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Fayle, Leonard

Collection Contents:

Later Las Vegas
0001    The original home of Mr. And Mrs. J.T. McWilliams. The house stood at "C" and Wilson Streets, but has since been destroyed by fire.
0002    Goodsprings, Nevada

Family Ancestors
0003    Stephen Joseph Fayle in Tucson. (c. late 1800s, early 1900s)
0004    Edmund's maternal grandfather, Edmund Quillinan in San Francisco. His wife was Anna Elizabeth. (c. late 1800s, early 1900s)
0005    George Arthur Fayle in Ventura 1888. (Leonard Fayle's father)
0006    Donald (?) Henderson and Margaret. (n.d.)
0007    Great Great Aunt Sharp. (n.d.)
0008    L-R: Clara Belle Trask Fayle Chilson (Leonard Fayle's mother)Emma Trask Ellis Smithson Yount
0009    Children, L-R: Donald Cowper Henderson, May Stephen Henderson Murray, Nancy Henderson (died 1905), margaret Henderson Martin. Mother's name is Mary. Taken in San Bernardino, Calif. (no date)
0010    Lieut. Edmund Fayle, May 1919.
0011    Uncle Monta Smithson. (military school or military uniform?) (n.d.)
0012    Clara Trask. (n.d.) (Leonard Fayle's mother)
0013    Leonard R. Fayle's grandmother taken in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Jane Frost Henderson's mother.)
0014    Wife of Thomas Collier Spencer. (Harriet Spencer's mother)
0015    Charlotte Pearce, mother of Joseph Pearce Trapnell.    Anna Trapnell Fayle's Great Grandmother. (reprint)
0016    Thomas Collier Spencer. Anna Fayle's Great Grandfather.
0017    Nanniette Spencer.
0018    Jeannie Henderson born March 1941. She was the daughter of Donald and Effie Henderson. Donald was lost at sea in 1940. Glasgow, Scotland. (early 1940s)
0019    L-R: George Henderson, Madge Henderson (Mrs. Wm. Graves), Flora Henderson (Mrs. L.B. Curtis), Alfred Henderson, Lubin J. Henderson. Mother Annie Henderson (seated). Picture taken December 28, 1950 at Lubin's home in Barstow, Calif.
0020    Jean Fayle. ("Nana") n.d. (Leonard Fayle's mother.)
0021    Leonard Fayle (left); his brother Art Fayle (right).
0022    Art Fayle at Goodsprings, Nevada.
0023    Leonard Fayle at Goodsprings, Nevada.
0024    Anna Louise Trapnell and Leonard R. Fayle about 1931. J.L. Cobb's Packard automobile.
0025    Lilly Taylor and daughter Margaret. The man is either Robert Taylor or Donald Henderson.
0026    "Mother & Sis" at Yosemite National Park.


Family Ancestors (continued)
0027    L-R: Jim Fisk; Della Fisk, holding baby; Sam Yount; Mrs. Hale; Jim Ashbaugh; Louise Ashbaugh; Fred Hale, bending to tie shoelaces; Art or Leonard; Mary E. Hale; Jean Fayle. (1915)
0028    Ed Fayle. (n.d.) Leonard & Anna Fayle's son.
0029    Eddie Fayle and classmates.
0030    Monta Smithson (uncle) holding unidentified baby.
0031    Thirty-four (34) unidentified photos from early period many probably of Fayle family and relatives. Some have dates on back.
0032    L-R: Janie Fayle, Margaret Martin, Leonard Fayle. June 1949. Las Vegas, Nevada. Janie was Anna and Leonard Fayle's daughter.
0033    Janie Fayle January 1949-looking southeast from Highway 91, south of Las Vegas, toward snow-covered mountains.
0034    Janie Fayle, one month old. (Daughter of Leonard and Anna Fayle)
0035    Ray summer of 1940. (Leonard Ray Fayle, Jr., son of Leonard and Anna Fayle he died in an accident in 1941.)
0036    Huntridge July 1942 Eddie and Janie Fayle with Grandma Trapnell. (Eddie and Janie are children of Leonard and Anna Fayle.)

Leonard Fayle
0037    Leonard Fayle as a young man.
0038    Leonard Fayle as a young man.
0039    (OVERSIZE) George Fayle (standing) L-R: Leonard, Jean (George's wife), Jean Nevada, Clara Belle Trask Fayle, George Arthur (Art). C. late 1890s
0040    (OVERSIZE) University of Pennsylvania Varsity Crew Team (1926) (Leonard Fayle, back row, second from left.)
0041    (OVERSIZE) University of Pennsylvania Varsity Crew Team. (c. 1926) L-R: Don Irmiger, stroke; Fred C. Gentsch; Beau Veau Borie; John R. Sebastian; Herman J. Jordan; Charles K. Elliott; Leonard R. Fayle; Charles T. Hill. (kneeling C.W. "Sparky" Pflugfelder, cox.)
0042    Leonard Fayle (2nd from left) University of Pennsylvania varsity crew team.
(c. 1926-28)
0043    Seventeen (17) unidentified photos probably related to Leonard Fayle's years
at University of Pennsylvania. (1920s)
0044    L. F. Penn quad at University of Pennsylvania winter of 1922. (Another view on reverse.)
0045    Four photos of varsity crew team, Univ. of Pennsylvania, in boat. One photo of Leonard Fayle who was a member of the team. (c. 1922-26)
0046    Fourteen (14) photos of Leonard Fayle and locations in and around University of Pennsylvania which he attended. Some are identified on back. (c. 1922-26)
0047    Five (5) unidentified photos related to Leonard Fayle's years at University of Pennsylvania. (c. 1922-26) (partial id's on backs of some.)
0048    Leonard Fayle (c. 1920s) -- Portrait.

Leonard Fayle (continued)
0049    Portrait of Leonard Fayle as a young man. (c. 1920s-late)
0050    Portrait of Leonard Fayle as a young man. (c. 1920s)

Anna Trapnell Fayle
0051    Anna Trapnell Fayle wife of Leonard Fayle. Portrait of her as a young woman.
(c. early 1930s)
0052    Leonard and Anna (1931) courting days in Delano, California.
0053    Anna Louise Trapnell graduating from Berkeley. (c. 1930?)
0054    Anna Louise Trapnell (left), age 2 . . Frederick Edward Trapnell, age 3 .
0055    Anna Louise Trapnell high school graduation portrait. She graduated from Los
Angeles High School in June 1925.

Family and Family Businesses
0056    Fayle Tire Shop in Delano, Calif. (1940) Leonard Fayle opened this shop in 1930.
0057    Another view of Leonard Fayle's tire shop in Delano, California. (c. 1930-1940)
0058    Delano Tire Shop in Delano, California. Leonard Fayle operated this store from 1930 to approximately 1941.
0059    Delano Tire Shop 1940 or 1941.
0060    Leonard Fayle standing in front of Quality Bakery in Las Vegas, Nevada. He
owned and operated it for a period of time. (June 1, 1942)
0061    Fayle's Quality Bakery, photo taken after a rare snowstorm in Las Vegas. (January 1948)
0062    Probably one of Leonard and Anna Fayle's sons. Leonard Ray, Jr., or Edward George.
0063    Anna Fayle with her children Jane Louise Fayle and Edward George Fayle.
(late 1942, early 1943)
0064    Gravestone for Leonard and Anna's son Leonard Ray Fayle, Jr., who died accidentally at the age of six.
0065    Fayle Family gravestone. (c. 1919) (original family burial plot)
0066    Leonard Fayle and 'Hildegard" taken onstage at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas c. 1940s.
0067    Anna and Leonard Fayle l(center)-Hotel Las Frontier, Las Vegas. (July 20, 1946) Was the Fayles' 14th wedding anniversary. Older woman not identified.
0068     Far left: Grace and Harry Whitely. At far end of table: Ed, Leonard Fayle, Anna Fayle. To Anna's right: Judge and Mrs. Ryland Taylor, Mr. And Mrs. Harold Trout, Mrs. Roy Kidd of San Diego. Taken at the Flamingo Hotel In Las Vegas, c. 1940s.
0069    Leonard and Anna Fayle (left) at a Shriners' event. (color photo) (1949)
0070    Easter Sunday 1944. Janie Fayle (age 4) is in the picture.
0071    Mesquite Club members Las Vegas. Anna Fayle at far right (front) (c. 1940s-50s)
Mrs. Delphine Squires is 4th from left.
0072    Mesquite Club members. Anna Fayle, second from left. (c.1940s-50s)
0073    Group of women posed at Bonanza Air Lines plane. Florence Murphy is third from left;
Alta Ham (2nd from left); Anna Fayle at very top of steps. Possibly Mesquite Club

Family and Family Businesses (continued)
0074    Might be Mesquite Club members. (See also #0073) Far left is Alta Ham; third from left
(light fur coat) is Delphine 'Mom" Squires; Fourth from left is Florence Murphy. At very
top of steps is Anna Fayle. (c. 1940s-50s)

Fraternal Organizations
0075    Group of Shriners posing for a photo at the Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. (1953) Leonard Fayle front row, center.
0076    Photo of group of Shriners at a convention in Los Angeles. (1953) Leonard Fayle is front row, center. (1953)
0077    The Fayles at a Shriners event at the Thunderbird Hotel, c. 1940s-50s. Anna Standing far
right, Leonard seated at far right.
0078    Photo taken at the Hotel Golden in Reno, Nevada, 7/24//79. Shriners and their
wives seated at a table. Leonard Fayle at end of table (left); Ann Fayle, 3rd from right.
0079    Portrait of Leonard Fayle wearing a Shriners' fez. (n.d.)
0080    Rotary Pioneers Breakfast at the Las Vegas conference April 21, 1947. C.P. "Pop" Squires, seated, 5th from left. Leonard R. Fayle, standing, back row, 2nd from left.
0081    Las Vegas Rotary Club members at McCarran Field terminal. May 9, 1949. L-R: John Beville, Harry Allen, Walter Johnson, Allye Lawson, Leonard Fayle, Paul McDermott, Loren Ronnow, Ed Ciliax. They were leaving for Reno to visit the Reno Rotary Club.
0082    Rotary club meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Max Kelch was the principal speaker; he
spoke on "Doing Business in Las Vegas". Leonard Fayle, far right. (1950) Allye Lawson, 2nd from left; Kelch, 3rd from left; Vern Willis, 4th from left.
0083    Kathryn Blackman riding in the Rotary Club float "Only a Rose"-- in the 1950
Helldorado Parade in Las Vegas. A.W. Blackman driving (he built the float). Leonard
Fayle, club president, is riding in the back seat.
0084    Rotary Club Christmas toy program 1973. Leonard Fayle seated at left.
0085    Taken at Harris Springs Ranch, 3/26/76. L-R: L. Born, Lane, Vogliotti, Fayle, Morledge.
Selective Service System Board
0086    Receiving certificates of approval from the Selective Service System are: L-R: Henry
Luce, Marion Earl, and Leonard Fayle. Colonel Millard (end from right) shakes Fayle's hand. (c. early 1970s)
0087    Henry Luce, Leonard Fayle, and Marion Earl receiving certificates for Service with the Selective Service System in Las Vegas. (c. 1970s?) Colonel Millard at right.

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD)
0088    Leonard Fayle and Marion Earl (center) receive Selective Service System Certificates of merit from Colonel Millard. (c. 1970s?)


Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) (continued)
0089    Signing of contracts for Lake Mead water pipeline Las Vegas City Hall. August 25, 1967. L-R, top row: (1)--?; (2) Arleigh West, Bur. of Reclamation; (3) Oran Gragson, Mayor of Las Vegas; (4) Paul Laxalt, Governor of Nevada; (5) Robert Griffith, Chairman
Colorado River Commission; (6) William Taylor, Mayor of North Las Vegas; (7) Leonard Fayle, President of Las Vegas Valley Water District; (8) Mr. Hampton, Mayor of Henderson; (9) Robert Broadbent, Mayor of Boulder City.
0090    Dedication of the Leonard F. Fayle Reservoir in Las Vegas (1970). Anna and Leonard Fayle are standing next to the plaque. (color photo)
0091    Anna and Leonard Fayle standing next to the plaque dedicating the Leonard R. Fayle
Reservoir in Las Vegas. (1970) (color photo)
0092    Leonard Fayle (left) and Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson standing by plaque dedicating the Leonard R. Fayle Reservoir. (1970)
0093    Group of men standing in front of a sign describing the Leonard Fayle Reservoir & Pumping Station which was under construction. (May 1, 1969) L-R: Paul Zimmerman, Larry Farnsworth, Ray Powell, Jack Hamas, Leonard R. Fayle, Rodger Hall, Louis Pico,
I. "Pat" Head.
0094    Group of men standing next to dedication plaque for the Leonard Fayle Reservoir. (1970) Leonard R. Fayle, fourth from left. (1970)
0095    Leonard R. Fayle Reservoir, January 14, 1970. L-R: Wm. Blackman of Montgomery Engineers; Ray Powel director from North Las Vegas; Jack Doyle; Jack Hammer; Rodger Hall; Leonard Fayle; I. Pat Head Mgr. of Las Vegas Valley Water District; Paul
Zimmerman, Pres. Board of Directors; Louis Pico Sr., Director.
0096    Las Vegas Valley Water District officials. 9c. 1970?) L-R; Maurice Gedance, Harvey Luce, George Ullom, Leonard Fayle, William Renshaw.
0097    LV Valley Water District officials. (January 1959) L-R: Ted Werner, Leonard Fayle, Louis Pico, Harvey Luce (taking gavel from George Ullom, Maurice Gedance, James Ryan, Mary Jean Barozzi.
0098    Las Vegas Valley Water District officials. L-R: Maurice Gedance, secretary; Harvey Luce, incoming president; George Ullom, outgoing president; Leonard Fayle, vice- president; William R. Renshaw, general manager. (c. 1959)
0099    L.V. Valley Water District officials from Jan. 1959 to Jan. 1961. L-R: Secretary, Maurice Gedance; Chairman, Harvey Luce; Vice-Chairman, Ted Werner;    Secretary, Leonard Fayle.
0100    At site of Flamingo Reservoir-later called Tom Campbell Reservoir. L-R: Leonard R. Fayle; William R. Renshaw, Gen. Mgr. of LVVWD; Robb Johnson, general contractor; William Blackman of Montgomery Engineering. (c. 1967)
0101    At site of Flamingo Reservoir September 1967. L-R: Leonard Fayle, Rodger Hall, Louis C. Pico Sr., Harvey Luce, Paul Zimmerman, William Renshaw.
0102    At the construction site of a reservoir in Las Vegas. L-R: I. "Pat" Head; Mayor Oran Gragson; Leonard Fayle. (c. 1960s)
0103    At reservoir construction site 1960s. L-R: Mayor Oran Gragson, Leonard Fayle, I. "Pat" Head.

Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) (continued)
0104    L-R; I. "Pat" Head; Leonard R. Fayle, Chief of the Fire Department; Doug Williams, Asst. Chief. At reservoir construction site. (c. 1960s)
0105    L-R; I. "Pat" Head; Mayor Oran Gragson, Leonard R. Fayle. At reservoir-- c. 1960s.
0106    L-R; Leonard Fayle; (?) ; Mr. Renshaw, Las Vegas Valley Water District. (1-25-63)
0107    Leonard Fayle (left), Louis Pico Sr. (4th from left) at dedication of Louis Pico Reservoir in Las Vegas. (1972) Others not identified.
0108    L-R: Ivan P. "Pat" Head, manager of LVVW District; Leonard Fayle, Board president. (c. 1960s-70s)
0109    L-R: Leonard Fayle and Ivan "Pat" Head. (see photo #0108)
0110    Ivan "Pat" Head, (3rd from left); Leonard Fayle (4th from left); at reservoir
Construction site. (c. 1960s)
0111    Ivan 'Pat" Head, 3rd from left; Leonard Fayle, seated atop caterpillar, holding a
Shovel. At reservoir construction site in Las Vegas. (c. 1960s)
0112    Left to right: (1) unidentified (2) H.E. Hazzard (3) J.A. Tiberti (4) Maury Zenoff (5) Bill Walker (6) Leonard Fayle (7) Warren T. Stanley (8) ? (9) ? (10) Art Harris. Probably board members LVVW District. (n.d.)
113     Standing, L-R: Maurice Gedance; Bert Leavitt; R.J. "Dick" Ronzone; Manny Cortez; Ron Lurie; John Cahlan; Rodger Hall; Larry Farnsworth. Seated, L-R: Thalia Dondero; Joseph Foley; George Ullom; Paul Zimmerman; Leonard Fayle. (10/14/80)

Fayle Family
0114    Topping off Riviera Hotel. L-R: Harley Harmon, County Commissioner; Leonard Fayle, Chamber of Commerce; Herb McDonald; Marshall Wright, Manager of Riviera; Mayor C.D. Baker. (c. 1955)
0115    Leonard and Anna Fayle, Western Shrine Association dinner in Las Vegas, June 1982.
0116    Anna and Leonard Fayle (right) at the Tropicana Hotel. (Dec. 8, 1962)
0117    United Mortgage Assn. Party at Showboat Hotel. (2/11/83) Leonard and Anna Fayle.
0118    Portrait of Leonard Fayle. (c. 1980s)
0119    L-R, standing, Janie Fayle and her parents Anna and Leonard Fayle. (c. late 1950s)
0120    Leonard Fayle. (c. 1980s?)
0121    Leonard Fayle c. 1980s?
0122    Leonard Fayle c. 1980s?
0123    Portrait of Leonard Fayle. (c. 1970s-80s)
0124    Portrait of Leonard Fayle. (c. 1970s?)
0125    Leonard and Anna Fayle. (Nov. 24, 1978)
0126    Color portrait of Anna Fayle. (February 1961)
0127    Portrait of Anna Fayle. (c. 1960s?)
0128    Portrait of Anna Fayle. (n.d.-1960s?)
0129    Twenty-three (23) snapshots-miscellaneous views of Leonard Fayle's trip to Alaska. (n.d.) Many identified on back.


Fayle Family (continued)
0130    Portrait of George Arthur Fayle, Leonard Fayle's father, taken August 1915.
            He was born Feb. 3, 1881 and died Dec. 9, 1918.
0131    Group of women and a baby. Jean Fayle (Leonard Fayle's mother) is seated
            with the baby on her lap. Taken in Burlingame, Calif. (n.d.) Most of others
            identified on back of photo.
0132    L-R: Jean Fayle Boggs (Leonard Fayle's mother), Florence Doherty Boyer.
            (1920-Goodsprings, Nevada)
0133    Jean Fayle Boggs (ctr); Margaret Martin (left); May Murray (rt.) (n.d.)
0134    Jean Fayle Boggs (?) at left. N.d. Taken at Seven Falls and South Cheyenne
            Canon in Colorado.
0135    Portrait of Jean Fayle (Leonard's mother), as a young woman.
0136    Leonard's father, George A. Fayle. Portrait of him as a boy.
0137    Jean Fayle and sons Leonard and Arthur. (1908) Leonard at left. (portrait)
0138    Portrait of Jean Henderson Fayle (Leonard's mother) 1901.
0139    George Arthur, Leonard Ray, and Jean Nevada Fayle. (c. 1915-1920)
            (Leonard is seated)
0140    August 10, 1902. Unidentified man with two children.
0141    August 10, 1902. Unidentified children.
0142    Arthur Fayle at 19 months. (Rest of inscription on back is illegible.)
0143    Jean Nevada Fayle (4 years old) with her mother, Jean Fayle. (Portrait of Leonard's sister and mother)
0144    Looks like George Fayle, Leonard's father, when he was a boy. (portrait)
0145    Possibly Jean Nevada Fayle (Arthur's sister). Portrait of her as a baby.
0146    George A. Fayle, Leonard's father.
0147    Jean Nevada Fayle (little girl) with her mother Jean Fayle. (She was also
            Leonard's mother; Jean Nevada was his sister.)
0148    Jean Fayle Boggs at left.
0149    Ten (10) Polaroid snapshots of Leonard Fayle, his family, and guests-
            Taken at Christmas time. (1978)
0150    Leonard and Anna Fayle in Rio de Janeiro 1981. (COLOR photo)
0151    Jean Nevada Fayle, Leonard's sister, in Goodsprings, Nevada. (n.d.)
0152    Frances (left0 and Leonard Fayle. December 1979. (possibly her last name
            Is Black-a relative?)
0153    Frances (December 1982) (possibly Frances Black a relative of the Fayles).
0154    The Blacks' home, 1605 Holly Avenue, Arcadia, California.
0155    L-R: Judge Marvin Brown, Virgle Gilmore, Leonard Fayle, C.A. "Dutch"
Carlson.    (c. 1970s-80s)
0156    L-R: Russell Chapins (sp?), Larsh Kellogg, Judge Marvin Brown, Leonard
Fayle. (c. 1970s-80s)
0157    Ten (10) photos-some color-of various friends and family. Some are identified
on the back.


Fayle Family (continued)
0158    Eight (8) unidentified black and white snapshots. (Nov. 1958)
0159    Anna and Leonard Fayle Nov. 1958.
0160    Six (6) color snapshots-Anna and Leonard Fayle with their supper club in the
Sellman Yard. (c. 1960s-70s)
0161    Ed Fike portrait taken in 1971 when he was a candidate for governor of Nevada.
0162    Five (5) portraits unidentified but probably family members-c. late 1800s.
0163    Opening of Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. L-R; Marshall Wright; Mayor C.D. Baker;     Harley E. Harmon, County Commissioner; Leonard R. Fayle, LVVWD; Herb McDonald, Chamber of Commerce. (c. 1955)
0164    Eleven (11) miscellaneous photos-no identification.
0165    Eight (8) unidentified photos-friends and family.
0166    Five (5) unidentified photos.
0167    Color photo of parade in downtown Las Vegas, Oct. 31, 1948. Two views-one
on reverse.
0168    Portrait of Russ Williams-12/8/62.
0169    Ten (10) miscellaneous photos (of family and friends) with partial identification
            on backs. Some are color photos.
0170    L-R: Art, Leonard, "Whit" (dog), Jean Fayle (boys' mother) at Jean, Nevada.
            (c. 1905-06)
0171    George and Jean Fayle at Jean, Nevada. (c. 1904-05)
0172    Leonard Fayle at Jean, Nevada. (c. 1904-06)
0173    Jean, Nevada. (1905)
0174    Jessie Jones at the railroad station in Jean, Nevada. (c. 1904-06)
0175    L-R: Jean Nevada Fayle with her brothers Leonard Ray (seated) and George
Arthur.    (c. 1915-20)
0176    Charlie Ching, Chinese cook at Jean, Nevada, with Art Fayle (left) and Brother Leonard. (c. 1908)
0177    Leonard Fayle (left) and his brother Art. (c. 1910?)
0178    George A. Fayle driving his ore team. (c. early 1900s)

Nevada Scenes
0179    Interior of a general merchandise store unidentified location, probably
            Nevada. (c. early 1900s)
0180    Yellow Pine ore cars enroute to mine. (n.d.)
0181    Delivering ore to Yellow Pine Mine.
0182    Jean, Nevada, about 1915. (shows Hotel Jean)
0183    Deserted school building in the ghost city of Rhyolite, Nevada.
0184    Dividend Mining Company's mill Goodsprings, Nevada. (December 6, 1916)
0185    Hotel Fayle in Goodsprings, Nevada.
0186    The original Hotel Fayle in Goodsprings, Nevada.
0187    Hotel Fayle-Goodsprings, Nevada.


Nevada Scenes (continued)
0188    Hotel Jean in Jean, Nevada. (Reprinted from the Nevadan-Dec. 18, 1977 issue)
0188a Looks like Dividend Mining Company mill 1916. (See photo #0184) Shows the engine that operates the mill and compressor.
0189    Probably Dividend Mining Company-mine and mill. (1916) See photos #0184 and
0190    Ten (10) unidentified photos California and Nevada scenes. Several have locations on the back. (c. early 1900s)
0191    Vacated

Las Vegas Scenes
0192    Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas, at night. (c. 1940s-50s)
0193    Fremont Street, downtown Las Vegas, at night. (c. 1940s-50s)
0194    Aerial view of Las Vegas, Nevada, looking northwest toward Mount Charleston. (c. 1945) Road intersection in immediate foreground is that of Fremont Street from the right, Charleston Boulevard from the left. (Charleston runs due west.)
0195    Hoover Dam. In foreground a woman is seated in a convertible and her male companion is taking the photograph of the dam.
0196    Fold-out postcard set (in color) of the various casinos in Las Vegas in the 1940s.
0197    Aerial view of Las Vegas, looking west. (no date) Fremont Street in center, running west.
0198    Aerial view of Las Vegas, looking northeast up Second Street. (no date)
0199    Black Canyon during preliminary stages of the construction of Hoover Dam. (c. early 1930s) (colorized image)
0200    Lake Mead. (c. 1950s)

Leonard and Anna Fayle and Family
0201    Portrait of George Arthur Fayle, Leonard Fayle's father. (c. late 1890s?) (OVERSIZE)
0202    Wedding portrait of Anna Louise Trapnell and Leonard R. Fayle, July 20, 1932. Also includes rest of wedding party.
0203    Portrait of Anna Louise Trapnell on her wedding day-July 20, 1932.
0204    Anna Louise Trapnell (standing at right) with her family. She married Leonard Fayle. (c. 1920s?)
0205    Unidentified wedding party. Anna Louise Fayle, 2nd from right?
0206 Louise Trapnell (Anna Fayle's mother) Ca. 1960s
0207 Louise Trapnell (Anna Fayle's mother) Ca. 1960s
0208 Anna Louise Fayle Ca. 1990
0209 Huntridge neighborhood Cub Scout troop Ed Fayle to the left Ca. 1940-1941
0210 Anna Louise Fayle (baby) Jean Fayle Boggs Petrified Forest, Utah n.d.
0211 Jean Fayle Boggs with Scottie dogs n.d.
0212 George Arthur Fayle, Jr, Jane Fayle (mother), and Leonard Ray Fayle Ca. 1930s
0213 Leonard Ray Fayle, Jr. (born on November 19, 1933) he is seven weeks old.
0214 Leonard Fayle, Jr. Ca. 1951
0215 Jane Fayle December 23, 1949

Fayle Family
0216 Jean Nevada Fayle June 6, 1909
0217 Donald Henderson, brother of Margaret, May, and Lily born in 1900 Ca. mid 1900s
0218 Jennie Henderson Ca. late 1800s/early 1900s
0219 Donald Cowper (D.C.) Henderson, Leonard Fayle's grandfather
Ca. late 1800s/early 1900s
0220 Margaret Brown Henderson, Leonard Fayle's grandmother Ca. late 1800s/early 1900s
0221 Anna Fayle with her children Jane Louise (7 weeks) and Eddie (6 ) Ca. mid 1900s
0222 George Arthur Fayle, Jr., Jean Nevada Fayle, Jean Henderson Fayle, and Leonard Fayle at the wedding of Anna and Leonard July 20, 1932
0223 Anna Trapnell Fayle, Louise Trapnell, and Frederick Trapnell Ca. early 1950s
0224 Clarabelle Trask Fayle Chilson and family Ca. early-mid 1900s
0225 Anna Fayle
0226 Madge Henderson, daughter of Lubin and Annie Henderson
0227 Mrs. Emma Yount Ca. late 1800s/early 1900s
0228 Mrs. Emma Yount, sister of Clara Belle Chilson from Maine Ca. late 1800s/early 1900s
0229 S.E. Yount Ca. mid 1900s
0230 Margaret Brown Henderson, mother of Jean Fayle Boggs, Annie, Archie, Donald, Lubin and Hinkley Ca. early 1900s
0231 A portrait of Leonard Fayle Ca. mid 1900s
0232 A portrait of George Fayle Ca. early 1900s
0233 Aerial of Goodsprings, Nevada 1912
0234 A postcard image of Goodsprings, Nevada
0235 A street scene of Goodsprings, Nevada Ca. 1914 or 1915
0236 Nate Walters of Standard Brands in front of the Bottle house in Rhyolite, Nevada
Ca. 1948
0237 A group photo of the women in Goodsprings, Nevada. Inscribed on back sitting left to right: Mrs. G. Homer Black, Miss Madge Henderson (niece of Jean Fayle), Mrs. G.A. Jean Fayle (baby?), unknown, unknown. Standing left to right: unknown, Mrs. Frank G. "Florence" Doherty (Goodsprings Gazette), unknown, unknown, Mrs. Lawrence J. Tusnet, Mrs. Roy W. Moore, unknown, unknown, Mrs. Harvey Hardy, Mrs. Jack Frederickson, Mrs. Janee Ashbough Ca. early-mid 1900s (OVERSIZE)
0238 A postcard image of a 20 Mule Team Borax Wagons in Death Valley, California
Ca. early 1900s
0239 A wedding portrait with Fred Trapnell, Anna Trapnell Fayle, Leonard Fayle, Art Fayle, Madeline Thomas, and Thelma Doane July 20, 1932
0240 Anna Trapnell Fayle Ca. early 1900s
0241 Jean Fayle, age 40 Ca. mid 1900s
0242 George Fayle with his sons Arthur and Leonard Ca. 1900-1910
0243 Zelzah Oriental Band in Las Vegas, Nevada. Back Row: henry Ammand, Walter Seibert, Chas. McIntyre, Roy Joombs, Elmer Byrge, John Waweana, Leonard Fayle, Carl Olson, A.W. Blarkman, and Don Spangler. Front Row: Llyod Cohan, Chas Thomas, Jerold Riley, Glen Booth (standing) Herman Steiner, Jack Cordero, and John Orem.

Fayle Family (continued)
0244 Firestone Repair School, students in front of factory August 22, 1926
0245 Firestone Repair School, employees in front of the factory (see the back of the photograph for a full roster of names) September 1926
0246 Firestone Repair School baseball team. Bob Keach, George L. Spradling, Don R. Haskin, John H. Gant, Louis G. Wienecke, John Wintz, William E. Grzzu, Frnk N. Cranton, Angus L. Thomson, Leonard Fayle, Joseph Christoff, and Earle Glutter. Ca. 1920s
0247 Helldorado Parade, Hotel Last Frontier float, Las Vegas, Nevada 1948
0248 Helldorado Parade, stage coach, Las Vegas, Nevada 1948
0249 Helldorado Parade, sheriff's posse on horseback, Las Vegas, Nevada 1948
0250 Helldorado Parade, marching band, Las Vegas, Nevada 1948
0251 Aerial shot of Fremont Street from 3rd St. looking west Las Vegas, Nevada Ca. 1940s

***The following images are located in a photo album on the rolling shelves.***
0113 Leonard Fayle photo album
p.1        Upper left 1.         Horses in front of Yount & Fayle Store, Jean, Nevada.
            Lower left 2.         George and Jean Fayle?
            Center 3.         Road sign Jean Faye (left); Mrs. Chilson? (right)
            Upper right     4.         Leonard and Arthur Fayle
            Lower right     5.         Arthur, dog, Leonard

p.2 Left 1.         Arthur, Leonard, and mother Jean Fayle.
            Right                2.         Jean and Leonard

p.3 Upper left 1.         Jean Station-Pacific Xpress Company Telegraph & Cable Office.
            Lower left        2.         Baby and Jean Fayle at Jean, Nevada.
            Center             3.         Leonard and Arthur
            Upper right     4.         Jean Station
            Lower right     5.         Unidentified man at Jean Station.

p.4        Left 1.         George and jean Fayle at Jean, Nevada. Dog named Whit. (1904- 05) Upper right        
2.         Family group: L-R: woman; mother of Jean? Baby Jean Nevada Fayle; Jean Fayle; Leonard or Arthur? In front of Yount & Fayle
Store (?),    Jean, Nevada.    Lower right    
3.         L-R: Unidentified; Jean's mother?; baby Jean Nevada Fayle; Jean Fayle. All at Jean, Nevada.

p.5                                            Five photographs unidentified.

***The following images are located in a photo album on the rolling shelves.***
0113 Leonard Fayle photo album
p.6        Left 1.         Leonard at tent cabin            
Upper right     2.         Cook (?) at tent cabin.
Lower right     3.         Unidentified man at Jean Station.

p.7                                            Photos taken in front of Yount and Fayle General Merchandise,     Jean, Nevada.

p.8     Upper left        1.         Jean Station at Jean, Nevada.
            Center             2.        Jean, Nevada.
            Upper right     3.        Jean Fayle.
            Lower left        4.        George Fayle (?).
            Lower Right     5.        Arthur and Leonard in stack of ladies in front of Yount & Fayle          General Merchandise.

p.9     Upper left 1.         Sharpening wheel?
            Center                2.         Leonard and Arthur and cats.
            Lower left         3.         Water table at Jean, Nevada. People unidentified.
            Lower right        4.         Jean, Leonard, Arthur, unidentified woman.

p.10    Left                 1.         Jean Fayle and baby Leonard on front of store at Jean, Nev.
            Center             2.         Unidentified town and train yard.
            Right                3.         Unidentified.

p.11    Upper left 1.         Fayle brothers, Arthur and Leonard.
            Center                2.         Unidentified woman with Fayle brothers at Jean, Nev.
            Upper right        3.         George Fayle on wheel horse.
            Lower left        4.         Fayle warehouse (?) at Jean, Nevada.
            Lower right     5.         Building storefront at Jean, Nevada.

p.12    Upper left 1.         Dance at Goodsprings to celebrate opening of new store.
                                    Jean Fayle dancing at lower right.
            Upper right        2.         Banquet to celebrate opening of new store. Center foreground is     Frank Williams. Jean and two boys also in photo.
            Lower center    3.         Ice house (stone building). Three people on burro. Location is Goodsprings, Nevada.

p.13    Upper left         1.         Tableau or pageant at Yount & Fayle Store, Goodsprings, Nevada.
            Upper right        2.         Unidentified.
            Lower center    3.         Jessie Jones at Jean Station, Jean, Nevada.

p.14    Upper left         1.         Jean railroad community.

            Upper right        2.         Jean Station.
            Lower center    3.         Cook? For construction crew?
***The following images are located in a photo album on the rolling shelves.***
0113 Leonard Fayle photo album
p.15    Upper left        1.         Yount & Fayle Store-same group as p.8, #5.
            Center             2.         Dance. Possibly same building as p.12 #1.
            Upper right     3.         Leonard and Arthur in front of tent cabin.
            Lower left        4.         Horse shed; woman unidentified.
            Lower right     5.         Unidentified.

p.16    Upper left        1.         ???
            Upper right     2.         Unidentified
            Lower left        3.         At Jean Station, two Fayle brothers (#2 & 3)
            Lower right     4.         Jean Fayle and son Leonard

p.17                                         Mule team at Goodsprings mill

p. 18 Upper left         1.         Group at Wilson's Tank??
            Upper right        2.         Goodsprings; Jean at right.
            Bottom             3.         Fairmount-La Crescenta, Cal.

p. 19                            1.         Picnic at Yellow Plug.
                                    2.         Same as above.

p. 20                                        Unidentified nurse

*** 12/8/00        Identifications made by Celesta Lisle Lowe,    Jane Schwartz Fleming