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Dow Metals Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:C, PC Negatives Box 17

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Collection Contents:
0001    Crew of "Memphis Belle" (WWII bomber)

0002    BMI aerial. (9-15-43)

0003    BMI aerial view. (9-15-43)

0004    Air view, east, of entire construction area including construction camp, demountable houses, reservoir. (2-24-42)

0005    Women laborers at BMI. (1940's)

0006    Connection of last bus bar in the last unit Unit #10. (5-26-43)

0007    Interior scene BMI Plant shows laborers. (7-8-42)

0008    Line of trucks on highway. (1940's) (Photo by "Dick" Whittington)

0009    Morgan's Court. (Cabins and tents for rent.) Sign says, "Now open to colored".

Pittman, Nevada

0010    Pittman Recreation Center Pittman, Nevada.

0011    Row houses [Pittman, Nevada].

0012    Tent houses [Pittman, Nevada].

0013    Dixie Bar and Casino Pittman, Nevada.

0014    Pittman Hotel Pittman, Nevada.

Albums (the following have negatives; the albums are housed in #85-76)

Album 10-3

* p. 10.2    Townsite homes.
* p. 17.2    BMI Plant at night.
* p. 27.6    Library building at townsite.
* p. 31.1    Three children of workers.
* p. 31.3    Carver Park sign.
* p. 32.4    Safety sign and worker at plant.
* p. 32.5    Barroom scene BMI workers.

Albums (the following have negatives; the albums are housed in #85-76) (cont'd)

Album 10-4

* p. 01.3    Close-up of worker.
* p. 03.4    Workers lined up, backs to camera.
* p. 14.2    Blonde worker (lady) at plant.

(* = Copy of original housed in regular photo collection files.)

Miscellaneous (BMI)

0015    Mining and milling operations at Gabbs, Nevada. (7-8-43)

0016    BMI Henderson, Nevada. (c. 1943)

0017    Helldorado float entry and Metals queen. (May 20, 1944) BMI entry