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Sunnie Gillette Photograph Collection

Location: PC 10:A, PC Negatives Box 18

Collection Contents:
0001    Smoke from a fire on Mount Charleston.

0002    Early Las Vegas baseball team.

0003    Scene at Mormon Fort (Las Vegas Ranch). "A shady spot at Las Vegas, NV." (early 1900s) postcard. (1924?)

0004    State Prison, Carson, NV. (postcard) (1924?)

0005    First State Bank, Las Vegas, NV.

0006    Ice Plant Las Vegas, NV. [1930s]

0007    First Methodist Church, Las Vegas, NV. (built 1908)

0008    First Methodist Church, Las Vegas, NV. (3rd and Bridger Streets)

0009    Overland Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. (1920s)

0010    Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV. (looking west) [1905-1910]

0011    Las Vegas Grammar School [1910-1920]

0012    Las Vegas Railroad yards. [1905-1910?] (Machine shop to back of picture)

0013    Las Vegas Railroad Yards. (early 1900s?)

0014    Pacific Fruit Express Company Icing Station, Las Vegas, NV. (Back view of #0266 0006)

0015    SP, LA, & SL Railroad Depot, Las Vegas, NV.

0016    View of Las Vegas Rail yards (Back shop at left)

0017    General view of SP, LA, and SL Rail yards in Las Vegas.

0018    Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV. Small building at left was the first courthouse, built 1909.

0019    Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV.

0020    Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV.

0021    Clark County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV, under a blanket of snow.

0022    Nurses in front of SP, LA, and SL Railroad Depot, Las Vegas.

0023    Group of nurses in front of SP, LA, and SL Railroad Depot, Las Vegas. [early 1900s]

0024    Nurses in front of SP, LA, and SL Railroad Depot, Las Vegas. [early 1900s]

0025    Las Vegas Ranch, [early 1900s]

0026    Old Las Vegas Hospital [1905-1910]

0027    Ladd's Resort Las Vegas, NV. [early 1900s]

0028    Downtown Las Vegas, Majestic Theatre at right. (1905-1910)

0029    Group of men standing in front of Sp, LA, & SL Railroad Depot, Las Vegas [early 1900s]

0030    Possibly a view of Las Vegas Ranch.

0031    Las Vegas Ranch

0032    [Mountain scene near Las Vegas?]

0033    [Las Vegas 1954?] Twenty millionth Ford in a parade.

0034    Early Las Vegas. (early 1900s)

0035    Looking towards Mt. Charleston smoke from fire on mountain is visible.

0036    Machine Shop LV Rail yards early 1900s.

0037    [Snow scene in Las Vegas?]

0038    [Snow scene in Las Vegas?]

0039    View of Las Vegas and rail yards 1904.

0040    Man and woman on a boat no identification.

0041    Parade, downtown Las Vegas.

0042    Sixteen photos of airplanes and an airplane wreck [taken near Las Vegas?] (No identification)

0043    Group of people, not identified.

0044    View of a rail yard [Las Vegas?]

0045    Rail yard [In Las Vegas]

0046    Unidentified building [in Las Vegas?]

0047    Four photos of artesian walls.

0048    Cactus.

0049    Street band involved in some type of fund-raising endeavor. (Las Vegas?) (People not identified)

0050    Street band in fund-raising endeavor. (Las Vegas?) (People not identified)

0051    Unidentified man standing by airplane.

0052    Men with burros (part of a fund-raising endeavor; signs on burros say "Make cash and lunch donations at headquarters") People unidentified. (believed to be in LV)

0053    Three photos unidentified - looks like a large garage on fire, possibly near a beach.

0054    Clark County Courthouse Las Vegas, NV

0055    Conklin Bros. Garage, Las Vegas, NV. (1904)

0056    Arizona Club Las Vegas, NV. (1904)

0057    Parade in Las Vegas Review Journal float.

0058    Fremont Street looking east, Las Vegas, NV. (PRINT ALSO)

0059    Unidentified building [in Las Vegas?]

0060    Men standing in front of Hotel Bar, [downtown Las Vegas?] (1904)