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C. D. Baker Photograph Collection

Extent: 0.3 Linear Feet (4 hanging folders)
Location: Photo Cabinet 4:A

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C. D. Baker Engineering Field Notebooks, 1909-1966. MS-00272. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Charles Duncan Baker Papers, 1951-1972. MS-00141. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The C. D. Baker Photograph Collection depicts former Las Vegas, Nevada mayor Charles Duncan "C. D." Baker from 1916 to 1966. The photographs primarily depict Baker at political events, including campaign stops, fundraising events, meetings with officials and politicians, and at important locations in Las Vegas and Nevada. Baker was photographed with politicians such as U.S. Senator Chic Hecht, President Harry S. Truman, Governor Vail Pittman, and Lt. Governor Cliff Jones.


0001    Terrance (?) Goodwin of the Clark County High School basketball team. 1923

0002    Gerald Crew of the Clark County High School basketball team. 1923


0003    Yearbook page from a college in Indiana (Terre Haute). C.D. Baker is 1st person in 4th row. (1922)

0004    C.D. Baker, basketball coach and teacher for Clark County High School, 1923

0005    C.D. Baker (n.d)

0006    C.D. Baker, mining a claim. (n.d.)

0007    L-R: C.D. Baker (PWA); H.E. Butler (City); Wm J. Shirley (contr.) ; Norman Smith (Supt.) (c. early 1930s)

0008    C.D. Baker. (N.D.)

0009    C.D. Baker, Mayor of Las Vegas (n.d.)

0010    C.D. Baker (n.d.)

0011    Portrait of C.D. Baker, Mayor of Las Vegas. (n.d.)

0012    Portrait of C.D. Baker,

0013    "Men for Area 8 11/3/41 10:00 A.M."

0014    C.D. Baker working with architectural (or building) plans (n.d)

0015    L-R: (background): Mahlon Brown, James G. Ryan, C.D. Baker. Must have been in legislature in Carson City, c. 1943.

0016    C.D. Baker , Mayor of Las Vegas (center). Name tags labeled: " Canadian Federation of Mayors and Municipalities". (n.d.)

0017    C.D. Baker (center) receives plaque from L.E. Tyson (right). (n.d.)

0018    Nevada Jaycees meeting a group that was arriving on Continental Airlines. (front row left): C.D. Baker. (back row, left): Keith Ashworth. (n.d)

0019    Some local businessmen meet with Air Force officers. (n.d.) L-R, around table: (5th) C.D. Baker; (6th) "Butch" Leypoldt, Sheriff; (8th) Earl Hartke, Mayor of North Las Vegas; (9th) Norrison Beatty (?), chief commander.

0020    C.D. Baker in his new office (C.D. Baker Realty) at 136 S. 4th Street , Las Vegas (c. 1950)

0021    C.D. Baker points to his business sign. Note: bottom portion: "C.D. Baker for Mayor Headquarters"

0022    R. Julian Moore (Frontier Fidelity organizer) had a cocktail party when Alan Bible was in office. L-R: Art Ham Jr., Harley Harmon, Bob Baskin, H.E. Hazard, Senator Alan Bible , Harry Claiborne, C.D. Baker, Cliff Jones, Tome Foley, Herb Jones. (c. 1950s-1960s)

0023    Mayor C.D. Baker signs the proclamation for Dog Week, Sept. 20-26, 1953. "Blim", Dr. and Mrs. Basse Wallace's boxer dog, looks on.

0099    C.D. Baker Collection

Charles Duncan Baker (cont.)

0024    Officers of the Nevada Municipal Association greeted guests from 16 Nevada    communities and welcomed them to Sparks. Standing at the head of the table are Marshall Guisti, Reno City Councilman; C.E. Geraghty, mayor of Ely; C.D. Baker, mayor of Las Vegas; Seth Burgess, acting mayor of Sparks; Francis R. Smith, mayor of Reno; Wendell Bunker, city councilman of Las Vegas; Miss Howard of Mayor Smith's office. (1954)

0025    VFW chief arrives at McCarran Field, Las Vegas. Shown , clockwise, are Herb Crosby, state commander, Las Vegas; Virginia Giannati, state auxiliary president, Reno; John Gammick, member national council, Elko; Mayor C.D. Baker; Lou La Porta , councilman, Henderson; VFW chief Murphy; George Harmon, Commander of Las Vegas Post 1753. (no date.)

0026    Group of officials proclaim "Thunderbird Day" in honor of the U.S.A.F. Thunderbird precision flying team stationed at Nellis AFB. L-R: Henderson Mayor William Byrne; Earl Hartke, Mayor of North Las Vegas; Las Vegas; Las Vegas Mayor C.D. Baker ; Major J.A. "Robby: Robinson, Thunderbird leader; Capt. John R. Crane, narrator. (n.d.)

0027    Opening of Western Air Lines office in the Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas. Shown cutting the ribbon are , L-R: Doris Parlaman, Mayor C.D. Baker, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Fox, and Arthur F. Kelley (VP, Sales, Western Air Lines). (June 1955)

0028    Pictures is group of businessmen. C.D. Baker, Front row, 5th from right. (n.d.)

0029    C.D. Baker (corner of table, right arm extended) lunches with Air Force officers and businessmen at Nellis Air Force Base. (n.d.) (Official Air Force Photo)

0030    Group of businessmen and their wives at dinner or lunch. C.D. Baker , 6th from left, far side of table at left.

0031    Adlai Stevenson rides in motorcade (probably in Tonopah, 1956). C.D. Baker in profile behind him. Baker was State Democratic Chairman.

0032    State Democratic Chairman C.D. Baker (left) greets for a meeting with Nevada's convention delegation. Center is Robert Notti, then Baker's city hall assistant.

0033    L-R: Charles Duncan (C.D.) Baker, LV Mayor; Richard Germanin, sec. Of delegation from Nevada; Farrell Ceevers, Hawthorne, Nev.; Perle S. Brown, Demo. National Committeewoman, Las Vegas (Mahlon Brown's Mother) (1956)

0034    Group of Las Vegas businessmen (fraternal organization?). Back Row, far right, is C.D. Baker. Back row, 3rd from right is James Cashman Sr. (n.d)

0035    Mayor C.D. Baker meets with Lt. Col. Floyd White (left) and Col. James McGehee (right) as they prepare for Armed Forces Day at Nellis Air Force Base. (n.d.) (Air Force Photo)

0099    C.D. Baker Collection

Charles Duncan Baker (cont.)

0036    C.D. Baker (Mayor of Las Vegas), left , greets an unidentified gentlemen at right in his office. (c. 1950s)

0037    Looking over a proclamation which points out the need for "nationwide action for the prevention, treatment, and care of mental illness.", are , left to right: Dr. A.W. Woodbury, president of the Nevada State Mental Health Assn; Dr. Hardin Branch, professor of psychiatry at the Univ. of Utah College of Medicine; Mayor C.D. Baker, Las Vegas; Joseph Nosanchuck, pres. Of the Las Vegas Assn. For Mental Health. (n.d.)

0038    Wilbur Clark (center) and C.D. Baker (right). (n.d.)

0039    C.D. Baker (left) takes part in a radio broadcast with Edgar Bergen (right) and Charlie McCarthy at the Hotel Sahara where Bergen is appearing. (1966)

0040    L-R: Mortimer Snerd, Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, C.D. Baker (1966) (See photo #0039 for further information)

0041    Mayor C.D. Baker at a dinner meeting of BPW Clubs in the Thunderbird Hotel. (March 1959) L-R: Mary Jane DeCrane; Loraine Frankovich; Freda Dickson; Dorothy Brimacombe; Geri Palmeri; Jane Lopez.

0042    Taken during Mayors Tour of Europe , May and June 1959. Las Vegas mayor C.D. Baker ready to sign a guest book. Probably in Paris, France.

0043    The late Hoot Gibson (2nd from right), long a resident of Las Vegas, poses with Mayor C.D. Baker (2nd from left) in greeting visiting dignitaries. (n.d.)

0044    Playing a major role in development of the Las Vegas Convention Center were, L-R; LV Mayor C.D. Baker; Joe W. Brown; John Deluca; George "Bud" Albright (a county commissioner at the time and later director of the Convention Center). (1950s)

0045    L-R: C.D. Baker, Joe W. Brown, John DeLuca, George "Bud" Albright. (c.1950s) (See photo # 0044 for more info)

0046    L-R: C.D. Baker, Joe W. Brown, John DeLuca, George "Bud" Albright. (c.1950s) (See photo # 0044 for more info)

0047    A group of Las Vegas Democrats at the Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner in Los Angeles chatting with the guest of honor, former President Harry Truman.(Nov. 10, 1963) Standing, L-R: Mayor C.D. Baker, Bart Lytton, Gov. Vail Pittman, Lt. Governor Cliff Jones. Seated, L-R: Tom Carroll, Harry S. Truman, Dan Kimball.

0048    C.D. Baker (2nd from right) and Chic Hecht (right) at intersection of South 4th and Carson Streets. (n.d.) Building at left is the C.D. Baker Realty Company. The small house is Campbell Realty .

0049    C.D. Baker (2nd from right) and Chic Hecht (far right). (n.d.) Possibly discussing the widening of 4th Street. (See photo #0048 for further information on location and surrounding buildings)

0050    Mayor C.D. Baker (left). (n.d.) Woman not identified.

0051    C.D. Baker (left) with unidentified woman. (n.d)

0099    C.D. Baker Collection

Charles Duncan Baker (cont.)

0052    Politicians and other businessmen. Gov. Charles Russell at the podium. Lt. Governor Rex Bell next right, Mayor C.D. Baker next to Bell. (n.d.)

0053    Group of [Las Vegas] businessmen (n.d) Front row, 3rd from left, is Howard Cannon. C.D. Baker, front row, far right.

0054    C.D. Baker (right) peering into cockpit of a plane at Nellis Air Force Base. (n.d.) The air force officers with him is not identified.

0055    C.D. Baker (4th from left); Gov. Vail Pittman (far right). (n.d)

0056    C.D. Baker (left) (n.d.) Others not identified.

0057    Campbell Community forum -C.D. Baker, second from left. (n.d.) (Others not identified)

0058    C.D. Baker, second from left.. (Others not identified)

0059    C.D. Baker, 2nd from right: James Cashman, Sr., 2nd from left. Presentation of a sports trophy to two young boys-has to do with city recreation department. (n.d.)

0060    Group of people seated in a room -probably taken in Sparks or Reno, NV. (no identification; no date)

0061    Governor Vail Pitman (left) in Mayor C.D. Baker's office. (Baker at right; other man not identified.) (n.d.)

0062    C.D. Baker (left) at a fundraiser for the "City of Hope". (n.d.) Las Vegas, NV.

0063    C.D. Baker at microphone. Surrounded by businessmen and Air Force personnel. (n.d)

0064    C.D. Baker (3rd from right). (n.d.) Others not identified.

0065    C.D. Baker , 3rd from left. Man with shovel might be James Cashman Sr. Photo has to do with Helldorado Village.

0066    Entertainer Phil Harris (center) and C.D. Baker (right) with unidentified Air Force officer. (n.d)

0067    C.D. Baker with Miss Nevada. (n.d.)

0068    C.D. Baker (left) holding a poster promoting voting from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

0069    C.D. Baker (left) with "Miss City of Hope" (c. 1950s)

0070    C.D. Baker seated at his desk. Man at left is not identified. (n.d)

0071    C.D. Baker (left) cuts the cake at the celebration of the first anniversary of the Hotel Fremont. (n.d.) Others not identified.

0072    C.D. Baker (2nd from left); function has to do with the Hotel Fremont. (n.d)

0073    C.D. (wearing hat). Testing the fire alarm? (August 9, 1957)

0074    Mayor C.D. Baker (seated at his desk) signs a proclamation. (n.d.) Others not identified.

0075    C.D. Baker (left) with unidentified Air Force officer and a civilian. (n.d.) Nellis AFB Photo)

0076    Rotary Club meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada. Seated, 3rd from left, Spencer Butterfield. (n.d.)

0099    C.D. Baker Collection

Famous personalities        

0077    Eleanor Roosevelt with unidentified gentleman. (n.d.)

0078    L-R: John Nance Garner, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Key Pittman.

0079    Wilbur Clark (left, front) and Adlai Stevenson (center)

0080    Hank Greenspun (second from left) and Eleanor Roosevelt (right). Others not identified.

0081    Walter S. Baring, U.S. Congressman from Nevada. (n.d.) Portrait is autographed: "To C.D. Baker- your friend -Walter S. Baring Congressman-Nev."

0082    Portrait of Walter S. Baring. Autographed: "To: C.D. from your friend-Walter S. Baring-Congressman". (no date)


0083    International Hotel, Virginia City, Nevada. (postcard) (n.d.)

0084    "C" Street, Virginia City, Nevada. Jan. 18, 1916. (postcard)

0085    "C" Street, Virginia City, Nevada, looking south from Sutton Avenue, 4/20/30/ (postcard)

0086    Unidentified scene-looks like mining buildings.

0087    Unidentified lake. (possibly Lake Mead?)

0088    Probably Black Canyon before Hoover Dam was built.

0089    Nevada State Bank at the corner of 4th and Carson Streets. (n.d.)

0090    SAF Thunderbirds flying in formation. (they were based at Nellis AFB, Nevada.) (no date.)