Institute 1994 Institute for ethics and policy; synposium and document anaylsis and information retrieval
Inside UNLV 2001- Monthly publication by the Office of Marketing & Public Relations.
Institution/Self-Study 1980 Pages 1-475, containg history, philosophy, physics, and continuing education
Institutional Planning and Anaylsis 1965-1967 Biennium reports, institutional studies, Rocky Mountain Ass., Nevada Salary Survey File
International Students 1969-1994 Programs, newsletters, employment eligibility, bulletins
Lake Mead Limnological Research Center Reports 1980 - 1981, 1983 & 1989 Limnological Research Center Reports
Las Vegas Chamber of Players 1972 -1990 Concerts, annual contempory music festival, recitals (opera, orchrestra, vocal ensembles)
Law School Studies 1974-1990 Administrative files, 1974 Law School Study, and 1980-1990 Law School Feasibility Study
Learning Abilities 1982-1983 Annual reports

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