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Las Vegas

0001    "Odd Shop Antiques", shop and home of Edith and Clyde Barcus (oversize)\
0002    1939-Band B. Mine

Boulder City

0003    Boulder Dam Powerhouse, Nevada wing (postcard)
0004    Boulder Dam and Park
0005    Boulder Dam, December 20, 1936
0006    Boulder Dam, December 20, 1936
0007    Boulder Dam, December 20, 1936
0008    Boulder Dam, December 20, 1936
0009    Boulder Dam, December 20, 1936


0010    Aerial view, townsite
0011    Aerial view showing business buildings and red light district, c. 1915 (oversize)\
0012    Mohawk Mine, general view (oversize)
0013    Main Street, c. 1904 (postcard)
0014    "Boom Days", Main Street (postcard)
0015    Main Street, 1906 (postcard)
0016    Main Street Barrel Race, July 4, 1906 (postcard)
0017    "Entering Goldfield From The North" (postcard)
0018    "Greatest Gold Camp News dealers-Main Street" (postcard)
0019    "Dockstader's Minstrels" on Main Street (postcard)
0020    Original dugout houses, 1903 (postcard)
0021    National Bank Building before fire (postcard)
0022    National Bank Building before fire (postcard)
0023    Goldfield Public School with schoolchildren
0024    Court House (postcard)
0025    Hotel Goldfield, Dining Room (postcard)
0026    Hotel Goldfield, Lobby
0027    Hotel Goldfield, Lobby
0028    New Hippodrome Theater (built in 6 weeks) (postcard)
0029    Brown-Parker Auto Company (postcard)
0030    New Consolidated Mill (postcard)
0031    John S. Cook & Co. Bank , interior
0032    John Bush's home –Bush: 1920-1954
0033    Episcopal Church, built c. 1909, later torn down
0034    Sign "Car Washing Not Allowed in Cemetary" at cemetery
0035    Nineteen Gold Bullion Bars


0036    Edwin S. Giles, Mining Engineering office, interior
0037    Edwin S. Giles, Mining Engineering office, exterior
0038    Giles home, exterior front
0039    Giles home, exterior backyard
0040    Giles home, exterior backyard 1934
0041    Giles home, exterior front porch
0042    Edwin S. and Edith C. Giles graves in Goldfield Cemetary
0043    "Odd Shop Antiques", exterior front

Round Mountain

0044    View of Round Mt. From Wonder Group\
0045    Stope between 700-800ft level on Round Mt.


0046    1940, J. Lucas Cadogan's former office building in 1906 (OVERSIZE)
0047    Ruins of buildings "H.D & L.D. Porter 1906" (OVERSIZE)


0048    Wagonload of men "on the road, Searchlight to Nipton"
0049    Townsite

Telescope Peak

0050    Pine tree, 25ft. high, at 11, 000 ft. 1932


0051    Roulette at Tonopah Club
0052    Townsite
0053    Unidentified Town (OVERSIZE)
0054    Unidentified Town (OVERSIZE)

Folder 117-2

Outside Nevada

0055    Bob Hall crossing the Grand Canyon, Arizona
0056    Restaurant in Tucson, Arizona , from Warren Corliss, January 6, 1933 (postcard)
0057    Baja California, Santa Rosalia, Bob Coffer Co.


0058    Death Valley, Edwin S. Giles surveying a road there
0059    Entrance to Death Valley, statues built by Clyde Barcus
0060    Entrance to Death Valley, statues built by Clyde Barcus
0061    Scotty's Castle, 1932
0062    Scotty's Castle, 1932
0063    1905, "going into Death Valley"
0064    1942, Sand dunes 719, Death Valley
0065    Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley
0066    …Creek, Death Valley mining area (Oversize)
0067    Leadfield , Death Valley, where Edwin S. Giles built an & $85,000.00 road for C.C. Julian (OVERSIZE)
0068    Leadfield, March 1926 (oversize)
0069    Leadfield, March 1926 (oversize)
0070    Leadfield (?) (Oversize)
0071    Fontana, California, Hiney Miller's home
0072    Lake Tahoe
0073    Lake Tahoe (postcard)
0074    Mono Lake, Crater Lakes on Paoha Island
0075    Mount San Jacinto (postcard)
0076    Pizmo Beach, townsite
0077    Red Rock Canyon
0078    Red Rock Canyon
0079    Red Rock Canyon, the Buried City
0080    1909, Chinnr Chief and friends at San Diego
0081    Yosemite National Park, 1000 year old tree
0082     Unitarian Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado, where Edwin and Edith were    married, January 1894
0083    Giles home, 739 Cascade, Colorado Springs, Colorado
0084    Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
0085    Warren R. Corliss' home, Braintree, Massachusetts
0086    Munnie's (?) home, Cohassett, Massachusetts.
0087    Mount Hood, Oregon (postcard)
0088    Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah (postcard)

Folder 117-3


0089    1932 , Bamoa, view from Giles roof of church
0090    San Jose de Gracia jungle
0091    San Jose de Gracia, Sinaloa, mine mill and hacienda
0092    Jane Alice Cadogan, Palmarito, Sinaloa
0093    Palmarito, Sinaloa, mine and workmen
0094    1908, Sinaloa, mill works
0095    Choix, Sinaloa, 1906
0096    Mazatlan, Sinaloa, 1906
0097    Mazatlan, Sinaloa, men shipping bullion
0098    Mazatlan, workman in boat
0099    Mazatlan, Sinaloa, cutting coconuts at Kelly's Island
0100    Taxco, view from Giles upstairs of cathedral
0101    Taxiconion Inn, Giles residences in Taxco
0102    Workman bringing home Christmas turkey
0103    Bull Ring
0104    Mexican festival dancers
0105    Mexican festival dancers
0106    Mexican festival dancers
0107    Mexican festival dancers
0108    Mexican festival dancers
0109    Indian dancers at Guadalajara
0110    May 1911, Boston-Mexico Mining Co. hauling machinery
0111    "Old Mexico" houses
0112    1936, memorial to President Obregon, short distances from Mexico City

Flora and Fauna

0113    Joshua trees, Nevada
0114    Joshua trees, Nevada
0115    Joshua trees, Nevada
0116    Joshua trees, Nevada
0117    Joshua trees, Nevada

Folder 117-4


0118    Dr. William Giles, father of Anne and Edwin Scofield Giles
0119    Kate Lenfield (?), mother of Anne and Edwin Scofield Giles
0120    June 1896, Anne Cotnam Giles, Edwin's sister
0121     Dr. Richard Giles, brother of Edwin Giles, great-grand uncle to Jane Cadogan Patten's three children

Edwin Scofield Giles

0122    August 19, 1887 Edwin with medal for life-saving class
0123    Portrait taken in Colorado Springs, Colorado, c. 1890
0124    c. 1892, portrait taken in Colorado Springs, Colorado
0125    Edwin dressed in women's clothes for costume party
0126    Edwin and his dog, "Hap" (short for Happy), Goldfield, Nevada
0127    "Hap" drinking out of Edwin's hat
0128    1927, Edwin at office in Goldfield, Nevada
0129    Edwin and Happy
0130    October 1935, Edwin, Goldfield, Nevada
0131    1943, Edwin in office, Goldfield, Nevada
0132    1949, Edwin and dog, "Bozo," in front of Goldfield, Nevada office
0133    1949, Edwin and dog, "Bozo," in front of Goldfield, Nevada office
0134    November 22, 1949, Edwin in town of Goldfield , Nevada
0135    Edwin, Darrowfield, Nevada building
0136    Edwin watering his "sunken garden" at his Goldfield home; Goldfield Hotel in background.
0137    Edwin on mining outing
0138    Edwin and "Hap" on mining outing
0139    Edwin in front of his Goldfield, Nevada mining office
0140    Edwin "at the mine"
0141    Edwin, surveying
0142    Edwin, surveying
0143    Edwin with Dodge auto on mining outing (Mrs. Edith Giles in car) (OVERSIZE)
0144     Edwin in his Goldfield, Nevada mining engineering office (OVERSIZE)

Folder 117-5


0145    Grandpa H.M. Corliss, Pioneer, Nevada 1910
0146    Grandpa H.M. Corliss and Edith Warren Corliss
0147    H.M. Corliss and son Charles
0148    Helen E. Warren, aunt of Edith Warren Corliss (Giles)
0149    Warren R. Corliss, Edith Warren Corliss' uncle
0150    Windsor Trowbridge, cousin of Edith Warren Corliss (Giles)
0151    Windsor Trowbridge, cousin of Edith Warren Corliss, 1878
0152    Windsor Trowbridge, cousin of Edith Warren Corliss
0153    Grace and Charley Trowbridge, Edith Warren Corliss cousins, 1878
0154    Edith and Grace Trowbridge, Edith Warren Corliss, cousins, 1878

Edith Warren Giles

0155    April 4, 1879, Edith at 15 years old
0156    Edith and Augusta Warren, Bear Creek, Colorado Springs c. 1880
0157    Edith at 18 years old 1882
0158    Edith at 18 years old 1882
0159     1895, Edith and twins, Edith Corliss Giles and Richard Scofield Giles at 30 months, Colorado Springs, Colorado
0160    Edith at Goldfield, Nevada
0161    Edith on front porch of Goldfield, Nevada home
0162     Edith in Goldfield, Nevada, c.1923

Edwin Scofield Giles and Edith Warren Giles

0163    Edwin and Edith on mining outing
0164    Edwin and Edith on mining outing


0165    Edwin Giles holding Edith Corliss Giles, 730 Cascade Ave, their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
0166    Edwin and Dick Giles in front of straw hut
0167    Edwin and Ivan, Montezuma Mine, Goldfield, Nevada
0168    Edwin Giles, Ida Giles, Dorothy Giles, unidentified man at Weepah, Nevada during the "boom"
0169    Roger M. Downer, Helen A. Downer, Edwin Giles, Edith Giles in car, Goldfield, Nevada 1945

Edith Corliss Giles

0170    Edith Corliss Giles and Richard Scofield Giles, twins, at one year old
0171    Edith on top of Gold Hill, Colorado wearing Edwin's coat and hat
0172    Edith at approximately 3 years old (bust)
0173    1900, Edith's Christmas picture (bust)
0174    1904, Edith in Denver, Colorado portrait
0175    April 4, 1912, Edith and her pony, Billy, in Pioneer, Nevada
0176    Edith in Pope-Hartford with visiting New York cousin
0177    Edith in backyard of Miss Giles "Lid Shop", Las Vegas, Nevada
0178    1914, Edith on back road, San Juan de Fuca, Washington

Folder 117-6


0179    P.J. Cadogan, John Lucas Cadogan's father and Jane Cadogan's grandfather
0180    Alice Cadogan, paternal great-grandmother to Patricia Ann Patten, Arthur N. Patten, Jr. and Edwin Giles Patten of Lenox, Mass. Was once the oldest California born woman
0181    Elisa de Cadogan, 1928
0182    John Lucas Cadogan, Jane Alice Cadogan's father and Edith Giles
0183    Edith Giles Cadogan
0184    Edith Giles Cadogan

Jane Alice Cadogan

0185    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 3 years old
0186    Jane going to school in Nogales, Arizona
0187    Jane outside home in Nogales, Arizona, 1936
0188    Jane marching in Nogales, Arizona parade, 1938
0189    Jane and Julie (?) at the Grand Canyon, Arizona
0190    Jane in Mazatlan, Sinaloa


0191    Jane Cadogan Patten with her children, Patricia and Edwin Patten
0192    Jane Cadogan Patten with her children, Patricia and Edwin Patten
0193    Arthur, Patricia and Edwin Patten
0194    Jane Cadogan Patten with her children, Edwin, Patricia and Arthur Patten
0195    Jane Cadogan Patten with her children, Edwin, Patricia and Arthur Patten

Folder 117-7


0196    1949, Pat McCarran political promotion-playing card "stand pat with Pat McCarran"
0197    Al Goutchious, Edwin S. Giles' friend (bust)
0198    Helene M. Ferguson, September, 1928
0199    Lee Morris, friend of Edith Giles
0200    1949, Curtis and Laura Stewart at Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley
0201    Miss M. Kehmeire, Nogales, Arizona
0202    P.T. Barnum (bust)
0203    Unidentified man
0204    Unidentified man (bust)
0205    Unidentified man and woman



0206    "Bozo", Edwin S. Giles' dog
0207    "Bozo" and Edwin S. Giles
0208    "Lucky" ("Haw Toy") Giles' Siamese cat
0209    Poem on postcard, unknown author-possibly Edwin S. Giles

Folder 117-8

Additions to Collection –No Prints

0210    Edwin S. Giles' mining engineering office, Goldfield, Nevada
0211    Entrance to a mine
0212    Entrance to a mine
0213    Home interior, Mazatlan (?)
0214    Home exterior, Goldfield (?)
0215    Street, unidentified location
0216    Unidentified panorama
0217    Unidentified panorama
0218    Unidentified panorama
0219    Edwin S. Giles
0220    Edwin S. Giles and two unidentified miners
0221    Edwin S. Giles and Mrs. Edith Giles, Goldfield, Nevada 1926
0222    John Lucas Cadogan with new-born Jane Alice Cadogan, Mazatlan, Sinaloa
0223    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 3 years old
0224    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 6 years old

Additions to collection – no prints

0225    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 6 years old
0226    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 6 years old
0227    Jane Alice Cadogan, about 6 years old
0228    Little girls in costume, Mazatlan (?)

Additions to Collection

0229    Unidentified house and auto, c. 1919
0230    Unidentified cabin
0231    Unidentified panorama of Main Street
0232    Unidentified landscape
0233    Unidentified backyard rubble
0234    Unidentified snow scene
0235    Unidentified snow scene
0236    Unidentified landscape
0237    Unidentified landscape
0238    Unidentified landscape
0239    Unidentified landscape
0240    Unidentified landscape
0241    Main Street---Goldfield, Nevada, c.1910
            Buildings L-R

    1.Allen Photo Company, 2) State Exchange Building, 3) State Bank, 4) Whitmore Building (postcard)

0242    Building in Goldfield, Nevada (postcard)
0243    Museum of Memories-Virginia City, Nevada. Read the "Drama of Comstock". 15 cents a copy. (postcard)
0244    Virginia Street, looking south, Reno, Nevada. (color tinted postcard)
0245    Vardman & Portis, Brokers-building in Goldfield, Nevada (postcard)
0246    Washoe County Courthouse-Reno, Nevada. (color tinted)
0247    Bottle House-Rhyolite Nevada
0248    "Death Valley Scotty" and John Barrymore, Scotty's Castle-Feb, 1941