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Sherwin "Scoop" Garside Photographs

Extent: 1.6 Linear Feet (7 hanging folders and 1 flat file)
Location: PC 03:C, PC Negatives Box 06, MC MS 01:B

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Sherwin "Scoop" Garside Papers, 1930-1983. MS-00342. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Photograph Collection, 1935-1983. PH-00050. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Garside, Sherwin. Interview, March 25, 1976. OH-00657. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
People-Garside Family

0001    Frank Fisher Garside , Sherwin's Father

0002    Mary Imogene Maris Garside, Sherwin's mother

0003    Sherwin "Scoop" Garside, portrait

0004    Winnifred Garside, portrait

0005    Sherwin "Scoop" Garside and Winnifred Garside

0006    Key Pittman, stepping out of airplane


0007    L to R: 1. Sherwin Garside , 2. Maurine Wilson

0008    L. to R.: 1. Shirley Ferron Swanson, 2. Harold Erickson, 3. Mrs. Ruth Ferron, 4. Mrs. Robert Griffith, 5. Barbara Ferron Doyle, 6. Sherwin "Scoop" Garside

0009    L. to R: 1. Bessie McKenzie Hansen, 2. Helen Mott, 3. Beth Cory Garside, 4. Robert Griffith

0010    L to R: 1. Mrs. Robert Griffith, 2. Maureen Wilson, 3. Beth Cory Garside, 4. Robert Griffith

0011    L to R: 1. Ulis' Newton, 2. Mrs. ? Thompson, 3. Carolyn (Mrs. Art) Trelease

0012    L to R: First Row: 1. Mrs. Wilson (in black & white), 2. Unidentified, 3 Julie De Armand (in purple); Second Row: 1. Bertha Montgomery Franklin ( in pink), 2. Unidentified, 3. Betty French Tinkler, 4. Helen Mott, 5. Unidentified; Third Row: 1. Janice Haupt (?), 2. Florence Lee Cahlan Jones, 3. John F. Cahlan, 4. Ruth Hazard.

0013    L to R. Standing: 1. Mrs. Wilson, 2. Veronica (Mrs. Harley) Harmon, L to R standing: 1. Martha Hunsacker, 2. Walter Hunsacker, 3. Loda George.

0014    L to R: 1. Mrs. Conklin, 2. Cloe Van Buren, 3. Cloe Van Buren's daughter, 4. unidentified , 5. Mrs. Melton.

0015    Las Vegas Oil Co. employees, Las Vegas, NV. 1930

Additions to Collection


0016    Las Vegas Rotary (see reverse of photo for names) (OVERSIZE)

0017    Top inscription, "To my friend Garside. Death Valley Scottie, 1932" Bottom inscription, " Best wishes to my friend FF Garside.. Sincerely , Chic Sale, 1933" (OVERSIZE)



0018    Sherwin Garside as a toddler.

0019    Standing outside car is Mary Maris Garside , her father [Robert] Maris. Inside car at the wheel , Sherwin Garside, Frank Garside & Virginia Garside. Tonopah, Nev. 1925

0020    Virginia Garside, Sherwin's sister

0021    Sherwin Garside

0022    Sherwin Garside

0023    Sherwin Garside in the military (portrait)

0024    Captain Sherwin Garside, c. 1940s.

0025    Sherwin Garside washing a car -Camp Phillips, Kansas. (c. 1940s)

0026    Capt. Sherwin Garside -c.1940s

0027    Capt. Sherwin Garside surrounded by female admirers. (UPRR Photo)

0028    "Frank Garside's office Tonopah Times Bonanza Tonopah, Nevada 1927'?

0029    Portrait of Frank Garside

0030    "Mt. Charleston cabin of Frank & Mary Garside, Sherwin Garside." (Sherwin at far right)

Las Vegas & Vicinity-Miscellaneous

0031    Charleston Peaks near Las Vegas, Nev. (Oakes Photo)

0032    [Dedication ceremony?] at site of Boulder Dam construction, Feb. 22, 1930. (Oakes Photo)

0033    Boulder City Co. Stores-c.1930s

0034    Pioneer Club. (c. 1930s)

0035    El Cortez Hotel "Fremont at 6th Street. Built by Marion Hicks"

0036    Boulder Club, c. 1930s. (Ullom Photo)

0037    Pioneer Club, Las Vegas, Nev. 1930s

0038    Las Vegas Club, c.1930s (Ullom Photo)

0039    Union Pacific Depot (formerly the San Pedro, Las Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad), c. 1920s. (Oakes Photo)

0040    The Players Club, Las Vegas Strip , c.1940s

0041    Ward's Mesquite Grocery at First and Fremont Streets. Owner Gene Ward is fourth from left.

0042    Las Vegas Grammar School and High School (middle two-story building)c. 1920s (Oakes Photo)

0043    Local boy scouts pose in front of a famous sign that railroad passengers could see from their cars when tin the station near the depot, c.1929. Sign: "Las Vegas Nevada .. Still a frontier town."

0044    Western Airlines comes to Las Vegas 1`930s

0045    Bunker's Service Station "5th & Fremont about 1935-40"


Las Vegas & Vicinity-Miscellaneous (cont.)

0046    Las Vegas-Tonopah-Reno Stage Lines Passenger & Freight Service. [Shows buildings and buses]

0047    "Grammar School Las Vegas Nev." The building at the right is the first high school building in Las Vegas, built in 1917.

0048    "Early Las Vegas. (1905-15)"

0049    "New High School Las Vegas" Las Vegas High School located at Seventh and Bridger Streets was dedicated November 1930.

0050    Clark County Courthouse, completed in 1914. (Oakes Photo)

0051    Las Vegas , Nevada. (c.1911) Shows residential area.

0052    Las Vegas, Nevada Residential area. (c. 1911)

0053    Las Vegas Motor Express Inc. truck. (Refrigerator Service, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada)

0054    Railroad yards-probably Las Vegas, Nev. 1910-1920

0055    "Taken from top of Arizona Club in 1910. Looking toward Main and Ogden Street (extensive handwritten insc. on back)" [Note mission-style railroad depot]

0056    MacDonald Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c.1930s)

0057    Coca Cola Bottling Company, Las Vegas, Nev. (c.1930s) (Ullom Studio Photo)

0058    Fremont Street c. 1930s

0059    V.F.W. Post band seated on steps of Las Vegas Courthouse. (Vegas Studio, Las Vegas)

0060    Early gas station in Las Vegas-c. 1930s

0061    Gas station in early Las Vegas-c. 1930s

0062    El Cortez, Las Vegas, Nev. (c. 1930s)

0063    Dry Lake School, Educational District No. 1, Las Vegas, Nev. (c.1930s)

0064    Mobil Gas Station -Las Vegas, c.1930s

0065    Part of "Block 16", c. 1905. Red onion Saloon and other tent saloons.

0066    Stores in early Las Vegas including Nevada Meat Market and the W.E. Hawkins business establishment. (c. early 1900s)

0067    "Artesian well throwing 60 inches of water. Artesian wells average 400ft. deep." (Vegas Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada)

0068    "Clark Fowarding Co. So. Main. 1905-1910"

*(Please credit: Western Studio, Gene O. Parks.)

0069    Bunker's Service Station-c.1930s

0070    Mount Charleston, Nevada. Shows cabins.

0071    "Corner 2nd and Fremont 1910 LV" (Union Pacific RR Photo)

0072    [Man and boy standing with cows near barn-no id]

0073    "Anderson Diary.. much of our diary products is shipped in"

0074    Flamingo Hotel, aerial, c. late 1940s Looks like snow on the ground.

0075    El Rancho Vegas Hotel, aerial, c. 1940s Note: snow on the ground!

0076    Pool at Flamingo Hotel, c.1940s

0077    First train in Railroad Pass, Boulder Dam Project. (Oakes Photo)


Las Vegas & Vicinity-Miscellaneous (cont.)

0078    "Dedication of Boulder Dam Opening of Spillways President Franklin D. Roosevelt-left"

0079    Boulder City Company Stores . (Oakes Photo #157)

0080    "Fortification Mountain near McKeeversville-road to old LV boat dock-Dedication ceremony before Boulder Dam was built site of Lake Mead"

0081    Celebration of the construction of the railroad branch between Las Vegas and Boulder Canyon-branch called Boulder Junction. (ca. 1931)

0082    Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (Ullom Photo)

0083    Collage of scenes of early Las Vegas.

0084    Early stage in the construction of Boulder Dam.

0085    Boulder Grand Canyon Nev., Co. people fishing in Lake Mead c.-1930s

0086    Unidentified 'cowboys' casts his fishing line into Lake Mead. 1930s

0087    Unidentified group of men in a boat on the Colorado River. (Vegas Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada)

0088    Unidentified group of men post at Boulder Dam during the construction phase. (Vegas Studio, Las Vegas, Nevada)

0089    Unidentified group of men standing next to a Pickwick Stage [possibly Black Canyon, site of Boulder Dam construction 1930s]

0090    [Probably a group in Black Canyon, studying the site of the future Boulder Dam-c.1920s-1930s]

0091    Ernie Cragin, mayor of Las Vegas, standing in a field on West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, Nev.

0092    "Tomiyasu Ranch" Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada and California

0093    "Ruins of adobe houses Lost City of Nevada" "Dr. Harrington and helpers"

0094    "Tonopah about 1913" (E.W. Smith Photo)

0095    Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley, Calif.

0096    Death Valley Inn-Death Valley, Calif.

0097    Lincoln County High School, Panaca, Nevada (no date)

0098    Bullfrog Miner print shop

0099    Death Valley Inn-Death Valley, Ca. (c. 1930s)

Las Vegas Gambling

0100    Partial [interior] view of the Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, Nevada. Ca. 1930s

0101    Partial [interior] view of the Las Vegas Club, Las Vegas, Nevada. Ca. 1930s

0102    Gamblers in the Rainbow Club (ca. 1930s)

0103    Gamblers in unidentified club, ca. 1930s


Las Vegas -Miscellaneous

0104    [Aerial view] "Las Vegas, NV. 1930-40

0105    "Las Vegas 1940s" [Parade of military vehicles]

0106    "Las Vegas Early 40s (1940)"

0107    North Las Vegas Fire Dept. building and truck with people posed in and around truck. 1930-1940s

0108    "Las Vegas Strip Hotel 1940" (Ullom Photo) Gamblers


0109    Helldorado "Volunteer Firemen L.V. Nev. 1930-40"

0110    [Costumed for Helldorado] "Volunteer Firemen Las Vegas, Nev. 1930-40"

0111    "Jail" [Las Vegas Helldorado Kangaroo Court ca. 1930s-1940s] (Photo by Cliff Freemayer)

0112    Helldorado scene ca. 1930s. Mounted on the donkey is Louise Di Fleour, first queen of the annual Helldorado celebrations.

0113    Helldorado scene-c. 1930s. A 'prospector' deposits silver dollars at the First State Bank.

0114    Entry in Helldorado Parade cart drawn by two donkeys c. 1930s-1940s

0115    [Helldorado Rodeo, Las Vegas, Nev., c. 1930s] Bull rider.


0116    LVHS Basketball Team (1926) Front row L to R Coach Carver, Jack Sandy, Fred Whiteneck Fermin Goodwin, Clair "Sy" Wadsworth, Ebbie Davis, Berkley Bunker.

Back row: Lawrence Whiteneck, Jimmie Down, John McDonald, George Bremmer.

0117    Las Vegas High School Basketball Team (1926) L-R: Coach Carver , Jack Sandy, Fred Whiteneck, Clair Wadsworth, Ebbie Davis, Fermin Goodwin, Berkley Bunker.

0118    "Queho posse"

0119    Musicians standing in front of [Las Vegas Courthouse?] 1930

0120    Senator Patrick McCarran (Nev.) at left. He is standing with two military officers at the entrance to the old McCarran Airfield, sometime after 1942.

0121    "Elton Garrett [right] Boulder City 1930-40

0122    Sherwin F. Garside (center). Others not identified.

0123    "Water Board C.D. Baker [left], Carl Hyde, A.C. Grant [right]

0124    "Dr. J.D. Smith D.D.S.-about 1930"


Nevada and Utah

0125    Cathedral Gorge-Lincoln County, Nev.

0126    Cathedral Gorge-Lincoln County, Nevada.

0127    Cathedral Gorge-Lincoln County, Nevada.

128     Cathedral Gorge-Lincoln County, Nevada.

129     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

130     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

131     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

132     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

133     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

134     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

135     Scene in Bryce Canyon, Utah.


0136    Governors Conference -Boulder City November 16, 1940. L-R: Gov. Jones of Arizona; Gov. Smith of Wyoming; Gov. Olson of California; Gov. Carr of Colorado; Gov. Miles of New Mexico; Gov. Carville of Nevada; Senator McFarland of Arizona.

0137    Aerial view of downtown Las Vegas, looking southeast. (After 1966) (Photo/Rama)

0138    "Main ST. Manhattan Feb. 3. 1907" (E.W. Smith Photo) [Manhattan, Nevada]

0139    Virginia and Sherwin Garside [portrait of them as young children]

0140    Frank Garside dressed for Helldorado Days in Las Vegas.

0141    Frank Garside dressed for Helldorado, Las Vegas, Nevada.

0142    "Charles A. Garside Grocery Atchison, Kansas"-Handwritten insc.

0143    Rendering: new home for Review Journal, Las Vegas , Nevada.

0144    "St. George, Utah 1920-1930"

0145    Frank Garside 1920-1930 Rhyolite Depot.

0146    Three people in front of the Pacific Coast Borax Company. (1920-30)

0147    "Las Vegas flood" 1920s. (Handwritten insc.)

0148    "Dr. Park Las Vegas flood 1920s" handwritten insc.

0149    "Ira Earl [holding shovel] County Commissioner Chairman 1930s-handwritten insc.

0150    Rhyolite Depot-deserted. (1920-1930)

0151    Main ST. Searchlight, Nevada.

0152    "Gyp. Cave near Las Vegas. Presents evidence of prehistoric habitation 20, 000 yrs. Ago." Handwritten inscription.

0153    "One of a dozen framed by the schoolhouse and a store, this saloon was one of the famous 'seven in a row' at White Hills." (Typed inscription) (Photo by William Belknap, Jr.)


Miscellaneous (cont.)

0154    US Post Office, Milford, Utah. (1920)

0155    Nevada Club Saloon and Moapa Produce Company. (c. 1920-1930)

0156    Hotel Mina. (c. 1920-30)

0157    Peoples Cash Store and Hotel (c. 1920-30)

0158    Black Canyon and the Colorado River before Hoover Dam. (aerial)