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Dungan, Flora

0001    Flora Dungan (c. 1950s)
0002    " 'Tiger'-Best obedience dog in show. Owned by Flora Dungan (left). Las Vegas Nevada 6 Nov 1955"
0003    Flora Dungan twirling a hula hoop. Sept. 27, 1958.
0004    Flora Dungan.
0005    Flora Dungan.
0006    Flora Dungan.
0007    Flora Dungan (center). Others not identified.
0008    Portrait of Flora Dungan. (color)
0009    Portrait of Flora Dungan. (color)
0010    "Flora Onken, Las Vegas 10/5/61"
0011    Flora Dungan, center. (1965) Others not identified.
0012    Board of Regents of the University of Nevada System, c. 1973. Back row, L-R: Louis E. Lombardi, M.D.' Front row, L-R: (?) ; (?); Harold J. Jacobsen; Flora Dungan.
0013    Family standing on the steps of the Capitol Building. (not identified)
0014    John F. Kennedy (left); Nevada Senator Howard Cannon (3rd from left).
0015    John F. Kennedy waves from door of the presidential airplane.
0016    Alighting from airplane are: Pres. John F. Kennedy; Nevada Senator Howard Cannon (above Kennedy); Nev. Senator Alan Bible (above Cannon)