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Edwards, Elbert Photograph Collection

Extent: 3 Linear Feet (29 hanging folders, 1 box of negatives, and slides)
Location: Photo Cabinets 7:D and 8:A, MS Map Case 01:F

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Elbert B. Edwards. Interview, 1986 November 12. OH-00524. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The Elbert Edwards Photograph Collection contains photographs of Nevada from 1852 to 1991. The collection includes a wide variety of photographs: white pioneers and settlers arriving in Nevada in the late-nineteenth century; early towns such as Pioche, Caliente, Candelaria, and Panaca; Nevada politicians such as the governors from 1861 to 1973 and US Senator Pat McCarran; early Las Vegas landmarks such as Fremont Street, the court house, the Mormon Fort, Las Vegas High School, the Stewart Ranch, and the Kyle (Kiel or Taylor) Ranch; Boulder City schools; petroglyphs from Nevada's indigenous populations; Lost City and Lake Mead; railroad surveyors, depots, and housing; mines and miners; steamboats on the Colorado River; the Hoover Dam (Boulder Dam); Basic Magnesium Inc. in Henderson, Nevada; geographical features like Moapa Valley, the Muddy River, Spring Valley, Valley of Fire, and Pahranagat Lake; the Edwards family; and photographs of Elbert Edwards's participation in several organizations, including the Las Vegas Education Association and the Rotary Club.


Las Vegas
0001    Fremont Street, 1920'
0002    World War I troop parading, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1917.
0003    World War I troop at depot in Las Vegas, 1917.
0004    Washington's Birthday Anniversary exercises, Clark County High School, Las Vegas.
0005    Washington's Birthday Anniversary exercises, Clark County High School, Las Vegas.
0006    L-R: Olive Gentry Reid (Mary Reid's mother), ? (a relative) , Wm. J. Reid, Las Vegas, ca. 1912.
0007    Mary V. Reid (married to Elbert Edwards) 5 yrs. Old, Las Vegas, ca. 1917 at Home on S. First St.
0008    Las Vegas, 1916. "This is my barber shop, taken by flashlight and our little girl standing in the barber chair. The flashlight frightened her, you can see her eyes are shut. She nearly jumped out of the chair when it went off."
0009    Court House
0010    The Sund Well
0011    Sluice over Las Vegas Creek 0012    "First car my father owned, a Studebaker." L-R: B.G. Reid, Will Reid (driver), Mary Reid (bow in hair), Patty Walsh, in Las Vegas, ca 1916.
0013    Girl in 4th of July costume, 1913.


0014    Saloon fire, 1910
0015    Panorama of Caliente showing fire, 1910.
0016    Bridge structure.
0017    Widening a railroad tunnel between Las Vegas & Caliente, ca. 1927. Plan was to double track U.P.R.R., but Depression occurred and work was never done. John Muceus, civil engineer, from Iowa, working on project.
0018    Tonopah mine crew, 1920's. Very top man is Ed Gentry, brother to Edward Gentry in Panaca who owned mercantile store and nephew of Harry Gentry,

St. Thomas.

0019    Denton Ave., Caliente, Nevada
0020    Panorama of Caliente, Nevada.
0021    View of Caliente, Nevada.
0022    7 people standing in front of Pearl Barber Shop, Caliente, Nevada, before 1911. W.J. Reid is 3rd from left.
0023    Caliente Grade School graduating class of 1926. Front row, L- R: 1. Virgil Wedge, now a Reno attorney; 2. Burton Wadsworth, deceased uncle of Mrs. Bob Broadbent; 3. Lawrence Pace, son of Vilate and Frank Pace; 4. Lester Denton, 5.?, 6.?, Back row, L- R: 1. Alpha Forsyth;2. Mattie Keeler; 3 Rosie Usin, 4. Mary Reid; 5. Hilma Burke.
0024    Caliente Grade School. L-R: Lester Denton; 2. Virgil Wedge; 3.? 4. Lawrence Pace; 5. Burton Wadsworth; 6.?, 7. K.O. Knudson, principal of Caliente Grammar School, 1926; 8. Rosie Usin; 9. Mattie Keller; 10. Alpha Forsyth; 11. Mary Reid; 12.Hilma Burke.
0025    Caliente Drug Company.


0026    Home Economics class of 1927. Girls are wearing uniforms which they made. When boys came to town to play basketball, the Home Ec. Class cooked and served dinner. They were graded on their work. Dated the boys later.
0027    Lincoln Co. High School basketball team, ca. 1929. L-R: Lawrence Pace Nelson Blake (?) , Rolf Butler, Ted Deck, ?.
0028    Freshman swimming.
0029    Lincoln Co. High School teachers and students.
0030    Broken pipeline, Panaca, Nevada, September 4, 1918.
0031    CNR Roundhouse construction.


0032    Pioche Grammar School, ca. 1921.
0033    3 unknown children with fool cellar in background, 1921.


0034    Sandy Valley School (Lincoln County) - 1938.
0035    Goodsprings (Original photo: #0214 0050)
0036    Eagle Valley - Lincoln County. (1938)
0037    Searchlight School (Clark county) - 1938.
0038    Dyer, Fish Lake Valley, Esmeralda County - 1938.
0039    Clue Diamond School (Clark County) -1938
0040    Cave Valley School (Lincoln County) - 1938.
0041    Delamar School (Lincoln County) - 1938.
0042    Gold Point School (Esmeralda County) -1938.
0043    Geyser Ranch, Lincoln County (At Geyser School Dist.) - 1938.
0044    Kiernan School (Lincoln County) - 1938
0045    Etna (near Caliente on railroad), (Lincoln County) - 1938
0046    Clover Valley Schoolchildren, 1907. Front row: Ivan Empey, Clair Terry, Harold Woods, Fred Woods, Grant Woods, Marion Terry. Second row:Albert Woods, Erma Woods, Elsie Empey, Inez Empey, Third Row: Lamar Empey, Ada Woods, Ione Terry, Mary Jensen (teacher), Orilla Woods,
Lyman Woods. Seated: Lyman Lafayette "Grandpa Woods".
0047    Rose Valley School - 1931 (neg only)
0048    Unidentified schoolhouse (neg only)
0049    This is a picture of Matt Kelly's school band in Las Vegas in 1917 or 1918. I only know one person in the band - the 5th boy from the left front is Bryon Gentry ReidÃ�¯Ã�¿Ã�½ Mary Reid Edwards. 6/87.
0050    Goodsprings School (Clark County) - 1938. (Original of # 0214 0035)
0051    Eldorado Grammar School (Clark County) - 1938.
0052    Carp School (Lincoln County) - 1938.
0053    Class at Paradise School - c. 1924. Teacher was Lillian Gentry Barnum.
0054    Gentry's Grocery, Panaca, Nv. (Mary Reid Edwards' uncle Ernest Gentry Owned store-photo taken 1960.)


Edwards Family

0055    George L. Edwards, C. 1890. ( 1869 - 1937)
0056    "Mama gave this to me March 26, 1937. It is Aunt Wolinda Woods Terry, Aunt Roxa Woods Terry, Uncle Lafey Woods. My mother was Maribah Woods. Her other brothers were Carlos, Lyman, James, Lamond, Jasper, Albert and Lafayette. " - - handwritten insc. By E. Edwards. (photo taken April 1895)
0057    George Edwards (1860 - 1937); Maribah Woods (1869- 1943 ). Probably a wedding picture. (Dec. 8, 1891)
0058    Edwards Brothers (1860 - 1960); Panaca, Nevada. L-R (Seated): George Lee, William; (standing): John, Frank, Eli, Hosea.
0059    Lyman Lafayette Woods, father of Mrs. George L. Edwards. (Brother of Roxana Guest of New York and Charlotte Higbee of Salt Lake City and Minerva Kelting of Colton, California.)
0060    Maribah Minerva Woods Edwards (1869 - 1943)
0061    Elbert Edwards.
0062    Blacksmith shop in Panaca Nevada. Edward Gentry, village blacksmith, extreme right.
0063    Edwards brothers ice harvest - - 1906. L-R: Frank, Hose, George, Eli, and Will.
0064    Edwards Brothers ice harvest - - Jan. 3, 1906. L-R: Eli, John, George and Frank.
0065    Edwards brothers on freight road - - Dec. 20, 1905. L- R: Frank, George, Hose, John.
0066    Panaca, 1914. Hose, Ely, and Frank Edwards.
0067    Edwards brothers digging potatoes in Panaca, NV, c. 1920. L-R: Frank (first white child born in Lincoln County, 1864).
0068    Combination of high school first year and District School. First high school graduates. Graduated in three years. They were: Edna Wadsworth, Sue Heaps, Amy Coverwell, Washington Edwards, Elmer B. Edwards, George Quincy Keele, and Lawrence Wadsworth.
0069    LDS Sunday school on steps of County Courthouse, Las Vegas, NV. (probably summer of 1927) (Courtesy, Zina Barnum)

Boulder City Schools

0070    Boulder City Elementary School Class. (Teacher is Louise Newell.) c. 1947- 50. (Photo by Belknap Photo Services.)
0071    B.C. Elementary School class, c. 1947- 50. (Belknap Photo Services.)
0072    Boulder City Elementary School class - - c. 1947-50. Teacher is Mrs. Dorothy Johnson. (Belknap Photo Services)
0073    Boulder City Elementary School class - - c. 1947 -50. (Belknap Photo)
0074    Boulder City Elementary School class - - c. 1947 - 50 (Belknap Photo)
0075    Same.
0076    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947- 50. (Photo by Belknap Photo Services.)
0077    Same.
0078    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947 -50.(Belknap Photo Services.)
0079    Same.
0080    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947 -50. Belknap Photo Services.
0081    Same.
0082    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947 -50. (Belknap Photo Services.)
0083    Same.
0084    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947 - 50. (Belknap Photo Services.)
0085    Same.
0086    Boulder City Elementary School class, c. 1947 - 50. (Belknap Photo Services.)
0087    Boulder City Elementary School classroom, c. 1947 - 50.
0088    Boulder City School employees, c. 1947 - 50. (No Identification.)
0089    Room used for elementary library lunch room and storage. (1-17-47) It is identified as B-4 on the building plans. (William S. Russell, Photographer.)
0090    Superintendent's office, Boulder City Union School District.(1940 - 1950)
0091    This picture features a section of the rock- strewn playground which Must be adapted to this use of all students from kindergarten through high school. (Bureau of Reclamation photo by Wm. S. Russell) Jan. 17, 1947.
0092    Jan. 17, 1947. This area was originally designed as coal storage is now Used for storage of school supplies and janitor supplies. This area identified As B-6 on building plans. (William S. Russell, photographer)
0093    View of the main corridor of Building No. 1. Banks of lockers are crowded Into this hallway because of lack of a better place. (Jan. 17, 1947) William S. Russell, photographer.


Boulder City Schools (cont.)

0094    View of rock - strewn, crowded playground contiguous to the Legion Building - - Jan. 22, 1947. (William S. Russell, photographer.)
0095    The east stage dressing room is used as office space and uniform and Instrument storage by the music department. Jan. 17, 1947. (William S. Russell, photographer)
0096    The office of the girls' p.e. teacher is also housed in this 6' x 10' storage Room. This space is shared with the electric hot water storage tank. Jan 17, 1947. ( Wm. S. Russell, photog.)
0097    This view illustrates the use of the main corridor for coats and cloaks.(Photo by Bureau of Reclamation photographer Wm. S. Russell.) Jan. 17, 1947.
0098    Exterior of former "Day Rooms" purchased from the U.S. Army and moved From Camp Williston to their present site on the parking area on North Avenue G. (Jan 22, 1947) (Bureau of Reclamation photo by William S Russell.
0099    View of the annex structures situated on the parking lot on Avenue G. (Jan. 2, 1947) - - William S. Russell, photographer.
0100    A view taken in one of the north rooms of the Legion Building showing the Inadequate light, the primary handicap. Walter Beeler, 3rd row, 3rd seat (right) Lawrence Tracht, 1st row, 4th seat (left). (Jan 17, 1947)
0101    State championship relay team - - Reno. 9May 14, 1949) (Boulder City High School team. )
0102    Nevada state championship track team - - May 1949 - - Boulder City High School. (Photo by Bill Belknap)
0103    Boulder City High School football team (1947)
0104    Boulder City High School flag twirlers. (c. 1947)
0105    Boulder City High School flag twirlers. (c. 1947)
0106    High School students in Boulder City. (No i.d.) (c.1947 - 49)
0107    Parade on Fremont Street (c. 1947 - 50). (photo by Cliff's Photo Shop)
0108    Board of Education - - Boulder City Union School District - - c. 1950. L- R: C. P. Christensen; H.O. Watts, Past - President; F.A. Latham - - President; Elbert B. Edwards, Superintendent and Clerk of the Board; Dr. D.M. MacCormack; Ray Collins. (photo by Cliff Segerblom - - Belknap Photo Services.)
0109    Group of boys in Boulder City, C. 1947 - 50. Back row, 2nd from left, Otto Lettler. Front row, 2nd from left , Rudolph Maltz; 5th from left, Ted Lettler; 7th from left, Bert Coe.
0110    Barber shaving a customer in Boulder City. (No i.d. ) (c. 1947- 50)
0111    Boulder City High School Gym under construction. (Nov. 6, 1951)
0112    Boulder City HS Gym being constructed - - Nov. 6, 1951 (Bureau of Reclamation photo)
0113    Construction project in Boulder City - - Oct. 1951.
0114    Another view of [Boulder High School Gym] being constructed Nov.6, 1951.


Boulder City Schools (cont.)

0115    Constructing athletic field in Boulder City - - (c. 1947- 50)
0116    Construction workers in Boulder City - - c. 1947 - 50.
0117    Construction project, Boulder City, c. 1950. (Athletic field to Back.)
0118    Wayne Keeley. This is the office of the principal of the Boulder City elementary school. It is the rear portion of the space originally set Aside for the girls' Cloak corridor. Reference is again made to Plan No. 45 - - D1538. (3/31/32)
0119    A view of the combination science class - lab room illustrates the limited room And facilities. This room, 40' x 20' overall, can accommodate a maximum of 24 students. Study tables were originally cut 3 in. in width from the original Specs in order to fit them into the room. L- R: Row 1, Gary Eaton, Jim Wilson; Row 2, (?), LaVon Gammet, John Gormon, (?), Peter Wartman; Row 3, (?), Robt. Denning, Roy Lawson, Stanley Shilberg, (?), Bob Ellsworth; Row 4, (?) (?), Weston Holdberg. Jan. 22, 1947. (photo by Bur. Of Reclamation, Weston Boulder City, Wm. S. Russell, photographer.)
0120    Crowded classroom in Boulder City High School (1945)
0121    Dennis Whalen (leather jacket); First on right: Don Cameron Jones. (Jan. 17, 1947 ) This picture was taken in the art and multi-purpose room. This space Was remolded shortly after the construction of the building to serves for as a Lecture and demonstration room. It now serves for two art classes, one public Speaking class, one health class, and two English classes daily. (Boulder City
Bur. Of Reclamation photo by Wm. S. Russell.)
0122    One of the two rooms situated in the basement of Building No.1, particularly Undesirable because of poor lighting and low ceiling. The small window is one Of three providing natural light for this room. (Jan 17, 147) (Boulder City, NV - - Wm. S. Russell, photog.
0123    Another of the inadequate basement rooms, Boulder City Elementary School. (Jan. 17. 1947) (Bureau of Reclamation photo by William S. Russell.)
0124    This view illustrates the crowded conditions attendant to the multi-purpose use Of this small 26'x 15' room of the Legion Building. It is used as a beginner's Band practice room, nurse's quarters for treatment and health inspection. It has Also been used as a classroom for special remedial groups. Jan. 17, 1947, Boulder City , Nev. (Wm. S. Russell, photographer)
0125    Combination study hall- library. This is Room 2 shown on the Bur. of Reclamation School Building Plan, No. 45- D1538. (3-21-32) L-R: Row 1 Ted Lettler, (?), Jones; Row 2: Gene McDonald, Glenn Miller, We Pymm (?), Bob Nellis; Row 4: (?), Glen Nazer, Don Watts, Jim Welsh. (William S. Russell, photographer)




0126    Petroglyphs at mouth of Meadow Valley Wash - - feature men on horseback And in wheeled vehicle - - probably early travelers along old Spanish Trail. (man - - Elbert Edwards)
0127    Petroglyphs at Meadow Valley Wash.
0128    Petroglyphs at Meadow Valley Wash. (Photo taken January 1965)
0129    Petroglyphs. (Meadow Valley Wash)
0130    [Meadow Valley Wash?] - - Signs says "Next drinking water 111 miles; next Radiator water 6 miles; State Dept. of Health"
0131    Petroglyphs at Meadow Valley Wash.
0132    Petroglyphs at Meadow Valley Wash.

Lost City Restorations

0133    Lake Mead approaches Lost City Restorations. (Spring 1938)
0134    Waters of Lake Mead seep through to undermine Lost City Restorations.(1939)
0135    Spring of 1938 - - Lake Mead approaches Lost City Restorations.
0136    (1939) Waters of Lake Mead rise to base of Lost City Restorations.
0137    Lost City - - Spring 1938 or 1939.
0138    Lost City Restorations and rising Lake Mead. (1938)
0139    Lost City and Lake Mead. (1938 - 39)
0140    Lost City. (Spring 1938 or 1939)
0141    Lake Mead approaches Lost City Restorations. (Spring 1938)
0142    1939 - - Water of rising Lake Mead seeps through and undermines restored Pit and dwelling of Lost City.
0143    1939 - - Water of rising Lake Mead laps at base of Lost City Restorations.
0144    (1938) Lake Mead approaches Lost City Restorations.
0145    (1939) Seeping water form rising Lake Mead undermines pit and dwellings.
0146    Waters of Lake Mead rise to base of Lost City Restorations. (1938)
0147    Lost City Restorations and Lake Mead. (1939)
0148    Lost City Restorations with rising Lake Mead in distance. (1938)


0149    Fort Callville. (color picture)
0150    Former Boulder City faculty honor former student Russ Farnsworth.(May 1978) L-R: Seated, Lillian Honeycutt, Bernice Jonasen, Violet
Muchow, Edna French. Standing: Elton Garrett, Martha King, Russ Farnsworth, Madelaine Garrett, Elbert Edwards.




0151    Boulder School (Elementary) faculty, 1950's. Front row: (?), Emma Wood, Celia Thomas, Dorothy Johnson, Mabel Arnold, Edna French, Mae Hale. Second row: Nell Jones, Merle Lyon, Catherine Keese, Addie Heddins, Ada Robeson, Eileen Connors, Marian Sutherland, Paula Donlin. Third row: Andrew Mitchell, Lee Norman, Cal Smith, Mrs. Norman, Evelyn Childress, (?), Violet Muchow, Catherine Wills, Louise Newell, Marge Wallon, Virginia Arp, Thelma Parmalee, Neosha Norman, Rebecca Nalley.
0152    View of early Las Vegas, showing rail yard and residences. (1905)

Early Las Vegas

0153    Clark County High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. (4th and Clark Streets) (c.1920s)This building burned and was replaced by a new school built In 1930 at 7th and Bridger Streets.
0154    Las Vega High School (1935), left center. Shell of burned -out old L.V. High School, lower right, with tent schools set up to meet the needs of the Burned out student population during the depression years. The new school Was completed in 1930 at 7th and Bridger Streets. (School authorities were Criticized for building the school so far out of town) The 7th Street school also Served the needs of high school students bussed from Boulder City during the Construction of the dam.
0155    Bird's eye view of Las Vegas Nevada. (Main and Bonneville Streets) (c.1920s)
0156    Fremont Street, from Woodard's Garage. Las Vegas, Nevada.
0157    Edward Clark Forwarding Co., interior view, 1906. At left is Ira Earl.
0158    Remains of old school house. Was where Railroad Company rooming house Was on So. 2nd Street. Burned about 1910. ( Las Vegas, NV)
0159    Las Vegas Grammar School, c. 1920s. (Photo by Oakes)
0160    Men swimming in "Big Spring" - - Las Vegas, Nv. (Was original Las Vegas Water supply)
0161    Railroad survey party (Andy Windsor party), 1904 - - The old Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0162    Old Las Vegas Fort - - 1909. (Dave Farnsworth photo)
0163    Las Vegas (Mormon) Fort - - c. 1880.
0164    Color photo of Dellenbaugh's painting of Las Vegas Fort (1876)
0165    Las Vegas Fort in 1876. (From a sketch by F.S. Dellenbaugh.)
0166    First State Bank of Las Vegas. (c.1905)
0167    Ed. W. Clark Forwarding Company, Las Vegas, Nevada. (est. 1905)


Early Las Vegas (cont.)

0168    Las Vegas Fort, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0169    County Clerk's office - - Las Vegas, Nevada, c. 1915. County.
0170    First State Bank - - Las Vegas, Nevada. Leland Ronnow, 3rd from left; Cyril Wengert (teller), 4th from left. John S. Park at far right.
0171    L-R: Bill Ferron and Ed Clark at Death Valley golf tournament (1939).
0172    Group of people posed on back of truck parked in front of First State Bank, Las Vegas, 1926. (One of the men is Harley Harmon)
0173    Las Vegas Scouts on the Colorado River - - 1931. L-R: Royal Dimmick, Don Stewart, Earl Nay, Evan Wasden. Elbert Edwards on camera.
0174    K. O. Knudson (dark, turban , center) in pageant at Cathedral Gorge (1926).
0175    William Jennings Bryan speaks in Las Vegas. On platform is Ed Clark, Harley Harmon Sr. , Harley Harmon Jr., C.C. Corkhill. (Dave Farnsworth photo)
0176    Harley L. Harmon. (1965)
0177    Boulder City Rotary Club. (Signed "Best Wishes, Ed".)
0178    U.S. Senator Patrick A. McCarran (Nev.). He was in the U.S. Senate from 1933 - 1954.
0179    O.K. Adcock and David Farnsworth in front of the Lincoln County Bank, Caliente, Nevada. (1907)
0180    Troy Steam Laundry truck - - first motorized delivery in Las Vegas (1914). Pictured is Joe Dunlap, brother of Mrs. Dave Farnsworth.
0181    Colorado Club in Las Vegas. L-R: Frank Duncan, Jake Holcourt, John Baldwin, Laff Holcourt, Billy Dole, (?).
0182    On the way to the Colorado River for boating: Earl Rockwell driving, Henry Lutz on wagon, Pinky Waite on burro, Frank Waite on first horse, Eddie Marshall driving buckboard, Spud Lake on rear horse.

J. T. McWilliams & Family

0183    Lee Canyon, Clark County, Nevada. J.T. McWilliams at point on 4 inch water pipe line about 5 feet from spring 1000 ft. elevation above 40 acres donated With water by J.T. McWilliams and wife for public playground , 1936. (J.T. in Photo.)
0184    At Lake Mead, c. 1936. L-R: Mrs. J.T. McWilliams, Mrs. E.R. Gates, Barbara Gates, J.T. McWilliams, Mrs. Maude (Gates) Evans, and Leland Cox.
0185    McWilliams home, Westside Las Vegas. (1930s)


J.T. McWilliams (cont.)

0186    J.T. McWilliams in front of his home in Westside Las Vegas. (c. 1930s)
0187    Claude Mackey (left) and J.T. McWilliams at Lee Canyon, c. 1930s.
0188    Mr. and Mrs. J.T. McWilliams at Buffalo Bill Memorial.
0189    Scotty's Castle - - Mrs. J.T. McWilliams at right.
0190    At Lee Canyon, 1938. Mr. and Mrs. J.T. McWilliams at right. On left, Mr. Ernest Orback (?); 2nd from left, Lillian Dobbe (?).
0191    Group at Lee Canyon, June 29 -30. L-R: Mrs. Genther, Mrs. W. Young, Mrs. Gates, Mrs. McWilliams, Barbara Gates, Mrs. Weizner, Walker Young, J.T. McWilliams, E. R. Gates.


0192    Branch store of Beckley & Beckley Men's Furnishings - - Goodsprings, Nev., 1918.

Edwards Family & Activities

0193    Las Vegas High School staff observe Helldorado - - 1935. (Also includes Elementary School staff members). L-R: (front) Arthur Sant, Duane Keller, K.O. Knudson, Lewis E. Rowe, Paul Sheppard, Harold Brinley. (back row): Emory Chace, Pat Diskin, Arthur (Red) Daugherty, Leonard Sledge, Elbert Edwards, George Johnson, Douglas Dashiel, Eldon Latson, George Harris,
Howard Wasden.
0194    L.V.H.S. Rifle Team - - ca. 1936. L-R: front row: Leon Rockwell, (?), Bryon Underhill, Tommy Underhill. Back row: Percy Nash (Las Vegas Chief Police) Clifford Hinrickson, (?), Elbert Edwards.
0195    Portrait of Elbert Edwards.
0196    Elbert Edwards' sons, L-R: Keith, Karl, Arthur, and Mahlon. (c. 1947)
0197    Group photo of Edwards Family (April 20, 1977). Seated, far left, son Keith; 4th from left, son Arthur; 5th from left, Elbert; next to him his wife Mary's daughter - in law and grandchildren. The occasion was the dedication And open house of the Elbert B. Edwards Elementary School in Las Vegas.
0198    Elbert Edwards' grandchildren signing " Edwards, Edwards, there's no School like Edwards" (April 20, 1977 - - dedication and open house at Elbert Edwards Elementary School. ) Melinda, Becky, Lyndee, Maryland, Quincy - - (Lee Edwards' son). Lyman, Jeff, Naomi, Shauna.


Edwards Family & Activities (cont.)

0199    Public Employees Retirement Board - - Nov. 1973. L-R: Vernon Bennett, Elbert B. Edwards, Robert C. Weems, Donald Ream; standing: Clarence Swain, Ross Cubertson, Glendon Walther, Charles Collings.
0200    Elbert B. Edwards, left. Hal Erickson (UNLV Library ), right. (c. 1967)
0201    (NEGATIVE ONLY) Portrait of Elbert Edwards.
0202    (NEGATIVES ONLY) Portrait of Elbert B. Edwards.
0203    Elbert Edwards at unidentified ruins.
0204    Mahlon and Clay Edwards at Pipe Springs. (Mahlon is Elbert Edwards 'son.)

Panaca, Nevada

0205    Panaca Grammar School, c. 1916. (Students and teachers posed in front of Building.
0206    Panaca Mormon Sunday school, c. 1890. Building constructed in 1868).
0207    Panaca schoolhouses in the snow, Christmas Eve, 1913. (The closer Building, at left, is the high school. The building at the right is the grammar School.)
0208    Lincoln County High School Homemaking Dept. (Old Relief Society Building - - located west of old Town Hall - - now LDS Chapel.) c.1920. L-R: (1) Sarah Hollinger; (2) ? ; (3) Mrs. J.R. (Gertrude) Smith - - (teacher - - wife of Principal J.R. Smith); (4) ?; (5)?; (6) FayWalker; (7) ?; (8) Emma Richards ; (9) Ada Syphus.
0209    Lincoln County High School, Panaca, Nevada. (c. 1912)
0210    Panaca School, c. 1910. (Photo by W.L. Newman)
0211    Panaca Town Band, 1904. ( Photo by W.L. Newman)
0212    Somewhere in Lincoln County - - view of countryside and train.
0213    Horses pulling logs - - somewhere in Lincoln County
0214    Panaca school group. The building over the fence was probably the Panaca Tithing Office (Bishop's Storehouse). Likely over the fence from the Wadsworth Store - - an adobe building used for the school.(Taken before 1909)
0215    Old Wadsworth Store in Panaca - - was used for elementary school grades at Turn of the century and until 1909.
0216    Historic Mormon Chapel - - Panaca, Nevada. It was also used for social hall, Town hall, school etc.


Panaca, Nevada (cont)

0217    Partial view of town of Panaca. (Court Rock makes backdrop for public Square.)
0218    Miscellaneous snapshots of Panaca, Nevada. Some are identified on back. (e.g., people at pancake breakfast, quarried rock cellar, etc.) - - 1972. (14 Snapshots)
0219    Snapshots of [ Panaca?], Nevada. Some are identified on the back. (Scenes Of farmers and ranchers at their chores, children in swimming pool, etc) n.d. (18 snapshots)

Ranches in Nevada

0220    Al Dilley, cook wagon of O.K. Reed outfit - - May 1920. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society, Floyd Lamb Collection)
0221    Antoniazzi Ranch - - Nye County. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society )
0222    Branding calves - - Dressler Ranch - - Douglas County. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society.)
0223    Feed troughs on the Diamond Valley- - belonging to Harvey Sewell and Daughter Dorothy. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society)
0224    Cattle on range- - paradise Valley. Riders, L-R: Indian Albert Skedaddle, Leslie Stewart, Gus Ramasco. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society, Buckingham - Stewart Collection.)
0225    4- H Show judging (F.H. Dressler) Douglas County. (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society.)
0226    Breeders young herd - - 1st at Cal. State Fair, 1921. L-R: Aurora (2nd), Aloha, Standard Eyes (4th), Blanchard (1st). (Courtesy Nev. Hist. Society)
0227    Water development in White Pine County. (Courtesy of Nev. Hist. Society.)

Early Nevada

0228    Sam Yount in motor car in Goodsprings, Nevada.
0229    Rhyolite, Nevada. (1909) (postcard)
0230    Stage for Eureka - - Ely 1906. (Courtesy of Nev. Hist. Society)
0231    Freight team in Winnemucca Nevada, 1913.
0232    Court House, Eureka, Nevada.
0233    View from the courthouse - - Winnemucca, Nevada.
0234    The Pyramid - - Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
0235    Virginia City, Nevada.
0236    Interior of Piper's Opera House, Virginia City, Nevada (Courtesy of Nev. Hist. Society.)


Nevada Mines & Mills (Early)

0237    Sagebrush wagon, Dexter Mill, Tuscarora, Nevada - - 1911. (Credit: Stanley Paher)
0238    Sagebrush fuel for Dexter Mill, 1906. School in background. Tuscarora, Nevada. (Courtesy Northeastern Museum, Elko, Nev.)
0239    Potosi Mine.
0240    Man standing at entrance to Potosi Mine. (Man is Ed Carbary)
0241    Sutro Tunnel. (Main tunnel 4 miles long - - drains mines of Comstock Lode to 1750 foot level.)
0242    New Yellow Jacket Shaft (Gold Hill) - - depth 3000 feet. (Photo 1891)
0243    V- Flume - - Clear Creek, Ormsby County, Nevada. (ca. 1905) The V- Flume Threaded its way through canyons and over ravines to deliver vast quantities Of wood and timber to the mines at a minimum of expense. (Courtesy of Nevada State Museum)
0244    Pump machinery at new Yellow Jacket Shaft - - Gold Hill, Storey County, Nevada. (Photo 1882)
0245    Tonopah, Nevada. Mizpah shaft in foreground.
0246    Three miners at Badger Hole.
0247    Gridleys Store in Austin, Nevada from whence came the sack of flour that Became legendary in Nevada. (Courtesy of Nev. Hist. Society)
0248    Cordwood cutting operation camp near Belleville, Nevada in 1880's. Wood used for fuel in ore processing mill there. Stacks of wood and corral In center.
0249    Mule skinners (drivers) and pack mules loaded with cordwood where it will Be transferred to wagons pulled by sixteen - mule (jerk - line) teams and Hauled to ore mill at Belleville, Nevada, to be used for fuel in 1880s.
0250    Packed mules assembled after unloading cordwood to be transferred to Wagons and hauled to provide fuel to operate ore mill at Belleville, Nevada In 1880s.
0251    Mule skinners (drivers) and pack mules assembled before a huge rick of Cordwood at wood camp near Belleville, Nevada in 1880s. Wood provided fuel for ore mill; many stumps seen in background.
0252    Sixteen mule tam hauling fifteen cords of wood on one wagon to ore mill at Belleville, Nevada in 1880s; water barrel lashed to front of wagon, mule skinner riding wheel horse, team controlled by "jerk - line" - - a single line to trained lead horse or mule.
0253    Mule teams and wagons loaded with cordwood on way to ore mill at Belleville, Nevada in 1880s. Stumps of trees show extent of cutting
Operation; wood was used for fuel at the mill.
0254    Ore mill at Belleville, Nevada in 1880s, mule teams and ore wagons from Mines approaching unloading chutes above mill, employers standing below.
0255    Ore mill at Belleville, Nevada in 1880s, where ore from mines was Processed; cordwood stacked in foreground; mule teams with ore wagons unloading, on ramp above and behind smokestacks.


Nevada Mines & Mills (cont.)

0256    Belleville, Nevada in 1880, ore mills at left, sixteen mule team pulling Four wagons on way to mine or wood camp. Mule skinner (driver) riding wheel horse, swampers and passengers standing, water barrels lashed to sides of Wagons. Cordwood stacked below mill.
0257    Belleville, Nevada in 1880s, looking toward the main street from the ore mill. A typical scene of early mining activity in Nevada, where they hauled water as well as everything else on wagons and pack animals.
0258    Delamar, Nevada. (Lincoln County)
0259    Delamar - - remains of an old mill.
0260    Mill at Delamar, Nevada.
0261    Fayle's freight team. (From original of Leonard Fayle)

Nevada (Miscellaneous)

0262    A link between the old West and the new. Preston Nutter cattle- men on the Arizona Strip, the breeding range for the cattle. In the spring steers wee shipped to Utah and trailed from the rail head at Colton to the range on the west Tavaputs Plateau.
0263    Three year old vineyard, Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1928)
0264    Aurora, Nevada.
0265    The old McDermitt stage.
0266    Railroad workers standing next to train engine in early Nevada. (Photo Courtesy So. Nev. Museum)
0267    Remains of Fort Callville - - 1935. (Photo by G.L. Ullom)
0268    [Miners?] pause for a bite of lunch on the hillside. ( Early Nevada)
0269    Raymond A. "Pete" West built this water wheel in 1936 in the Muddy River Near Logandale, Nevada.
0270    Water wheel on the Muddy River - - built in 1936 by Raymond "Pete" West. It irrigates the fields below.
0271    Water wheel in the Muddy River near Logandale, Nevada. ( Built in 1936)
0272    Water wheel used to irrigate fields near Logandale, Nevada.
0273    Sawmill steam engine built by George Lee Edwards and Lyman Lafayette Woods in the 1890's. It was moved to Panaca, Nevada. (Photo:1973)
0274    August 1901 - - Nevada team or camp, not identified.
0275    Men driving horsedrawn wagons in early Nevada.


Railroad Survey Camps

0276    Survey party - - Caliente - Las Vegas - - 1903. Second from left, Rass Ronnow.
0277    Railroad survey camp between Caliente and Las Vegas. (c. 1903-04)
0278    Railroad builders - - SP, La & S1 Camp - - southern Nevada. (c. 1903)
0279    Railroad survey camp between Caliente and Las Vegas. (c. 1903-04)
0280    Laying the track for Sp, SL & LA line - - southern Nevada. (c. 1903-04)
0281    Railroad surveyors break camp - - SP, Sl and LA line in southern Nevada. (c.1903 -04)
0282    "Survey party "fold their tents", southern Nevada railroad line. (c. 1903- 04)
0283    Railroad builders' camp - - SP, LA & SL line in southern Nevada between Caliente and Las Vegas - - c. 1903-04
0284    Railroad builders' camp/ SP, LA & SL line. (c.1903- 04) Southern Nevada between Caliente and Las Vegas.
0285    Part of survey party for railroad line between Caliente and Las Vegas. (c. 1903-04)
0286    Survey camp - - SP, LA, & SL Railroad - - southern Nevada. (c. 1903-04)
0287    SP,LA & SL line- - grading camp. Meadow Valley Wash- - c. 104-05.
0288    Indian children by tent- - [Southern Nevada?]
0289    Indian child.
0290    Horses pulling wagons filled with supplies for the advance parties of SP LA & SL line builders. ( Southern Nevada, c. 1903-04)
0291    Railroad survey camp on SP LA & SL line - southern Nevada between Caliente and Las Vegas - - c. 1903-04
0292    Railroad survey camp - between Caliente and as Vegas. (c.1903-04)
0293    Railroad survey camp - - SP LA & SL line in southern Nevada. (c. 1903-04)

Nevada (Miscellaneous)

0294    Yellow Jacket Mine - - Gold Hill, Nevada. (Credit: Nev. Hist. Society)
0295    Virginia City, Nevada. (Credit: Nev. Hist. Society)
0296    Bullionville. Loading tailings, Feb 1912. (Lincoln County - - A.V. Lee Contractor.
0297    Loading tailings, Bullionville (c.1910). A.V. Lee, Contractor, Lincoln County.
0298    Candelaria Depot, 1898. Fred Barnes, conductor; Frank Regan, brakeman; Abe Church, Engineer; Johnnie McGillis, fireman; Chas. Meadows, mail clerk.
0299    After the Gold Spike was driven and engines came together at Promontory Summit.
0300    Horsedrawn wagons, somewhere in Nevada. (n.d. - - early 1900s?)
0301    Eureka, Nevada - - mining site.
0302    Bullionville - - Lincoln County. Across valley - - n.w. from Panaca. (Courtesy L.V. Review Journal.)


Nevada - - Miscellaneous (cont.)

0303    Bullionville Mill, Dec. 30, 1911. (Copy from Atwood Lee picture)
0304    Ruby Hill Mine, Eureka, Nevada.
0305    Ruby Hill Mine, Eureka, Nevada.
0306    Old Fire Station, Eureka, Nevada.
0307    Head works, Quartette Mine, Searchlight, Nevada.
0308    Stamp Mill, Searchlight, Nevada.
0309    North Belle Isle, Tuscarora, Nevada. (c.1890) Credit: Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko.
0310    Grand Prize Mill at Tuscarora, Nevada. 1891. (Credit: Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko.)
0311    Open pit mine - - Ruth, Nevada. (1934)
0312    (NEGATIVE ONLY) Potosi Mine railroad looking across Pahrump Valley - - 1956)
0313    Original Searchlight Mine. (NEGATIVE ONLY)
0314    (NEGATIVE ONLY) Seachlight, Nevada. [c. late 1800's - early 1900s]

Nevada Governors

0315    James Warren Nye, Governor Nevada Territory, 1861 - 1864. (Nye, a New Yorker was appointed by President Lincoln in 1861.)
0316    Henry Goode Blasdel, First elected Governor of Nevada/ (1861- 70)
0317    Lewis Rice Bradley, Nevada Governor, 1871- 1878.
0318    John Henry Kinkead, Nevada Governor, 1879- 1882.
0319    Jewett William Adams, Nevada Governor 1883- 1886.
0320    Charles Clark Stevenson, Nevada Governor, 1887 - 1890.
0321    Roswel Keyes Colcord, Nevada Governor, 1891 - 1894.
0322    John Edward Jones, Nevada Governor, 1895 - April 10, 1896
0323    Reinhold Sadler, Nevada Governor, 1896 - 1898 (Acting) and 1899-
1902    (Elected)
0324    John Sparks, Nevada Governor, 1903 - 1908 (Died in office.)
0325    Denver S. Dickerson, Nevada Governor (Acting), 1908- 1910.
0326    Tasker Lowndes Oddie, Nevada Governor, 1911 - 1914.
0326a    Emmett Derby Boyle, Nevada Governor, 1915 - 1922. (First native Nevada Governor.
0327    James Graves Scrugham, Nevada Governor, 1923 - 1926.
0328    Fredrick Bennett Balzar, Nevada Governor, 1927- 1934 (Died in office)
0329    Morley Isaac Griswold, Nevada Governor, (Acting), March 21, 1934-December 31, 1934.


Nevada Governors (cont.)

0330    Richard Kirman, Nevada Governor, 1935 - 1938.
0331    Edward ("Ted") Peter Carville, Nevada Governor, 1939 - July 24, 1945.
0332    Charles Hinton Russell, Nevada Governor, 1951- 1958.
0333    Nevada Governors: L-R: Charles Russell (seated), Mike 0'Callaghan, Paul Laxalt and Grant Sawyer. (1973) (Note on back of photo: "I received appointments from each to Retirement Board - - and from Laxalt, O' Callaghan & List (not shown) to the State Historical Society Board of Trustees" - - Elbert Edwards.)
0334    L-R: Don Perry, Nevada Retired Teachers Association; Elbert Edwards, Chairman of the Public Employees Retirement Board; Nellie Laird and Orvis Reil, American Association of Retired Persons and National Retired teachers Association, were in attendance when Assembly Bill 443 was signed into law by Gov. Mike O' Callaghan. ( April 24, 1975)
0335    Nevada Governor's Mansion, Carson City, Nevada. Built in 1908 - 09 at a cost Of $22, 700. It later underwent renovation, financed largely by private
0336    Mill in Eldorado Canyon, Nevada.
0337    Mill of Southwestern Mining & Milling Company, Eldorado Canyon, Nevada.
0338    Wagon hauling freight in Eldorado Canyon.
0339    Mill and river in Eldorado Canyon.
0340    The riverboat "Gilla" in Eldorado Canyon, with barge of coal for the mines and Mills. (c. 1890)
0341    Steamer "Gilla" and barge above rail bridge at Yuma about 1880. (Retouched Photo from Breeden Collection)
0342    The "Searchlight" - - the last of the river steamers to ply the waters of the Colorado River. (1903- 1909)
0343    Steamer "Colorado" at Colorado Navigation dry dock at the head waters of the Gulf of California, Fort Isabel.
0344    "Cochan" - - a Colorado River steamboat.
0345    Colorado River steam boat "Isabel" discharging freight. (n.d.)
0346    SP steamer landing at Yuma, Arizona. In the background are the Colorado River Jaeger Ferry, and Fort Yuman. (c. 1880)
0347    Yuma City, Arizona from Fort Yuma. (Photo by C.R. Savage)
0348    Bridge across the Colorado River at Yuma, showing part of the draw span. Photo Taken from Arizona side of the river in October 1877.


Steamboats - Colorado River (cont.)

0349    Bridge across the Colorado River at Yuma. (Photo taken by Watkins from California side of the river from the top of School Hill.) The train on the draw bridge was stopped at the Yuma station, a typical wooden building with a
Restaurant at the front. (n.d.) (See reverse for more details.)
0350    Bonelli Ferry - - March 18, 1890.
0351    The ferry at the Searchlight crossing about 1930. This site is now covered by Lake Mojave. (Probably used a tram for ore.)
0352    Across the river to site of Hardyville, probably 1922. (LaRue photo - - USGS)
0353    The steamer "Searchlight" operated from 1903 to 1909. Ore from the Quartette Mine in Searchlight, Nevada was hauled down the river by this steamer to the Needles smelter, or the one farther down at Aubrey Landing.
0354    "Searchlight" (steamer) on the Colorado River. (c.1903-09)
0355    U.S. Explorer - - steamboat on the Colorado River. [At Chimney Peak]
0356    On the Colorado River.
0357    Isaac Polhamus.
0358    John Alexander Mellon, famous Colorado River boat pilot, 1870 - 1890.
0359    Mrs. Bonelli and daughter at Rioville.
0359a    Bonelli Ranch house - - at Bonelli's Landing, Nevada.
0360    Ruins of stamp mill of the Southwest Mining Company overlooking the Colorado River at Eldorado Canyon.
0361    Steam tractor at Eldorado Canyon, Nevada. (Colorado River in background)
0362    Steam tractor used to move gold ore to the mile which was located near the Colorado River. (There was once a large gold mining settlement on the Colorado River near the mouth of Eldorado Canyon.)
0363    Old steam tractor in Eldorado Canyon, Nevada.
0364    Ruins of an old wagon in Eldorado Canyon, Nevada.

BMI and Hoover Dam

0365    Basic Magnesium Inc., Henderson, NV. Shows workers and silver bus bars, Connections to chlorine cells.
0366    Senator Pat McCarran checks over 141 tons of silver bullion borrowed from the U.S. Treasury for use as bus bars at BMI Plant at Henderson.
0367    Black Canyon.
0368    Senator Pat McCarran at Hoover Dam. ( Bur. of Reclamation photo)
0369    [Inside one of the tunnels at Hoover Dam.]
0370    Hoover Dam.


St. Thomas, Nevada

0371    Elbert Edwards picking figs from an orchard in St. Thomas, Nevada as the rising Waters of Lake Mead cover the town. (ca. 1938-39)
0372    Elbert Edwards at the ruins of Fort Callville as the waters of Lake Mead rise to Cover them. (ca. 1938-39)
0373    St. Thomas Post Office. (ca. 1930s)
0374    A party of salvagers are almost too late in dismantling the last of the St. Thomas Residences. (c.1942) (Photo by E. Edwards)
0375    What was once the main thoroughfare and entrance to the prosperous little Mormon town of St. Thomas now shows only the tops of the tamerix trees which Lined its irrigation ditches. (Photo by Elbert Edwards)
0376    The last of a once modern high school building (St Thomas) about to disappear forever.
0377    Even the Union Pacific Railway hurriedly sends a wrecking crew into the area to reclaim several miles of branch line that would otherwise wind up along the Lake bottom.
0378    Ruins of the town of St. Thomas as waters of Lake Mead rise.
0379    Ruins of a building in the town of St. Thomas as waters rise - - salvage party to left in boat.
0380    Ruins of Fort Callville.
0381    At Fort Callville ruins. [Elbert Edwards in boat?]
0382    Fort Callville ruins.

Kyle (Taylor) Ranch

0383    John S. Park home at Taylor ( Kyle) Ranch - - 1964
0384    Building at the old Kyle Ranch. (1964)
0385    Taylor (Kyle) Ranch - - 1964
0386    Cemetery at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - - Boulderado - - 1964
0387    Grave and marker at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - - 1964
0388    Craig home at Taylor (Kyle) Ranch - - 1964
0389    Entrance lane to Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - -1964
0390    A shed at the Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - - 1964
0391    Allen home at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - -1964
0392    Water storage pond at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - - 1964
0393    Scene at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch - -1964
0394    John S. Park home (White House) at Kyle (Taylor) Ranch, (n.d.)
0395    John S. Park home at Kyle Ranch, n.d.


Hoover Dam Decennial

0396    Dedication of the Hoover Dam exhibit building as part of the Hoover Dam Decennial of power production celebrations. (10-25-46)
0397    Dedication of the Hoover Dam exhibit building. (10- 25- 46)
0398    Part of the ceremonies during Hoover Dam Decennial of power production. (10-25-46)
0399    Dedication of Hoover Dam exhibit building (10-25-46)
0400    Dedication of Hoover Dam exhibit building (10-25-46)
0401    Dedication ceremony for Hoover Dam exhibit building. Charles "Pop" Squires, at right. (10-25-46)
0402    Commemorative plaque for Decennial celebration of Hoover Dam power production (10-25-46)
0403    American Legion Post 31 at ceremonies celebrating Hoover Dam Decennial.(10-25-46)
0404    Boulder City Area Council of Boy Scouts at dedication of the Hoover Dam exhibit building - - part of the Decennial celebration for Hoover Dam power production. (10-25-46)
0404a    Rotary Club luncheon on the Arizona side of the Dam - - part of the Decennial Celebration for Hoover Dam power production.(10-25-46)
0405    Rotary Club lunchon at Hoover Dam during Decennial celebration. (10-25-46)(See photo 0214 0404)

Boulder City and BCHS

0406    Aerial of Boulder City, NV. (c. 1950-51)
0407    Aerial of Boulder City, Nevada. (c.1952)
0408    Boulder City students, 1932.
0409    [Boulder City High School faculty member?] c. 1942-43.
0410    Architect's drawing of Boulder City Junior Senior High School. Architects were George B. Kaufmann and J.E. Stanton. (Kaufmann produced the architectural design for Hoover Dam.
0411    Aerial view of the Boulder City High School under construction (foreground), 1949.
0412    Boulder City High School under construction, 1949.
0413    Boulder City High School under construction, c. 1949-50. (Photo by William Belknap, Jr.)
0414    Boulder City High School administrative offices under construction, c. 1949-50.
0415    Beginning of Boulder City High School, 1949.
0416    Boulder City High School, c. 1951(Photo by W. Belknap, Jr.)
0417    Boulder City High School, c. 1951.
0418    Boulder City High School, ca. 1951
0419    Boulder City High School gymnasium under construction, ca. 1952
0420    Aerial of Boulder City High School, ca. 1951 -52


Boulder City High School (cont.)

0421    Aerial of Boulder City High School, ca. 1952.
0422    Shop classroom - - Boulder City High School. (1952)
0423    Boulder City Junior and Senior High School site plan.
0424    Aerial view of Boulder City High School, 1952
0425    Rotary Club feted by Boulder City High School Home Ec. Department, ca. 1950's. (See i.d.s for some people on back.)
0426    Boulder City High School team - - Nevada State AA and Tri -State Champions 1955.
0427    [Boulder City High School track star?] c. 1950s.

Las Vegas Gilcrease Ranch

0428    Elda Gilcrease with he sons Ted (left) and Bill at the Gilcrease Ranch. The collie Dog "E-Z" was brought with the family from Reno. (c. 1925)
0429    Gilcrease Ranch, c. 1926. Leonard Gilcrease with his sons Ted and Bill (right) And bobcat that he shot. Farm in background with house and part of weeping Willow tree showing top of picture.
0430    L-R: Ted and Bill Gilcrease at the Ranch, mid 1920's.
0431    Gilcrease Ranch - - mid 1920's. Cutting sudan grass for hay with horse-drawn mower. Horses ere named "Peg" and "June".
0432    Gilcrease Ranch, 1922 or 1923. Turkey hens with baby turkeys. In background the one- room house in which the family lived after fire destroyed their home. note Ford truck to back left.
0433    Ted Gilcrease's pet baby jackrabbit in toy car with Gilcrease house in back- Ground. C. 1923
0434    L-R: Bill and Ted Gilcrease splashing around in the swimming hole at the Gilcrease Ranch, c. 1926.
0435    The big chicken house with the laying hens and their guardian, Kelvik, the Norwegian elkhound.
0436    Ted (left) and Bill Gilcrease with toy town made of clay; weeping willow tree In background.
0437    Ted (left) and Bill Gilcrease with stationary hay baler and baled alfalfa hay at Gilcrease Ranch, c. 1930.
0438    Admiring a fine stand of milo maize at the Gilcrease Ranch in 1943. L-R: Ted; Elda; John Ullom, the photographer's son; Gene wad, former sheriff; Bill Gilcrease.
0439    Turkeys ready for market at the Gilcrease Ranch, 1943.
0440    Gilcrease house at Christmas, c. 1952(?). L-R: Bill (William Orr), Elda, and Ted (John Theodore) Gilcrease.


Las Vegas- - Gilcrease Ranch (cont.)

0441    Close friends Iona, (Mrs. J.T.) McWilliams and Elda (Mrs. Leonard) Gilcrease, c. 1956.
0442    Mrs. J.T. McWilliams seated in the desert with live cockatiel "Henry" perched on Her hat.
0443    Elda Gilcrease in her yard with dog Susie, c. 1963. Date palm in background.

Las Vegas Fort

0444    Wall of the adobe fort at Stewart Ranch, mile northwest of present city limits of Las Vegas. (n.d.)
0445    Constructing gravel testing laboratory at old Las Vegas Fort. September 19, 1929 (O.G. Patch photo)
0446    Constructing gravel testing laboratory at old Las Vegas Fort.-- September 19, 1929.
0447    Completed gravel testing laboratory at old Las Vegas Fort, October, 1929. (O.G. Patch photo)
0448    Interior of gravel testing laboratory at old Las Vegas Fort, October 1929. (O.G. Patch photo)
0449    Old Las Vegas Fort (now a gravel testing laboratory) - Nov. 9, 1929. ( O.G. Patch photo)
0450    Snow scene at gravel testing laboratory (old Stewart Ranch), Jan 10, 1930. (O.G. Patch photo)
0451    Old Las Vegas Fort, c. 1931.
0452    View of old Las Vegas Fort - -c. 1931.
0453    Old Las Vegas Fort - - c. 1931.
0454    Old Las Vegas Fort - - c. 1931.

Las Vegas - - Miscellaneous

0455    Ed W. Clark Forwarding Company, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0456    Interior of a back [Las Vegas, Nevada], n.d. (Photo by Ullom)
0457    North Ninth Street School, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1943- 1957)
0458    Las Vegas Convention Center (1966)
0459    Las Vegas Convention Center (1966)
0460    William E. Ferron Elementary School, Las Vegas, NV. (n.d.)
0461    Aerial view of Las Vegas Nevada. (c. 1940s- 1950s).
0462    Aerial view of Las Vegas, Nevada, n.d. (Looking east)
0463    Convention Center rotunda (interior), Las Vegas, NV. (1966)
0464    Las Vegas Convention Center display area. (1966)


Las Vegas - - Miscellaneous

0465    Mint Hotel, Las Vega, NV. (1966)
0466    International Hotel under construction - - Las Vegas, Nevada. (1968)
0467    Convention display at Las Vegas Convention Center (1966)
0468    Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. [c.1960s]
0469    Nevada State Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1966)
0470    F- 4C airplane on flight line at Nellis Air Force Base.
0471    Picturesque Sunrise Mountain dominates the virgin Las Vegas Valley from the East.
0472    U.S.S. Nevada.
0473    Sailboat on Lake Mead - - Lake Mead Marina in background.
0474    Basic Magnesium Industries, Henderson, Nevada. (Late 1940s or early 1950's)
0475    Las Vegas Post Office, Convention Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV.
0476    Elbert Edwards Elementary School, Las Vegas Nevada. (n.d.)
0477    Elbert Edwards Elementary School, Las Vegas Nevada. (n.d.)
0478    Groundbreaking ceremony for Southern Nevada Water Project (9-7-68), near Saddle Island on Lake Mead. L-R: Asst. Commissioner of Reclamation N.B. Bennett, Jr., Master of Ceremonies; U.S. Senator Alan Bible; Regional Director A. B. West of the Bureau of Reclamation's Region 3.
0479    U.S. Senator Alan Bible presents American flag to member of Nellis AFB color Guard at Southern Nevada Water Project groundbreaking. September 7, 1968, near Saddle Island on Lake Mead.
0480    The groundbreaking ceremony for the first stage of the $81 million Southern Nevada Water Project September 7, 1968 was opened by Regional Director A.B. West of the Bureau of Reclamation's Region 3. U.S. Senator Alan Bible, far left, delivered the principal address and set off the explosion at the inlet portal of River Mountains Tunnel. Second from left is Asst. Commissioner of Reclamation N.B. Bennett, Jr., who emceed the program.
0481    Groundbreaking ceremony for Southern Nevada Water Project Sept. 7, 1968. Shown is the dynamite blast at the inlet portal of River Mountains Tunnel, which officially launched construction of the first stage of the $81 million Project. The blast was detonated by U.S. Senator Alan Bible from the speakers' stand 1.7 miles away, where the groundbreaking ceremony was held.
0482    U.S. Senator Alan Bible delivers principal address at groundbreaking for southern Nevada Water Project September 7, 1968, near Saddle Island on Lake Mead. At left is Asst. Commissioner of Reclamation N.B.Bennett, Jr., who was master of Ceremonies for the event.
0483    Las Vegas Valley Water Project (aerial view)
0484    Las Vegas Valley Water Project
0485    Garden Farms in Las Vegas, NV. (1964)



0486    Hampton S. Beatie, clerk for the DeMont Party, opened the first trading post in Nevada at present-day Genoa in 1850.
0487    George Wingfield, c. 1906. [A millionaire, he opened banks, hotels, and mines in Nevada and was connected with Goldfield, Nevada.]
0488    Statue of John C. Fremont.
0489    Henry Bigler, a Mormon missionary and member of the Mormon Battalion who was present and recorded the date of the discovery of gold in California, at Sutter's Mill.
0490    Edward Bunker. He, along with Lemuel and Dudley Leavitt, established Bunkerville, the first farming community on the lower Virgin River. (1878)
0491    Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonneville, Army officer and explorer of the Great Basin. (1796-1878)
0492    Dr. [John D.] Campbell, Pioche, Nevada. (c. late 1800's) He came from Michigan to practice medicine in Pioche.
0493    Anne Martin, President of Nevada Equal Franchise Society, 1912-1914. (Credit: Nevada Historical Society.
0494    Daniel Bonelli, one of the early settlers of the Muddy Mission on the Muddy River in the late 1800s.
0495    William J. ("Bill") Stewart c. 1904. Son of Helen J. Stewart, an early Las Vegas Pioneer, he was a city commissioner when the charter was passed to establish the City of Las Vegas in 1911.
0496    G.W. Bean, Las Vegas missionary - -1855. He was a member of the White Mountain Mission which explored Nevada 1857 - 1858.
0497    "Uncle Dick" Wootton, mountain man. He drove 9,000 head of sheep from New Mexico to California, crossing Nevada along the Humboldt River route. (1852)
0498    Jacob Hamblin, desert explorer. (His brother was William "Gunlock Bill" Hamblin.) (c.1800) He was a Mormon missionary and peacemaker among the Indians.
0499    John G. Taylor. He built a ranching empire in Elko, Pershing, and Humboldt Counties (Nevada). (Late 1800's)
0500    William C. Ralston, founder of the Bank of the California in 1864. Ralston, Whose contact with the Comstock Lode dated back to 1860, established a branch Of his bank at Virginia City, Nevada.
0501    Anson Call established Nevada's first port on the Colorado. (1864) He named the Port Call's Landing, afterwards known as Callville.
0502    Mrs. Anson Call.
0503    Nathaniel V. Jones.
0504    Nephi Johnson and wife (Grandma) Johnson. He served as an Indian interpreter for exploratory mission. (1910) (Credit: Leon Rockwell Collection)
0505    William M. Stewart, Senator of Nevada. (c. late1800's)
0506    Governor Frank Bell of Nevada. (Sept. 1890 - December31, 1890)
0507    Governor Frank Bell. (Sept. 1, 1890 -December 31, 1890)


Pioneers (cont)

0508    Canadian mountain man Peter Skene Ogden was the first white man to explore Northern Nevada land.
0509    L-R: William S. O' Brien and James C. Flood. They were two San Francisco Stockbrokers who teamed up with two miners (James C. Fair and John W. Mackay) to break the power and influence of William Sharon and the Bank of America on the Comstock Lode.
0510    Kit Carson.
0511    Captain John Sutter.
0512    William Hamblin ("Gunlock Bill"), brother of Jacob Hamblin. He was one of the First missionaries to Las Vegas. He settled Gunlock, Utah, and was an early Settler in Clover Valley, Nevada. He discovered the Pioche Mines. (1830- 1872)
0513    James P. Beckwourth, fur trader, hunter. (1798- c. 1867)
0514    James P. Beckwourth, mountain man. (1798-c1867) Famous throughout the West, He discovered one of the easier routes across the Sierra Navadas, from the Truckee to the Yuba River.
0515    Jedediah Smith coming down from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On his second attempt, with two men, he managed to cross the Sierras but lost three horses to the steep slopes, deep snow and bitter cold. (He was the first American to enter present -day Nevada and the first white man to cross the Sierra Nevadas.
0516    Thomas S. Smith, relative of Thomas Abbot of Farmington, Utah. He was chosen by Brigham Young to supervise the colonization of the Muddy River Valley in 1864.
0517    John Fremont, seated right, and Kit Carson. The chance meeting on a river streamer brought them together to combine the talents of two great frontiersmen.
0518    Small drawings of early Nevada pioneers: Helen J. Stewart, John Ely, William Sharon, J.W. Haines, John C. Fremont, Henry T.P. Comstock, Lt. Joseph C. Ives, Numaga, "Kit" Carson, Phillip Deidesheimer, Peter Skene Ogden, "Gunlock Bill" Hamblin, Thocmetony Winnemucca, Fr. Patrick Manogue, and Jane Vale Johnson Lee.
0519    (NEG. ONLY) Thomas "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick. He was a scout and guide for Fremont through Nevada lands in 1843-44.
0520    (NEG ONLY) William Bringhurst, president of the Las Vegas Mormon mission. (c.1850's)
0521    Miscellaneous negatives of various early Nevada pioneers, settlement parties, etc. Most are not identified; those which are include James Clyman, James Fair, and John Mackay.



0522    Petroglyphs bordering on ancient Lake Winnemucca. These unusual Lahontan Petroglyphs were incised designs, etched deeply into the rock probably with Stone chisels.
0523    Petroglyphs at mouth of Meadow Valley Wah - - feature men on horseback and In wheeled vehicle - - probably early travelers along old Spanish trail.
0524    Petroglyphs at mouth of Meadow Valley Wash [Is this the pope -slover wagon Of 1837-38, the first wagon to pass over the Old Spanish Trail?]
0525    Petroglyphs.
0526    View of petroglyphs.
0527    Petroglyphs.
0528    View of petroglyphs.
0529    Petroglyphs.
0530    Several photos of petroglyphs.
0531    Petroglyphs features crosses.
0532    Shows vandalism of petroglyphs - - rocks tumbled down.
0533    Petroglyphs on old Eldorado Road, 11 miles from Boulder City. Features man on Horseback- - presumably Spanish - - most of area vandalized.
0534    Cleft in rock - - Three Corners area. (1975)
0535    Petroglyphs at Three Corners (1975).
0536    Petroglyphs at Three Corners (1975).
0537    Petroglyphs at Three Corners (1975).
0538    Petroglyphs at Three Corners (1975).
0539    Petroglyphs at Three Corners (1975).

Indians and Indian Exhibit

0540    Chief Winnemucca in uniform. (Please credit: Nevada State Museum)
0541    Po-i-to, or old Winnemucca. (Chief Winnemucca in headdress.)
0542    The Winnemucca Family. L-R: Sarah Winnemucca, Chief Winnemucca,Natchez, Captain Jim, and an unidentified boy. (Credit: Nevada State Museum.)
0543    Sarah Winnemucca, full length view. (Credit: Nevada State Museum)
0544    Chief Winnemucca.
0545    Nevada Indian chiefs.
0546    Paiute Indian woman weaving a basket - - Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
0547    Chief Big Tree.
0548    Nevada twins (Indian babies).
0549    Dat So La Lee, n.d. (Credit: Nevada State Museum)
0550    Piece of Indian pottery [by Dat-So-La-Lee]. Design is "Hunting game of air in the sunshine".
0551    Five color snapshots of Indians gathering pinenuts. (1968)


Indian Exhibit

0552    "Lost City" diorama exhibited at the Nevada State Museum. These people (Anasazi) settled in southern Nevada around 500 B.C. They were an agricultural Society who also mined salt and traded with California Indians. They abandoned This site without a trace in 1150 A.D. (Credit: Nev. State Museum.)
0553    "Antelope Hunt" diorama exhibited at the Nevada State Museum. Paiutes hunted the prong - horned antelope in early Fall. Teams of Paiutes herded the Antelope (or deer) to the sagebrush and rock fence which guided the animals to the ambush area. The shaman (medicine man) stands by the petroglyph (symbol on rock) which he has carved to bring luck to the hunters.
0554    "Evolution of Tools" display located at the Nevada State Museum. (Credit: Nev. State Museum.)
0555    "Pinenut Harvest" diorama exhibited at the Nevada State Museum. After the first frost in early Fall, Washo, Shoshone, and Paiute Indians gathered in small family groups to harvest pinenuts, one of their staple foods. The nuts were Roasted and then stored for use during the winter. (Credit: Nev. State Museum.)
0556    A view of the Great Basin camp scene life -size diorama located at the Nevada state Museum. The hunter has just returned from a successful hunt in this scene representing Indian life about two hundred years ago.
0557    Another view of Great Basin diorama - - young women is feeding her baby daughter. Her mother is cracking pine nuts and putting them on a winnowing tray. (See information on back) Credit: Nev. State Museum.
0558    View of Great Basin camp scene life-size diorama at the Nevada State Museum. the grandfather is showing the small boy the way to attach an arrow point and how to string a bow. (Credit: Nev. State Museum.)
0559    A view of the Great Basin camp scene lie -size diorama at the Nevada State Museum. Depicts a Great Basin Indian camp about two hundred years old.
0560    Life-size diorama of a Great Basin Indian camp. Exhibit was located at the Nevada State Museum. (Credit: Nev. St. Museum)
0561    A view of the life-size diorama of a Great Basin Indian camp about two hundred Years ago. The grandfather is showing the small boy the way to attach an arrow point and how to string a bow. (Credit: Nevada State Museum).
0562    A view of the Great Basin Indian camp scene life-size diorama located at the Nevada State Museum. The wife is feeding her baby daughter - - her sister is building a fire in the foreground. (Credit: Nevada State Museum)
0563    This life-size figure is part of the Great Basin Indian camp scene in a diorama Located at he Nevada State Museum. This is a hunter who has just returned from a successful hunt. (Credit Nev. State Museum).
0564    Burro (desert canary) on exhibit at Nevada State Museum, Carson City, Nevada. (Credit: Nev. State Museum; date of photo: 1/31/68)



0565    Nate Mack, Nevada educator.
0566    John S. Park - - first cashier at First State Bank, Las Vegas, Nevada.
0567    Leo A. McNamee.
0568    Jim Shaver.
0569    Jim Shaver.
0570    Ralph Olinghouse (1971) - - last living county official to have had office in old Lincoln County Court House.
0571    Leon Rockwell at Indian Hogan on Colorado River. (Credit L.Rockwell Collection)
0572    K.O. Knudson.
0573    J.E. Church (New Year, 1956) - - pen and ink portrait.
0574    John Miller (Nov.26, 1963)
0575    James H. Down, Sr.
0576    Erma Rice.
0577    Mary Eaton (Mrs. Bruce Easton).
0578    Howard Cannon on a motorcycle in St. George, Utah (1931). He later was U.S. Senator from Nevada.
0579    Mr. and Mrs. James Ryan, ranchers of Meadow Valley Wash (down the wash from Caliente, Nevada.
0580    Jim Cashman.
0581    Joseph Ira Earl.
0582    Former Nevada Senator Key Pittman (held office from 1922-1940, when he Died) His brother Vail Pittman was once Governor of Nevada.
0583    Helen J. Stewart (1925); she was 71 years old in this photo.
0584    Mr. J.T. McWilliams in the back yard of his home in Westside Las Vegas. (Sept. 30, 1934)
0585    (NEG ONLY) Indian grain bin on the Colorado River - - 1907. (Print: photo # 0008 0101)
0586    (NEG ONLY) Old schoolhouse on So. 2nd Street - - burned in 1910. (Print: Photo #0002 0022)
0587    [Rex Bell?], Mr. J.T. McWilliams, [Clara Bow Bell?]. (1930s)
0588    Groundbreaking ceremonies for Boulder City High School, March 4, 1949. Elbert Edwards is second from left.
0589    Elbert Edwards. (Photo by William Belknap)
0590    (NEG ONLY) Portrait of Mrs. John Manis. (May 1942)
0591    L-R: Rosslyn Barnum, Ferris George, Luis Santa Cruz, Wesley Barnum, Earl Nay, Tom Stewart. (c.1920s - 1930s)
0592    Harold Clark, nephew of Ed Clark, presents a picture of Ed at the dedication of Clark High School. (Official Clark County School Dist. Photo)
0593    Clark County School District function - - C.W. Woodbury seated at left.
0594    Murl Emery with his ball mill in Eldorado Canyon. (1978)


People (cont)

0595    Murl Emery's stamp mill in Eldorado Canyon (1978). Gold was milled there a Century ago. (Murl Emery, at left; Vincent Keele at right.)
0596    Murl Emery, at his stamp mill in Eldorado Canyon (1978). The mill was used to Mill gold about a century ago. (Man at right is not identified.)
0597    At Las Vegas birthday celebration at the old Las Vegas Fort. L-R: Virginia "Teddie" Fenton, Maurine Wilson, Hal Erickson, Anna Dean Kepper.
0598    Las Vegas birthday celebration - - 1975 - - at old Las Vegas Fort. L-R: Virginia "Teddie" Fenton, Maurine Wilson, Hal Erickson, Anna Dean Kepper.
0599    Walter Bracken (1870 - 1950) - - photo c. 1910.
0600    In the Fall of 1924 representatives of the Chambers of Commerce of Panaca, Pioche, and Caliente met with Governor James G. Scrugham to request the Establishment of a state park at Cathedral Gorge. L-R: Elbert Edwards, Nephi Edwards, E.C.D. Marriage, Willard Smith, William H. Edwards, A.L. Scott, Herman Frudenthal, Governor Scrugham, Earl Grotto, Arthur V. Lee, George L. Edwards, Col. Thomas Miller, and Ernest T. Gentry. (Photo by Dr. Mark R. Harrington) Boulder Dam
0601    Boulder Dam; shows transmission lines.
0602    Boulder Dam; downstream face.
0603    Boulder Dam with outlet works open.
0604    Boulder Dam, downstream face.
0605    Boulder Dam.
0606    Boulder Dam - - upstream face from Arizona side.
0607    Aerial view of Boulder Dam.
0608    Boulder Dam (night view)
0609    Boulder Dam.
0610    Boulder Dam - - upstream face, taken from Arizona side.
0611    Boulder Dam - - upstream face taken from Arizona side.

Moapa Valley - - Muddy River

0612    Remains of early canals of the 1860's built by members of the Muddy - Cotton Mission. (Photo c. 1948) Elbert Edwards at left.
0613    Elbert Edwards, left. Signs of erosion in Moapa Valley. (c. 1948)
0614    Remains of early canals of the 180's built by members of the Muddy - Cotton Mission. (Photo c. 1848) (Mission: 1865-1870)
0615    Water of the Muddy River - - diverted for irrigation. (c.1948) Elbert Edwards at Left.)
0616    Water of the Muddy River, diverted for irrigation. (1948) Elbert Edwards at left.


Moapa Valley - - Muddy River (cont.)

0617    Studying the erosion in Moapa Valley 91948). Elbert Edwards, left.
0618    The Muddy River - - Moapa Valley - - c. 1948.
0619    Remains of irrigation project in Moapa Valley. (1948)

Powell Commemorative Ceremony

0620    Page High School Choir providing entertainment during the Powell Commemorative Ceremony. Director is Kent Holder. (6-19-69)
0621    Commissioner of Reclamation Floyd E. Dominy addresses the audience at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony upstream from Glen Canyon Dam. (6-19-69)
0622    Chairman Raymond Nakai of the Navajo Council addresses the Powell commemorative Ceremony at Lake Powell. (6-19-69)
0623    At left, Raymond Nakai of the Navajo tribe addresses the crowd at the Powell commemorative Ceremony. At right is Bill Diamond, a professional river runner who portrayed Major John Wesley Powell in one of the exhibits. (6-19-69)
0624    Gov. Jack Williams of Arizona - - at Powell Commemorative Ceremony, Lake Powell. (6-19-69)
0625    Gov. Calvin L. Rampton of Utah addresses the audience at the Powell commemorative Ceremony (Lake Powell) - - 6/19/69. Sitting at left are Gov. Jack Williams of Arizona and Asst. Secretary of the Interior James R. Smith.
0626    Harthon "Spud" Bill, Deputy Director, National Park Service, addresses the audience at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony on the shore of Lake Powell.
0627    David E. Miller, Prof. of History at the University of Utah, acts as Master of ceremony on the shore of Lake Powell. (6-19-69)
0628    A distant view of the speakers' stand, exhibit area, the assembled crowd, as well as Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. (6-19-69) (Powell Commemorative Ceremony)
0629    James R. Smith, Asst. Secretary of the Interior, provides the principal address at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony upstream from Glen Canyon Dam. (6-19-69) At right is Commissioner of Reclamation Floyd E. Dominy and Governor of Utah Calvin L.Rampton.
0630    Four diginitaries unveil the plaque dedicated to the memory of John Wesley Powell during a ceremony on Lakeshore Drive (just upstream from Glen Canyon Dam.) L-R: Gov. Jack Williams of Arizona, Chairman Raymond Nakai of the Navajo Tribe, Asst. Secretary of the Interior James R. Smith, and Governor of Utah Calvin L. Rampton.
0631    Bill Diamond, professional river runner, portrays Major John Wesley Powell in An exhibit at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony on the shore of Lake Powell. (6-19-69)


Powell Commemorative Ceremony (Cont)

0632    Floyd E. Dominy (Commissioner of Reclamation), left, and Asst. Secretary of the Interior James R. Smith chat with Bill Diamond, a professional run runner who portrayed Major John Wesley Powell in the Powell Commemorative ceremony. (6-19-69)
0633    Art Greene (right) presents a Navajo rug that was used to cover the Powell plaque to Asst. Secretary of the Interior James R. Smith (6-19-69)
0634    Plaque dedicated to the memory of Major John Wesley Powell has just been unveiled. L-R: Governor Jack Williams of Arizona; Chairman Raymond Nakai of the Navajo Tribal Council; James R. Smith, Asst. Secretary of the Interior; and Gov. Calvin L. Rampton of Utah. (6-19-69)
0635    The new Bureau of Reclamation cruiser is shown on Lake Powell carrying dignitaries to one of the scenic attractions around the lake. (6-19-69) The Occasion was Powell Commemorative Ceremony. ) Gunsite Butte at right.
0636    Enjoying the sunshine under Rainbow Bridge are (standing, left to right): Raymond Nakai, Chairman, Navajo Tribal Council; Harold Mott, Navajo Tribal Attorney; Graham Holmes, Area Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs; and Mr. Watson. Seated are Harthon L. Bill, Deputy Director of National Park Services; and David L. Crandall, Regional Director of Bureau of Reclamation. (6-19-69)
0637    A group of visitors under Rainbow Bridge: (standing L-R): Harold Mott, Raymond Nakai, Graham Holmes, Frank Kowski (Regional Director of National Park Services), John Cook (of NPS). Kneeling are Harthon "Spud" Bill and David L. Crandall. (6-19-69)
0638    Part of the Greene Family which has the National Park Services concession at Wahweap Recreation Area. L-R: Mrs. Bill Greene, Mrs. Art Greene, Art Greene, And Bill Greene. (6-19-69)
0639    Chairman Raymond Nakai of the Navajo Tribe views Rainbow Bridge, looking North. (6-19-69)
0640    A number of officials and staff members of the National Park Services, Bureau of Reclamation, Navajo Tribe, and other agencies listen to speakers at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony on the shore of Lake Powell. (6-19-69) At far right is Is naturalist Bill Taylor of Arches - Canyonlands complex.
0641    Bill Diamond, professional river runner, portrays Major John Wesley Powell in An exhibit at the Powell Commemorative Ceremony (6-19-69). Exhibit includes boat which is representative of the type used by Powell in his expeditions.


0642    The great, including Ex-President Grant, and the no-so-great visited Virginia City and the Big Bonanza. This group at the "C&C" mine shaft mouth included, from Left, J.W. Mackay, Mrs. M.G. Gillette, U.S. Grant, Jr., S. Yamada, a Japanese Youth.



0643    Railroad survey camp (1904) - Clark Co.
0644    [Members of railroad survey crew - - 1904 - - Clark Co.]
0645    [Wagons and teams used for railroad survey- - 1904 - - Clark Co.]
0646    [Members of railroad survey crew - - 1904]
0647    [Members of railroad survey crew - - 1904]
0648    [Members of Railroad survey crew - - 1904.]
0649    Vacated
0650    Freighting out of the Las Vegas to Beatty, Rhyolite and Bullfrog. (1905 - 1906)
0651    On film set [Nevada] - - Roy Rogers, seated on log, and his wife Dale Evans standing behind him. (c.1940s - 1950s)
0652    Aerial view of Las Vegas downtown - - interchange 15 and downtown express way (US 95)
0653    Aerial view of Las Vegas freeway.
0654    Customs operation set up at Hughes West Terminal, Las Vegas, Nv., in 1968 Las Vegas was designated as an International Port of Entry in 1972. (At the time this Operation was set up Scandinavian Airlines brought delegates from 128 foreign Countries to Las Vegas for the American Mining Congress.)
0655    Temporary customs operation set up at Hughes Executive Terminal in Las Vegas In San Francisco by Scandinavian Airlines to process foreign passengers from 128 countries, here to attend the American Mining Congress. (Las Vegas was Designated an International Port of Entry in 1972)
0656    Railroad depot in Caliente, Nevada.
0657    Rock formation at Valley of Fire.
0658    McGill, Nevada - - At Kennecott's McGill reduction plant, ore from Liberty Pit Is crushed, ground, chemically treated and smelted to produce copper. Buildings At lower right form concentration section. Smelter area is top center and the town of McGill is at left.
0659    Originally the Carson City Mint (it began operations January 8, 1870), it later became the Nevada State Museum (officially opened Oct. 31, 1941). For more information, see reverse.
0660    Coin press (from Carson City Mint), on exhibit at the Nevada State Museum. (More information on reverse.)
0661    Morrill Hall - - University of Nevada, Reno
0662    Morrill Hall - - University of Nevada, Reno
0663    Fleischmann Planetarium (night view) - - University of Nevada, Reno.
0664    Fleischmann Planetarium (interior) - - University of Nevada, Reno.
0665    Fleischmann Planetarium - - University of Nevada, Reno.


Edwards Family

0666    Elbert Edwards, c. 1920s.
0667    Elbert Edwards poses by sign reading "Hidden Forest". (1920s)
0668    Elbert Edwards standing in front of mountain sheep which he hunted and shot. (1920s)
0669    (NEG. ONLY) Mary Edwards and oldest son Mahlon (as a baby) - - c. 1930s.
0670    (NEG. ONLY) Elbert Edwards and his son Mahlon (as a baby) _ _ c. 1930s.
0671    Elbert Edwards (right) and Dr. J.D. Smith at the dedication of the elementary school named for Edwards (April 20, 1977)
0672    Elbert B. Edwards (left) at the ceremony dedicating the elementary school in Las Vegas named for him. (April 20, 1977)
0673    L-R: Jim Gammett, outgoing President of the Las Vegas Rotary Club; Mary Edwards; Rob Moore, incoming president of the Rotary Club. Occasion is the presentation of a $3,000 check from the club to the Elbert Edwards Scholarship Fund at Boulder City High School. The presentation was made at a reception held at UNLV Library Special Collections Department honoring Elbert and Mary
Edwards and the deposit of Edwards' manuscripts, books, and photographs in the Special Collections Dept. archives. (July 24, 1991)
0674    UNLV Special Collections Department reception honoring Elbert and Mary Edwards and the deposit of their manuscripts, books, and photographs in the Department's archives. Las Vegas Rotary Club also presented a 3,000 check to Mrs. Edwards for the Elbert Edwards Scholarship Fund at Boulder Humphrey, Judy Edwards, Keith Edwards, Mary Edwards, Rachel Davis, Mahlon Edwards, Carole Edwards, Donna Edwards Davis, Jeffrey Edwards, Jennifer Edwards.
0675    Great -grandfather Esaias Edwards's house in Diamond Valley, 12 miles north of St. George, Utah. (Photo - - 1973)
0676    The house built by Great -grandfather Esaias Edwards in Diamond Valley, 12 miles north of St. George, Utah.
0677    Albert Woods hunting party - - Clover Valley Mts. - - Albert is second from left. [Woods family is on Elbert Edwards' mother's side]
0678    Miscellaneous photos of Woods family reunion and the old Woods home in Springerville, AZ, August 1979. Some of the people identified on back of photo.
0679    Old Butch Cassidy cabin - - so. Of Circleville, UT. (1979)
0680    Elbert Edwards' some Mahlon, Keith, Karl, and Arthur Edwards with Uncle Ed Gentry.
0681    "Senior Days"
0682    Mary and Elbert Edwards (right) in Taos.
0683    Scene in Taos.
0684    [Mayree and Naomi]; Mary Edwards at right. (September 1980)
0685    [Misc. snapshots of Historical Society trip to Searchlight?] - -1970.
0686    Boulder City School - - 1932.
0687    Elbert Edwards - - Las Vegas Day train ride - - 1980. Also misc. shots of other Members of Edwards's family taken at the same event.



0688    Misc. snapshots of Boulder city environs - - 1964.
0689    Boulder City - - 1933.
0690    (NEGS ONLY) Boulder City - - (1933 -34)
0691    Snapshots of Elbert and Mary Edwads' grandchildren - - not identified, but Include Quincy, Lindee, Mindy, Bret, Jennie. (1976)


0692    (SLIDE) Callville sinks beneath Lake Mead.
0693    (SLIDE) Las Vegas High School destroyed by fire in 1934.
0694    (SLIDE) Colorado River, head of Black Canyon, pre-dam construction.
0695    (SLIDE) Black Canyon.
0696    (SLIDE) Murl Emery
0697    (SLIDE) Pearce Ferry
0698    (SLIDE) Emery's mill - - Eldorado Canyon
0699    Fort Churchill, Nevada
0700    Unveiling of Mormon Fort monument.
0701    Unveiling of Mormon Fort monument.
0702    Arrow fore-shaft found in Queho's cave by Frank Allen
0703    Spoon and other artifacts found in Queho's cave.
0704    [Pioche, Nevada.]
0705    [Pioche, Nevada.]
0706    [Pioche, Nevada]
0707    Early Panaca band


0708    Western Chemical Company ore train
0709    Emery's mill - - Eldorado Canyon.
0710    Panaca Elementary School, north and east exposure.
0711    Lincoln County High School - - north exposure.
0712    Tecopa.
0713    Las Vegas Indians - - Brother chiefs and wives (1823)
0714    Eldorado land steamer.
0715    Panaca Elementary School and Lincoln County High School - - first graduating class of High School.



Old Spanish Trail

0716    Cave on old Spanish Trail.
0717    Over looking Cottonwood.
0718    The Mormon Road descends to Cottonwood.
0719    The water at Cottonwood.
0720    Over looking Las Vegas Valley from Cottonwood Valley - - old Spanish Trail.
0721    Stump Springs - - old Spanish Trail
0722    Le Pleu de Roche.
0723    Grinding holes.
0724    Le Roche qui pleu.
0725    At Le Roche qui pleu - - old Spanish Trail.
0726    Ancient trails of Spanish horses.
0727    On the old Spanish Trail.
0728    "Scoop" Garside and John Lytle - - markers of Old Spanish Trail.
0729    Southern route to old Mormon Road.
0730    Along the old Mormon Road.
0731    Resting Springs on old Spanish Trails.
0732    Probably a group of Mexican immigrants near Resting Springs.
0733    At the crossing of the Muddy on the old Spanish Trail.
0734    Old Spanish Trail - - crossing of Virgin.
0735    Looking up the Virgin Valley from below Bunkerville.
0736    Virgin River looking toward Bunkerville.
0737    Virgin River.
0738    Looking up the "Long Hill"; Virgin River to top of mesa.
0739    Old Spanish Trail - - at Mesquite, crossing of Virgin.
0740    The old road out of the Virgin.
0741    Virgin River Valley downstream from Bunkerville.
0742    At top of big hill on Mormon Road - - Virgin Valley.
0743    Virgin River.
0744    Top of Big Hill - - Mormon Road overlooking the Virgin
0745    Lytle points to depression of old Spanish Trail.
0746    Walkara - - Indian chief who traveled old Spanish Trail.
0747    Statue - - Spanish fathers Escalante and Dominguez - - opened eastern part of Trail - - 1776.
0748    Statue - - Jedediah Smith - - first man over central part of the Spanish Trail (1826)
0749    Statue - - Fremont and party - - traveled old Spanish Trail (1844)


** NOTE: The following are slides, housed on R24:10 - R 25:4

Early Las Vegas

0750    Hotel National - - downtown Las Vegas.
0751    Parade, Las Vegas downtown, c. 1930s.
0752    Christmas tree - - Fremont Street.
0753    Parade on Fremont Street, early 1900s.
0754    Old Las Vegas Depot.
0755    Fremont Street, looking east, c. 1910.
0756    Clipping of Las Vegas Depot - - c. 1910.
0757    Clipping of First State Bank - - 1905.
0758    Clipping of Las Vegas First hotel (tent), c. 1905.
0759    Aerial of Las Vegas, c. early 1900s.
0760    Aerial of Las Vegas, c. early 1900s.
0761    Portrait of Helen J. Stewart.
0762    White Spot Cafe, downtown Las Vegas, c. 1930s.
0763    Snow-covered streets, Las Vegas, c. 1930s.
0764    Parade - - Fremont Street, c. early 1900s.
0765    Parade - - Fremont Street, Las Vegas, early 1900s.
0766    Las Vegas Railroad depot (in the snow)
0767    Las Vegas in the snow.
0768    Neighborhood scene in Las Vegas - - snow.
0769    Fremont Street and Sal Sagev Hotel (nite)
0770    Downtown Las Vegas - - Grammar School, center back, c. 1930s.
0771    Las Vegas - - [courthouse?] - - in snow.
0772    Fremont Street covered with snow - - nite shot, c. 1930s.
0773    Railroad machine shops - - Las Vegas.
0774    Snow - laden cars on Fremont Street, c. 1930s.
0775    Las Vegas Review office - - people posed in front.
0776    Clipping: Las Vegas High School art class.
0777    Clipping: Las Vegas Wildcats - - gymnasium in background.
0778    Las Vegas Grammar School (5th Street School), 1919.
0779    Clipping: Las Vegas High School fire (1934)
0780    Las Vegas Grammar School (5th Street School), 1920s.
0781    Airdome - - open air theatre, Las Vegas, 1915.
0782    Airdome - - c. 1915.
0783    Fremont Street at night - - in the snow.
0784    Parade - downtown Las Vegas, Union Pacific Depot in background, c. 1930s.
0785    Parade - - downtown Las Vegas, c. 1930s.
0786    Parade - - downtown Las Vegas, c. 1930s.
0787    Downtown Las Vegas, c. 1930s?
0788    Las Vegas in the snow.
0789    Las Vegas - - snow scene - - c. 1930s.
0790    Early Las Vegas scene.


** NOTE: the following are slides, housed on R25:4 - R25:7

Early Las Vegas (cont)

0791    Early Las Vegas scene.
0792    [Helldorado] parade in Las Vegas.
0793    [Helldorado] parade in Las Vegas.
0794    [Helldorado] parade in Las Vegas.
0795    [Helldorado] parade - - Fremont Street - - 1930s -40.
0796    Float in parade in Las Vegas.
0797    Horses in parade in Las Vegas, 1930s-40s.
0798    Float in parade in Las Vegas, 30s -40s.
0799    Float in parade, Las Vegas, 30s-40s.
0800    Parade float, Las Vegas, 30s-40s.
0801    Parade float, Las Vegas, 30s -40s.
0802    American Legion Building, Las Vegas.
0803    Las Vegas snow scene.
0804    Boulder City High School.
0805    Boulder City High School.

Panaca, Nevada

0806    Old Panaca grist mill building (June 1970).
0807    Cut in the original Panaca Big Ditch.
0808    Evening at Panaca Spring - - June 1970.
0809    Panaca Spring - - evening view - - June 1970.
0810    Bell and belfry built by G.W. Edwards (1868)
0811    Panaca Big Ditch.
0812    Echo Dam and pond site - - Meadow Valley Creek above Dry Valley.
0813    Echo Dame site above Dry Valley (June 1970)
0814    Old Wadsworth Store (Panaca) built by James Wadsworth (1870s)
0815    Wadsworth Store (June1970)
0816    Old Panaca grist mill building; also site of sawmill.
0817    Cut in original Panaca Ditch.
0818    Panaca Mercantile (1970)
0819    Home built by G. L.Edwards - - Panaca, NV. (c. 1860)
0820    Panaca Mercantile formerly Panaca Co -op (built 1868).
0821    Historic key to Panaca Co -op
0822    Panaca Co -op key used in 1868.
0823    Meadows of Meadow Valley (July 1970)
0824    Meadow Valley - - Big Spring in the distance.


** NOTE: The following are slides, housed on R25:7 - R26:1

Miscellaneous Nevada

0825    Candelaria mill ruins.
0826    Candelaria, Nevada.
0827    Candelaria tunnel.
0828    Candelaria.
0829    Candelaria mill site.
0830    Candelaria ruins.
0831    Cemetery at Candelaria.
0832    Eagle Lake - - Tahoe.
0833    Eagle Lake trail - - Tahoe.
0834    Lovelock, NV - - black angus.
0835    Church at Dayton, NV.
0836    Spring Valley, Nevada.
0837    Mesquite Canal - - Virgin River.
0838    Mesquite diversion.
0839    Pahranagat Lake.
0840    Valley of Fire.
0841    Valley of Fire.
0842    Valley of Fire.
0843    Valley of Fire.
0844    Celestial Tower - - Cathedral Gorge.
0845    Cathedral Gorge.
0846    Cathedral Gorge
0847    Cathedral Gorge.
0848    Atmospherium - - University of Nevada, Reno.
0849    Fort Churchill.
0850    Fort Churchill.
0851    Fort Churchill.
0852    Sunrise Mountain.
0853    Huntsman Cabin, pony express mail route; Meadow Valley Wash.
0854    Old Fort Mohave - - Arizona.
0855    Arch - - charcoal ovens.
0856    Charcoal ovens.
0857    Fort Genoa - - May 1966.
0858    Fort Churchill.
0859    Carson Valley - - May 1966.
0860    Carson Valley - - May 1966.
0861    Carson River mill.
0862    Mill site - - Carson River.
0863    Gardnerville - May 1966
0864    Lahontan petroglyphs
0865    Petroglyphs - - Spanish cart.


** NOTE: The following are slides, housed on R26:1 - R26:5

Miscellaneous Nevada (cont)

0866    Petroglyphs - - Valley of Fire.
0867    Petroglyphs - 40 Mile Canyon.
0868    Lahontan petroglyphs.
0869    Grape Vine Springs petroglyphs.
0870    Petroglyphs - - Grape Vine.
0871    Virgin River.
0872    Hidden Valley
0873    Crystal Springs
0874    Water wheel on Muddy River
0875    Pastoral scene - - Pahranagat Valley, north of Alamo, Nevada.
0876    Carlin open pit gold mine.
0877    Open pit - - Weed Heights, Nevada (May 1966)
0878    Copper mine area - - Battle Mountain, NV.
0879    Humboldt River.
0880    Fallon feedyard.
0881    Delmue cattle - - Panaca, NV
0882    Mason Valley cattle.
0883    Gabbs, Nevada.
0884    Emerald Bay - - August 1966.
0885    Berlin, Nevada.
0886    Truckee River (NV)
0887    Rye Patch Dam - - Humboldt River.
0888    Washoe Lake.
0889    Earthquake fault, Churchill County, NV.
0890    Earthquake fault, east of Fallon, NV.
0891    Overlooking Virgin River at Riverside.
0892    Mesquite diversion dam - - Virgin River.
0893    North portal of Bunkerville Diversion Dam
0894    Beaver Dam Creek
0895    Carson River.
0896    Lahontan Project - - Fallon, NV
0897    Clover Valley - - August 1966
0898    Clover Valley schoolhouse - - August 1966
0899    Mount Wheeler
0900    Mount Wheeler
0901    Prehistoric Lahontan
0902    Ancient Lake Lahontan
0903    Walker River
0904    Walker Lake - - Mt. Grant


**NOTE: The following are slides, housed on R26:5 - R26:8

Miscellaneous Nevada (cont.)

0905    Virgin River - - Bunkerville Dam
0906    Overlooking the Muddy (Fremont's campsite c. 1847)
0907    The Big Hill to Mormon Mesa.
0908    Carson River
0909    Winnemucca Lake
0910    Walker Lake
0911    Walker Lake, May 1966.
0912    Walker Lake
0913    Pony Express Station - - Elko.
0914    The old stamp mill.
0915    Yerington feeders May 1966.
0916    Reno, Nevada
0917    Bowers Mansion
0918    Lake Tahoe
0919    Lake Tahoe
0920    Truckee River
0921    Truckee River (head)
0922    Truckee River - - Truckee Canyon
0923    Truckee River - - canyon below Reno
0924    Tahoe - - May '66
0925    Pelicans at Pyramid Lake
0926    Pyramid Lake
0927    Squaw and basket - - Pyramid Lake
0928    Callville ruins
0929    Hoover Dam
0930    Petroglyphs - - Boulder City Dry Fall Area.
0931    John Lytle at Emigrant (Fremont) Gap on old Spanish Trail.
0932    Statue of Spanish explorers - - 1776
0933    Statue of early trappers (inscr.: "This is the place")
0934    Eldorado Grammar School in Eldorado Canyon, Nevada. Built in 1938. (PRINT)
0935    Caliente Railroad Depot, Caliente, Nevada. (1976) (PRINT)
0936    Steam engine originally used to power a sawmill which was jointly owned by George Edwards and Lyman Woods. It was used extensively in the late 1800s but sat idle for many years before being moved to Panaca in July 1992. (from Clover Valley, Nevada). It now stands in the ballpark in Panaca. (Photo - -1973) (PRINT)



0937    Boulder City High School athletic stadium as completed in 1951.
0938    Original lighting system installed at Boulder City High School athletic field. (c.1951)
0939    Original lighting system installed at Boulder City High School athletic field. Bruce Eaton, right center, assists in placement of concrete. (Photo by Bureau of Reclamation)
0940    Group of people helping to install the lighting system at the Boulder City High school athletic field, c. 1951. Bruce Eaton, third from right. (Photo by Bureau of Reclamation)
0941    Ground - breaking for Boulder City High School, March 4, 1949. L-R: F.A. Latham, Elbert Edwards, and H.O. Watts (with shovel). (Photo by Bureau of Reclamation)
0942    Vegas Heights Elementary School, 1946. The flag was donated to the school in the name of an unidentified WWII casualty. His son Billy is standing by the flag Pole.
0943    Flag raising ceremony at Vegas heights Elementary School, 1946. L-R: Dolly Ruth Wheeler's son with bugle; Billy (the flag was donated in honor of his father, A WWII casualty); Dale, the soloist; Mrs. Wilson, Brownie Scout leader and Vice Pres. Of the PTA; Mrs. Sellers, Pres. Of Vegas Heights PTA; Miss Jane; Adams Ledbetter, Primary Supervisor; Miss Maude Frazier, Superintendent; Billy's widowed mother; Edna Lundgren, 2nd & 3rd grade teacher; Roma Knight, Principal; Brownie scouts.
0944    Education leaders gather for social event given by Las Vegas Education Association, c. late 1940s. Seated, left to right: Miss Lucille Chandler; Mrs. Clarabelle Hanley; Miss Helen Marie Smith; Miss Maude Frazier, former super Intendent of schools in Las Vegas. Second row, left to right: Samuel B. Kurtz; Miss Rozie Copenhaver; Harvey Dondero; Duane D. Keller; Mrs. Adrian Dubois Walter V. Long; Miss Doris French; K.O. Knudson; Mrs. Roma Knight. Third Row, left to right: Roy McCaughey and Oran Ballinger.
0945    Snow scene in Las Vegas, 1949.
0946    One of two portable buildings added to Vegas Heights Elementary School (Portable at left). Group of pre-school students are in costume for Halloween.


0947    Unidentified mining and/or mill operation in Nevada. (panoramic view)


Additions to Collections

0948    Annebelle Plunkett
0949    P.A. "Pop" Simon
0950    Unidentified woman
0951    Frank Fisher Garside
0952    Nanyu and Yonema Tomiyasu, ca. 1966
0953    Yonema "Bill" Tomiyasu, 11-17-62
0954    Yonema "Bill" Tomiyasu
0955    Yonema "Bill" Tomiyasu, ca. 1962
0956    A.E. Cahlan
0957    Harold Case
0958    William E. Ferron.

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