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Del Webb Corporation Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:D, PC Negatives Box 19, PC Slides Binder 07, MC MS 01:G

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Collection Contents:
0001    Downtown Las Vegas - Mint Motel and Hotel Fremont. (1970s?) Looks like a parade to kick off the annual Mint 400, an off-road race sponsored by the Mint.

0002    Exterior of the Mint Hotel, built in downtown Las Vegas in 1964.

0003    Exterior view of the Mint Hotel, showing parking garage.

0004    Coffee shop in the Mint Hotel, downtown Las Vegas.

0005    Interior view of the beauty salon in Mint Hotel, downtown Las Vegas.

0006    Casino in the Mint Hotel, downtown Las Vegas.

0007    Room in the Mint Hotel - possibly the lounge.

0008    Room in the Mint Hotel - possibly the lounge.

0009    Rendering of the Mint Hotel addition, Las Vegas, NV. Architect was Martin Stern Jr. & Associates.

0010    Construction of the Mint Hotel addition, Las Vega, NV. Photo taken first day of construction, 2-18-63.

0011    Construction photo taken first day of the Mint Hotel addition project, 2-18-63.

0012    Addition to Mint Hotel, during construction. (4-18-63) Beginning of high-rise can be seen behind parking garage, adjacent to existing Mint.

0013    High-rise addition to Mint Hotel nearing completion. (11-18-64)

0014    Construction photo - Mint Hotel.

0015    The Mint Hotel before the high-rise addition was built. (prior to 1964)

0016    Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson cutting a cake in the shape of a craps table. Man wearing hat next to him is Sam Boyd, gen. mgr. Of the Mint. The occasion may have been the grand opening of the addition to the Mint. (1965)

0017    Showgirls stand next to cake in the shape of the Mint Hotel's new addition. Probably the Hotel's grand opening, 1965.

0018    L-R: Former Nevada Gov. Grant Sawyer, Sam Boyd, Burt Lancaster (?).

0019    Unidentified Mint Hotel executive.

0020    "Miss Mint 400" being introduced in front of the Mint Hotel. People unidentified. Was promotion for Mint 400 off-road race.

0021    Car used in Mint Hotel promotion. (people not id'd)

***Note: Numbers 0022 to 0090 are SLIDES. They are housed in R33:3-R33:9.

Downtown Casinos

0022    Horseshoe.

0023    Hotel Nevada.

0024    Lady Luck.

0025    Holiday International.

0026    Golden Nugget.

0027    El Cortez.

0028    Four Queens

0029    Las Vegas Club

0030    Orbit Inn.


***Note: Numbers 0022 to 0090 are SLIDES. They are housed in R33:3-R33:9.

Downtown Casinos (cont'd)

0031    Sassy Sally

0032    Silver Star

0033    Sundance

0034    Union Plaza

0035    Video Corral

0036    Golden Nugget

0037    Friendly Club

0038    Golden Gate

0039    Golden Goose

0040    Coin Castle

0041    Club Bingo

0042    California Hotel

Mint Hotel Advertising

0043    Mint billboard

0044    Mint billboard

0045    Mint billboard

0046    Mint billboard

0047    Mint billboard

0048    Print media, major promotion.

0049    Print media

0050    Print media

0051    Print media

0052    Print media

0053    Print media

0054    Print media

0055    Print media

0056    Print media

0057    Print media

0058    Print media

0059    Print media

0060    Print media

0061    Print media

0062    Print media

0063    Print media

0064    Print media

0065    Print media

0066    Print media


***Note: Numbers 0022 to 0090 are SLIDES. They are housed in R33:3-R33:9.

Mint Hotel Advertising (cont'd)

0067    Print media


0068    Fremont Street. (1960s)

0069    Fremont Street at night (looking west) (1960s)

0070    Mint Hotel (1965 or later)

0071    Union Plaza Hotel

0072    Mint billboard

Mint Hotel Employees

0073    Security personnel - Mint Hotel

0074    Keno Runner - Mint Hotel

0075    Bellman at Mint Hotel

0076    Bus personnel at Mint Hotel

0077    Cocktail waitress at Mint Hotel

0078    Mint employees

0079    Model posing next to Mint 400 car

0080    People standing by craps table - Mint Hotel

Mint Hotel - Departments & Activities

0081    Skye Room Restaurant at Mint Hotel

0082    Skye Room Restaurant at Mint Hotel

0083    Guests in Mint Hotel (restaurant or lounge)

0084    Shooting range?

0085    People on shooting range?

0086    Shooting range?

0087    Somewhere behind the scenes in Mint Hotel

0088    Chart - 1983 - Mint Hotel estimated gross revenue

0089    Mint Hotel organizational chart

0090    Chart - 1983 - Mint Hotel gross revenue

Additions to collection (OVERSIZE prints)

0091    Original office of the Del E. Webb Construction Company located on Ninth Street, Phoenix, Ariz. (late 1920s - early 1930s)


Additions to collection (OVERSIZE prints) (cont'd)

0092    Del E. Webb, part-owner of the Yankee Baseball Team, (left) with Mickey Mantle, Yankee baseball player. Webb himself played on minor league baseball teams in California in earlier years. (1940s-1950s)

0093    Opening ceremonies for permanent headquarters at Fort Ord, Calif., May 17, 1952. L-R: Major General Robert McClure, post commandant; Del E. Webb; Deputy Defense Sec'y William C. Foster.

0094    Sun City's entrant in the Indianapolis 500, 1961. It took third place. Del E. Webb at left.

0095    Pilot Bob Vinson (left) confers with Del Webb on flight plans in front of the company's twin-engine Beech craft. (1960s)