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Photo Collections Record

James H. Down Photograph Collection

Location: PC 02:A, PC Negatives Box 03, PC Slides Binder 01, MC MS 01:A

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Collection Contents:
Folder 15-1

Early Las Vegas

01    Salt lake Depot, October 15, 1916 (postcard), Las Vegas Station

Later Las Vegas

02    Fremont Street , 1928 ( Las Vegas Garage owned by Down)

03    Down's Texaco Station

04    James Down Sales and Service

05    Fremont Street, 1940

06    LV Volunteer Fire Department, 1930

07    LVHS basketball team, 1926



08    George Fayle Department Store, 1918

09    Raising Honor Flag, May 13, 1918 (outside Goodsprings Hotel)

10    Goodsprings, showing Yellow Pine Mill tracks

11    Same as above

12    Down residence

13    Pioneer Saloon (postcard)

14    Yellow Pine Mill and office

15    Yellow Pine train at mine with ore cars/Shay engine and what appears to be homemade water car between Shay and ore cars.

16    Yellow Pine Shay No.2 with loaded ore cars in Goodsprings.

Location Unknown

17    Car in desert (remnant of picture)


18    James Down, Sr. (postcard), Down photo

19    James Down, Sr. 1927-28

Folder 15-2

Colorado River, Boulder Dam (Glenn Davis Photographs)

20    Black Canyon, boat on river (A-1)

21    Black Canyon, road begun (A-2)

22    Black Canyon, looking upstream (A-170)

23    River before diversion , dynamiting (A-24)

24    Clasp of dynamiting (A-35)

25    Close-up of high scaler (A-41)

26    High scalers (A-42)

27    Close-up of bridge crossing river, dynamiting (A-50)

28    Construction scene at night (A-51)

29    Construction at the river (A-55)

30    Inside diversion tunnel, night scene (A-67)

31    Aerial view of dam, river, night scene, (A-75)

32    Concrete pouring and forms ( A-81)

33    View from canyon walls of concrete forms and riverbed (A-92)

34    Close-up of concrete forms (A-96)

35    Aerial view of dam, looking upstream (A-103)

36    View of concrete forms of dam, intake towers (A-105)

37    View of concrete forms of dam, spillway (A106)

38    Close-up of concrete wall (A-107)

39    Equipment and construction on canyon walls (A-108)

40    Close-up of construction , aerial (A-110)

41    Penstock pipe section (A-113)

42    Near duplicate of above

43    Dam and power plant under construction (A-115)

44    Close up of forms for concrete and wall of dam (A-116)

45    Concrete pouring (A-117)

46    Work on forms, close-up (A-122)

Folder 15-3 ( continue Colorado River, Boulder Dam)

47    Close-up of work on concrete, intake towers (A-134)

48    Close-up of concrete pouring (A-136)

49    Photographers and people at diversion tunnel (A-146)

50    Viewpoint of dam construction (A-150)

51    Night scene of dam construction (A-176)

52    Road completed on top of dam construction (A-178)

53    Dam, downstream, nearing completion ( A-198)

54    Nearly completed dam and construction equipment ( A-199)

55    Completed dam, Lake Mead beginning to form (A-182)

56    Downstream view of dam and outlets functioning (A-218)

57    Intake towers, dam, water rising (A-225)

58    Dam from lake level) (A-268)

59    Near duplicate of above (A-268)

60    Generators (A-276)

61    Lake, dam, and sailboat(A-282)

62    Aerial view of completed dam (A-288)

63    Sunshine on upstream side of dam (A291)

64    Equipment on canyon side walls (A-300)

65    Roadway across dam (A-301)

66    Close-up of spill way

67    Another view, upstream side of dam

68    Intake towers, dam not completed (A-157)

69    Power house view of valve house outlet in operation (A-256)

70    Completed dam with valve house outlet in op, aerial (A-273)

71    Valve house outlet in operation, clasp (A-253)

72    Downstream view of dam with valve house outlet in op. ( A-266)

73    Aerial view, downstream, Fortification Mt. (A-271)

74    Lake, dam and boat in sunshine (A-281)

75    Sail boat on Lake Mead (A-297)

76    Another view (A-298)

77    Emery falls(LM 31)