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Photo Collections Record

Lloyd Gill Photographs

Location: PC 04:A, PC Negatives Box 07

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Collection Contents:
Later Las Vegas

Carver House (now Cove Hotel), D and Jackson Street

01    Unidentified musicians and female singer

02    Unidentified male entertainer

03    Unidentified male musicians

04    Swimming pool

05    Swimming pool

06    Unidentified woman swimmer with hotel rooms in background

07    Unidentified people, interior

08    Exterior view, D and Jackson, with billboard, 1961 or 62

09    Exterior view, D and Jackson, no billboard

El Rio, H and Revere

10    Desk (Asian person on duty)

11    Poker table including dealer S.D. Franklin and Bula

12    Crap table, Marie; Howard King, local fighter; and James O'Neal

13    Bar, S.D. Franklin, bartender

14    Keno

15    Crap table, Jean Wesley, Fred Richardson

16    Crap table, Wash, James O'Neal, Jeno , Roberts "Moon" Mullins

Love's Cocktail Lounge

17    Bar, Lafayette

18    Lounge with musicians, Mr. Love, owner

New Town Tavern, F & Jackson

19     Crap table, Ike, Cliff Porter, Florence Elmor

20     Bar room, Ike Rome, Glory Rome, Florence Elmor

21     Crap table, Little Lee

22     Outside view of bar, October 1960

Bruno's Liquor Store

23     Inside view, Mr. Bruno's daughter at counter


Later Las Vegas (cont.)

Jimmy Snowden Liquor Store

24    Pinball machines, Kitty

Gilbert's Liquor Store, Bonanza and D

25    inside bar, Bill

Flamingo Hilton

26    Outside view of Flamingo Hotel

Opera House

27    Outside view

Sugar Hill, H and Revere (now on Jackson)

28     Outside view of bar

Sneak Joint, Sahara

0029    Exterior view of bar

Hilltop House Billboard

0030    Exterior view of billboard

Hamburger Heaven No.1, E and Monroe

0031    Front counter, Katherine


0032    Mrs. Bruno, Bruno's Liquor store.

0033    Dorothy Collins

0034    Josephine Dixon, Community Store, built and owned by Roland Johnson [and his first wife]

0035    Lloyd Gill, CEP Center

0036    Dorothy King, Politics, EOB Center


People (cont.)

0037    Sonny Liston, in front of Cove Hotel

0038    Ernie Marshall, ed. OF Black paper, with unidentified man

0039    Erma Lee O'Neal, EOB

0040    EOB sign painters, James Brown, Lloyd Gill

0041    Leo Johnson and Art Grant

0042    Olivia, Elks Bar, ca. 1950, E and Jackson

0043    Woneta at Brown Derby


    Lloyd Gill (born Morriligton, Arkansas, August 28, 1912) came to Las Vegas in the 1950s. On one occasion he stated that he came to Las Vegas in 1954 from Fairbanks, Alaska (Feb. 17, 1979); on another date (April 10, 1979) Mr. Gill said he came in 1957 or 58 from Sacramento, where he had stopped in Sacramento and some fellows said, "Let's go to Las Vegas", which he did. He said he came to gamble and never left.

    He has been a sign painter all his life, is self-taught, and has always run his own business. For six months he taught a sign painting class for the Economic Opportunity Board, the only time he had his own shop. He stated that he retired ten years ago but that he still has requests for work. When I stopped by his apartment on April 10, he had numerous backs for signs outside the front door and he told me he was working on signs for a candidate for the May city primary.

    Mr. Gill said he got his first camera in 1917 or 18 and that he has been taking pictures ever since. His pictures are primarily stills and movies. Asked what kind of movies he took, he responded "Mostly kids, girls, fires, wrecks." He said he took pictures of what interested him and was never concerned about making a historical record. However, his collections document clubs, liquor stores and food operations in West Las Vegas. Numbers of well-known Westside residents are pictured. His photographs were the first deposit in Special Collections of visual materials on the Carver House, now the Cove. He once had a darkroom but didn't like enlarging and the developing process.

    Mr. Gill identified many of the men in the photographs and stated that they were recently deceased. Asked what caused their deaths he responded, "All my friends died of cirrhosis of the liver."

    Mr. Gill's collection of photographs was made known to me through a phone call. He saw a newspaper article on the project, "Black Experience in Southern Nevada", noted that we were interested in collecting photographs , and invited me to take a look at his collection. He loaned the originals for copying, retaining the originals. Many of his original prints are in poor condition as they were Polaroid shots which have deteriorated.

    A. Kepper 4/10/79