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Dorothy Casner Evans Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:D, PC Negatives Box 10, PC Slides Binder 03

Collection Contents:
0001    Dorothy Casner. (c. late 1930s) She worked for her brother-in-law who was a house mover in Tonopah so she may have been the driver of this truck. (1939 Ford) On back of the truck is a tank ready for relocation.
0002    L-R: Dorothy Casner, Dave Roberts (her brother-in-law), Dave Roberts, Jr. (Dorothy was young here)
0003    L-R: Dorothy Casner and Chester Ott, who worked for Dave Roberts.
0004    L-R: (side of truck): Dorothy Casner and Dave Roberts.
0005    Dorothy Casner, far right.
0006    Dorothy Casner on ladder.
0007    Dorothy Casner
0008    L-R: Dorothy Casner, Dave Roberts (her brother-in-law) at campsite.
0009    Dorothy Casner. (House in background on Bryan Street across from Cord house moved from Fish Lake Valley)
0010    L-R: Dave Roberts, Dorothy Casner, (?), Ellen Roberts was Dorothy's sister) Making camp on the road. Dorothy was always the cook.
0011    Dave Roberts and Dorothy Casner.
0012    L-R: Robert Pellissier and Dave Roberts. (Pellissier was Dorothy's brother.)
0013    L-R: Allie Van Fleet, Dorothy, "Shorty" (Dave)Roberts, Robert Pellissier, (?)
0014    Dave Roberts standing by his truck
0015    L-R: Dave Roberts; Chester Ott, who worked for Dave.
0016    Dave Roberts.
0017    Dave "Shorty" Roberts with his son, Dave Roberts, Jr.
0018    L-R: Ellen Roberts, Allie Van Fleet, Dorothy Casner, Robert Pellissier (Dorothy's brother)
0019    L-R: Dave Roberts, Mr. Falwick, Sigurd (Falwick's son). The Falwicks had a store in Fish Lake Valley and also a chicken ranch. They sold the eggs in their store.
0020    Dave Roberts.
0021    L-R: Allie Van Fleet And Dave Roberts.
0022    L-R: Dave Roberts and Herb Pickles.
0023    L-R: Robert Pellissier, Dorothy Casner, Allie Van Fleet.
0024    L-R: Allie Van Fleet, Vernon Scott, Dave Roberts, David Bantovitch
0025    Dave Roberts standing by his truck
0026    Dave, Jr. on truck; Dave "Shorty" Roberts
0027    Ellen Roberts at right. (Ellen was Dorothy's sister, married to Dave Roberts.)
0028    L-R: Allie Van Fleet, (?). Shorty Roberts, David Bantovitch.
0029    L-R: Robert Pellissier, David Banovitch, Vernon Scott. (They were moving a kiln to Carrara.)
0030    Herb Pickles at right
0031    Herb Pickles, far right.
0032    L-R: David Banovitch, Bob Pellissier, Emory Garrett, (?), Allie Van Fleet. This house was being moved for Garrett. The photo was taken halfway between Tonopah and Ely, the site where the house was moved.
0033    Clothing store picked up at Silver Peak and moved to Hawthorne, Nev.
0034    Site near Nivloc Mine. This house was moved to Tonopah.
0035    Silver Peak store that was moved to Hawthorne.
0036    Dorothy Casner operated the winch on this job. The tanks are still standing in Tonopah.
0037    This kiln was moved to Carrara. (L-R: David Banovitch, Shorty Roberts, Vernon Scott.)
0038    Moving a house down Main Street in Tonopah. Family Drug Store in the background; in the early days the store was called Southworth's. David Banovitch is on the truck.
0039    House from Cord's Ranch, Fish Lake Valley. They gave it to Dave Roberts in exchange for moving a house at Nivloc Mine to Fish Lake Valley. This house stands in Tonopah next to the mortuary on Bryan Avenue.
0040    Cord house site at Fish Lake Valley
0041    This tank was used to store water during World War II. It is now in Tonopah.
0042    Platform for water tank.
0043    Returning from a job.
0044    This photo shows the bed rolls on the truck which crew used when they were on the road.
0045    It took two trucks to get this building over a high grade.
0046    Jacking up house for move.
0047    House moving accident. Cribs being put under structure to get it level.
0048    House moving accident
0049    House loaded for relocation.
0050    Shorty Roberts, Tonopah house mover.
0051    Dorothy Casner-water tank on back of truck ready for relocation.
0052    Dave Roberts (center); Ellen Roberts (right). At a rest home in Las Vegas.
0053    Dave Roberts. (May 1964)
0054    Miscellaneous snapshots of Dorothy Casner, Dave Roberts, other employees, and house moving jobs.