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Faculty Papers and Publications Series

Total records in this collection series: 385

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Authors Dates Contents
Crawford, Jerry 1978-1994 Copy of the play The Auction Tomorrow, letter
Crawford, Jerry 1974-1982 Journals
Cummings, Leslie 1984-1986 Journal articles
Curry, Paula C. 1981 Journal articles
Dandurand, Laurence 1984-1987 Journal articles, newspaper article
Dandurand, Laurence 1979 Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study 1979
Davenport, Robert L. 1979-1992 Memo, journal articles
David, James P. 1983 Journal article
Davis, Edwards 1989 Article
Deacon, James E. 1959-1991 Report, journal articles, journals, manscript of Desert Fishes, recovery plan, research memorandum
Dean, Lauren n.d. Journal article
Dean, Robert 1988 Report
Dettre, Judith 1980 Various journal articles
Diener, Don 1985 Various journal articles
Dill, David Bruce 1966-1974 Various journal articles, Journal of Applied Physiology articles published by the Laboratory of Environmental Pathos-Physiology, Desert Research Institute, University of Nevada System
Dixon, Brock 1973-1977 Correpsondence, drafts of manuals, and applications (old record group # 107)
Dixon, Brock 1974-1983 Correpsondence, photographs, and newspaper articles (old record group # 107)
Doering, Robert 1980 Journal article
Douglas, Charles & Leslie David M. 1972-1981 Various journal articles
Emerson, David W. 1987--1989 Manuscript (2 copies), Study
Fechter, Harry n.d. bibliogrpahy of Dr. Harry Fechter articles
Ferri, Anthony J. 1986 Journal article
Fiero, Willaim 1970-1973 Various journal articles
Finocchiaro, Maurice 1972-1988 Journal articles, book entitled, Gramsci and the history of dialectical thought by Maurice Finocchiaro
Fischer, Shelley 1989-1990 New Dimensions magazines
Fischer, Shelley 1990-1993 Newspapers, newsletter
Fischer, Shelley 1991-1993 The Jewish Reporter
Fischer, Shelley 1993 Bally High Newsletters
Fisher, Robert 1975 Journal article
Flagg, Nancy 1986 Southwest Lawn & Landscape
Ford, Marilyn Sue 1987 Teaching and Computers magazine
Foreman, Linda 1986 Journal article
Freeman, Marie E. n.d. What Time Is This Place? Publication
Frey, James H. 1984-1988 Journal and article
Frey, James H. 1981-1984 Report, journal articles
Frey, James H. 1980-1981 Journal articles and reports
Fromme, J.A. 1975 Report, paper
Fry, Joseph 1982 Book entiled, Henry S. Sanford: Diplomacy and Business in Nineteenth-Century America by Joseph A. Fry
Gazel, Ricardo 1994 The Economic Impact of UNLV by Racardo Gazel
Geuder, Patricia 1987 Copy of The Color Purple: A Language Perspective
Glennen, Robert E. 1975 Journal article
Goldberg, Michael 1971-1985 Various journal articles
Golding, Lawrence A. 1963-1983 Various journal articles
Goldman, Aaron 1972-1974 Report
Goll 1989 Article packet
Goodall, Leonard E. 1985-1994 Journal article, conference paper
Goodwin, John R. 1988 Journal article
Graham, Macolm 1973-1975 Promotional mailers for the books Modern Elementary Mathematics, 2nd edition; Mathematics A Liberal Arts Approach
Grayzeck, Edward 1975 Abstract of the publication Observations on Non-Plaar Hi Associated with the Perseus Spiral Arm
Graziani, Joseph 1975-1976 Various journals

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