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Faculty Papers and Publications Series

Total records in this collection series: 385

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Authors Dates Contents
Skaggs, Robert 1958-1971 Reports
Skaggs, Robert 1960-1969 Paper, journal article, reports
Smith, Robert B. 1974 Manuscript of book
Smith, Robert B. 1974 Copy of book
Smith, Robert L. 1966-1970 Journal articles
Smith, Robert L. 1967-1970 Journal articles
Smith, Ronald W. 1974-1985 Various journal articles
Smith, Ronald W. 1974-1984 Journal articles, paper
Spight, Lon 1977 Journal article
Spite, Lon 1977 Journal article
Stevens, A. Wilber 1988 Book entitled, The World is Going to End Up In Burma
Stevens, A. Wilber 1988 Book
Storm, Leonard n.d. Lectures
Storm, Leonard 1972 Note, lecture guide, and programs
Strahlem, R.E. 1951 Three books
Strahlem, R.E. 1942-1972 Journal article, three books
Strate, Larry 1984-2003 Papers, journals, and conference proceedings
Strate, Larry 1985-1996 Instructor's manual, journals, articles, newsletter, supplemental index
Strudler, Neal B. 1987 Dissertation
Strudler, Neal Bruce 1987 Book entitled, The Role of School-Based Computer Coordinator As Change Agents in Elementary School Programs
Stutts, Alan T. 1990 Book
Sulich, Vassili 1987 Magazine article
Sullivan, William 1980 Journal article
Sulrich, Vassili 1987 Magazine article
Susia, Margaret 1964 Journal
Tew, Richard 1971-1975 Journal articles
Thompson, William N. 1996- Journal articles
Thompson, William N. 1993-1995 Journal articles
Thompson, William N. 1990-1992 Journal articles
Thompson, William N. 1990 Research papers
Thompson, William N. 1988-1989 Conference paper
Thompson, William N. 1981-1987 Conference papers, and journal article
Thompson, William N. 1988 Newspaper Columns, Las Vegas Sun
Thompson, William N. 1992-1993 Book entitled, International Casino Law, second edition; book entitled, Casino Customer Service
Tilman, Rick 1987 Journal article
Titus, A. Constandina 1988 Journal Brigham Young University Law Review
Titus, Richard 1968 Journal article
Tominga, Thomas T. n.d. Journal article
Tondeur, Yves 1987 Journal article
Tortorici, Marianne n.d. Textbook chapters
Trione, Verdun 1958-1972 Study guide, reports, and survey
Trione, Verdun 1975 Book entitled, So You're Going to Counsel the Drug Abuser?
Tuttle, Andrew C. 1980-1981 Various journal articles
Unrue, Darlene Harbour 1985-1988 Two books
Urioste, George L. 1991 Book entitled, The Huarochiri Manuacript
Vallen, Jerome 1974 Book entitled, Check In-Check Out
Vallen, Jerome 1968 Book entitled, The Art and Science of Mondern Innkeeping
Vallen, Jerome 1987 The Art and Science of Hospitality Management
Vallen, Jerry and Florence 1999-2000 College of Hotel Administration, interview tapes
Vallen, Jerry and Florence 1999-2000 College of Hotel Administration, Interview transcripts A-D for the book The Right Place by Jerry and Florence Vallen, includes two diskettes

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