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Olson, Vernon C. - Howard Hughes Collection

Collection Contents:

Vernon C. Olson served as a public and private accountant for Howard Hughes. He began working for Hughes in Culver City, CA, but moved to Las Vegas in 1973 to help manage Hughes' hotels. He served as Senior Vice President for the Hughes Corporation and later on the Board of Directors for the Summa Corporation. He retired after working for Hughes for 46 years. Mr. Olson had three children with his wife JoAnn. He passed away in Henderson, NV on May 30, 2012.


Gift of Paul and Melinda Osterman, 2013

Collection Scope and Content Note:

This collection is comprised of 1,249 black and white photographs of Howard Hughes and his various aeronautical endeavors (1936-1947).

The photographs capture several major events for Howard Hughes, including his "Around the World Flight" in 1938 (i.e., New York City, Paris, Moscow, Anchorage, Minneapolis, and New York City again), Spruce Goose and XF-11, and his testimony before the Senate War Investigating Committee on August 6, 1947.

The photographs were collected from a variety of sources, such as "Daily News" and "Press Association, Inc.", but were organized into a collection by the Hughes Corporation. Photographs labeled 0-163 were not provided as part of this acquisition.

Folder 1: 164 - 204

= Howard Hughes with various planes in 1936.    Picture of the plane Northrop Gamma.

Folder 2: 205-298

= Pictures of Howard Hughes with various planes. Howard Hughes out for dinner. Cross-section of various planes. Hughes Racer (1937), various women.

Folder 3: 257-298

=     H-1 plane, Howard Hughes photos, Howard Hughes with President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Folder 4: 299-342

= Airplane assembly. Drawings of various airplane cross-sections.

Folder 5: 343 - 399

= Lockheed 14 airplane photos. Preparing Lockheed 14 for trip from New York City to Paris, France. Skyline photos of New York City with Lockheed 14 flying in the foreground.

Folder 6: 400-456

= Howard Hughes and his crew at Floyd Bennett Airport before leaving for Paris and beginning his around the world trip in 1938.    News crews following the around the world event. Lockheed 14 airplane arriving in Paris in July 1938. Lockheed 14 leaving Paris for Moscow in July 1938.

Folder 7:    457-491

= 1938 photos of the Around the World Flight in Paris, Moscow, Fairbanks, Alaska

Folder 8:    492-540

=    1938 photos of the Around the World Flight in Minneapolis and New York

Folder 9: 541-599

=    Photos of crowds waiting to see Howard Hughes arrive at Floyd Bennett Field in New York. Photos of Howard Hughes surrounded by crowds.

Folder 10: 600-642

= Photos of Howard Hughes and crew in New York City (1938), parade photos for Howard Hughes after he completed his around the world flight in New York.

Folder 11: 643-674

= Parade for Howard Hughes in New York City in 1938

Folder 12: 675-731

= Parade for Howard Hughes in New York City in 1938, photos of Howard Hughes in crowd

Folder 13: 732-776

= Photos of Howard Hughes in a parade with New York City Mayor La Guardia, Howard Hughes in Washington, DC (1938)

Folder 14: 777-823

= Howard Hughes in Chicago parade to celebrate his around the world trip (1938).

Folder 15: 824-873

= Howard Hughes and his plane in Los Angeles after his around the world trip (1938). Howard Hughes in Texas for a parade and award ceremony (1938).

Folder 16: 874-907

= Photos of Howard Hughes, Howard Hughes surrounded by newspaper men in Los Angeles (1938), Howard Hughes with Los Angeles Mayor Frank L. Shaw and California Governor Frank Merriam (1938)

Folder 17: 908-949

=    Howard Hughes visiting Seattle and New York (1938-1939), pictures of Howard Hughes plane the Stratoliner in Glendale, CA (1939)

Folder 18: 950-987

= Stratoliner photos in Gledale, CA (1939), Howard Hughes on the set of the movie Outlaw, Outlaw movie premier, various planes

Folder 19: 988 - 1035

= Airplanes being built by Howard Hughes and his workers, TWA Transcontinental plane

Folder 20: 1036-1080

= Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes with Air force planes and airmen

Folder 21: 1081-1127

=    Spruce Goose making its way to Long Beach, CA, Spruce Goose being assembled in Long Beach, CA

Folder 22: 1128-1175

= Air Force plane and its test-flight crash site, photos of Howard Hughes standing next to converted B-23 bomber in New York

Folder 23: 1176-1219

= Photos of Howard Hughes, Howard Hughes flying Air Force test plane

Folder 24: 1220-1240

= Air Force plane, TWA workers, photo of Howard Hughes with radar equipment in a TWA plane, photos of TWA plane, Howard Hughes with workers

Folder 25: 1241-1278

= Howard Hughes arrives for a Senate War Investigating Subcommittee Hearing on August 6, 1947, Howard Hughes testifying at August 6th subcommittee hearing

Folder 26: 1279-1327 (missing photos)

= Howard Hughes testifying at August 6th subcommittee hearing, Howard Hughes leaving the hearing and shaking hands with spectators, walking out with police men, Howard Hughes signing autographs, Howard Hughes inspecting the construction of the Spruce Goose

Folder 27: 1328-1355 (missing photos)

= Spruce Goose departing for its first flight, photos of the Spruce Goose being constructed at Terminal Island, photos of Howard Hughes inspecting the Spruce Goose with Florida Senator Claude D. Pepper, Howard Hughes photos

Folder 28: 1356-1412 (missing photos)

= Spruce Goose being constructed, test flight of the Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes with Noah Dietrich, photos of Howard Hughes