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Wilson-Park Photograph Collection

Location: RS 1.6.1, PC Negatives Box 15

Collection Contents:

1.0    Park residence, 4th and Fremont Streets, Las Vegas, NV.
2.0    Garden of the Gods.
3.0    Royal Gorge.
9.0    Family dog, Keno.
10.0    Marybelle Park with Keno, the family pet.
11.0    Mrs. John S. Park and Marybelle park on the porch of the Park home.
12.0    John S. Park and daughter-in-law Marybelle.
13.0    Marybelle and [William?] Park.
14.0    Marybelle park standing on snow-covered lawn at Park residence.
18.0    Marybelle park picnicking.

Note: This album also includes many photographs of farm animals taken in a Farm locale.


1.0     John S. Park and Marybelle Park.
2.0     William and Marybelle Park.
3.0     Austin, Nevada. (Shows mill or mine buildings.)
4.0     Mrs. John S. Park, second from left.
5.0     Mrs. John S. Park, left.
6.0     John S. Park and dog Keno in front of home at 4th and Fremont.
7.0     Lost City Ranch.


This album includes scenes of fields, animals, and buildings, probably taken at Park Ranch (later known as Kiel Ranch). There are also a few photos of family. (see below)

11.0    L-R: Marybelle, Mrs. John S., John S. and William Park.
26.0    Mrs. John S. Park (left); Marybelle Park (right).
42.2    [Mrs. John S. Park with John William.]


1.0     Garden of the Gods.
2.0     Royal Gorge
4.0     Park residence at 4th and Fremont.
5.0     Rose bush in front of Park residence.
6.0     William S. park and Keno, the dog.
7.0     Marybelle Park on lawn at the Park residence.
8.0     American Beauty rose grown in Park yard.
9.0     John S. Park, center, and Mrs. John park (right), in front of their Home at 4th & Fremont. (Taken after a heavy snowfall!)
10.0    Another view of the snow on the lawn at the Park residence.
11.0    Park residence with snow-covered lawn.
12.0    Marybelle park camping.
13.0    First State Bank. (Father's bank") John S. Park worked there.
17.2    Road to Montalbon. July 5, 1916.
22.1    3.5 ton ice truck at Ice Plant, Las Vegas. (c. early 1900s)
22.3    Tank truck. (c. early 1900s)
22.3    Bottled water truck. (c. early 1900s)


13.0    First State Bank.
14.0    John S. park in cashier's window at First State Bank.
15.0    Park residence, corner of 4th and Fremont. Mrs. John S. park on Porch [with John William?].
16.0    Two views of park residence.
17.1    John S. Park with dog Keno.
17.2    View of Park residence.
18.1    Keno, the Parks' dog.
18.2    Same as above.
19.0    Mrs. John S. Park in her yard.
20.0    Mrs. John S. Park.
21.1    Marybelle Park standing on snow-covered lawn.