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Authors Dates Contents
Meacham, Paul 1997 Part II, EDA 731, ORG/ADM Higher Education
Meacham, Paul 1991-1993 Dr. Meacham's Retirement
Meacham, Paul n.d. The Position of Chair
Meacham, Paul 1995 Department Chair
Meacham, Paul 1978 Staff Development
Meacham, Paul 1990 2 Year Instructors
Meacham, Paul 1986 Incompetence
Meacham, Paul 1995 The Post Modern University
Meacham, Paul 1994 Knowledge Ethics and the New Academic Culture, 1994
Meacham, Paul n.d. Harvard/Governence
Meacham, Paul n.d. State Agencies Higher Education
Meacham, Paul n.d. Emeriti
Meacham, Paul 1977-1989 AACJC Programs/Commitees Publications
Meacham, Paul 1987-1988 Bibliography Eval HED
Meacham, Paul 1992-1994 Higher Ed Org. Charts
Meacham, Paul 1991 Trustees
Meacham, Paul n.d. EDA 731 History of Community Colleges
Meacham, Paul n.d. Calif. Comm. Colleges
Meacham, Paul 1975 Staff Dev.
Meacham, Paul 1991 Depart. Chairs Paying the Price
Meacham, Paul 1997 UNS Legal
Meacham, Paul 1984-1985 State Organization Patterns
Meacham, Paul 1996 NCAA
Meacham, Paul 1999-2000 Various mailings
Meacham, Paul 1993-2000 Various Publications
Meacham, Paul 1992 EDA 731
Meacham, Paul 1998 UNLV Orgnization and Administration
Meacham, Paul 1974 Facts In Brief - State University System of Florida
Meacham, Paul 1999 UNLV College of Education Multicultural and Diversity
Meacham, Paul n.d. Organization and Administration in Higher Education
Meacham, Paul n.d. Lesson Design: A Planning Format that Utilizes the four essential Elements of Instruction
Meacham, Paul n.d. Some Important Competencies for Collee Administrators
Meacham, Paul n.d. Three Letters from Teddy
Miller, Alan N. 1977-1986 Various papers and journals article
Minckley, W.L. 1968 Journal article
Mirando, M.L. "Tony" n.d. Two journal articles
Mirkovich, Thomas R. n.d. Casino Gaming in the United States: A Research Guide
Mukherjee, Tarun K. 1980-1981 Various journals and articles
Murvosh, Chad 1971-1987 Various journal articles and journal
Niles, Wesley 1970-1977 Various journal articles
Padderrud, Allan 1981-1985 Various journal articles
Parker, Robert E. 1990-1997 Various journal articles
Paulson, Larry 1980 Various journal articles
Peak, Ira H. Jr. 1991 Journal article entitled, "Doing Ethics in Public"
Pearsall, Robert 1969 Journal An Offprint from The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 63, second quarter, 1969
Pedretti, John n.d. Journal articles
Pennelle, Donald 1970-1972 Various journal articles
Pierce, Duane 1984 Journal article
Pinney, James K. 1971-1977 Variuos journal articles and papers
Preston, Frederick W. 1975 Conference paper

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