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Photo Collections Record

Beda Cornwall Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:B, PC Negatives Box 16, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:
Early Photos

0001    C. Norman Cornwall

0002    Souvenir photo taken at Hotel Last Frontier, Las Vegas, Nevada. C. Norman Cornwall (far right); Beda Cornwall (second from right). Rest of people not identified. Man second from left installed elevators in hotels. [c. mid 1940's]

0003    Ash Meadows Motel Ash Meadows, Nevada. (2-13-48)

0004    C. Norman Cornwall (right) presenting thank-you certificate to Horace Height (of "Horace Height and his Musical Knights") Biltmore Hotel, Las Vegas, 1948 or 1949.

0005    Horace Height (left) and C. Norman Cornwall, Biltmore Hotel, Ls Vegas, Nevada. (1948 or 1949)

0006    C. Norman and Beda Cornwall (couple at right). Taken at a Lions function.

0007    L-R: Beda Cornwall and Dick King. [Lions Convention in Tahoe?]

0008    Beda Cornwall (second from right). [c. 1950's?]

0009    Beda Cornwall (left) no date.

0010    Beda Cornwall (6th from left in foreground) [c. 1940's?]

0011    L-R: C. Norman Cornwall and his son Billy. Billy shot the bear on a Wyoming hunting trip. (May 1952)

0012    C. Norman Cornwall.

0013    C. Norman Cornwall (front) on hunting trip c. 1950's.

Service Organizations & Civic Groups

0014    L-R: Wilbur Clark, President of Desert Inn Hotel and Casino, and Beda Cornwall. (1952) Wilbur Clark presents for display at the Las Vegas Public Library a copy of The White House Gallery of Official Portraits of the Presidents. The book was published in 1904 in a limited edition of 3000 copies, and once belonged to J. Ross Clark, a distant relative of Wilbur Clark.

0015    Census contest to raise money for the Las Vegas Public Library building. (May 1950) L-R: J. Stuart Hassett, contest publicity chairman; Beda Cornwall, president of the Citizens Library Association; Fred L. Beeman, contest chairman.

0016    Citizens Library Association 1952. Standing, L-r: K.O. Knudson, Paul McDermott, Cyril Wengert, Clesse Turner, Harry Manente, Milton Keefer, and Sherwin Garside (2nd vice pres.). Seated, L-R: Peggy Petrie, Leona Ault, Nellie Bunch, Beda Cornwall (pres.), Laura Belle Kelch (sec'y), and Reba McKinster (head librarian).

0017    Clark County Sheriff's Posse arrives in Washington, D.C. to ride in Dwight D. Eisenhower's inaugural parade. (1952) (C. Norman Cornwall is seventh from bottom.)

0018    Clark County Sheriff's Posse. Front, kneeling, is Butch Leypoldt. C. Norman Cornwall is in third row, third from left. Sen. George Malone (Sen. From Nevada) is in the back row, third from left. Mrs. George Malone is pictured also.

0019    Clark County sheriff's Posse (Washington, D.C., 1952). C. Norman Cornwall is third from right. Mrs. George Malone, seated at desk. Sen. George Malone standing seventh from right. (He was U.S. Senator from Nevada.)

0020    C. Norman Cornwall. [c. 1950's]

0021    C. Norman Cornwall. [c. 1950's]

0022    William H. Kelsey, head of the Las Vegas Aerie of Eagles, presents a check for $231 for the library building fund to Mrs. C.N. Cornwall, chairman of the fund. At left is Mrs. Reba McKinster, librarian. The check was the proceeds from a dance given by the Eagles.

0023    C. Norman Cornwall, second from left. (Photo taken in San Diego, CA.)

0024    Boulder Vegas Shriners Club. C. Norman Cornwall, standing, 4th from right.

0025    Lions Club dinner. C. Norman Cornwall opposite podium; his wife Beda Cornwall seated next to him. (c. 1950's)

0026    Lions Club meeting C. Norman Cornwall at microphone. (c. 1950's)

0027    Lions Club '49ers: C. Norman Cornwall in front. (c. 1950's)

0028    Lions Club '49ers: C. Norman Cornwall at right. (c. 1950's)

0029    Lions Club '49ers: C. Norman Cornwall, center . (c. 1950's)

0030    Lions Club function -- C. Norman Cornwall at left. (c. 1950's)

0031    Lions Club function -- C. Norman Cornwall, right. (c. 1950's)

0032    C. Norman Cornwall, left, at a Lions Club function in the 1950's. (Other men not identified.)

0033    Lions Club meeting C. Norman Cornwall at left. (c. 1950's)

0034    C. Norman Cornwall (left) at Lions Club function. (c. 1950's)

0035    Unidentified man at Lions Club meeting. (c. 1950's)

0036    Unidentified woman at Lions Club event in the 1950's

0037    Lions Club dinner: C. Norman Cornwall at left. (c. 1950's)

0038    C. Norman Cornwall, right. (Lions Club function 1950's)

0039    Lions Club event C. Norman Cornwall, center. (c. 1950's)

0040    Las Vegas Valley Water District officials (c. 1955). L-R: standing, Dir. Raymond E. Thorn, General Mgr. William C. Renshaw, Pres. Thomas Campbell, Director Harry Miller, Dir. C. Norman Cornwall. L-R: sitting, Secretary Mary Jean Barozzi, Dir. William Rosevear, Dir. S.R. Dubravac, Dir. G. William Coulthard.

0041    C. Norman Cornwall, left.

0042    Las Vegas Public Library. (Built in 1952) postcard. Located in Squires Park, 400 East Mesquite Street.

0043    Las Vegas Public Library November 1954.

0044    Las Vegas Public Library third anniversary open house. (1955) L-R: (1) Unidentified; (2) Reba McKinster, librarian; (3) Lillian Fleury (?); (4) Beda Cornwall; (5) Mrs. Ernest King; (6) unidentified.

0045    Las Vegas Public Library third anniversary open house. (1955) L-R: (1) Lillian Fleury (?); (2) unidentified; (3) Reba McKinster, librarian.

0046    Book drop in front of Las Vegas Public Library. (Book return was purchased by Library Board, 1955.) L-R: Milton Keefer; Laura Belle Kelch (who was married to Maxwell Kelch, owner-manager of Radio KENO); Leona Ault; Nellie Bunch; Clesse Turner; Beda Cornwall; Reba McKinster, librarian, holding books (1-15-1900 9-20-1959); Al Cahlan; and Paul McDermott.

0047    C. Norman Cornwall pictured at far right. (Rest of group unidentified.)

0048    C Norman Cornwall, at left a Lions Club function in 1956.

Los Rancheros Visitadores

***This group of photos show the progress of the national riding group, Los Rancheros Visitadores, on their trek from Santa Barbara, California to the Santa Ynez Valley, may 5-12, 1956.

0049    National riding group, Los Rancheros Visitadores, on their trek from Santa Barbara, California to the Santa Ynez Valley, may 5-12, 1956. c. Norman Cornwall, third from left.

0050    Los Rancheros Visitadores on their trek from Santa Barbara, California to the Santa Ynez Valley, may 5-12, 1956.

0051    C. Norman Cornwall on trek from Santa Barbara, California to the Santa Ynez Valley. (left) (1956)

0052    Los Rancheros Visitadores, national riding group somewhere in California. (May 1956) C. Norman Cornwall, seated far left.

0053    C. Norman Cornwall, far right, riding with Los Rancheros Visitadores. (May 1856)

0054    C. Norman Cornwall, far right. (May 1956 somewhere in California.)

0055    C. Norman Cornwall, seated second from left. Pictured with national riding group. Los Rancheros Visitadores. (May 1956)

0056    Los Rancheros Visitadores enroute from Santa Barbara, CA. TO Santa Ynez Valley. (May 1956)

0057    Horsemen fording a stream. C. Norman Cornwall, left foreground; F.E. Scott, right foreground.

0058    Several members of Los Rancheros Visitadores: Clockwise, from left, (1) F.E. Scott; (2) c. Norman Cornwall; (3) Jimmy Schuyler (?); rest are not identified. (May 1956)

0059    Los Rancheros Visitadores somewhere in California, May 1956. C. Norman Cornwall, bottom left of photo, facing camera.

0060    C. Norman Cornwall, left, on trek from Santa Barbara to Santa Ynez Valley, California.(May 1956)

Later Civic Activities

0061    Clark County Sheriff's Posse. (1957) C. Norman Cornwall standing, behind and to left of woman.

0062    Dedication of Home of the Good Shepherd, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 22, 1966. Governor Grant Sawyer, at microphone. Front row, L-R: (1) unidentified priest; (2) Bishop Dwyer; (3) rev. Tally Jarrett; (4) Beda Cornwall; (5) Peggy Gambarana. Mother Mary De Lourdes in background.

Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV

0063    Beda Cornwall Reception Special Collections, UNLV, Nov. 17, 1978. Seated, left to right: Nellie Bunch and Clarabelle Decker. Standing, left to right: (1J.A. Tiberti (2) Beda Cornwall (3) Laura Belle Kelch (4) Sherwin "Scoop" Garside. (All except Clarabelle Decker were members of Board of Directors of Citizens Library Association.)

0064    Beda Cornwall Reception Special Collections, UNLV, Nov. 17, 1978. L-R: (1) blanche Zucker (2) Beda Cornwall (3) Seymour Newmark (4) Florence Mlynarczyk (5) Melina Cristostomo (6) Shirley Allison.

0065    Former members Citizens Library Association. Beda Cornwall Reception and Clarabelle Decker. Standing, L-R: (1) J.A. Tiberti (2) Beda Cornwall (3) Laura Belle Kelch (4) Sherwin "Scoop" Garside (5) Harold Erickson (6) Anna Dean Kepper.

0066    Beda Cornwall Reception in Special Collections (UNLV), Nov. 17, 1978. UNLV President Brock Dixon congratulates Beda Cornwall.

0067    Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV Special Collections (11-17-78). L-R: Blanche Zucker, Flo Mlynarczyk, and Hal Erickson.

0068    Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV Special Collections Nov. 17, 1978. Former members of the Citizens Library Association: L-R: J.A. Tiberti; Beda Cornwall; Nellie Bunch (seated, green); Laura Belle Kelch; Clarabelle Decker (seated); Sherwin "Scoop" Garside; Hal Erickson.

0069    Beda Cornwall Reception in UNLV Special Collections (11-17-78). Guests not identified.

0070    Beda Cornwall Reception (11-17-78). L-R: Alice Brown; unidentified; Dorothy Winter; Nellie Bunch; Beda Cornwall.

0071    Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV Special Collections Nov. 17, 1978. L-R: J.A. Tiberti; Beda Cornwall; unidentified.

0072    Beda Cornwall Reception (11-17-78). L-R: Jack Gardner; unidentified; Alice Brown.

0073    Beda Cornwall Reception (11-17-78). L-R: Oran Gragson, and Sherwin "Scoop" Garside.

0074    Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV Special Collections (11-17-78). L-R: Alice Brown, Dorothy Winter, and Ralph Roske.

0075    Beda Cornwall Reception November 17, 1978. Anna Dean Kepper.

0076    Beda Cornwall Reception UNLV Special Collections (11-17-78). L-R: (1) unidentified. (2) Flo Mlynarczyk.