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Dorothy Dorothy Photograph Collection

Location: PC 05:B, PC 05:C, PC Negatives Box 09

Collection Contents:
Las Vegas
0001 “The Start---Pioneering LV Tonopah-Reno Stage”
0002 “A few years later-same stage line”
0003 First radio repair shop on No. 4th St. 1946, now torn down”
0004 Souvenir photo from the Las Frontier Hotel, Mar. 5, 1947, Dale and Dorothy Dorothy
0005 Cut colossal”; MINT CASINO; no i.d.
0006 Frazier Hall, see photo for Identification
0007 Frazier Hall, see photo for Identification
0008 Maude Frazier
0009 Maude Frazier
0010 Maude Frazier (neg)
0011 L-R : 1. ?    2. ?    3. Maude Frazier    4. ?
0012 L-R : 1. Pearl Brown. 2. Mom Squires 3. Maude Frazier 4. Mrs. Cahlan (neg)
0013 8X10 of 0012
0014 8X10 of same women in 0012
0015 “Dorothy Dorothy addressing the Dot Young Club…Hyde Park.”
0016 Similar view and activity of 0015
0017 “Dot Young at the club meeting”
0018 (The Dot Young Club?) 8X10
0019 (Helldorado Parade?); postcard
0020 “Dorothy Dorothy, Helldorado”

0021 “Dwelling of Ansel S. Wysong, one of Clark County’s last hermits.”

0022 Device used to destroy dogs, 1962

Hoover Dam
0023 Aerial view of Hoover Dam and vicinity
0024 “Boulder Dam”; aerial view
0025 Hoover Dam construction
0026 “From Nevada rocks”; (Hoover Dam)
0027 “Top of transformer, city of Los Angeles switch”
0028 Visitors in line for Dam tour
0029 “Guided tour through Dam and Power Plant, Adults…25cents plus 5cent tax…30cents.
0030 Downstream side, Hoover Dam
0031 Hoover Dam, downstream side releasing water from penstock
0032 Hoover Dam tour, outside
0033 Boats upstream from the Dam; “Cruise Craft”
0034 Ribbon cutting to Hoover Dam (Snacketeria?)

Hoover Dam (cont.)
0035 Breaking ground for Hoover Dam. (Snacketeria?)
0035a Ceremonies for opening of Hoover Dam Snacketeria
0036 “Snacketeria” Close-up view
0037 “Snacketeria”
0038 Hoover Dam group photo of 12 people; see photo for identification
0039 “Fortification Mountain”
0040 “Fortification infra-red shot, 4 miles from Dam”
0041 “Pink pots at foot of Fortification mountain”; no i.d. on people
0042 “Four miles upstream Boulder Canyon”
NOTE: 0023, 0025-0042 by Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City, Nevada

0043 “Johnnie Mine” aerial view of head frame
0044 Johnnie; panorama view
0045 (Head frame) of Johnnie Mine
0046 Johnnie Mine (head frame, front view)
0047 Abandoned bldgs., head frame, and decayed bldgs.
0048 Mine shaft, Johnnie Mine
0049 Rope-pulley machinery, Johnnie Mine
0050 “Matt Kusick, Johnnie Mine Town”
0051 “Dorothy Dorothy and her friend Matt Kusic, Johnnietown”
0052 “Old timer, Matt Kusick at ruins”
0053 (Johnnie, NV)
0054 “Original General Store at Johnnie”
0055 (Johnnie, NV?)
0056 (Johnnie, NV?) (bldg. Structures)
0057 (Johnnie, NV?)
0058 Johnnie, NV
0059 Johnnie, NV
0060 Johnnie, NV
0061 Johnnie, NV
0062 (Johnnie, NV?); no I.D. on man w/anvil

Lake Mead
0063 “Lake Mead Lodge;” aerial view
0064 “Lake Mead Trailer Park”; aerial view
0065 “Electric grill, 25 c meter; Lake Mead Trailer Park”
0066 “Lake Mead Trailer Park”
0067 “Sea Craft short run, Boulder Beach to Dam”
0068 “Tourist Cruise”
0069 Women on Lake, no I.D.; (See “Help Us Write History)
0070 “Speed boat regatta, 1947”

Lake Mead (continued)
0071 “Doc’s (Dorothy ) Lady Girl charter speed boat”
0072 “1947 Beal” (water skier)
0073 “Wishing Well” (tourist cruise)
0074 “1948, Harlan Diller at Boat Dock now”
0075 “Bobby Miller, (youth on water skis) M.P.(S)? Ranger at Las Vegas Wash
0076 “Laki on lake since 1941 Breeze (R?) atoon Mexico”
0077 “Martha Vickers, A.C. Lyles, honeymoon; PA agent Pine & Thomas
0078 “CB Farmer Ted Swift, Robb Glendale Service Station, Glendale”; (seaplane landing two men)
0079 Fishing ream; see photo for I.D. of six men
NOTE: Photos 00063-0076 and 0078-00079 by Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City Nevada

Mt. Charleston
0080 Bell helicopter en route to Mt. Charleston, where Dale installed a television antenna for Pahrump
0081 Helicopter en route to Mt. Charleston, no I.D.
0082 Helicopter en route to Mt. Charleston, no I.D.
0083 Dale and Dorothy (by helicopter)
0084 (Myrtle Dorothy?) and Dale Dorothy
0085 “T.V. parasitic reflector (antenna) installed on peak of Mt. Charleston
0086 Charleston Peak, elevation 11, 901’, state marker
0087 Aerial view of Mt. Charleston
0088 “Six week old antelope in Mt. Charleston area”

0089 Man carrying four fish; street scene; (photo by Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City.

See folders 131-4, 131-5, 131-6
0090 Official opening of the new Super Scenic Highway to the Sky to the Reno Ski    Bowl; (photo by the Nevada State Highway Department)

St. Thomas
0091 Aerial view of ST. Thomas, Nevada; (photo by Bureau of Reclamation, Boulder City, Nevada)

0092 Aerial view of Stateline, Nevada; (photo by Nevada State Highway Department)

Warner Springs
0093 “Road Opening (Trona Road) Las Vegas to Spring Mountain, Warner Springs”

0094 Pahrump schoolhouse
0095 Pahrump schoolhouse
0096 “…Pahrump school children; Red Blanchard Day”
0097 “Pahrump store (in late 1950s)”
0098 “Kiln in canyon east of Pahrump”
0099 (Frank Buol); stall used for oxen hauling charcoal from Wheeler Canyon kilns; see 131 98
0100 “100+ year old (Pahrump Indian) grandma”
0101 Pahrump Indian Family (see inscription)
0102 “Dora Brown” (Pahrump Indian)

Pahrump Road Construction
0103 Beginning of Pahrump Road construction
0104 “Curley Boy (dog) and Dale Dorothy”
0105 Early Pahrump road construction
0106 Blacktop stretch in front of Dorothy residence
0107 Wells Cargo truck
0108 Pahrump road under construction
0109 Road machinery and the Dorothy’s car

Pahrump Road Opening Celebration
0110 Pahrump road opening celebration, 1954
0111 Pahrump road opening celebration, 1954
0112 “Pahrump road opening (ribbon) Sept. 1954”
0113 Band playing at the Pahrump road opening ceremonies
0114 “Mock wedding at Pahrump road opening” (See “Help Us Write History” Las Vegas Review Journal, on reverse of photo) (neg)
0115 “Pahrump Road opening (celebration) Sept. 24, 1954”
0116 Marriage of the Pahrump Valley (color picture) no I.D.
0117 “Cotton Pickin’ Bar in Pahrump, 1954. Opened the day of the Road opening.”

Misc. Pahrump
0118 PAHRUMP VALLEY: “Dixieland of Nevada” (postcard)
         (banner on flatbed truck)
0119 Aerial view of Pahrump
0120 “A Pahrump well”
0121 “A Pahrump well”
0122 (Pahrump spring?) (pan-picture)
0123 (Pahrump panorama scene)


Pahrump (Lazy 88 Ranch)
0124 Dorothy’s home w/plane and car
0125 Dorothy’s home w/plane and car
0126 Dale Dorothy starting Dorothy’s plane
0127 “The 99’s landing on the private ‘airport’ at the Lazy 88 Ranch”
0128 8X10 of 131 127, duplicate
0129 “The 99’s private airport…”
0130 8X10 of 131 129, duplicate
0131 “15’ white washed rocks spell PAHRUMP, a 99’s project”
0132 “15’ white washed rocks spell PAHRUMP, a 99’s project”
0133 W7CTK. Dale Dorothy broadcasts
0134 Pop Buol w/Cadillac bearing license plate W7CTK
0135 Hattie Mae Pavlo and Frank (Pop) Buol. July 1955”
         Cadillac in 131 134)
0136 “Dale’s home antenna for his amateur ham short wave”
0137 Pop Buol at Dorothy’s home; house siding bears W7CTK
0138 Dale Dorothy and W7CTK station equipment
0139 “Hamming it up, Dec. 3 (Dale Dorothy)’
0140 Dale Dorothy showing unidentified mother how to talk to her son stationed in the South Pacific
0141 “The Dale Dorothy ‘Ham’ outfit, 1950. The only communication out of Pahrump at that time…”
0142 “Atom bomb (blast view) from the Lazy 88 Ranch”
0143 “Yucca Flats test taken from Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump”
0144 “Yucca Flats test taken from Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump”
0145 Yucca Flats test (distant view from the Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump”
0146 “White speck at right of photo from atomic test blast”
0147 Dorothy home during a Pahrump flood
0148     Dorothy home during a Pahrump flood; “beds are tall hospital beds”
0149     “Our dream house, Ethel-Leslie McCullough, Lazy 88”
0150     “Dorothy Dorothy and Ethel McCullough at the Lazy 88”

Pahrump (Lazy 88 Cotton Fields)
151 Lazy 88 cotton fields, L-R Stan Irvin, Dale Dorothy
152 Examining the cotton crop
153 “Cotton planters of Pahrump, Dale, Bert, and Ethel”
154 “Cipher hoses in irrigating ditches…cotton in June and July”
155 8X10 irrigated cotton fields
156 Cotton field (Lazy 88, Pahrump)
157 Cotton Field (Lazy 88, Pahrump)
158 “3 bales to acre and no fertilizer…”


Pahrump (Lazy 88 Ranch)
159 “Dale Dorothy installing 1953 improvements to his 1952 Rust Picker” (see typed inscription w/I sleeve)
160 Cotton picker at work; no I.D. to operator
161     Cotton picker at work w/baler in background; no I.D. to operator; 8X10
162     Maintaining the cotton picker
163     Picker dumping onto bin for baler w/ Dorothy Dorothy and dogs in background
164     “Soapy (Weimaraner) and Little Widdles w/Dorothy”
165     “A picker is equivalent to 90 men! Baling bin was shown in “Popular Mechanics”
166     “Hay baler used to haul cotton to the Arvin, Calif. Gin before the gin was built in    Pahrump”
167 “Picker dumping cotton into stationary improvised bin, now part of the hay baler”
168 “Another angle of baler”
169 Cotton baler w/Dale Dorothy and ? ( no identification)
170 Dale Dorothy on cotton baler
171 Cotton picker and baler w/Dorothy Dorothy and operator
172 Lifting bales of cotton
173 “Loading cotton from the hay baler at the Lazy 88 Ranch…haul to gin at Arvin, Calif…”
174 Bales of cotton being loaded onto a flatbed truck
175 “…1955 crop. 40,000 pounds to the truckload.”
176 “Baled cotton en route to Arvin Gin.”
177 Trucks hauling bales of compressed cotton
178 “Dale dumping cotton for the kids…”
179 Site of Nevada Ginning Co.
180 Pahrump Cotton Gin
181 Pahrump Cotton Gin

182 Dorothy Dorothy, DAV officer, and a disabled veteran in wheelchair
183 “General Hubbard. (former) Nellis A.F.B. commander”
184 “General Hubbard (right); “I accept”
185 Dorothy Dorothy w/six officers. Industrial College of the Armed Forces
186 (Industrial College of the Armed Forces); Dorothy Dorothy w/seven officers
187 Dorothy Dorothy w/Officer Christensen and man whose lapel reads “Natl. Security Seminar”
188 Dorothy Dorothy w/U.S.A.F. officer and Naval Officer Parmelee
NOTE: Photos 185-188 by Las Vegas News Bureau


American Legion Auxillary (Las Vegas, Oct. 8, 9, 10, 11---1962
189 American Legion Auxillary; L-R: 1. National Commander
190 “Top officials” 8X10 of 131 189, 2 dups.
191 American Legion Auxiliary; six unidentified and Dorothy Dorothy
192 National Headquarters, American Legion Auxillary; L-R: 1. Senator Cannon 2. ?
193 American Legion Auxiliary (awards); no i.d.
194 American Legion Auxiliary (Carol
195 American Legion Auxiliary trophy presentation: L-R: Dorothy Dorothy 2.?
196 (American Legion Auxiliary?) L-R: 1. Laura Winall, Review Journal; 2. ?; 3. ?

(Local) United Nations
197 “Dorothy Dorothy appointed state chairman of the U.S. Committee to the U.N. by Gov. Paul Laxalt.”
198 Dorothy Dorothy and Eva Adams w/1961 U.N. Day proclamation at the Thunderbird.
199 Dorothy Dorothy and Oran Gragson
200 L-R: Dorothy Werner, local U.N. pres, and Dr. West
201 United Nations, local; see photo for i.d.
202 Dorothy Werner, Bonnie Gragson, Dorothy Dorothy
203 Oran Gragson presents S.F. key to Dorothy Dorothy

Sun Society
204 “Installation of Officers”
205 Sun Society members

Lyndon B. Johnson/John F. Kennedy Campaign
206 8X10 autographed pic reads: “To Dorothy Dorothy Every good wish. Lyndon Johnson”
207 8X10 of Lyndon Johnson
208 8X10 of Lyndon Johnson, autographed
209 8X10 Hubert H. Humphrey
210 Lyndon Johnson surrounded by supporters, inc. Walter Baring, Grant Sawyer, Howard Cannon (neg)
211 Lyndon Johnson, Alan Bible, and 4 unidentified.
212 (Lyndon Johnson affair); see photo for I.D.
213 “Prize Texas Steer”, LBJ brand
214 Kennedy-Johnson (Las Vegas) headquarters
215 Kennedy-Johnson campaign; L-R: 1. Alan Bible; 2. ?; 3. ?
216 (Campaign); L-R: 1. Walter Baring; 2. ?; 3. Alan Bible; 4.?
217 (Kennedy-Johnson campaign); Grant Sawyer and five unidentified.
218 Campaign; L-R: 1. Walter Baring, 2. Alan Bible; 3. ? , 4.?
219 Kennedy-Johnson (campaign) ; Alan Bible and three unidentified


Lyndon B. Johnson/John F. Kennedy Campaign (cont.)
220 “Kennedy for President”; no i.d. (See “Help us Write History”, Las Vegas Review    Journal, on reverse of photo.) (neg)
221 John F. Kennedy (in the White House?); copy of photo
222 “Vice President”
223 (Three Ladies for Kennedy-Johnson); no I.D.
224 “The Johnson Committee”; no I.D.

Democratic Meeting (Dorothy Dorothy)
225 Dorothy Dorothy w/copies of the “Democratic Digest”
226 Dorothy Dorothy and Allen T. Howe, pres. Of National Young Democratic Clubs
227 “Campaigning in Pahrump”
228 “Pahrump Demo Members”: L-R: 1. Nadine Garlin; 2. Dorothy Dorothy; 3. Alma Moore
229 “A Democratic meeting held on the Dorothy Ranch patio in Pahrump, August 1950”
230 Demo. Meeting on Dorothy Ranch patio; including John Bonner, Daisy Burns, and Walter Baring
231 8X10 of (Democratic meeting at Dorothy Dorothy residence, Pahrump, Aug. 1950?)
232 “Women’s Democratic Club of Clark County, Nevada.”

Miscellaneous events and people
233 “Governor’s Ball”; see photo for I.D.
234 Governor’s Ball w/Chet Christensen and Gov. Sawyer
235 “            “                ; no I.D. 8X10
236 The Sawyers preparation for Gov.’s Ball
237 Governor’s Ball w/Grant Sawyer and ?:8X10
238 Governor’s Ball w/Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer; 8X10
239 “Plan UF” see photo for I.D.
240 “March (of Dimes)”
241 “The Late Jack Conlan in Senator Cannon’s office”
242 “National Committee on ‘Operation Support’ mission for Jack Kennedy, 1962; White House” see photo for I.D.
243 “Luncheon honoring Mrs. Alan Bible”
244 “”Mrs. Grant Sawyer” see photo 131 243
245 “Jim. The Press Club, ‘appointed ‘ , Las Vegas bartender from inception until he passed away.”
246 “R. Julian Moore”
247 Mrs. C.B. Reynolds, Jack Paul, and me (Dorothy Dorothy);Sept. 1940
248 “Mrs. C.B. Reynolds, Sept. 1940”
249 Dorothy Dorothy and unidentified woman planning the 17th annual Powder Puff    Derby, July 1963”

Miscellaneous events and people (cont.)
250 Similar to 0131 0249 Planning of Powder Puff Derby. 8X10

Miscellaneous events and people (cont)
251 “Reception Host and Hostess with Guests” see photo.
252 “Mrs. Ralph Armstrong membership chairman, Rosa de Lima Auxiliary…”
253     “Mayors of North Las Vegas and Las Vegas, engineers”
254 “Holiday Visitor” see photo for I.D.
255 “National BPW day…” see photo and reverse of I.D. and event
256 “Senator Alan Bible, Eva Adams, and Dick Ham” (neg)
257 Sonny Tufts; 8X10
258 “Shirley Earl (program coordinator) and Helen Scott Reed”
259 “…the late Billie Wallace, at right”
260 Myrtle Dorothy, seated, at her birthday party. See photo 131 261
261 Myrtle Dorothy’s birthday party. L to R: Myrtle Dorothy, ?, and Dorothy Dorothy.
262 Myrtle Dorothy’s birthday party, March 20, 1954
263 “Happy Birthday Bonnie (Gragson); Thurs., Feb. 8, 1962”
264 Frances Hawkins
265 Rusty Horgan photograph
266 Rusty Horgan and dog at home.
267 “Dorothy, Dale, and dogs…”
268 Dorothy Dorothy and “music boxes”
269 Dorothy Dorothy, horseman
270 Dog show. L-R: Evonne Chasdoudian and Dorothy D.
271 “1965 Silver State (dog) show”; see photo for I.D.

Scotty’s Castle
272 “The famous Death Valley Scotty…”
273 Governor Russell and Dorothy Dorothy at road opening.
274 Dorothy Dorothy and Gov. Russell speaking at road opening.
275 “Governor Charlie Russell: (delivers a speech for the opening of the Scotty’s Castle road. 1950s)
276 “Governor Russell cutting the ribbon…”
277 “Governor Russell cutting the ribbon…the road from Highway 95 to Scotty’s    Castle.
278 Dorothy Dorothy and dog at Scotty’s Castle after the ribbon cutting opening the new road 95 to the Castle…”
See Edith Giles Barcus Collection also.


279 “Nye County Commissioner O.H. Smith, Nye Co. chairman, made #1 priority    1946, Charles Geyer, Ed Slavin, Chas. Cavanaugh Henderson” (Sent Dorothy D.    Copy to I.D.)

280 “District I Meeting , Oct. 1, 1966, Parole Board talk at Soroptimists Club, Kingman, AZ, banquet speaker, Lenore Jordan, director.”

281 “Golf at Idlewild, Ca; Dorothy Dorothy-mother---Beth”
282 “Social executives in meeting in Los Angeles, CA. 1936”
283 “1936. The Social Directors of the City and Resort Hotels of the West..” (see photo for I.D.)
284 “Jul 6, 1940. As Social Executive in the Idlewild Inn in the San Jacinto Mtns.    Above Palm Springs…”
285 “Meeting of the International Social Executives for the West Coast..” (see photo for I.D.)
286 International Social Executives meeting in Houston, TX. Late 1940s or early 1950s.
287 Dorothy Dorothy riding in Palm Springs, Ca.
288 “Halloween, Cedar St. 1953; L to R: Ethel McCullough, Clara Cook, Virginia; Riverside , California.
289 “…Ethel McCullough, Riverside.”
290 “40 passenger Canyair-Lines, San Diego; Vern Willis, Dist. Sales Mgr. Western Airlines, no 1st .
291 “Dorothy Dorothy and passenger in her low wing Kinner airplane. 1937. S.F.”
292 “Soloed (sic) on S.F. Port 1936 S.F. Golden Gate Bridge, Dorothy Varnum Dorothy, pilot
293 Dorothy (Varnum) Dorothy presenting on of her songs to Mayor Ralph of San    Francisco”

294 “1953 Bannack, Montana, capital bldg. 1862 in background; Ethel McCullough watches Leslie reading plaque (sic)”

New York
295 “Taken last summer when we visited Watkins Glen, New York; Darlene Goetz…”

296 (Logging operation near Klamath Falls, Oregon)



Incomplete i.d’s and questionable events

297 “Breaking ground” location?-Present in pic are Howard Cannon, Grant Sawyer, Alan Bible, and four others.
298 Governor Sawyer (and three other men, possibly from the Nevada Highway Department)
299 Governor Sawyer and others
300 Dorothy Dorothy, Walter Baring, and four others
301 Similar to 131 300; photo for clarification
302 “Daes installation”; no I.D.
303 L to R: Mrs. Sawyer and ?
304 “Thank you. Help for the blind.” No I.D.
305 “Prominent guests”; Grant Sawyer and four others
306 “After dinner talk; Grant Sawyer and six others
307 “New Appointee”; Alan Bible, ?, Howard Cannon
308 “Air transport”; Howard Cannon and two others
309 Governor Sawyer and two unidentified men; “philanthropist attends”
310 (Meeting, no I.D.)
311 Governor Sawyer and ?
312 “Parker Chapter”; no I.D.
313 “All Smiles”; no I.D.
314 “Youth Leader..Gerry”
315 Jail cell; no I.D.
316 No I.D.; three people seated at dining table
317 Dorothy Dorothy and two others
318 No I.D.
319 Dorothy Dorothy and two others
320 Al Cahlan and unidentified lady at dining table (photos 316-320)
321 No I.D.
322 “New U.S. Mint”; Eva Adams and five others
323 “Familiar faces”; badges read, “Class of 1932”, Eva Adams and ten others
324 Eleanor Taylor and ?
325 “Mrs. Ronzone’ promoting”
326 (Award) presented to Gala L. Mercier for ? service as President of N.L.V. Chamber of Commerce 1960-61
327 “Old timer”; see photo for Dorothy Dorothy’s inscription
328 “Live Rainbow Trout”


Additions to the Collection
329 L-R: 1. Howard Cannon 2. Walter Baring 3. Dorothy Dorothy 4. Alan Bible 5. Grant Sawyer , 329a L-R: Pearl Brown 2. Delphine “Mom” Squires 3. Maude Frazier 4. Mrs. Marian Cahlan.
330 L-R: 1. Walter Baring 2. Grant Sawyer 3. Lyndon Johnson 4. Alan Bible 5. Howard Cannon 6. ?
331 Dorothy Dorothy with JFK

Atomic Testing
332 The rising mushroom cloud after the March 12 detonation of a nuclear device on a 300 foot tower of Yucca Flat of Nevada Test Site. (Joint Office of Test Information Photo) [March 12, 1955?]
333 The rising mushroom cloud after detonation of a nuclear device. (n.d. probably Nevada Test site) “AEC”
334 Atomic fireball, photographed from News fifteen and one-half miles from ground zero March 7, 1955, by an Army Signal Corps cameraman. (Photographer: Sgt. Robert Cogswell. Please credit U.S. Army Photo)

Pahrump, Nevada
335 “Bar-B-Que at the Little Red School house in Pahrump Nev. 1952”
336 “Looking south towards Shoshone, California. Trees seen in distance are on Pahrump Ranch, nine miles away.” July 28, 1951
337 [Lazy 88 Cotton Ranch] “Mt. Charleston in background. Cotton Blooms are white,    pink, rose, purple, lavender, and multicolor. Looks like a rose garden.” [Dorothy and Dale Dorothy standing in the cotton blossoms.] ca. 1951
338 [Dale Dorothy (left) and Dorothy Dorothy (right), standing in the cotton fields on their Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump, Nevada. ca. 1951]
339 Dale and Dorothy Dorothy standing near bales of cotton on their ranch, Pahrump, Nevada
340 1949-The Dorothy ranch house, Pahrump, Nevada.
341 Dorothy and husband Dale Dorothy by their plane. (Probably Pahrump, Nevada, near their ranch.)
342 The watermelon feast after the road opening in Pahrump Sept. 24-1974 after the program and mock marriage.

343 Logging in the Lake Tahoe , Nevada region.
344 “Glenbrook #1 engine gained fame hauling lumber from the sawmills at Lake Tahoe to the divide at Spooner Summit where it was flumed down and timber the mines at Virginia City.”
345 The ax and saw were the only tools of the early woodsman.


Political Events
346 Dorothy Dorothy (right) standing next to John F. Kennedy.
347 Dorothy Dorothy and Lyndon Baines Johnson.
348 Ted Kennedy (right) campaigning for his brother John F. Kennedy (for president). (c.1959)
349 L-R: (?); (?);Dorothy Dorothy; John F. Kennedy; Von Englestead.
350 Dorothy Dorothy speaks at political rally for John F. Kennedy, Hacienda Hotel, Las Vegas. Seated at right is Nevada Senator Howard Cannon.
351 Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer.

352 Nevada state capitol building, Carson City, Nevada. (no date)
353 Nevada State Prison (no date)
354 New Women’s state prison built on the grounds of the old state prison, Carson City, Nevada. (1964)
355 “Steam tractor-Jean, Nev. Only started twice & blew up.”
356 [ Country doctor in his horse-drawn wagon]
357 [Stagecoach with passengers]
358 Sunrise Hospital, Las Vegas, NV. (no date)
359 Masonic caravan at Hoover Dam, 4.23.32 (Oakes Photo)
360 U.S. Post Office, Las Vegas , Nevada
361 Stardust Hotel, at night. (Stardust marquee)
362 Court House, Las Vegas, Nevada. (Oakes Photo)
363 Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. (no date)
364 Christ Church Episcopal. (taken shortly after completion-no date)
365 Bank of Nevada. (n.d)
366 High School---Las Vegas, Nev.

Dorothy Dorothy-1930s and 1940s
367 Dorothy Varnum (later known as Dorothy Dorothy) c. 1934
368 Dorothy Varnum (name she used as songwriter) c. 1934
369 Dorothy Varnum (right) showing songs that she co-wrote. Man not identified.
370 Dorothy Varnum. She co-wrote this song with Walter Smith. (c. 1934)
371 Dorothy Dorothy (c. 1930s)
372 Dorothy Dorothy (center), ca. 1940s. (Credit: W.A. Wood Photo)
373 Dorothy Dorothy. (1930s) (color tinted photo)
374 Dorothy Dorothy
375 Dorothy Dorothy (1934)
376 Dorothy Dorothy (right); other woman is probably her sister. (c. 1930s)


Dorothy Dorothy-1930s and 1940s (cont.)
377 Dorothy Dorothy (left); other woman is probably her sister.
378 Dorothy Dorothy (left); other woman is probably her sister.
379 Dorothy Dorothy and horse
380 Dorothy Dorothy (left) others not identified. (1940s)
381 Dorothy Dorothy at microphone. (c. 1940s)
382 Key Club opening---February 1941. L-R: Thelma Wertheimer, Ned Curley, Gwen Cobb, Norm Harstad, Dorothy Varnum (Dorothy).
383 Dorothy Dorothy (2nd from left); others not identified. (1940s)
384 “Ona Brown ‘Between Benny Broadcasts’ party Sunday Feb. 1941” L-R Ona Brown, Kent Weaver, “Pete” the bartender, a professional model, Jay Carlisle, Dorothy (Varnum) Dorothy).
385 Dorothy (Varnum) Dorothy (4th from left): Others not identified. (c.1941)

Dorothy Dorothy and Politicians
386 Dorothy Dorothy and Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson.
387 Dorothy Dorothy at the airport reception for Nevada Senator Alan Bible (rt) 1962
388 Gen. Boyd Hubbard, Nellis AFB; Nev. Senator Howard Cannon; Sam Boyd, George Fleigh. Memorial Service for Dag Hammarskjold at Nevada Southern University . 9-27-61
389 L-R: Howard Cannon, Walter Baring, Dorothy Dorothy, Alan Bible, and Grant Sawyer, near the pool at the Tropicana Hotel. (c. 1960s) (Credit: Mike Nagro)
390 L-R: California Governor Pat Brown; Betty Sawyer, (?); Governor Grant Sawyer; at inauguration. (Photo by Shutterbug, Inc.)
391 Grant Sawyer & Pat Brown-taken in Governor’s mansion.
392 Senator John F. Kennedy, Gail, Betty, and (Gov.) Grant Sawyer.
393 Fisher, Howard, Dorothy Dorothy, Bill Morris, Dorothy Cannon.
394 L-R: Herb Jones, Ralph Denton, Virginia Catt, Walter Baring, Gladys Dula, Howard Cannon, Lyndon B. Johnson, Dorothy Dorothy.
395 Dorothy Dorothy and Governor Paul Laxalt. (7-12-67)
396 Dorothy Dorothy and Lt. Governor Rex Bell. United Nations Day in Las Vegas.
397 Probably Democratic Meeting luncheon, El Rancho Hotel. Maxine Dorothy (4th row back) and Dorothy Dorothy (6th from right, back row)

398 Y’smenette Luncheon (beginning of the YMCA). Clockwise, Dorothy Dorothy (left), Blanch Jenkins, Rae Rogers, Georgia Sanderson, Isabelle Mack, Helen Bray, Dorize Peterson, Bernice Riggs, Belle Kieler.
399 “Car #13, the famed Bullion Car, which hauled millions in bullion out of the Carson Valley above Genoa V&T Station in Virginia City. It was called the “Julia Bullett” after the Comstock’s most noted lady of the night.
400 Freiman’s Clothing, Shoes, (for men, women and children). Location unknown. Group of people in front of store, some riding donkeys.

Miscellaneous (cont.)
401 (Color Transparency) [Dale and Dorothy Dorothy in cotton field, Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump, Nev.]
402 (Color Transparency) [Cotton field-Lazy 88 Ranch, Pahrump, Nev.]
403 (Two color transparencies) Cotton plants (mature)
404 (Color Transparency) [Machine for picking (?) cotton; man driving it is Dale Dorothy]
405 (Color Transparency) [Dorothy Dorothy with cotton just picked from her fields]
406 (Color Transparency) [Men harvesting cotton; man on machine is probably Dale Dorothy]

NOTE: Numerous photographs (800+) and negatives (100+) were left in the Dorothy Dorothy Manuscript Collection. (Manuscript Collection #95-20, boxes 14-16)