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Marshall L. Wright Photograph Collection

Location: PC 11:C, PC Negatives Box 19

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Collection Contents:
0001    Flamingo Hotel (night scene)

0002    American Hotel Convention at the Beverly Hilton Hotel (1955). (1) (?); (2) Charles Horworth, Horworth & Horworth; (3) Albert Pick Sr., Pick Hotels; (4) Jimmy McCabe, Statler Hotels; (5) George Sands, Hilton Hotels; (6) Marshall Wright, L.V. Flamingo Hotel; (7) (?); (8) Eddie Bernard, L.A. Biltmore.

0003    Flamingo press party. L-R: Flamingo owner Albert Parvin; Beverly Hills Mayor George Davis; George Raft, associate; Marshall L. Wright, Vice Pres. Of Flamingo. (1955-56)

0004    Flamingo partner George Raft (left) and Flamingo Vice-Pres. Marshall Wright (rt.) (1950s)

0005    Marshall Wright (standing behind)

0006    Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel opens office in the Beverly Hilton for reservations and promotion. (L-R) Chuck Dressen, George Raft, Al Parvin, Joyce Johnson, Abe Schiller, (?), Thomas Hull, Marshall Wright. (1950s)

0007    (L-R) Marshall Wright, Dap Nelson, Abe Schiller, Carl Erbe.

0008    Flamingo executives at reception. (L-R) Abe Schiller, Al Parvin, Dap Nelson.

0009    Abe Schiller and staff welcome Beverly Hills Mayor and wife (2nd and 3rd from left). (Mayor George Davis)

0010    Beverly Hilton/Flamingo reception. (L-R) Dap Nelson, (?), Abe Schiller, Stewart Hathaway, Mrs. & Mayor George Davis.

0011    (L-R) Lou Tavelman, Abe Schiller, Beverly Hills Mayor George Davis.

0012    (L-R) (1) Airline director for TWA; (2) Airline Director for SAS; (3) Airline director for KLN; (4) Dap Nelson; (5) Horace Heidt; (6) Marshall Wright.

0013    Prince Mike Romonoff and French Line Director.

0014    Cowboy George Raft and Flamingo cowgirls at reception.

0015    Marshall Wright and companion

0016    Radio talk show interviewer Larry Finley with Marshall Wright.

0017    Louisville, KY. Flamingo promotion. (L-R) Robinson Brown, pres. of the distillery; Marshall Wright, Flaming vice-pres.

0018    Washington D.C./Las Vegas promo tour. TWA, travel & hotel executives. Marshall Wright, back left.

0019    Marshall Wright (second from right), promoting Las Vegas.

0020    Marshall Wright and airline stewardess.

0021    At center, Mrs. Robinson (wife of Mayor of San Francisco) celebrating New Year's Eve.

0022    Marshall Wright (2nd from left) welcomes auto sales incentive group to Flamingo Hotel.

0023    Charter group arrives via train for Flamingo Hotel.

0024    George Raft and Joyce Johnson.

0025    Marshall Wright eating a plate of food.

0026    Marshall Wright (left, behind man with mustache); Mary Sellstrom (front)

0027    Marshall Wright (rt.)

0028    Marshall Wright (rt.)

0029    Marshall Wright (center)

0030    Aerial view of Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. (1955)

0031    Marshall Wright escorts Louella Parsons and Jimmy McHugh (left) thru Hotel Riviera during construction. (Desert Sea News Bureau photo)

0032    Bill "Mr. L.A." Kennedy (left), Herald Examiner columnist, inspects construction at the Riviera Hotel. With him is Marshall Wright.

0033    Looking north on the Strip. (L-R) Jess Goodman, Joe Minster, Marshall Wright. (1955)

0034    View looking north on the Strip. (1955) Marshall Wright in foreground.

0035    Las Vegas Mayor C.D. Baker (far right) and party at topping off of the Riviera Hotel. (1955) Marshall Wright is standing next to Baker.

0036    Riviera Hotel opening (1955). (L-R) Mr. & Mrs. Herb Bailey, Lou Gensburg, Liberace, David Gensburg, and Marshall Wright. (ribbon-cutting ceremony)

0037    Jimmy McHugh and Louella Parsons at grand opening of the Riviera Hotel.(1955)

0038    Marshall Wright (left) invites Las Vegas Mayor C.D. Baker (2nd from left) and party aboard the first multi-storied elevator to be installed on the Strip. (in Riviera Hotel)

0039    Lt. Gov. Rex Bell (center) congratulates new head of the hotel greeters of Las Vegas. (2nd from right is Marshall Wright.)

0040    Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Chandler at the Riviera Hotel.

0041    Marshall Wright hands a Riviera room key to actor Jeff Chandler (rt.).

0042    L-R: Janet Leigh, Jeff Chandler, Mrs. Chandler, Tony Curtis (at Riviera Hotel).

0043    L-R: Jeff Chandler, Ray Sinatra, and Mamie Van Doren.

0044    Mamie Van Doren and Ray Sinatra.

0045    L-R: San Francisco Mayor Robinson and wife; Liberace; Marshal Wright, general manager of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. (1955)

0046    San Francisco Mayor and Mrs. Robinson with Liberace (rt.)

0047    San Francisco press reception promotion signs for the Rivera Hotel on buffet table.

0048    Mayor C.D. Baker (left) escorts Philco Corp. Director Wally Ostman into the Riviera Hotel. This was the first convention to utilize the new resort hotel. At right is Marshall Wright, General Manager of the Riviera. (1955)

0049    Western Airlines District Office opens. (L-R) Bill Kellogg, Art Kelly, Marshall Wright.

0050    Riviera Hotel opening (1955). At left is Michael Hayes, Carte Blanche Manager for Mexico; at right is Marshall Wright, Gen. Mg. Of Riviera.

0051    Marshall Wright (left). Others not identified)

0052    Liberace (left), unidentified woman, Marshall L. Wright.

0053    Riviera Hotel float "Red Shoes" winner in Helldorado Days parade.

0054    Celebrities at the first wedding reception at the new Riviera Hotel (1955). Sammy Davis Jr. (3rd from left); Dorothy Malone (6th from left); Liberace (next to Malone); Mickey Rooney (far right).

0055    Celebrities at wedding reception, Riviera Hotel. (see #0054). Mickey Rooney and Sammy Davis Jr. facing each other in foreground; Liberace between them (face in profile); Marshall Wright is at far right, behind man wearing glasses. (1955)

0056    Marshall Wright (far right) holding giant key. Others not identified.

0057    Miss California (Barbara Harris) with Marshall Wright. (7-1-55)

0058    Detroit Mayor Cobo is welcomed to the Riviera Hotel by Marshall Wright, hotel Gen. Mgr. (2nd from rt.). At left is Jim Cashman Jr. Far right is Jim Cashman Sr.

0059    Detroit Mayor Cobo registers at the Riviera Hotel. At left is Marshall Wright, Gen. Mgr.

0060    Gary Crosby shakes hands with unidentified military officer at the Riviera Hotel. At left is Marshall Wright.

0061    Atomic bomb premiere: Arkansas Gov. Faubus; Nev. Gov. Russell; Riviera Mg. Wright; Bonanza Airlines Converse; Vermont Lt. Gov. Bramley; National Civil Defense Peterson; Nebraska Gov. Anderson.

0062    Calgary, Canada reception. (L-R) John Thackray, Thos. Cook & Son; J.F. Burritt, Burritt Travel Service; H.L. Martin, agent C.P.R.; Marshall Wright; D.C. Welden, Trans Canada Air Lines; A.T. Ward, Trans Canada Air Lines; A.K. Stewart, C.P.R. (press reception for Riviera Hotel)

0063    Marshall Wright surrounded by ladies at Riviera press reception in Calgary.

0064    Marshall Wright (left) at Riviera Hotel press reception in Calgary.

0065    Marshall Wright (rt.) at Riviera Hotel press reception in Calgary.

0066    Marshall Wright (rt.) at Riviera Hotel press reception in Calgary.

0067    (L-R) Peter Potter, Jack Dennison, Pierre of Waldorf, Marshall Wright.

0068    Riviera Hotel hosts American Society of Travel Agents Convention with greeters Abe Schiller (center), Archie Loveland & Marshall Wright (far right). (Schiller is man wearing cowboy hat.)

0069    American Society of Travel Agents at Riviera Hotel, L.V. Marshall Wright, seated at right)

0070    Marshall Wright American Society of Travel Agents Convention at Riviera Hotel. (lady not identified)

0071    Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Pitts (Phoenix banker/hotelman) with Marshall Wright (rt.)

0072    Marshall Wright with "Miss Rodeo America of the Rockies."

0073    Marshall Wright with unidentified lady.

0074    Marshall Wright (seated at right) at Riviera Hotel with unidentified couple

0075    Marshall Wright (at right) with [guest] at the Riviera Hotel.

0076    Marshall Wright with unidentified lady.