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Jean Ford Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:B, PC Negatives Box 19

Collection Contents:
0001 Nevada State Park Commission 1969. Standing, L-R: bob Forson, Chris Sheerin, Jean Ford, Thalia Dondero, Bill Belknap. Seated: Col. Tom Miller, chairman; Elmo De Ricco, Dept. of Conservation.
0002 L-R: (?): Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt; Col. Tom Miller, a sign giving a brief history of Carson City, Nevada’s state capital. (2-27-69)
0003 L-R: Joe Shaw; Assemblyman Tim Hafen; Assemblyman Keith Ashworth; Park Commissioner Thalia Dondero; Assemblyman Austin Bowler; Park Commissioner Jean Ford; Assemblyman Frank Young. (2-27-69)
0004 Park Commission meets with Governor Paul Laxalt and presents him with Valley of Fire Master Plan. (1969-70) L-R: Standing, Bill Wood, Asst. Adm. Nev. Park System; Elmo de Ricco, Dir., Dept. of Conservation; Eve Cronkhite, State Parks Administrator; Chris Sheering, Nev. State Park Adv. Commission; Bob Forson. Seated, Col. Tom Miller, Chairman; Gov. Paul Laxalt; Thalia Dondero; Jean Ford; Audrey Harris.
0005 L-R: William C. Wood, Thalia Dondero, Jean Ford, Robert O. Forson, William Belknap, Jr., Don Payne, John Cahlan, Russ Saunders, John Richardson, Ken O’Connell, Thomas Miller (seated). (1969)
0006 “Pioneer Women of Nevada” a display at the Nevada Women’s Conference, 1977.
0007 Two unidentified women preparing a display “Pioneer Women of Nevada” 1977.
0008Jean Ford (left) speaks at National Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas. (Nov. 1977)
0009 National Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas. (Nov. 1977) L-R: Bella Abzug, Rosalyn Carter, Betty Ford, Ladybird Johnson.
0010 Billie Bates at Nevada Booth, National Women’s Conference, Houston, Texas. Nov. 18-21, 1977.
0011 Site of exhibits, National Women’s Conference, Houston, Texas. (Nov. 18-21, 1977)
0012 Coliseum used for plenary sessions, National Women’s Conference, Houston, Texas. (Nov. 18-21, 1977) Woman at microphone is Margaret Mead.
0013 Rural Development Council, September 18, 1976, College of Agriculture, Reno, Nevada. Back: R. Young, C. Ching, G. Thola, Dean Bohmont, T. Ballow, W. Elwell. Front: C. Donnelly, R. Wright, J. White, Jean Ford, M Knudtsen, A. Mckenna.
0014Jean Ford (standing, back right). (June 1976) Volunteers are mailing out campaign materials for Jean Ford’s election campaign.
0015Jean Ford.
0016Jean Ford.
0017Jean Ford (standing, 2nd from left), with her campaign workers.
0018Jean Ford working at her typewriter.
0019 Four proof sheets of Jean Ford and her family.
0020 Gloria Steinem. (portrait by Ann Phillips)

0021 Sierra Crest from top of Moro Rock in November 1964 Sequoia National Park.
0022 Eight (8) miscellaneous snapshots: descriptions on back of each photo. The photos are of sandstone (blasting and drilling of a particular sandstone site). Jean Ford is in a few of the photos. (6-22-67) Location: Red Rock Canyon.
0023 (NEGATIVES ONLY) Five (5) negatives of unidentified women.
0024 (NEGATIVES ONLY) Eighteen (18) negatives of the Nevada Women’s Conference display. (1977)