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Coons, David

Early Las Vegas

1    Early Fremont Street , Las Vegas

2    "Las Vegas High School burning"

Nevada Arden

3    Arden Plaster Co. mill building

4    Southwest view of Arden

5    Arden Plaster

6    Southwest view of Arden , Nevada

7    Underground tank at right of Union Pacific Line. U.P. Section House and Station House visible in distance.

8    Arden Plaster Mill narrow gauge railroad

9    Arden Plaster Co. railroad locomotive

10    Men in gypsum rock formation, Spring Mts. Arden District, Nevada

11    Gypsum rock formation in Spring Mtns. Arden district of Clark County Nevada

Railroads (Nevada and California)

12    Postcard, Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad Depot, Dec. 7, 1907, Goldfield, Nevada

13    San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake locomotive no. 3649. at Las Vegas"

14    Bullfrog-Goldfield after collision with southbound Tonopah & Tidewater passenger train.        

15    B&G no. 13, August 15, 1908 after wreck with T&T passenger southbound at Evelyn, California.

16    "Las Vegas & Tonopah no.4 at Goldfield Engine House after explosion October 10, 1911"

17    "LV&T no. 4 at Goldfield Engine House after explosion October 10, 1911

18    "Ludlow Yard (1912) of T&T. Santa Fe mainline thru center, Ludlow &Southern at

         top right (smoke plume)"

19    "Two-foot gauge ("Baby Gauge") at the Borax Mine, Ryan, California"

20    "LV&T R.R. Station Goldfield, NV. Later used by B-G R.R. 1920"

21    Goldfield, NV ca. 1920

22    "Ryan , California, showing Death Valley R.R. ore bins, before 1928"

23    Unidentified worker standing in front of LV&T Stations, Goldfield, NV

24    "T&T" no. 7 at Death Valley Junction, 1934, heading south."

25    "LV&T no. 4 on North Western Pacific, at Sausalito, Ca. May 29, 1939

26    "LV&T no.8 on North Western pacific , Santa Rosa, Cal. Sept. 22, 1939

27    "LV&T no 27 on San Diego-Arizona &Eastern at San Diego about 1939"

28    T&T no. 1 at Death valley Junction Feb. 12, 1940


Railroads (cont.)

29    T&T no. 7 at Death Valley Junction, 1940

30    T&T no.7 at Death Valley Junction, 1940

31    T&T boxcar no. 117 at Death Valley Junction, 1940

32    T&T bunkcar no. 508 (Originally from Main -Central)at Death Valley Junction, 1940. Car is now in Virginia City, NV.

33    T&T hopper no. 600 at Death Valley Junction, 1940

34    T&T boxcar no. 130 at Death Valley Junction, 1940

35    T&T no. 9 at Barstow , Calif. 1945. on way to scrap dealers.

36    Pioche Pacific 2-6-0 no.2 at Jackrabbit, Nev. 1949

37    T&T water tower at Beatty, NV, 1956

38    "T&T" water tower at Beatty, NV 1956

39    T&T oil tank, Death Valley Junction, 1956.

40    T&T freight house, Shoshone, California, ca, 1956

41    T&T freight house, Shoshone, California, ca 1956

42    T&T gas-electric no. 99 hauling sleeper toward Cucero on Union pacific R.R.

43    T&T no. 312 water car at Death Valley Junction.

44    T&T water car no. 302 at Death Valley Junction.

45    T&T caboose no. 210. This was apparently built from boxcar used at a cam car in the 1920s.

46    T&T boxcar, at Ludlow. B-G tender (Probably from no. 13) in background"

47    T&T boxcar, abandoned 1940 at Baker, California

48    "RPO (railroad post office) stamp from railroad post office car, either LV&T or B-G"

49    RPO stamp from railroad post office car, either LV&T or B-G"


50    Tentatively identified as Tonopah & Goldfield Station in Goldfield, Nevada, [confirmed by David Garcia 1-26-90]

51    T&G station in Goldfield