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Photo Collections Record

O. J. Fisk Photographs

Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet (2 hanging folders)
Location: Photo Cabinet 4:A

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Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Archives, 1911-1976. E 99 P2 L37x 1911. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The O. J. Fisk Photographs depict Paiute, Shoshone, and non-indigenous residents of Pahrump Valley and Ash Meadows, Nevada from approximately 1880 to 1939. The photographs primarily depict Paiute and Shoshone workers and their children, but they also include photographs of non-indigenous farmers and ranchers. The photographs also depict Chief Tecopa, a leader of the Southern Nevada Paiute, who lived from approximately 1815 to 1904.

Album photos:

1.1 Chief Tecopa, n.d.

2.1 Paiutes gambling under shade shelter, Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

2.2 Paiutes/Shoshones gambling game. Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

2.3 Three men in Pahrump Valley. Post-it note attached to this photo states "Same photo in Yount Collection shows is Dr. Blackburn on left and Uncle Bill Morris on right." Center is Chief Tecopa.

2.4 Paiute/Shoshone couple with two children and dog. Pahrump Valley, n.d.

2.5 Photo out of focus; collection lacks this photo. Appears to be a line of blankets and furs; may be funeral/commemorative celebration. If so, these items will be burned. Pahrump or Ash Meadows, n.d.

3.1 Paiute/Shoshone family, man, child, woman, Pahrump Valley, n.d.

3.2 Seven people (6 women, 1 man) seated, drinking from tin cups, basket tray with nuts in foreground. Post-it note points to Anglo woman, identifies her as Della Fisk.

3.3 Paiute or Shoshone woman in front of karnee Pahrump Valley, NV, n.d.

3.4 Two Paiute/Shoshone women, a man, a dog, inside a brush fence. Pahrump Valley, n.d.

4.1 L-R: Chief Tecopa (foreground), man, woman carrying olla. Another man in background, looking toward first three people, or toward photographer. Ash Meadows or Pahrump Valley, n.d.

4.2 Indian woman displaying contents of shallow pan. Manse Ranch, Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

5.1 - Two Indian men, one holding a cat, one holding a boot. Basket hat in background. Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

5.2 - Dispersed gathering, Pahrump Valley or Ash Meadows, n.d.

5.3 Two Indian women, one holding child drinking from glass bottle, seated next to Della White Fisk.    Pahrump or Ash Meadows, n.d.

5.4 Two Indian women, one holding a child, and a man. Pahrump or Ash Meadows. Post-it note identifies the man as O. J. Fisk.

6.1 - Indian child, two Indian women holding baskets. Pahrump Valley, n.d.

6.2 No copy in collection. Photo in album depicts woman seated in foreground and 3 men behind her. Pahrump Valley, n.d.

6.3 - Young Indian man and child, Manse Ranch, Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

6.4 Gathering of men and women, Pahrump Valley or Ash Meadows, n.d. Della Fisk is holding the arm of Chief Tecopa.

7.1 Bloated carcasses of pack train mules/horses, on desert, Pahrump Valley (?). n.d.

7.2 Della White Fisk standing between two Paiute/Shoshone women in Ash Meadows. Vehicle in background has spoked wheels. n.d.

7.3 Indian couple and child. Ash Meadows or Pahrump Valley. n.d.

8.1 Two Indian women, blond Anglo child, in front of well-built wooden structure. One woman is carrying a bundle. Pahrump Valley or
Ash Meadows. n.d.

8.2 Indian woman cooking in cast iron pot w/bail. Ash Meadows or Pahrump, n.d.

8.3 Male Indian child, Ash Meadows or Pahrump, n.d.

8.4 Indian man, white child, in front of wooden structure. He has long hair, worn dreadlock style. Child is wearing a dress. Pahrump or Ash Meadows, n.d.

Photos, all 8 x 10, without album context:

0001 Hidden Ranch Camp. Pahrump Valley, NV

0002 Line of rugs and blankets in front of Indian karnee w/shade shelter. Ash Meadows or Pahrump.

0003 Paiute/Shoshone woman holding child in cradleboard, another child standing in front of shelter. Wheeled toy (?) wagon in foreground; cooking pot on fire. NB: this child and the wagon are also found in the Kiel-George collection (per Liz Warren).

0004 Team butchering steer, Pahrump Valley. Three men, two women, a small dog. n.d.

0005 Six men and butchered steer, Pahrump Valley, n.d.

0006 Young Indian boy holding puppy. Pahrump Valley, probably Manse Ranch,n.d.

0007 "Cowboy," a young Paiute/Shoshone Indian, astride a black horse. Probably Manse Ranch, Pahrump.

0008 Paiute/Shoshone child sitting in burden basket. Pahrump or Ash Meadows, n.d.

0009 Paiute/Shoshone woman with child. Pahrump or Ash Meadows, n.d.

0010 Young Anglo child, dressed in black suit, lace collar and dickey. Probably Manse Ranch, n.d.

0011 Two Indian women seated in wicker chairs. Manse or Hidden Ranch, Pahrump. n.d.

0012 Three Indian children, Manse or Hidden Ranch, cottonwood tree in background. n.d.

0013 Two children, possibly Howells, Pahrump or Ash Meadows.

0014 Indian woman and dog, probably Manse Ranch, Pahrump Valley, NV. n.d.

0015 Four Indian children in front of cottonwood tree, Manse or Hidden Ranch, Pahrump V., n.d.

0016 Tent camp, three Indians in mesquite grove. Ash Meadows (?), n.d.

0017 Indian boy with dog, same a 0006.

0018 Same boy and dog. Dog in watering can. Probably Manse Ranch, n.d.

0019 Two Paiute women standing in front of karnee; a third inside doorway. n.p., n.d.

0020 Paiute or Shoshone woman and two Anglo women seated on wicker chairs, Manse Ranch (?), n.d. Post-it identifies Indian woman as "probably Maude Yount.,"

0021 Two Anglo women and three Indian women. Two Indian women seated n wicker chairs. Indian woman at left turned away from camera; second Indian woman in center, back row, hides face with arm. Post-it note identifies Indian woman in front, R., as "probably Maude Yount." This is a different woman from the Maude Yount identified on photo 0020.

0022 Indian woman making basket, crying child in cradleboard, in front of brush shelter. Tin pie plate on ground next to woman.

0023 Indian woman with large burden basket on back. Post-it note states "probably grape picking at Manse Ranch." n.d.

0024 Man and a woman standing in front of brush house, shade shelter on one end. Photo labeled "Summer Camp." Post-it note on back identifies the man as "probably Chief Tecopa. n.p., n.d.

0025 Child seated on ground in front of tipi-shaped shade shelter. Ash Meadows or Pahrump. n.d.

0026 Dog stands guard in front of karnee in Ash Meadows. n.d.

0027 "Jane Beatty" petting horse, young boy looking at camera. Ash Meadows, Pahrump, Oasis Valley possible settings.

0028 Della White Fisk holds on to her hat, standing next to unid. Indian woman (a Howell?), and a young boy leaves the scene, while another looks at the camera from a distance. Power line in background, and truck body obscured by shrub, should provide a base date for this photo (i.e., photo taken no earlier than the date of the power line and the vehicle).

0029 Burro pack train hauling basketry supplies for two Indian women riding two burros. A young man rides one of the loaded burros, and another, hiding his face, is standing behind the other loaded burro. The three riders are identified on the photo, L-R: Dora, Clara, & Gus Lee.