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Photo Collections Record

Hazel Denton Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:D, PC Negatives Box 19

Collection Contents:
0001    Hazel Baker Denton, c. 1916. Caliente, Nevada. (portrait)

0002    "Alene, me Prince 1915 ." [in Prince, Nevada]

0003    "Dixon, Hazel F. and Sunday afternoon. Nature study(?)"

0004    Hazel at Fish Lake."

0004a    "In Silver Creek Canon, July 4, 1910. The Omaha Bee Expedition enroute to Coalville to see the Beard Collection of mountain paintings. Front seat Leonard Fowler, Omaha Jessie Priest R-f. Can't remember names of men in middle seat but both were from Omaha Back seat Hazel B. and Dorothy Wright car the Cadillac of that day Stevens Dureay."

0005    "1936 Me & Clara Bell."

0006    "Mrs. Mariger and I May, 1937."

0007    Hazel Baker Denton (portrait). (1940s?)

0008    "Denny, Joan and I at 1058 24th Ogden."

0009    "Geneva Robinson and I on Bird Island." Hazel is carrying a white purse.)

0010    "1939 Old Folks."

0011    Hazel Baker Denton, 1952. (portrait)

0012    Hazel Baker Denton (portrait) (n.d.)

0013    "L-R: Aileen, Geneva, Hazel B. and Ethel Andrews-Nampa, Idaho-July3. Taken at Ethel's home after luncheon, 1958."

0014    L-R: Hazel, son Lewis, husband Floyd (?) taken at Hiko, NV, 1950.

0015    Hazel Denton and son Lewis Aug. 1950.

0016    Miscellaneous snapshots of Lewis Denton and friend, taken at Hiko, NV and Irish Mountain Aug. 1950. Shows old cabin, landmarks, etc. Also shows Hazel's father's mill remains.
School Activities

0017    "Caliente School Staff 1931-31. Golden Hollingshead, Juanita Wilson, Eula Jacobson, Lillian Gentry-Barnum, Hazel B. Denton, Frank R. Wilcox, Principal."

0018    Mrs. Hazel Denton and her class, 2nd and 3rd grades, 1934-35. (names on back of photo)

0019    Mrs. Hazel Denton and her class, 1933-34.

0020    Mrs. Hazel Denton and her 4th grade class, 1940-41. (names on back of photo)

0021    Mrs. Hazel Denton and her 4th grade class, 1940-41. (names on back of photo)

0022    Hazel Denton poses with her elementary school students. (n.d.)

0023    Caliente Grade School Band. (n.d.)

0024    Lincoln County High School Band. (n.d.)

0025    Spring 4th Grade Art Exhibit. Teacher Hazel Denton at right. (1950)

0026    "Art Exhibit 2nd Grade Caliente Apr. 16, 1935."

0027    Basketball team 1942.


0028    Minnie Baker with her two children. (portrait) (n.d.)

0029    "Brother Ralph's Ralph Baker and Bert's little Eliane at Fish Lake." [Ralph Baker was Hazel's brother]

0030    " 'Minnie Ma' and Geneva in backyard of house where Lewis was born 1917."

0031    "Dad at Butler grave."

0032    "Floyd, Mother Denton, 'Toots' and Kalie 1916. Old James Denler Hotel background." [Floyd was Hazel's husband.]

0033    "Easter Panaca Summit Frank, Millie, Grandma DeFriez, Dad sometime in the '30s."

0034    "In front of Floyd's place, Caliente 1938 (Autumn). Lewis, Don, Cassie, Floyd."

0035    "1936 Our first baby goats."

0036    "My 'Rainbow Chalet' winter of 1935-36. Mrs. Mariger and Pixie in foreground."

0037    "Mr. Mariger, Ralph, Mrs. Mariger May 1937."

0038    "Ralph, Mr. Mariger, 'Bologny.'"

0039    "Shorty Bosh, Dad."

0040    Betty Jeanne Denton 1 years old. Hazel & Floyd Denton's daughter.)

0041    "Aunt Cassie July 15- - '50."

0042    L-R: Kalie, Lewis, Ralph 1931. (Kalie was Denton's housekeeper.)

0043    "Betty making mud pies, etc." Denton's daughter.]

0044    "Deck Tawny and Ralph" [Ralph was Denton's son.]

0045    "Miss Betty Jeanne Denton Xmas morning 1925."

0046    "Lewis 1920." [Lewis Denton, Hazel's son.]

0047    "Nelson's Ralph 2 yrs. Prince Mine 1914."

0048    "Our 'lady" starts to school. Taken the morning she started, Sept. 9, 1935." [Probably Denton's daughter.]

0049    "Corner Main and McKinley Caliente summer '55." [children playing in the water]

0050    "Caliente's neighborhood, youngsters after a surprise rain 1955."

0051    "Ralph & Lewis 1939." [the Dentons' sons.]

0052    "Lewis, Ralph, Jerry, winter 1932."

0053    "Ralph and Suzanne Adele Eubank Lake Tahoe, NV- June 1943." [Ralph Denton, Hazel's son.]

0054    "Lincoln County High School Orchestra 1940-41, Ralph drums."

0055    "Our Ethel, Spring '40."

0056    "Easter at Crystal 1938."

0057    "At the Washington Zoo July '47 3 Dentons." Hazel Denton, center, with her two sons.]

0058    Lewis W. Denton, Hazel's son. (n.d.)

0059    "L-R: Ralph Denton, John Scandling, John Barber out for a weekend of hell raising."

0060    Ralph Denton in military uniform.

0061    "Donald Whitesitt- President, Mars. Kelly Assistant Treasurer, Lewis Denton Treasurer, Social Security Federal Credit Union. This picture was taken in Fall, 1955."
Miscellaneous People and Places

0062    Mrs. Don (Margaret) Perchetti, first postmistress at the new mining town of Tempiute, Lincoln County, NV.

0063    "Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dula, Caliente, in 1952. Both have passed on. Mrs. Dula was the first white woman to live in Delamar. The Dulas built the first home there."

0064    "Oddfellow LodgeDay at the old Delamar Cemetery. Extreme left, Mike Phelps, Caliente; fourth to the right, Bill Cook, Caliente. One unit of cemetery fence repair. Summer of '53."

0065    Sheriff's office 1948.

0066    "Breaking ground for new Standard station Oct. '55." [Caliente?]

0067    New Caliente fire truck with firemen, from left, Larry Easton, Donald Phillips, Jay Wilden, and Ronald Rose.

0068    Cornelius Hotel, Caliente, NV, in process of face-lift. Nov. 25, 1953.

0069    Panaca Grammar School, 1949.

0070    Eastside Bar Virginia City, NV (interior). The famous crystal.

0071    Indian writings at foot of Mt. Irish, Lincoln County, NV.

0072    "Cathedral Gorge" NV. (postcard)

0073    "Cathedral Gorge" in Eastern NV. (postcard)

0074    "Spike Camp '55. Caliente. Right foreground wood brought in from the hills for nightly camp fire."

0075    Cozy Cafe. (Caliente?)

0076    N.J. Wadsworth and Sons, General Store.

0077    "Caliente L.D.S. 45th of July float '52."

0078    Unidentified house.

0079    Unidentified house

0080    Hoover dam downstream face.

0081    View of top of Hoover Dam.

0082    Mesquite Club, Las, NV. (n.d.)

0083    Elko Twentieth Century Club, Elko, NV. (n.d.)

0084    Reno Twentieth Century Club, Reno, NV. (n.d.)

0085    Yerington Women's Club Yerington, NV. (n.d.)

0086    Envelope containing miscellaneous unidentified photos.

0087    Envelope containing miscellaneous unidentified photos.

0088    Envelope containing miscellaneous unidentified photos.