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Photo Collections Record

Donald M. Clark Photograph Collection

Location: PC 04:A, PC Negatives Box 07

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Collection Contents:
Doolittle Pool

0001    Unidentified children

0002    Unidentified children

0003    Unidentified children

0004    Unidentified children

0005    Unidentified children with Donald Clark

Summer Outing Program

0006    Donald Clark with unidentified boys at lake.

0007    Donald Clark with unidentified children at lake

0008    Donald Clark with unidentified children at lake

0009    Donald Clark with unidentified children at lake

0010    Unidentified children at lake.

0011    Unidentified children at lake

0012    Unidentified children at lake

0013    Unidentified children at lake

0014    Unidentified children at lake

0015    Unidentified children at lake

0016    Unidentified children at lake

0017    Unidentified children at lake

0018    Unidentified children at lake

0019    Unidentified children at lake

0020    Unidentified children at lake

0021    Unidentified children at museum

0022    Unidentified children at museum

0023    Unidentified children in town.

Folder 87-2

Conference Workshop (?), unidentified

0024    Small group of people talking.

0025    Person speaking.

0026    Unidentified persons talking.


Conference Workshop (?), unidentified (cont.)

0027    Unidentified persons talking.

0028    Unidentified persons talking.

0029    Unidentified persons talking.

0030    Unidentified persons talking.

0031    Unidentified speaker

0032    Unidentified speaker

0033    Unidentified persons talking.

0034    Unidentified persons talking.

0035    Unidentified persons talking.

0036    Unidentified speaker

0037    Unidentified speaker

0039    Unidentified speaker

0040    Unidentified speaker

0041    Unidentified speaker

0042    Unidentified persons talking

0043    Unidentified persons talking

0044    Conference Area

0045    Conference Area

0046    Unidentified speaker

0047    Unidentified persons playing cards.

0048    Unidentified person drinking beer

0049    Unidentified speaker

0050    Unidentified speaker

0051    Unidentified persons.


0052    Coruth Hall, James Cox, J. Shaw.

0053    Donald Clark, Charles Kellar, William (Bob) Bailey.

0054    Grant Sawyer, Robert "Moon" Mullins, Donald Clark in Civil Rights Meeting.

0055    Bishop C.C. Cox presiding at 2nd Baptist.

0056    Joe Frazier with unidentified girl

0057    Althea T.L. Simmons and Carrie Stewart.

0058    Donald Clark, ca. 1956.

0059    Donald Clark, Mahalia Jackson and unidentified man.

0060    Donald Clark, Charles Kellar, Joe Williams at El Capitan.

0061    Louise Clark and Elizabeth Nelson Patrick; the deposit of Donald M. Clark papers.

0062    Louise Clark and Elizabeth Nelson Patrick, the deposit of Donald M. Clark papers.