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Betty Ham Dokter Photographs

Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet (6 hanging folders, 1 flat files, 1 shared box of negatives, 1 binder of slides)
Location: Photo Cabinet 1:D, Oversize Photo Cabinet A, Photo Collection Negatives Box 02, Photo Collection Slides

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Artemus W. Ham Family Papers, 1859-1971. MS-00056. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Betty Dokter. Interview, February 27, 1977. OH-00471. Oral History Research Center, Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The Betty Ham Dokter Photographs depict the Ham Family from 1850 to 1976. The materials include photographs of the family after they moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1916 and document the early growth of the city. The materials also include photographs of the Colorado River, the Hoover (Boulder) Dam site before and after its construction, dinner parties, family photographs, and citizens of the Las Vegas area. The materials also include photographs of Alta Mereness Ham, Betty Ham Dokter's mother, on the set of the film Water.

Early Las Vegas

01    Mesquite Club Mother-Daughter party (oversize)

Later Las Vegas

02    Eighth grade, Las Vegas, ca. 1934. (note burned out high school in rear)


03    Ham home at 318 E. Carson Street

100 S. 6th Street and Vicinity

04    Corner 6th and Charleston prior to construction
05    Site with [Houssels-Harmon] in view
06    East-north exposures, construction completed
07    East-north exposures, sod in
08    East-north exposures, snow scene
09    East-north exposures, with children Betty and Robert, 1938
10    East-north exposures, 1947
11    Eastern exposure only (front door)
12    Northern exposure (garage side which faced Charleston)
13    Art and Alta Ham at gate on northern side of house on way to garage
14    Eastern exposure (front door)
15    Eastern exposure
16    Eastern exposure
17    Eastern exposure (close up of front door)
18    East-north exposures
19    Western exposure
20    Backyard play equipment
21    Dokter children on play equipment, Nov. '47
22    Demolition (Las Vegas Sun photo) 1976
23    Principals in Bonanza Airlines, including Art Ham, Sr., Maury Abrams, Florence Murphy
24    Same as above (additional I.D. of Roscoe Thomas, Guy MacAfee, Al Cahlan)
25    Golden Nugget board of directors
26    Exalted Rulers, Elks, 1937
27    Frontier Club, Red Rooster, night scene
28    Hotel Las Frontier, night scene
29    Fremont Street, night scene


30    First Kangaroo Court (outside Court House)
31    Kangaroo Court in Session, 1963 (?)
32    Las Vegas people in Helldorado garb (at Apache Hotel), including Dr. and Mrs. Mildren, "Col." Russell
33    Las Vegas people in Helldorado garb (at Apache Hotel), including Art and Alta Ham, Col. And Mrs. Russell
34    Las Vegas people in Helldorado garb (at Apache Hotel), including Art and Alta Ham, Lola Woodbury

Scene from movie, "Water," 1929 (see below)

35    Close-up of male star and horse
36    Close-up of Alta Mereness Ham
37    Alta Ham, unident. Movie director, woman
38    Male star and Alta Ham on horseback
39    Male star and Alta Ham on horseback near Colorado River
40    Male star and Alta Ham on horseback (close-up)
41    Alta Ham and Dr. Roy Martin
42    Male star, Alta Ham and extras, locals?
43    Group of men including director, Harley Harmon, Dr. Roy Martin, Fred Hesse?
44    Male star, Alta Ham and Whitney family
45    Whitney, eastside, Las Vegas
46    Man overlooking Colorado River at Black Canyon (may not be movie related)
47    Alta Ham and male star at Colorado River
48    Alta Ham and male star at Lost City
49    Alta Ham and male star at Lost City
50    Desert Characters at Kiel Ranch? Movie related?
51    Prospector, loaded burro, unident. Man "?

Colorado River, Hoover Dam

52    Colorado River-Wash, Fortification Mt. In background
53    Prayer dedication, Boulder Dam site, Fortification Mt. in background
54    Close up of crowd at prayer dedication, including Mrs. Thomas, Art Ham Sr., Bess Pembroke, Alta Ham, Harley Harmon
55    Golden Nugget boat, Alta Ham on deck


56    Riverside Hotel and Truckee River
57    Riverside Hotel and Truckee River from a painting by Ferdinand Burgdorff

Ham Family Genealogical Photographs

58    Daughter and son of H.W. Cross (not named) (postcard)
59    Hannah Lucile Cross, 9 years old, 1920 (postcard)
60    Sophia Weinman Feldman (carte de visite)
61    John Feldman (carte de visite)
62    Elmer Nelson Ham and unident. Man (tint type)
63    Elmer Nelson Ham and unident. man outside tent cabin (OVERSIZE)
64    Elmer Nelson Ham and Bertha Katherine Feldman Ham
65    Feldman Home, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles
66    Elmer Nelson Ham [at Artemus Ham, Sr. 6th street home], April 3, 1949
67    Artemus W. Ham, Sr. 1892 (carte de visite) *
68    A.W. Ham Graduating Class, [high school], Los Angeles (OVERSIZE)
69    A.W. Ham Graduation photo, Ann Arbor Law School
70    A.W. Ham portrait photograph as young man
71    A.W. Ham Sr. in law office
72    A.W. Ham Sr. in law office
73    A.W. Ham in Helldorado garb, 1935
74    A.W. Ham on Golden Nugget boat, fishing
75    A.W. Ham on Golden Nugget boat, fishing
76    A.W. Ham portrait (middle age)
77    Alta Mereness [Ham] during courtship, Venice or Ocean Park, CA.
78    Alta Mereness Ham
79    Alta Mereness Ham , residence 2nd and Carson, 26 years, 1922
80    Alta Mereness Ham , ca 1948
81    Alta Ham, ca 1950 (seated on sofa in living room of 6th St. home) (portrait)
82    Alta Ham, 1954 (seated on sofa in living room of 6th St. home) (snapshot)

*Unless noted otherwise, pictures identified as Artemus Ham are Artemus Ham, Sr.

83    Alta Ham (library of 6th street home)
84    Ham family portrait , Christmas, 1922 or 1923
85    Art and Alta Ham playing card
86    Alta and Art Ham, Sr. ca early '40s, portrait S. 6th Street home
87    Artemus Ham, Jr. ; child portrait
88    Betty K. Ham [Dokter] as child
89    Robert Ham
90    Infant Georgie Marguerite Dokter [Makeever], 1947
91    Gary Robert Dokter, 1947


Note: The snapshots of people were taken to present a scrapbook to a Las Vegas couple who were planning a trip to Europe. The couple was Dr. and Mrs. Roy Martin; the year approx. 1931. The photos represented here were duplicates. Source: Betty H. Dokter, 1976

92    Martha Anderson
93    Helen and Guy Baker
94    Emily Ball
95    Alta Beckley
96    Irene and Harry Blanding and family
97    "Seely" Cragin
98    Della [McGriff] and Frank DeVinney, Mrs. McGriff
99    Hallie Dimmoch
100    Lucille Earl
101    Murl Emery
102    Maude Fergeson
103    Ruth Ferron
104    Juanita Gusewelle
105    Oliver Hardy and bride (Swinnerton painting in background)
106    Veronica Harmon
107    Carrie Heaton
108    Fred Hesse
109    Floss and Sam Lawson
110    Fran McNamee
111    Thelma and Harry Manente
112    Mrs. Marble [mother of Zora Grant]
113    Grace Mildren
114    Grace Mildren
115    Carol and Harry Miller
116    _______ O'Brien [dentist]
117    Mary Belle and Dr. [William] Park
118    Nana, Bess, John, and Clyde Pembroke [Nana Lightfoot, Bess' Mother]
119    Jack Price
120    Alice Ronnow
121    Delphine and [C.P.] Pop Squires
122    Myrtle and Russell Taylor
123    Elsie Thomas, Pat and Bill
124    Agnes Watters
125    Lottie and Ward Wengert
126    Ruby White
127    Hazel Williams
128    "Bill" Yates


129    Clara Breeze and Hariette Balcomb
130    Art , Alta Ham, Lucille and Ernie Cragin
131    Group of women including Mrs. Mereness and Mrs. Brockman at Ham home, 2nd & Carson
132    Swimmers at Ladd's Resort
133    Swimmers at Ladd's Resort
134    Swimmers at Ladd's Resort
135    Large group of Las Vegas women
136    Large group of Las Vegas women
137    O.W. and "Bill" Yates and Ham children
138    Camping trip; including Art and Alta Ham
139    Large group of Las Vegas people at Wilson Ranch
140    Outing of Las Vegas people
141    Wedding of "Ma" Kennedy on bluff    above Colorado River
142    Close-up of above
143    Ma Kennedy, G.E. Hudson and Las Vegas people (OVERSIZE)
144    Party at Meadows Casino
145    Dinner party at Hotel Last Frontier
146    Dinner party at Thunderbird Hotel
147    Dinner party at Sahara Hotel

Alta Mereness Ham (SLIDES) (Housed on R19:4)

148    Alta Ham-c. 1930's. (Close-up of photo #0012 0037)
149    Alta Ham-c. 1930's. (Close-up of photo #0012 0041)
150    Alta Ham-c. 1930's (Close-up of photo #0012 0042)
151    Alta Mereness Ham during courtship in Venice or Ocean Park. [c. 1910-1915]. Duplicate of photo #0012 0077)
152    Alta Mereness Ham-c. 1940's (Dupl. of photo # 0012 0078)
153    Alta Mereness Ham 1922 (26 years old). (Dup. #0012 0079)
154    Alta Ham-c. 1950's (Close-up of photo #0002 0120

Documentation Betty Ham Dokter Collection

Betty Dokter (source): (Betty was Art Sr. and Alta's daughter)

Art Ham, Sr., born 1892, Illinois. He went from High school in L.A. to Ann Arbor Law School. Went through in three years. His father was Elmer Nelson Ham who was a railroad man. The elder Ham took the Santa Fe to see West Coast. Came to see California conductor and brakeman with stopovers in Las Vegas. Married June 21, 1863 (?) in Harrison, Illinois.

Art Ham Sr.'s maternal grandparents were John and Sophia Weinman Feldman.

Art Ham, Sr. didn't like Los Angeles although he started out in L.A. with his uncle. He came to Las Vegas in 1915 as a law clerk for Judge Thomas. He married Alta Mereness Ham (b.June 26, 1896 in Early, Iowa) in L.A. in 1915. Alta's mother was Ella Augusta Mereness.

Betty Ham Dokter's great grandmother's name was Sara Jacquette Cross.

Additional info. on Elmer Nelson Ham. Grandmother and Grandpa Ham went from Wisconsin to Chicago. Grandpa Ham fought in the Civil War in the Wisconsin Division which marched Sherman to the sea.

Ham side of the family came over to U.S. earlier than Feldman side.

Photographs Tin type Elmer Nelson Ham.

Mesquite Club party held in Elks at 2nd and Fremont. Ella Augusta Mereness is under sign.

Ham house 2nd and Carson now between Oakey and St. Louis near Vegas Village. Diamond-pane windows. Side porches removed. 1977-78, two different occasions.