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Ernie W. and Lucille Marleau Cragin Photograph Collection

Location: RS 1.5.4, PC 02:A, PC Negatives Box 04, PC Slides Binder 01, MC MS 01:B

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Collection Contents:
Folder 17-1

Early Las Vegas

01    Big Spring [?]

02    Clark's train thru Las Vegas, probably 1906

03    Train in Las Vegas (same as Wilson 0014 0222). Probably late 1920's

Street scenes, ca. 1910 (dupl. In other collections; may be RR photos)

04    Las Vegas Station, early view

05    North First, looking south from Arizona Club

06    EL Patio Hotel between Ogden and Fremont on 2nd.

07    Ogden, rt. To let, 2nd St. looking s.e.

08    3rd St. Ogden at right looking east

09    Fremont Street ( snow scene)

Air planes, air service

10    Initiation of air mail contract, April 17, 1926

11    Western Air Express plane

12    Unident. Pilot and woman by Boeing open cockpit bi plane

13    Group of Las Vegas people including Lucille Cragin in front of plane

El Portal Theatre

14    Beginning of construction

15    Midway through construction

16    Construction nearly complete

17    Interior, fully lit

18    Interior, stage lit

19    Charleston Boulevard

20    Charleston catty corner from hospital; Mr. Pike's cotton (these are roses not cotton)


21    Swimming hole (Ladd's Resort?)

22    Outfitted swimmers at swimming hole

23    Two swimmers: Totie Woods; Seely Cragin

Later Las Vegas

El Portal

24    Mr. Reynolds, Ernie Cragin on balcony of El Portal, Fremont ST. in distance.

25    Advertising auto, Paramount Wee, in front of theatre

26    Advertising car, close up Shirley Temple cut out

27    TWA plane and spectators

28    Artesian well at Cragin home


29    Jail, Kangaroo Court

30    First Helldorado, group in rented costumes

31    Costumed group featuring Cragins at Apache Hotel

32    Horseback rider in parade (Swiss Village Restaurant in background)

33    Seely Cragin in Desert Love Buggy (Fremont Street)

34    Ernie Cragin in Desert Love Buggy

35    Ernie and Seely Cragin and Gov. Carville in Helldorado costume

Folder 17-2

Rodeos (probably Helldorado)

36    Rider Conrad T. Nordenstrom

37    Unident. Rider (photos shot by Cragin's son, Marleau , at old rodeo

38    Unident. Rider grounds near present Post Office, 3rd and Stewart)

39    Unident. Rider

40    Unident. Rider

41    Unident. Rider

42    Unident. Rider

43    Unident. Rider

44    Unident. Rider

Military (most probably at LV Army Air Gunnery School, now Nellis AFB

45    E.W Cragin, Maj. Charleston, Congressman Bunker in front of plane

46    Lt. Col. Kidd, Mayor Cragin, Col. Mason, Bunker, Lt. Col. Cook in front of Las Vegas Army Gunnery School headquarters

47    LVAAF Air Crew briefing before mission

48    Las Vegas "old timers" at Nellis

49    Groundbreaking

50    Civilians and military in front of building , probably Nellis

51    Cragin and military brass, Key [?], or Vail [?], Pittman

52    Cragin and military brass

53    Cragin and military brass

54    Banquet, civilians and military

Boulder City

55    View of portion of residential area

Colorado River, Boulder (Hoover) Dam

56    Wooden boat on river

57    Fishing , Walter Bates , Ernie Cragin

58    Merle Emery ferry, close-up

59    Merle Emery ferry in distance

60    River ferry

61    River ferry in distance

62    River and Fortification Mountain in distance

63    Black Canyon

64    Ragtown

65    Marleau Cragin taking picture of dam under construction

66    Close-up of #65


67    "Train to Tonopah" is caption. Probably Tonopah & Tidewater near Beatty.

Macon, Georgia

68    Cotton Field, Nov. 1918

South Pacific

69    Military men and sign for Las Vegas City Limits, 63336 mi., Ernie Cragin, Mayor

Unidentified location

70    Holiday celebration

71    Holiday celebration

Folder 17-3


72    Wedding Day, Ernie and Lucille Cragin, Oct, 3, 1917, in Pike auto

73    Son Marleau and Mrs. Cragin

74    Marleau and Marjory Gusewelle (Phillips)

75    Cragin's sister Bernice and Mrs. Cragin

76    Art and Alta Ham

77    Bust of Patrick McCarran

78    Patrick McCarran listening to Greenspun discussing McCarthy

79    Margaret Newton and baby, William J.

80    Bill Pike and group in electric car.

81    Bill Pike and group in electric cars.

82    Mrs. Schuyler (Ruth Cahlan's aunt) unident. Lady and Mrs. Cragin

83    Group in car including M/M Ralph Thomas , Bill Pike, Bess and Mr. Pembroke, Dr. Martin

84    Uniformed person (Dr. J. Martie), Mayor Cragin and Governor Vail Pittman

85    Group including Art and Alta Ham, Ernie and Seely Cragin

86    Seely Cragin and Lee Wallace in costume (may be Helldorado related. Lee Wallace was first Helldorado queen)

87    Ladies including Billie Yates, Seely Cragin, Mrs. Sam (Floss) Lawson

88    Las Vegas Sorority

89    Wedding party at Cragin home including "Doc"Sorenson, Rev. Harold Broughton, Sorensen's two daughters

90    Wedding party at Cragin home, James and Donna Henri, and Cragins

91    Men's organization including Cragin, Archie Grant

92    Panel including Bob Moore , Reed Whipple , Mayor Cragin, Bill Peccole, Wendell Bunker

93    Ritz Brothers

94    Humanitarian Award Banquet, Variety Clubs International, including Art Ham, SR.

95    Presentation by Cragin to unident. Nevada Governor

96    Group photo of above event including Clifford and Okabelle Jones

97    Men's banquet including Archie Grant, Bob Griffith , Cragin

98    Presentation by Cragin to unident. Man

99    Cragins and dinner party including Kamil A. Rahim , Ambassador of Egypt

100    Cragins and unident. Dinner party

101    Yellow Pine Mining Co. flat car with people at Goodsprings. May be same group as shown in Squires Album 4.27

102    Unident. Group in western attire including E.W. Cragin

103    Dorothy Smith Variety club , Seely Cragin in western attire on bucking steer and bronco (appear to be fake animals)

104    Group at Variety Club International Convention Banquet, London, including Art and Alta Ham, Rex Bell

105    Same convention, formal Banquet

106    Party goers around table at event given by Cork Bryant, including Pittman and Seely Cragin

107    Six Companies , LV businessmen, Boulder City (dup. in Cashman Collection) (OVERSIZE)