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Central Nevada Historical Society

Collection Contents:

CNHS Historical Photograph Series

0001    #1 Old Tonopah Cemetery late 1940s

0002    #3 Square set stope, Mohawk Mine, Goldfield, Nevada, 1907

0003    #4 Main Street Manhattan, Nevada, early 1907.

0004    #5 Silver Peak, Nevada in the 1940s

0005    #6 Arrival of the stage from Stonewall Station, Hornsilver, Nevada-June 1908

0006    #7 Tonopah, Nevada, May 1901

0007    #8 Freight team leaving Bullfrog, Nevada, December 1, 1905

0008    #9 Weepah, Nevada, March 1927

0009    #10 Goldfield, Nevada 1906

0010    #11 Rawhide, Nevada, mid-1908.

0011    #12 Drilling contest, Tonopah, Nevada, July 4, 1903

0012    #13 Palace Hotel, Goldfield, Nevada, September 14, 1905

0013    #14 Railroad days, Tonopah, Nevada, July 26, 1904

0014    #15 Ellendale, Nevada, June 20, 1909

0015    #16 Nye County Courthouse, Belmont, Nevada, 1902

0016    #17 Tonopah Belmont Development Company mill, Millers, Nevada, 1913

0017    #18 Tonopah Army Air Base, Tonopah, Nevada

0018    #19 Columbia, Nevada, mid-1960s

0019    #20 God Reef, Nevada, camps first business, October 11, 1908

0020    #21 Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad depot fire, August 13, 1980

0021    #22 Columbus, Esmeralda County, Nevada about 1880.

0023    #24 Gold Center Ice and Brewing Company plant, Gold Center Nevada.

0024    #25 Berlin, Nevada 1905

0025    #26 Manhattan Dredge, Manhattan, Nevada 1939

0026    #27 Main Street, Palmetto, Esmeralda County, Nevada, 1906

0027    #2 Treadwell-Yukon Co. Operation Tybo, Nevada, December, 1930

0028    #28 Main Street, Silver Peak, Nevada, 1938

0029    #29 Gilbert, Nevada, February 25, 1925. Gilbert was located in the Monte Cristo Range 26 miles west of Tonopah

0030    #30 1200 ft. level, Belmont Mine, Tonopah, NV 1911.

0031    #31 Engine #8 of the Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad idling at the yards in Beatty, Nevada, in the mid 1930s.

0032    #32 Interior of the Black Mammoth Consolidated Mining Company's commissary at the Mary Mine, ca. 1937. The Mary Mine is located 5 miles north of Silver Peak, Nevada and 2 miles northwest of the old Townsite of Blair, Nevada.


Folder 82-1


CNHS Historical Photograph Series (cont.)

0033    #36 Atomic test "Priscilla" detonated at the Nevada Test Site in southern Nye County June 24, 1957. Priscilla was one of nearly one hundred atmospheric nuclear tests conducted at the site during the 1950s. Atmospheric testing was banned by treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1963, although it had been moved underground in Nevada in 1959. Since 1951, more than 600 nuclear devices have been detonated at the Nevada Test Site.

0034    #37 Remick's Garage, Beatty, Nevada, c.1930. To the weary automobile traveler from the north or south Beatty, and the garage, were probably welcome sights. The garage handled Union gasoline, oil, tires, and auto repairs in addition to being the area's Authorized Ford Service Station. It was also the town's "Tourist Headquarters" with campgrounds and cabins (forerunner of today's motels)

0035    Aerial View of upper Little Fish Lake Valley showing some of the planted grasses in the lower valleys and scattered pinyon/juniper along the slopes. (BLM photo by Bob Lund)

0036    Tonopah High School and Grade School , Tonopah Nevada, (10-28)

0037    Tonopah High School (right)and Grade School(left), . (9-81)

0038    New grade school, Anaconda sub-division, Tonopah, Nevada. (10-28)

0039    New grade school, Tonopah, Nevada

0040    #51 Carver's Station, Smoky Valley, Nevada, Main Street .(1906)

0041    #48 Panoramic view of Blair, Nevada, c. 1907

0042    #53 House moving, Manhattan, Nevada, Main Street. (c. 1906) This was a tent house being moved from one location to another. (Complete description on reverse of photograph)

0043    #52 Horse drawn stage leaving Tonopah for Manhattan, c.1905. (See back of photo for more information)

0044    #50 Interior of a Tonopah, Nevada meat market. 1905

0045    #55 Mizpah Mine, Tonopah, Nevada c. 1914. (More info. On reverse of photo.)

0046    #56 Tonopah, Nevada, late 1904. Steam tractor train of the Southern Nevada Forwarding Company near the Tonopah Railroad yards. (See reverse of photo board for additional information)

0047    #54 Original color postcard featuring the Mohawk Mine, Goldfield , Nev. 1905. The Mohawk was known as "One of the richest pieces of ground in Nevada. If not the World" Production exceeded $8,000,000 before the mine became part of the Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company in late 1906.

0048    #57 Harmill silver-lead mine , Montezuma, Nevada. 1929. The Harmill was being operated by Gerald B. Hartley, Sr. and was worked through the 1930s. (more details on reverse) (Gerald B. Hartley, Jr. , Coll.)

0049    #58 Klondyke, Esmeralda County, 1963. (More information on reverse)


Folder 82-1


CNHS Historical Photograph Series (cont.)

0050    #60 Original color postcard of Tonopah, Nevada, 1905. The district's major mines appear on Mount Oddie in the background. (More info. On back of the board.)

0051    #62 Street scene. Candelaria, Nevada, c. 1887. (More info. On reverse)

0052    #64 Wahmonie, Nevada, early 1928. (More info. On reverse)

0053    #66 Construction under way on the Goldfield Hotel, Goldfield, Nevada, 1907

0054    #67 Diamondfield, Nevada, 1904 (More info. On reverse)

0055    #68 Bottle house, Rhyolite, Nevada c. 1920s. The house was built in 1906 by a miner, Tom Kelly, who used discarded liquor bottles in its construction. (More info. on back of the board.)

0056    #69 Tonopah Belmont Development Company mine and mill, Tonopah, Nevada, September 18, 1912. (More info. On back of the board.)

0057    #70 Dugout houses, Goldfield , Nevada, winter, 1904 (More info. On back of the board.)