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Wilson, Maurine and Fred

Collection Contents:
Table of Contents:

Folder 14-1


    Early Las Vegas 1

    Old Fort-Las Vegas Ranch, Stewart Ranch, etc.

    Kiel (Kyle) Ranch

Folder 14-2

    Early Las Vegas 2 (cont.)





    Fremont Street

Folder 14-3

    Early Las Vegas 2 (cont.)

    Artesian Wells, water

    Air Transportation

    Southern Nevada Fair

    Parade (Late 20's early 30's)

Folder 14-4

    Later Las Vegas


    Crosby DeMoss murals

    Motels, Auto Courts


    Fremont Street

    Air Transportation

    Clubs, Casinos



Folder 14-5

    Nevada 1


    Lost City

    Mt. Charleston


    Nevada 2


    Valley of Fire

    Virginia City


Folder 14-6

    Nevada 3

    Colorado River, Hoover Dam

    Aspects of construction of dam

Folder 14-7

    Colorado River, Hoover Dam (postcards)

Folder 14-8




    Death Valley


    Unidentified location

Folder 14-9

    Desert Flora and Fauna, Desert Characters

Folder 14-10


    Hunt for Queho


Additions to Collection 1


Additions to Collection 2

Additions to Collection 3


Additions to Collection 4

Additions to Collection 5


Maurine's Immediate Family

Maurine Hubbard Wilson

Fred Holmes Wilson

Miscellaneous-Family, Activities, etc.

Additions to Collection 6

Miscellaneous-Family, Activities, etc.


Additions to Collection 7


Snapshots-Hubbard and Wilson Homes

Additions to Collections 8

Snapshots-Maurine and Fred


Snapshots-Fred and Maurine

Additions to Collection 9



Fred and Maurine-Miscellaneous

Additions to Collection 10

Death Valley, California

Miscellaneous 1

Additions to Collection 11

Virginia City, NV and San Francisco Area

Miscellaneous 2

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Album 5

Album 6

Album 7
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Folder 14-1

01    Petrogylphs photographed by Oakes
02    Petrogylphs
03    Petrogylphs
04    Rock covered by Petrogylphs
05    Close-up of above
06    Close-up of same
07    Petrogylphs
08    Rock formations which appear to be Pueblo pithouses
09    Rock formations which appear to be Pueblo pithouses
10    Rock formations which appear to be Pueblo pithouses

Early Las Vegas 1

11    Big Springs, two gentlemen at spring Old Fort-Las Vegas Ranch, Stewart Ranch, etc.
12    Map of Las Vegas Mormon Mission
13    Farm plots, Las Vegas Mormon Mission
14    Old Fort remnant (Oakes?) –See Also OVERSIZE
15    Old Mormon fort (C.R. Savage)
16    Las Vegas Rancho (OVERSIZE)
17    House behind trees*
18    Old Fort remnant and ranch house*
19    Orchard*
20    Ranch house*
21    Fort Las Vegas (postcard)
22    Dellenbaugh painting of ranch, color washed (OVERSIZE)
23    Burros, Stewart Ranch (postcard)

Kiel (Kyle) Ranch

24    White House (Park House)
25    Driveway, White House in rear
26    Driveway
27    Wagon shed
28    Adobe
29    Adobe
30    Field, horses and equipment for harvesting
31    Haying
32    Grapes as in 1919
33    Cornfield

*17-20 are copies of an album page of Ferron-Bracken album

34    Pigs
35    Mr. And Mrs. John S. Park and electric car
36    Mrs. John Park and car
37    Another view of above
38    Mr. And Mrs. John S. Park and grandchild, John Park

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Folder 14-2
Early Las Vegas 2 (cont.)

39    Auction, Clark Townsite, 1905 (dup. Spud Lake Coll. 41-01)
40    Main Street (dup. Spud Lake 41-02)
41    Salt Lake Depot Las Vegas showing two passenger trains.
42    Las Vegas depot
43    Yards/shops/roundhouse Las Vegas.


44    Real estate (Eddy Gillette photo?)
45    [Las Vegas Pharmacy], Thomas Block (postcard)
46    Las Vegas Pharmacy
47    Air Dome [theatre], 1915
48    El Portal under construction, Air Dome on corner
49    El Portal under construction, Air Dome on corner
50    El Portal under construction, Air Dome on corner
51    El Portal under construction, Air Dome on corner
52    [Ladd's Resort Pool?]
53    [Charles Ball's grocery in ruins?]


54    First State Bank , frame[1905] (see also OVERSIZE)
55    First State Bank, postcard
56    First State Bank, postcard
57    First State Bank, Miners Club
58    Interior, First State Bank and John S. Park, cashier
59    First State Bank
60    Clark County Court House (Methodist Church in background)
61    Post Office in tent [Eddy Gillette photo?]
62    Opera House (postcard)
63    [First ] Methodist Church
64    First School House (2nd and Lewis)


65    Overland Hotel (postcard)
66    Hotel Charleston (postcard)
67    Hotel Charleston with men, wagons in the street


68    John S. Park residence, panorama
69    John S. Park residence, Mrs. Park on porch, 4th and Fremont
70    John S. Park residence (postcard)
71    Desert Homes (John S. Park , Leo MacNamee?, Fred Park?)
72    C.N. [Chris] Brown (C.P. Squires)
73    W.R. Thomas

Fremont Street

74    mid block between 1st and 2nd ca 1910
75    mid block between 1st and 2nd ca 1915 (OVERSIZE)
76    4th and Fremont looking west, ca 1925, Oakes (OVERSIZE)

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Folder 14-3
Early Las Vegas 2(cont.)
Artesian Wells, water

77    First artesian well, 1 mile s.w., Taylor Ranch, incl. John S. Park, W.R. Thomas and Ed Von Tobel.
78    First artesian well, inclu. John S. Park, E.W. Griffith, Peter Buol
79    Same as above, inclu. John S. Park, W.B. Mundy, Peter Buol, E.W. Griffith, W.R. Thomas.
80    Same as above, incl. E.W. Griffith, W.R. Thomas, John S. Park
81    Same as above, unident. gentlemen
82    Flowing water

Air Transportation

83    First air field area adj. to later Squires Park
84    Western Air Express plane (Maury Graham's name on pilot's Seat)
85    First flight inaug. Contract air mail, April 17, 1926
86    Same as above, fueling plane
87    [Probably Western Air Express plane]
88    [Probably Western Air Express plane, 2 unident. men by propeller]
89    Search for Maury Graham [Maurine Wilson, 2nd from left]
90    Priest
91    Priest plane
92    Los [sic] Vegas Democratic delegation for county division, c.`1908

Southern Nevada Fair, 1923 (OVERSIZE) (photos 93-100) dup, in Ferron Collection

93    Aerial view, downtown Las Vegas
94    Fireworks
95    Fairgrounds, aerial view
96    Entrance to fairgrounds
97    Horse race
98    Parked cars
99    Display
100    Display

Parade (Late 20's early 30's)

101     National Hotel entry
102     Unident. parade float
103     Mesquite Club entry
104     Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
105     Phil Bettelheim float
106     Unident. float
107     Vegas Credit Bureau entry
108     Horse and pioneer wagon (unident.)

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Folder 14-4
Later Las Vegas

109    Railroad Pass 1930 looking toward Las Vegas. Appears to have been during concentration of Boulder branch of UPRR.
110    Aerial view of Las Vegas late 1920's. Shops look unused; track in lower right corner to cattle/ sheep or pig pens.
111    Aerial views of Las Vegas showing downtown UP yard 1920's. Shops still standing. (1983)
112    Same as above
113    Aerial of Las Vegas shows old Park with race track (about where municipal swimming pool is). Small huts in group were Boy Scouts huts made of stone. Scout troops met here surrounded by park taken middle of late 30's.
114    Las Vegas High School and surrounding area.
115    John S. and DR. William Park residence.

Crosby DeMoss murals (WPA Art Project)
116     Las Vegas Mormon Mission
117     Painting of railroad construction and Las Vegas auction. Depiction of locomotive in foreground is inaccurate for 1905 scene.

Motels, Auto Courts

118    Gateway Auto Court ( postcard)
119    Travelers Auto (postcard)
120    Deluxe Auto Court (postcard)


121    Clark County Court House, Oakes Photo (postcard)
122    Clark County Court House (postcard)
123    Union Pacific Depot (postcard)
124    Union Pacific Depot (postcard)
125    Las Vegas High School (postcard)
126    Mormon Church (postcard)

Fremont Street

127    Looking east from Main Street (post)
128    Looking east from Main Street –night scene (postcard)
129    Night scene from 2nd and Fremont (postcard)
130    Night scene from 2nd and Fremont (postcard)
131    Rooftop shot from Fremont and Main (postcard)
132    Sal Sagev Hotel (postcard)
133    Boulder Club (postcard)
134    Composites (postcard)

Air Transportation

135    Plane over Colorado River
136    Unidentified 3-engine plane
137    TWA Plane and crowd
138    Western Air Express plane
139    Western Air Express plane
140    Bonanza Air Lines plane and group of men

Clubs, Casinos

141    Arizona Club with prostitutes sitting outside, cribs
142    El Rancho Vegas (postcard)
143    Last Frontier Sign , night scene
144    Pioneer Club sign, night scene


145    Roulette (postcard)
146    "        (Postcard)
147    "        (postcard)


148    Unidentified church
149    Interior of same

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Folder 14-5
Nevada 1 (for Colorado River and Hoover Dam materials, see 14-6 and 14-7)

150    Boulder City (postcard)
151    El Dorado Canyon (postcard)
152    Wall Street Mine, El Dorado Canyon
153    Callville ("Old Fort Collville") (postcard), Oakes, Photographer


154    Columbia street (postcard)
155    Dance Hall (postcard)
156    Goldfield Consolidated Mill at Goldfield with trestle showing
157    "Jumbotown", B&B photo (postcard)
158    Gold Hill (pump machinery at new Yellow Jacket shaft) (postcard)

Lost City

159    Costumed Indians at pageant , 1926, by John W. Walker Electric Studio, Ely.
160    Crew at excavation , "At the Lost City Dig-1926"
161    [Rectangular surface structure]
162    [Another view of same site]
163    Additional view of site, by John W. Walker Electric Studio, Ely.
164    [Adobe ruins] , same photo as 156, 157 (postcard)
165    "Ruins of adobe houses, Lost City of Nevada" (postcard)
166    "Adobe Ruins, 'Lost City', near Las Vegas, Nevada (postcard), Oakes.
167    Archeological investigation, Lost City?
168    John Perkins at site of Lost City, 1926
169    [Excavation, archeologist at work]*
170    [Archeologist standing by site]*
171    [Group by site]*
172    "A close-up view of the ancient metate.."*
173    [Pageant , Lost City, 1926] (Oversize)
174    [Skeletal remains in excavation ] (postcard)
175    "Arrowheads and relics from Buried City.." (postcard)
176    Kimberley Morris Mine (postcard)

*169-172 may by included in Lost City Album , Nevada State Parks Collection.

Mt. Charleston

177    View at Mt. Charleston [creek] (postcard)
178    Winter sports at Charleston Mt. Park (postcard)


179    [Street scene, Overton? Might be St. Thomas]
180    School, inspection tour including C.P. Squires, James Cashman, Elwood Mead

Nevada 2

181    Pioche , 1870 or 1872 (oversize)


182    General View, Welch & Tune Photo (postcard)
183    Main Street, Welch & Tune photo (postcard)
184    Potosi, hauling ore from
185    Reno (Loaded burro-poem) (postcard)


186    Abandoned adobe residence, 1923
187    Ruins of large building, [1923]
188    Ruins of large commercial structure (may be bank bldg.), [1923]
189    Ruins of several large structures, 1923
190    Ruins of several large structures, 1923
191    August, 1909 view of town (postcard)
192    Storey County, Empire State Mill (postcard)
193    Tonopah Extension Mine

Valley of Fire

194    petrified wood
195    [view of rocks] (postcard)

Virginia City

196    Old Theatre, (interior showing/advertising posters) (postcard)
197    Miners on shift (postcard)
198    Cages at C&C Shaft, April 20, 1930 (postcard)
199    Hale & Norcross Mine, [exterior view] (postcard)
200    Con. Virginia Mine (postcard)


201    [Main Street, Fred Wilson]
202    View from distance
203    Weepah, the new strike, N.E. Johnson photo

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Folder 14-6
Nevada 3
Colorado River, Hoover Dam

204    Aerial photograph, Col. R., Oakes
205    Aerial photograph, Col. R., Oakes
206    Aerial photograph, Col. R., Fortification Mt., Oakes
207    Aerial photograph, Col. R., Black Canyon, Oakes
208    Boulder Canyon
209    Black Canyon, upstream
210    Black Canyon, downstream
211    Black Canyon, upstream
212    Black Canyon, [on the water]
213    Colorado River [on the water]
214    Colorado River, looking towards Fortification Mt., near Callville Bay
215    Colorado River
216    Colorado River [reflections]
217    Signing contract, Six companies and Government (dup. In other collection)
218    [Prayer service], See Dokter Collection
219    Completion ceremony, RR Line to BC, Ray Lyman Wilbur pounding stake.
220    Cashman Ferry (location of )
221    Ferry on River
222    "Reclamation group to Boulder", but taken in Las Vegas in middle or late '20s
223    Reclamation group on Colorado River
224    Reclamation group

Aspects of construction of dam

225    Man looking at samples
226    Road construction, ledges
227    Equipment of R.G. LeTourneau at work on highway east of switchyard, 1931
228    Camp on river
229    Trucks on road
230    Three locomotives at dam site. Middle locomotive ex-LV&T locomotive. Used by 6 companies, judging by square tender.
231    Truck mounted drilling used by Six Companies in upper portion of div. Tunnels
230    Truck by river, foot bridge, equipment
233    Bulldozer digging tunnel
234    Inside of tunnel
235    Dedication of dam
236    Nevada-California Electric Corporation sign
237    Generating station/plant
238    Aerial photograph, completed dam

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Folder 14-7
Colorado River, Hoover Dam (postcards)

239    SP, LA & SL (UPRR) locomotive 6082 in Railroad Pass. Maybe spreading ballast on track.
240    Colorado River
241    Colorado River, looking downstream from Boulder Dam, Boulder Dam Service Bureau.
242    Black Canyon, Boulder Dam Site, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
243    At site of Boulder Dam looking upstream, Oakes, photographer.
244    The Broadway of Hoover Dam, [night scene], Oakes, photographer
245    The Great White Way of Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
246    When the Lights Come on at Boulder Dam, Oakes, photographer
247    At Cape Horn Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
248    Gravel grading plant, Hoover Dam Project, Oakes, photographer
249    Lowering loaded box car, Boulder Dam, Boulder Dam Service Bureau (postcard)
250    Under Portals, Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
251    Concrete Jumbo in process of lining a huge diversion tunnel, Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
252    No. 2 diversion tunnel with floor and side walls concreted, Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
253    Diversion tunnel No. 3 being lined with concrete-Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
254    Laying forms for concrete in one of the four diversion tunnels, Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
255    Concrete truck at Hoover Dam, Oakes-photographer
256    Visitors' corridor inside Boulder Dam, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
257    Visitors' corridor inside Boulder Dam, Boulder Dam Serv. Bureau
258    Generators, Nevada side of Boulder Dam, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
259    Boulder Dam Power House-Nevada wing, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
260    Power House, Hoover Dam, Oakes, photographer
261    Bronze Figures at base of flagpole, Boulder Dam
262    Boulder Dam at night, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
263    Boulder Dam at night, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
264    Boulder Dam and valve house outlets in operation, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
265    Boulder Dam-downstream Face, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
266    Downstream face, Boulder Dam, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
267    Boulder Dam, Fortification Mountain in distance, BD Service Bureau
268    Upstream face of Boulder Dam from Arizona side, BD Service Bureau
269    Boulder Dam-upstream face and intake towers from Arizona side
270    Illuminated roadway and intake towers, Boulder Dam, BDS Bureau
271    Intake towers, Boulder Dam, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
272    Boulder Dam from Elks' Point, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
273    Boulder Dam from Elks' Point, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
274    Sunset at Boulder Dam, Boulder Dam Service Bureau
275    Arizona Spillways and Lake, Boulder Dam, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
276    Lakeview Point and Lake Mead, near Boulder Dam, BD Service Bureau
277    Eight-Meter racing yacht "Loke" on lake Mead, Boulder Dam, BD Service Bureau
278    Bass fishing on beautiful Lake Mead, BD Service Bureau
279    Emery Falls, upper end of Lake Mead in Grand Canyon, J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.
280    Grand Canyon from Lake Mead, BD Service Bureau
281    Transcontinental Highway near Boulder Dam, BD Service
282    Greetings from Boulder Dam [composite], Curt Teich & Co.
283    "A Dam Place", poem by Daniel H. Nugent, illustr.
284    Boulder Dam Busy Correspondence Card, Boulder Dam Serv. Bureau

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Folder 14-8

285    The Grand Canyon (postcard) (Curt Teich)
286    Another view of above (postcard) (Frashers Foto)
287    Painted Desert (postcard)    (Curt Teich)
288    Moran Point, Grand Canyon (postcard) (Fred Harvey)
289    Monument Valley (postcard) (Union Oil Co.)
290    Mission San Jose de Tumacacori (postcard) (Union Oil Co.)
291    Mission San Xavier del Bac (postcard) (Union Oil Co.)
292    Arrowhead Lodge, Flagstaff (postcard) (MWM)
293    Greetings from Arizona (postcard) (Curt Teich)


294    20-mule team wagons at Baker
295    Mileage signs at Baker
296    Gas price signs at Baker
297    Death Valley inn (postcard)
298    Bird's eye view of Barstow (c. 1908 Fred Harvey) (postcard)

Death Valley

299    Death Valley from Funeral Mts. (c. 1907, A.E. Holt) (postcard)
300    20-mule Team Borax wagon train (postcard) (Frashers Fotos)
301    Death Valley Scotty's Castle (postcard) (J.T. Watters Wholesale)
302    Scotty's Castle (postcard) (J.T. Watters Wholesale)
303    Another view of above
304    Distance view of above (Frashers Foto) (postcard)
305    Living room, Scotty's Castle (postcard) (Frashers Foto)


306    Mountain of Mystery, Zion National Park. (postcard)

Unidentified location

307    Roadster in desert
308    Gravel plant at Lawler near dam site, early '30s.
309    Machine shop interior
310    Another view of above
311    Las Vegas yards show SP, LA & SL wrecker. Note Board fence, ca. 1910.
312    Aerial view of railroad track, Oakes, photographer
313    Mine (may be Goldfield)
314    Unidentified mine
315    Industrial buildings
316    Different view of above
317     ?
318    Moon
319    Cars at camp in desert
320    Cars at camp in desert
321    Cars at camp in desert
322    Mine? (Eldorado Canyon?)
323    Unidentified mine
324    Photo of Drawing, Mono County Bank
325    Airplane in flight (oversize)

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Folder 14-9
Desert Flora and Fauna, Desert Characters

326    Barrel Cactus (postcard) (Curt Teich)
327    Joshua trees with mountains in background
328    Giant (Sahuaro) cactus (postcard)
329    Evening on the desert (postcard) Frashers Foto
330    Spanish bayonet in bloom (postcard)
331    U.S. Highway 91 on the Desert (postcard) (BD Serv. Bur.)
332    A Desert Silhouette (postcard) (Curt Teich)
333    Shadow Mountain and desert, Arrowhead Trail (postcard)
334    Mornin' on the desert (postcard)
335    A Burrow Family in the Desert (postcard) (J.T. Watters Wholesale Co.)
336    Desert Sweethearts (postcard) (Curt Teich)
337    "Maybe" (loaded burros) (postcard) (Glenn Davis)
338    Desert Prospector (postcard) (Oakes)
339    Loaded burros and prospector (postcard) (Glenn Davis)
340    Desert Prospector and his covered wagon (postcard) (G. Davis)
341    A desert buggy (postcard) (Glenn Davis)
342    Stage crossing the desert (postcard) (Allen Photo Co.)
343    What became of the driver, a desert tragedy (postcard) (Frashers Foto)
344    Wagon Train Crossing the Nevada desert (postcard)
345    Loaded burro (joke card) (postcard) (Curt Teich)
346    Joke Card, poem concerning cactus and cowgirl (postcard) (Curt Teich)
347    Las Vegas, Nevada busy correspondence card (postcard) (Boulder Dam Service Bureau)

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Folder 14-10

348    Frank Allen, his horse, Taylor (Kyle Ranch) (postcard) Ullom photo
349    C.D. Baker, 1923
350    Maury Graham
351    Mr. Hampton and daughter Ethel
352    Mary E. Lake, charter member, 93rd birthday
353    Helen J. Stewart
354    Fred Wilson and plane
355    Maurine Wilson

Hunt for Queho

356    Bones of Queho
357    Hunters at entrance to cave include Charles Kenyon, Frank Waite, Art Schroder
358    Another view above


359    Frank Horton, George Wingfield, A.J. Moore at Weepah Gold strike, 1924
360    Hunters, trophies including Dr. William Park
361    C.D. Baker and Ed Von Tobel
362    C.D. Baker and John F. Kennedy
363    Mary Belle Park
364    Mary Belle Park in horse-drawn open carriage
365    Mary Belle Park and granddaughter Virginia
366    Another view above
367    Mrs. John S. Park, young John S. Park, Mary Belle Park
368    Ceremony at naming of Nellis Air Force Bade
369    Unidentified man, full length, wearing overalls
370    Unidentified man, bust portrait
371    Three unidentified men at rock pile
372    Unidentified crowd at railroad station, LV, with Gov. Campbell of Ariz. (he is not pinpointed)
373    Unidentified man by car
374    Unidentified party on horseback near log cabin

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Additions to Collection 1

375    Flowing artesian well
376    unidentified social occasion
377    Prob. Race track, Las Vegas, includes Dr. William Park, Ernie Cragin
378    Tunnel at dam
379    Cabin cruiser Flamingo on Lake Mead
380    Portrait, Maurine Wilson, 1980
381    Similar view
382    South-Central Color (a) do Football Championships, 1915 (Fred Wilson in photograph) (OVERSIZE)
383    Family portrait, Maurine Hubbard (Wilson's) family, Ca. 1915, Moberly, Missouri (OVERSIZE)
384    Trip to Denver with friends, including grandmother and Father of Maurine Hubbard Wilson
385    Unidentified map, illustrating southern Nevada as part of Arizona Territory


386    (Probably Bottle House on Rhyolite)
387    Las Vegas School 1910.
388    1910 Student Body posing in front of their temporary schoolhouse---The First Methodist Church
389    (John Williams Park)
390    Zion-Mount Caramel Highway

The 90th birthday party held for Maurine Wilson on March 12, 1988 at the Thomas and Mack Si Redd Room.

391    Maurine Wilson, seated, is surrounded by her nieces Jeanne Honrath Williams and Mary Jane Reiter of the pioneer Las Vegas Griffith Family. 3/12/88
392    Maisie Gibson Ronnow, left, Maria Tiberti, Harley Harmon, Carolyn Thompson Trelease and Flo Mlynarczyk, the first president of the University Library Society. Both Harmon and Trelease were piano students of Mrs. Wilson. 3/12/88
393    Leola Clark, left, at 98 earned the honor of being the oldest guest at the luncheon. Loellen Clark, her daughter-in-law, and Julia Zammito are all members of the African Violet Society to which Maurine belongs. 3/12/88
394    Janiece Searles Bellanger, left, and her daughters Sabrina Maurine Bellanger and Karyn Bellanger Finlayson were all Wilson music students. Sabrina was named for Mrs. Wilson. 3/12/88

Additions to Collection 2

395        [First] Methodist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada. 1913

396 Members of the First Methodist Church: L-R: (1) Martha Dawson; (2) Carry Ovall (Asst. Pastor to Pastor Broughton); (3) Eunice Broughton (pastor's wife); (4) unidentified; (5) Valma Bondley. [ca. early 1940's]

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Additions to Collection 3

(NEGATIVES ONLY; Originals housed in Exhibit Photos Box #5)

397    Portrait of Maurine Wilson as young woman. (print also)
398    Scrapbook, Music class-Halloween Party, NV.
399    "Scrapbook – Music Class" [w/class, Halloween party.]
400    Letter from Donald O'Connor to Maurine Wilson dated June 23, 1959
401    Ham children in foreground.
402    "Music Program"
403    "Newspaper clipping – Las Vegas"
404    "Newspaper – "Trowel & Trellis"
405    "Mrs. Wilson at organ"
406    Music pupils, Mrs. Wilson. (See Brochure on MHW for id) (print also)
407    Music pupils, Mrs. Wilson



408    Mary and Sumner Reynolds. (1955)

THE FOLLOWING ARE SLIDES (Housed on R19;10 – R20:10)

409    The Hurlings -- Murray, UT (1951)
410    The Hurlings -- Murray, UT (1951). (print also)
411    Geyser & Firehole River -- Yellowstone National Park.
412    Paint Pots -- Yellowstone National Park.
413    Gibbon Falls -- Yellowstone National Park.
414    Geyser & Firehole River -- Yellowstone Park.
415    Geyser & Firehole River -- Yellowstone Park.
416    Elk at Gibbon River, Yellowstone Park.
417    Minute Geyser -- Yellowstone Park.
418    Rushing Falls -- Yellowstone Park.
419    Obsidian Cliffs -- Yellowstone Park.
420    Gallatin Valley, Montana
421    Comstock's grave -- Bozeman, Montana
422    Bozeman grave.
423    Gallatin Bridge, Montana
424    Three Forks of the Missouri River.
425    Three Forks of the Missouri River. [Maurine?]
426    Montana home.
427    Pauline's birthplace.
428    Pattullo Bridge, Vancouver, BC.
429    Maurine wearing red dress. (c. 1950's) (print also)
430    Maurine & flowers (c. 1950's).


Additions to Collection 4

The following are SLIDES (Housed on R19:10 – R20:10)

431    Lake Mead, Nevada.
432    Christmas tree -- 1950.
433    Cleo & the roses.
434    Maurine and flowers.
435    Cemetery -- Memorial Day (1951).
436    Christmas tree -- 1950.
437    Roses – south side of house.
438    Flower of Paradise tree.
439    Lake Mead, Nevada.
440    Maurine and flowers; (c.1950's)
441    Maurine and flowers; (c.1950's)
442    Halloween (1950) -- Gretchen & Billie.
443    Casket and flowers.
444    Mother's flowers.
445    Mother's flowers.
446    Mother's flowers.
447    Granny -- fall of 1955.
448    Granny -- 1950.
449    Maurine -- 1952.
450    Christmas 1954.
451    Christmas 1954.
452    Death Valley Junction -- 1953.
453    Charleston Peak, June 1955.
454    Charleston, June 1955
455    Mt. Charleston, June 1955
456    Mt. Charleston-original cabin-'55
457    Griffith dedication, 1955. (Griffith Methodist Church, LV)
458    Mrs. Will Beckley –Griffith dedication. '55
459    Maurine & Jeanie-1955
460    Von Tobel & O'Connor-50th Anniversary.
461    Rev. Stockton at Charleston-1955
462    Ed Adams, November 1955

463    Reynolds' 50th anniversary-1955
464    Lake Mead, Fall 1955
465    Lake Mead , Fall 1955-Campbell Speed Race
466    Frank Buol (1955)
467    Mr.& Mrs. Squires, Mrs. Boyle, O'Connor (left rear)
468    Earl Hubbard (?), 1955
469    Frame for shoeing ox-Frank Buol's 1955
470    Lucky Strike Club, December 1955
471    Lights of Vegas (Fremont St.) December 1955
472    Pioneer Club-December 1955
473    Las Vegas Club, December 1955
474    Fremont Hotel, December 1955
475    Fremont Street , December 1955

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Additions to Collection 5

The following are SLIDES (housed on R20:6-R20:10)

476    Downtown Las Vegas: Christmas decorations-55
477    Granny-Fall of 1955
478    Pauline and Maurine 1955
479    Mary and Janey, Fall 1955
480    Frank and Buol and home; 1955
481    Frank and Buol's 40ft apricot tree-1955
482    Cleo the cat.
483    Cleo the cat in the flower bed.
484    Unidentified house (c.1950's)
485    Unidentified house (c.1950's)
486    Maurine Wilson (c. 1950's)
487    Lady not identified : Thanksgiving 1953
488    Lady not identified : Thanksgiving 1953
489    Lady not identified : Thanksgiving 1953
490    Maurine and Cleo (the cat); 1950's (print also)
491    [Maurine?] c. 1950's (print also)
492    Maurine and Cleo (the cat); 1950's (print also)
493    [Maurine?] c. 1950's (print also)
494    Group of people (not identified)
495    Family standing by car (no identification); 1950's
496    Group of people (not identified) 1955
497    Maurine Wilson, center. 1955
498    1955---Maurine in center
499    Group of ladies; Maurine (center); c.1950's (print also)
500    Group of ladies; Maurine (center); c.1950's
501    Hoover Dam ---people not identified. Thanksgiving, 1953
502    Thanksgiving, 1953, people not identified.
503    Summer 1955-couple not identified.
504    1954-Maurine at left (purple skirt)
505    People not identified. C 1950's
506    Maurine is second from right. C. 1950's
507    People are not identified. C. 1950's
508    Maurine in center of group. C. 1950's
509    Thanksgiving 1953; group not identified
510    Maurine, back row, center. C.1950's.



511    Three proof sheets of photos taken at Maurine Wilson's 90th birthday party. (3/12/88)
512    (Maurine's) Great –grandfather Naylor on Conklin side of the family. (Maurine's mother was a Conklin)
513    (Maurine's) Great-grandmother Naylor on the Conklin side of the family.
514    Maurine's grandfather, J.E. Hubbard.
515    David Hubbard, brother of J.E. Hubbard (Maurine's grandfather)
516    J.E. and Mary Ellen Hubbard (Maurine's paternal grandparents)
517    Alfred Butts, Maurine's great-grandfather. (Mary Ellen's father)
518    J.E. and Mary Hubbard (Maurine's grandparents)

519    Maurine's Great Grandmother Butts (front, center) and other members of the family . Aunt Lee Butts Carver, front, left; Aunt Jennie Butts Terrell, back second from left. Sister Margaret Heurley, back, second from right: G.M. Hubbard, front right.

520    Family photo-Maurine's grandmother, Mary Ellen Hubbard, is seated at left.
521    Rear, L-R; Earl Hubbard (father of Louis Spivey and James Eldon Hubbard) Jack Hubbard. Front, L-R; F.B. Hubbard (Maurine's father); J.E. Hubbard (father of these three men) (OVERSIZE)
522    J.E. Hubbard family home in Clark, Missouri. (1905) Ida Hubbard seated on steps.
523    Jack Hubbard, Maurine's Uncle
524    Paula Hubbard in Horse-drawn buggy.
525    Uncle Jack Hubbard
526    Charles Conklin, Maurine's uncle. (He was Ida Conklin Hubbard's brother)

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Maurine's Immediate Family

527    Front row, standing: A.E. Hubbard; seated, left to right: Mary E. Hubbard, J.E. Hubbard, Maurine Hubbard. Back row left to right, J.B. Hubbard, Ola B. Hubbard, F.B. Hubbard, Ida M. Hubbard. (OVERSIZED)

528    F.B. Hubbard, Maurine's father
529    Two tintypes of small child-no i.d.
530    Maurine with her mother Ida. (Maurine is a baby here)
531    Nellie Brown Hubbard (F.B. Hubbard's second wife)
532    J.Eldon Hubbard taken at Moberly, MO.
533    Hubbard family plot in Clark, MO
534    Child on horseback. [Maurine?]
535    Ida Mae Conklin as a young girl.
536    F.B. Hubbard (baby picture)
537    Ida Mae Conklin as a young girl
538    Two young ladies, no i.d.
539    Louise Hubbard (Maurine's cousin)-when she was a young girl.
540    Louise Hubbard (Maurine's cousin)- (Taken in Missouri)
541    Louise Hubbard (Maurine's cousin) Missouri
542    Louise Hubbard (Maurine's cousin)-(Taken in St. Louis, MO)
543    Louise Hubbard
544    Louise Hubbard (Maurine's cousin)-
545    Warren Brown Jr., grandson of Nellie B. Hubbard.
546    Ida Mae Bell Conklin (Maurine's mother)
547    Fleming Ballew Hubbard (Maurine's father) as a young boy
548    Fleming Ballew Hubbard (Maurine's father) (Taken in Murray, Utah)
549    F.B. and Ida Conklin Hubbard (Canon City, Colorado)
550    Back: Ida Conklin Hubbard and F.B. Hubbard, Front: Carey Snow and Maud Large.
551    F.B. and Ida C. Hubbard.
552    F.B. and Ida Hubbard (Maurine's parents)
553    F.B. and Ida Hubbard, couple at far left. (Clark, Missouri)
554    Ida Mae (Conklin) Hubbard-Maurine's mother
555    Mrs. F.B. (Ida) Hubbard and baby daughter Maurine.
556    Ida Conklin Hubbard, Maurine's mother
557    F.B. Hubbard-Maurine's father
558    Ida Conklin Hubbard, Maurine's mother
559    F.B. Hubbard-Maurine's father
560    Ida Conklin Hubbard
561    Ida Conklin Hubbard
562    F.B. Hubbard-part of J.C. Penney Group in Canon City, Colorado. (He is man in second row, center)
563    Mr. & Mrs. F.B. Hubbard, left , at J.C. Penney convention; photo taken at Boardwalk, Atlantic City
564    F.B. and Ida Hubbard, seated next to turned up chair-J.C. Penney Convention.
565    F.B. and Ida Hubbard, (#4 and #5, facing camera, on table side nearest camera): at J.C. Penney convention
566    First J.C. Penney Store in Florence, Colorado, opened by F.B. Hubbard in 1913.
567    F.B. Hubbard, Maurine's father.


Maurine Hubbard Wilson

568    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson) was born here March 11, 1898: she was born upstairs over the station. (Gilliam, MO)
569    Maurine Hubbard     (c. 1900-1902)
570    Maurine Hubbard
571    Maurine Hubbard (as a toddler)
572    Maurine Hubbard
573    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson)
574    Maurine Hubbard (as a little girl)
575    Maurine Hubbard in a stroller
576    Maurine on a Shetland pony.
577    Fleming Ballew Hubbard and his wife Ida Mae with daughter Helen Maurine. (OVERSIZE)
578    Maurine Hubbard, as a young girl.
579    Maurine Hubbard
580    Maurine Hubbard, high school graduation (1916)
581    Maurine Hubbard, high school graduation (1916)
582    Florence (Colorado) High School graduating class (1916). Maurine Hubbard (Wilson) is front row, left center (OVERSIZE)
582a    Maurine Hubbard
583    Maurine Hubbard
584    Maurine Hubbard , (1916)-high school graduation.
585    Maurine Hubbard
586    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson)-c. 1920
587    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson)
588    Maurine Hubbard
589    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson)
590    Maurine Hubbard (c.1920's)
591    Maurine Hubbard
592    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson)
593    Maurine Hubbard Wilson
594    Maurine Hubbard Wilson
595    Maurine Hubbard (Wilson). [c. 1920's]
596    Maurine Hubbard
597    Maurine Hubbard with her violin.
598    Maurine Hubbard Wilson
599    Hubbard family-1918. Back Row, L-R: A.E. Hubbard, Mattie Hubbard, F.B. Hubbard, Ida M. Hubbard, Ola B. Hubbard, J.B. Hubbard. Front Row L-R: Mary E. Hubbard, Maurine Hubbard, J.E. Hubbard. (OVERSIZE)
600    Maurine Hubbard.

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Fred Holmes Wilson

601    Fred Holmes Wilson (baby)
602    Fred H. Wilson as a toddler
603    Fred Holmes Wilson (as a toddler)
604    Fred Wilson's high school football team, Florence, Colorado (1915) Top row L-R: Hart, Phillips, Simon, Cutting, Janes, Blunt, Pierce. Middle row: Lockard, Nix, Stout, Wilson. Bottom row: Howells, Durfer, McGuire, Gibson, McClelland, Roath, Smith (OVERSIZE)

605    Fred Holmes Wilson (Maurine's husband)
606    Fred Holmes Wilson
607    Fred Holmes Wilson
608    Fred Wilson in a canoe on Lake Washington (in Seattle).
609    Fred Holmes Wilson (Maurine's husband)
610    Fred Holmes Wilson
611    Maurine and Fred Wilson


Miscellaneous-Family, Activities, etc.

612    The Hubbard Family-F.B. and Ida, with Maurine standing behind.
613    Fred Holmes Wilson and Hubbard Wilson.
614    Fred H. Wilson (second row, far left); F.B. Hubbard (back row, center); Ida Hubbard (next to him, wearing pearls).
615    First Methodist Church choir. Maurine Wilson is third from left, front row.
616    Maurine H. Wilson (c. 1970's)
617    Maurine H. Wilson, at her 90th birthday party (1988)
618    Maurine Hubbard Wilson.
619    Maurine Hubbard Wilson.
620    Queen Esther Class---November 2, 1939; Canon City, Colorado. Ida M. Hubbard (Maurine's mother) is second row, 3rd from right.
621    Railroad depot in Murray, Utah. [c. early 1900's]
622    Original First Methodist Church, 3rd and Bridger, Las Vegas, NV. (1909) Shows "parsonage tent house" (right), forerunner of Wesley Hall, 308 Bridger.
623    Sunday School Picnic-c. 1914. Small children in front: # 5-Fay Kessler; #7- (?) Kessler; Daisy French behind #7. Sitting on end: Gertrude Martin and Martha Kramer. Standing #3-Mrs. Charles Ball holding George; #6-Wanda Ball; #11-Mrs. Noblitt; #12-Bob Griffith; #14-(?) Noblitt; #17-Mrs. Palmer; #18-Hazel Gray; #19-Lola May Ball; Rev. Palmer back of her; #20- Nellie McWilliams; #21-Mrs. Bray.
624    "Where we started our first store-I believe 208 or 209 Fremont." Handwritten inscription)
625    Mesquite Grocery (1st & Fremont, Las Vegas, Nevada)-(Gene Ward owned it)



626    The Hubbards in Mexico. (Maurine's parents?)
627    Ida Hubbard, Maurine's mother
628    F.B. Hubbard, Maurine's father.
629    L-R: F.B., Ida, and Maurine Hubbard
630    L-R, back: F.B. and Ida Hubbard, Maurine, and Fred Wilson. L-R, front: Pauline & Jeanne Honrath.
630a    L-R : J.E. and Mary Ellen Hubbard, with sons: F.B., A.E. (Earl), and Jack
631    Maurine, center: Grandmother Conklin at right. (Standing in a cornfield)
632    L-R: Ida Hubbard, Grandmother Conklin, Maurine Hubbard.
633    L-R: Maurine Hubbard Wilson, "Snookums" George Griffin, F.B. and Ida Mae Hubbard. "Our first car, the EMF. 1916." (handwritten insc.)

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Snapshots-Hubbard Family (cont.)

634    F.B. Hubbard-Maurine's father.
635    L-R: Mrs. Wilson, Ida Hubbard, Mr. Wilson, F.B. Hubbard. (Maurine's and Fred's parents)
636    L-R: Ida Hubbard; Louise Spivey, Maurine's cousin, Maurine.
637    L-R : Jeanne Honrath , Ida Hubbard, Pauline Honrath.
638    Ida and F.B. Hubbard sitting on a rock by a stream in Colorado.
639    Ida & F.B. Hubbard sitting on a rock by a stream in Colorado.
640    F.B. and Ida standing in front of their garage.

641    Ida Hubbard and Charles (possibly her brother Chas. Conklin)-in Florida. ("Chas. Looks too serious. He is much better looking than the picture"---handwritten inscription)

642    L-R: F.B. Hubbard; Nellie (F.B.'s second wife); Edith; Earl (F.B.'s brother) April, 1959.
643    F.B. Hubbard-Maurine's father.



644    Maurine Wilson at home (522 So. First ST., Las Vegas)
645    John W. Park and Maurine Wilson.
646    Maurine and Ida Hubbard.
647    L-R, standing: Maurine, Pauline Honrath, Ida; seated: Jeanne Honrath.
648    Maurine (at left)
649    Ida and Maurine Hubbard
650    Pauline Honrath and Maurine, standing in front of airplanes.

651 Ida and Maurine Hubbard.

652 Maurine Hubbard Wilson

653 Maurine , center, Grandmother Conklin, right.

654 Maurine H. Wilson and Martha Burgelin at the Hubbard home, Canon City , Colorado.

655 Maurine Hubbard Wilson

656 Maurine Hubbard Wilson

657 Maurine Hubbard Wilson in her car.

Snapshots-Hubbard and Wilson Homes

658 Maurine Hubbard Wilson's parent's home-902 Greenwood Ave. , Canon City, Colorado. (3-4-29)

659 Hubbard home in Canon City, Colorado. (rear view)

660 Maurine's old home in Murray, Utah. ("I watched Haley's comet from upstairs window"-handwritten inscription)

661 Hubbard's downtown home in Murray, Utah.

662 Wilson home at 509 S. 7th St., Las Vegas, NV (1938)

663 Wilson home-509 S. 7th Street, Las Vegas, NV

664 Wilson home on So. First St.-Las Vegas, NV. (Honrath and Wilson houses)

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Snapshots-Maurine and Fred

665 Fred playing football-Florence High School football team; Florence, Colorado (1915)

666 Florence High School Basketball Team (1915). Fred Wilson is front row, third from left.

667 Fred Wilson pole vaulting (high school track team)-c. 1915.

668 Fred Wilson.

669 Fred Wilson, third from left. (Probably taken in Alaska or along Washington coast when he worked for U.S. Coast And Geodetic Survey.)

670 Maurine and Fred Wilson.

671 Fred and Maurine.

672 Fred Wilson and Maurine Wilson

673 Fred Wilson

674 Fred Wilson and Jeanne Honrath-in costume for Helldorado celebration.

675 L-R; Jeanne Honrath and Fred Wilson (dressed up for Helldorado).

676 Fred and Maurine Wilson

677 Fred H. Wilson

678 Fred H. Wilson

679 Front row, left: Fred Wilson; back row, third from left: Maurine Hubbard Wilson. ( Posing with group in bathing costumes)

680 Fred posing in cemetery.

681 Fred H. Wilson posing with two cats

682 Maurine and Fred Wilson-[picnicking alongside the river]

683 Fred H. Wilson

684 Fred H. Wilson with Pat (the cat)

685 Fred H. Wilson standing on rocks

686 Fred H. Wilson, second from far right

687 Fred H. Wilson at far right. [Alaska]

688 Fred Wilson in uniform.

689 Fred Wilson

690 "July 4th, 1924-'Miss Durant'-On Mobile Bay (Alabama)"-handwritten inscription. [Fred Wilson at left?]

691 Fred and Maurine in pueblos in Taos.

692 Fred standing in front of Taos pueblos.

693 Maurine Wilson in front of Taos pueblos.

694 Maurine Wilson on the patio at the Santa Fe Art Gallery.

695 Maurine Wilson in the petrified forest (Arizona).

696 The Governor's Palace-Santa Fe, New Mexico

697 Maurine in front of cliff dwellings (New Mexico) Note native pottery in cave.

698 Fred and Maurine Wilson at the Governor's Palace-Santa Fe, N. Mexico.

699 Maurine Hubbard Wilson standing in front of plane. (1929)

700 L-R: F.B. Hubbard, Maurine, and Ida Mae. ( Standing by plane-Las Vegas) (1929)

701 Fred Wilson to right of propeller.(1929)

702 L-R: Fred Wilson , Ida and F.B. Hubbard. (1929)

703 Army Air Corps fighters-lined up at airfield in Las Vegas. (1929)

704 Maurine Hubbard Wilson standing by plane. ( Las Vegas-1929)

705 Airfield in Las Vegas (1929)

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706 Remains of Maury Graham's plane; it crashed in the Kolob Mountains near Zion National Park in the winter of 1931. The plane was not located until the snow melted in the spring of 1932.

707 Search party at crash site. Maury Graham, airmail pilot, made a forced landing in the Kolob Mts. Near Zion National Park. He survived but froze to death in a blizzard, winter of 1931. The plane was finally located in the spring of 1932.

708 Remains of Maury Graham's plane. (1932)

709 Search party viewing remains of Maury Graham's plane. (Kolob Mts. Near Zion National Park-1932)


Snapshots-Fred and Maurine

710 Maurine Wilson at her home: 509 S. 7th , Las Vegas.

711 Fred and Maurine Wilson. (1947)

712 Back row, standing: Fred (2nd from left) and Maurine (3rd from right) Wilson

713 L-R: Fred and Maurine Wilson. (c. 1950's)

714 Maurine H. Wilson

715 Maurine H. Wilson

716 Maurine Wilson at her home: 509 S. 7th , Las Vegas.

717 Maurine Wilson

718 Maurine Wilson at her home: 509 S. 7th , Las Vegas.

719 L-R: Maurine Wilson and Velma Bondley.

720 Maurine at her Arlington School (Murray, Utah)

721 Maurine ("My beloved DeSoto"-handwritten inscription)

722 Maurine H. Wilson. (1963)

723 L-R: Maurine Wilson, Hal Erickson, and Florence Lee Jones Cahlan. (1976) Taken on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Boulder City.

724 L-R: Maurine Wilson and Florence Lee Jones Cahlan. (1976)

725 Maurine Wilson, left: Susan Anderl, center.

726 Maurine Wilson, front row, third from left. (Hawaii trip)

727 Maurine Hubbard Wilson.

728 Maurine Wilson in Santa Fe.



729 Maurine Wilson-Window Rock, New Mexico.

730 Maurine at Louise's home in Phoenix-Christmas 1979.

731 Maurine H. Wilson (Oct. 1969)

732 Maurine H. Wilson (Dec. 1985).

733 Maurine H. Wilson

734 Maurine H. Wilson-Christmas 1986.

735 L-R: Maurine Wilson, Hal Erickson, Jeanne Williams, Mary Jane Reiter.

736 Maurine Wilson on her 92nd birthday (March 11, 1990).

737 L-R: Maurine and Elma Leland. (Maurine's 92nd birthday-3/11/90)

738 Maurine's dog [Snookums?]-c. 1915

739 Cleo, Maurine's cat.

740 Pat the cat. (Maurine's pet)


741 Bird's eye view of Las Vegas from roof of Episcopal Church, 1910.

742 Fort Callville on the Colorado River

743 Freight depot in Las Vegas (1905)

744 Main Street in Las Vegas (1905)

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Fred and Maurine-Miscellaneous

745 Vacated

746 F.B. and J.B. Hubbard as young boys (tintype)

747 Fred Wilson, second from left. (1920's)

748 Maurine Wilson, right. [c.1920's]

749 L-R: Maurine Wilson, Chester Longwell Ruth Griffith (1963)

750 L-R: Maurine Wilson: her father, F.B. Hubbard: his wife Nell. (1956)

751 L-R: Bob Griffith, Chester Longwell [c.1963]

752 L-R; Maurine Wilson and Nell Hubbard

753 Maurine Wilson (center, red dress)

754 Maurine, center


Death Valley, California

755 Scotty's Castle-Death Valley. (two views)

756 Scotty's Castle in Death Valley.

757 Scotty's Castle---fireplace in living room

758 Living room in Scotty's Castle.

759 Ornate gate at Scotty's Castle

760 "Death Valley Scotty's " sign

761 Ornate gate at Scotty's Castle

762 [Burro] standing near Scotty's Castle

763 Bottle House---Rhyolite , Nevada.

764 Clock Tower at Scotty's Castle

765 Scene in Death Valley (two views)

766 Death Valley scene

767 Death Valley scene

768 Photographer in Death Valley.

769 Scene in Death Valley-two views.



770 Maurine Wilson at home (1958).

771 Maurine Wilson (yellow dress) 1958

772 Maurine's car. (1958).

773 Maurine Wilson

774 Maurine Wilson (yellow dress) 1958

775 Maurine Wilson (1958).

776 Charles Aplin (1955)

777 Reverend Reynolds (1955)

778 Griffith Church dedication (1955). L-R: O'Connor, Newby, Bishop Kennedy, Supt. (?).

779 Maurine Wilson (1950's)

780 Group of children-no identification.

781 Maurine Wilson (left) (1950's)

782 Fred's casket and burial (1958)

783 Same

784 Same

785 Same

786 Same

787 Same

788 Same

789 Same

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790 Miscellaneous (NOTE:# 790-803 are NEGATIVES ONLY)

791 Miscellaneous: Bridge near Canon City, CO,: photos taken in Missouri cornfields. (Persons not identified… Maurine's cousin Louise is in some shots)

792 Several negatives of Maurine's music students. (no i.d.)

793 Miscellaneous negatives and pictographs

794 Negatives of U.S.S Saratoga and Long Beach. (1928)

795 Negatives of First Methodist Church, Las Vegas. (3 negs)

796 Misc. negatives of Mt. Princeton Hotel, Gunnison and Canon City. (All in Colorado) (c.1920)

797 Misc. negatives of Fred & Maurine in New Mexico. (no i.d.) 1920

798 Negatives of Maurine's pets

799 Misc. negs. Of Maurine Wilson with other people (no i.d.) 1920

800 Misc. negatives of photos taken at Wahmomet (Sp?) Pass –winter of 1928(no i.d.)

801 Misc. negatives of Fred and Maurine (1920)

802 Misc. negatives of Fred Wilson (1920)

803 Misc. negatives of Maurine Wilson. (1920's)

804 Misc. negatives of Hubbard home in Canon City, Colorado.


Virginia City, NV and San Francisco Area

804 Building in Virginia City, Nevada.

805 The Territorial Enterprise-Virginia City, Nevada.

806 Virginia City, Nevada.

807 [Taken somewhere in or around Virginia City, Nevada.]

808 [Near Virginia City, Nevada.]

809 Maurine Wilson, right

810 Maurine Wilson

811 Maurine Wilson taken[in a park in San Francisco]

812 Maurine Wilson-[overlooking San Francisco bay?]

813 [Miscellaneous photos taken on Maurine Wilson's trip to San Francisco & the Bay area.]


Miscellaneous 2

814 Taken near Gunnison or Canon City, Colorado.(1920's)

815 Near Gunnison or Canon City, CO. .(1920's)

816 Near Gunnison or Canon City, CO. .(1920's)

817 Maurine Wilson feeding a peacock. (1920's)

818 Near Gunnison or Canon City CO .(1920's) no id on people

819 same as above

820 [Long Beach, California]1928 (U.S.S. Saratoga in distance?)

821 Group of Maurine's music students: Front : Jeannie Honrath, Martha Scott, Tamaka(?), (?), (?). Back Phyllis Baker, Mary Griffith, Pete Gusewelle, Betty Baker , Frances Mikulich.

822 Bridge near Canon City, CO.

823 Fred Wilson (center) 1920's

824 Maurine, second from left.

825 Group of Maurine's music students. (Not identified)

826 [ Fred Wilson?]

827 Maurine Wilson

828 Fred Wilson sitting in an airplane. (1920's?)

829 First Methodist Church, Third and Bridger Streets, Las Vegas, Nevada.

830 First Methodist Church after the fire.

831 Gravestone of Paula J. and Charles M. Conklin. (Maurine's uncle and his wife.)

832 Railroad car-early 1900's)

833 Train and depot-early 1900's

834 Hubbard's car (1910-1920)

835 A S&R Smelter

836 Photos of four buildings: One is Mt. Princeton Hotel, Buena Vista, Colorado. One is capital building, Salt Lake City. Other two are not identified.

837 Bridal Veil Falls, June 19, 1935

838 Chester R. Longwell-June 1963.

839 Maurine Hubbard Wilson's class-Murray, Utah school. Maurine is front row, second from left.

840 Grandmother Conklin (Maurine's)seated at left. Some of the other people are McKellers.

841 Yosemite National Park: (left): Mirror Lake (1935); (right): Yosemite Falls

842 Mrs. Alice Wilson (Fred's mother ) holding her great-granddaughter Leslie Ann Welsh, as the baby's grandmother, Mrs. Alice Neville, and mother Mrs. James

     Welsh, admire the latest addition the family(Alice Wilson is 90 years old in this photo).

     843 Numerous photos of Maurine's friends and acquaintances, music students, etc. All are identified on back of photo.

     844 Several photos of Maurine's cousins, etc. (Identified on back of photo.)

     845 Nine portraits of Maurine's classmates at Colorado Women's College-1921. (Most are autographed with message and person's name.)

     846 Miscellaneous photos-all unidentified.

     847 Wedding party. (c.late 1930's) Virginia Beckley, Donald Moore, Jimmie Weinkauf, Ruthie Doolittle, Audry Watters, Wilma Burns, Herbert Ward, Katherine Patch, Bill Cole, Eunice Beckley, John William Park, Donna Jean Honrath, Pauline Honrath, Ray Mickels, Jean James, Mary Jane Griffith.

     848 Wedding party (c.1930's). See #0014 0847 for identification.

     849 Roscoe Hampton, friend of the Wilsons

     850 Airplane in flight, overlooking ocean.

     851 Condition photo of movie films (Park-Wilson) prior to shipment to A-V from Special Collections, UNLV Library. Memo dated 13 March 1974.

     852 (NEGATIVE ONLY) Probably John William Park in academy uniform. (c.late 1930's)

     853 (NEGATIVE ONLY) [Marybelle Park and san John William in his graduation gown. C. late 1930's)

     854 (NEGATIVE ONLY) Miscellaneous negatives of scenery and building, etc. (No identification)


     855 Aerial of Las Vegas, c.1929

     856 Aerial of Las Vegas, c. 1929.

     857 Same.

     858 El Portal Theatre, Las Vegas, c.1920

     859 Country Club-Clubhouse. (c.1920's)

     860 Unidentified building [in Las Vegas ] , c. 1920's.

     861 [Realty?] office-Sign: "Vegas Boulder Addition-Buy now $250."

     862 Boulder Realty office, 1929.

     863 [Old Farm Bureau building?]c. 1920's

     864 Simon's Service Garage and Las Vegas Mercantile Corporation. (c.1920's)

     865 Simon's Service Garage , Las Vegas. (c.1920's)

     866 Park Building, Las Vegas. (1920)

     867 Park Building at right. (c. 1920)

     868 Court House, Las Vegas. (c.1920)

     869 Beckley Building, Las Vegas. (c.1920)

     870 Dutch children in parade in Las Vegas. (c.1920's)

     871 Dutch children in parade in Las Vegas. (c.1920's)

     872 Ladd's Resort (c.1920's)

     873 Children's beauty parade, Las Vegas (c.1920s)

     874 Colorado Club fire-c.1920's, Las Vegas, Nevada

     875 Old sawmill, Kyle Canyon. (c.1920)

     875a Lillis fire (c.1920's)

     876 The old Kyle home (c.1920)

     877 Thomas Block-Las Vegas, NV. (c.1920)

     878 First State Bank, Las Vegas, Nev. (c.1920)

     879 Town at Searchlight, Nevada. (March 1, 1922)

     880 Court House at Genoa, Nevada. (c.1920's)

     881 O.K. Restaurant –Las Vegas, NV

     882 Bottle House sign in front of the bottle house, Beatty, Nevada.

     883 Black Canyon (future dam site)

     884 Three views of Lee Canyon

     885 Salt mine at ST. Thomas (Nev)

     886 Adelaide Rock-Valley of Fire

     887 34 negatives of John William Park with his grandparents, parents, etc. as a baby and toddler.

     888 30 negatives of John William Park as a baby and toddler. ( With his parents, grandparents, etc.)

     889 22 negatives of John William Park as a baby and toddler. ( With his parents, grandparents, etc.)

     890 30 negatives of John William Park (infant and toddler) with his family

     891 30 negatives of John William park (infant and toddler) with his family.

     892 (PRINT ONLY) Las Vegas, Nevada, August 1905. From the Salt Lake Depot under construction.



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     ALBUM 1

     1:1.1 F.B and Ida Hubbard in front seat of car.
     1:1.2 F.B. And Ida Hubbard.
     1:6.3 L-R : Maurine, Ida, and F.B. Hubbard in bathing costumes.
     1:7.1 "Down on the farm". Maudy at left.
     1:7.2 Maudy
     1:11.1 Ida and F.B. Hubbard at right.
     1:11.2 Maurine Hubbard, far left. Ida and F.B. standing behind group.
     1:15.1 Ida and F.B. Hubbard at right.
     1:21.1 Hubbard Family: Standing, L-R: Ida, F.B. , Ola, J.B., A.E., Maurine. Seated, J.E. and Mary Ellen Hubbard.
     1:21.2 The Hubbard brothers, L-R: F.B., J.B. , and A.E. Hubbard.
     1.22.2 L-R: Ida, Maurine and Ola Hubbard. (Clark, MO)
     1:23.2 Seated on porch, L-R: Ida; Mary Ellen; (?); Standing in front, L-R: J.E. Hubbard, Maurine, and (?). Woman standing on porch is not identified.

     Album 2

     2:1 (bottom left corner): Fred & Maurine, (center page): Fred Wilson, far right. (right of center): Maurine Hubbard Wilson.
     2:2 (top left): Maurine.
     2:3.1 Maurine Hubbard.
     2:3.2 Maurine with small child.
     2:4.1 Maurine at far left of group.
     2:4.2 1915
     2:4.3 1914-four young ladies
     2:5.1 Maurine (standing second from right)
     2:6.1 Maurine in Hammock, second from left.
     2:6.2 Maurine on running board of automobile (second from left)
     2:6.3 Maurine standing in front of car (one wearing white dress.)
     2.7.1 Maurine and Fred (center) crossing creek.
     2:7.3 Maurine sitting on rock.
     2:9 (top center): F.B. and Ida Hubbard.
     2:10.1 Maurine Hubbard at right.
     2:12.1 Maurine Hubbard
     2:12.3 Maurine (left)
     2.12.4 Maurine Hubbard
     2:14.1 Maurine Hubbard
     2:14.2 Maurine with a child.
     2:14.3 Maurine.
     2:14.4 Maurine
     2:14.6 Maurine and her father , F.B. Hubbard
     2:14.7 Maurine with a small child
     2:15.1 Maurine poses with dog
     2:.15.2 Maurine Hubbard
     2:15.3 Ida Hubbard
     2:15.6 Person at left not identified. L-R: Maurine, Ida, and F.B.
     2:15.7 Maurine and Mattie
     2:16.3 Maurine Hubbard
     2:17    Center: Maurine at left, center right: Maurine Hubbard, bottom right: Maurine Hubbard
     2:19.1 Maurine at right
     2:19.2 Ida (center); Maurine (right)
     2:19.4 Ida (Left), Maurine (right)
     2:20.1 Maurine working on farm
     2:20.2 same as above
     2:20.3 Maurine working on farm
     2:21.2 Maurine, second from right
     2:21.4 Maurine (far left)
     2:22.1 Maurine behind wheel of automobile
     2:22.2 Maurine at left
     2:23 (bottom right): Maurine with dog.
     2:24.4 Fred Wilson and Maurine at left
     2:27.2 Maurine Hubbard at left
     2:28    (triangular picture): Maurine---1913. (bottom right corner): 1912.
     2:29 (triangular picture at right): Maurine, at left. (below, same)
     2:30.1 Maurine Hubbard
     2:30.2 Maurine Hubbard
     2:30.5 Maurine Hubbard
     2:30.6 L-R: Maurine, F.B. and Ida.
     2:33.2 Maurine, at left
     2:34.3 Ida and F.B. Hubbard
     2:34.4 F.B. and Maurine
     2:35.4 Maurine at left, Ida, second from right
     2:36.1 Fred Wilson (second from left)
     2:36.3 Fred Wilson
     2:37.2 Maurine Hubbard at right
     2:37.3 Maurine at right
     2:37.4 Maurine (center)
     2:37.6 Maurine at right.
     2:38 (top right): Maurine Hubbard, at right.(bottom left):Hubbard home in Clark, Missouri. (bottom right): Fred Wilson.
     2:40.1 Ida and F.B Hubbard
     2:40.2 Ida and Maurine
     2:40.3 Ida Hubbard.
     2:40.4 Maurine

     2:40.7 Maurine, at right
     2:41.1 Maurine, at left
     2:41.3 Maurine at left
     2:41.4 Maurine and Ida
     2:41.5 Ida (at left)
     2:41.6 Maurine, second from left
     2:41.7 Ida, at right
     2:42.1 Maurine (second from left)
     2:42.2 Maurine
     2:42.5 Maurine , at right
     2:42.6 Ida at left; Maurine sitting at right.
     2:42.7 Maurine at left holding dog
     2.44.1 Fred Wilson
     2:44.2 Fred, second from left
     2:44 (center): Fred Wilson
     2:44.5 Fred Wilson
     2:45.2 F.B., Ida and Maurine at Royal Gorge, Colorado.
     2:45.4 Maurine.
     2:43.1 Maurine, second from right

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     Album 3

     3:1.1 Fred Wilson
     3:1.2 Maurine
     3:1.3 Maurine
     3:1.4 Fred and Maurine Wilson
     3:1.5 same as above
     3:.1.6 Fred
     3:2.1 Maurine and Fred Wilson
     3:2.2 Fred Wilson
     3:3.2 Maurine and Fred
     3:3.3 Maurine and Fred
     3:3.4 Maurine and Fred
     3:3.5 Maurine and Fred
     3:3.6 Maurine H. Wilson
     3:4.1 Fred.
     3:4.2 Maurine.
     3:4.3 Fred
     3:5.2 Maurine, second from left.
     3:5.6 Maurine and Fred Wilson
     3:6.1 Fred Wilson\
     3:6.2 Maurine Wilson
     3:6.3 F.B. and Ida Hubbard
     3:6.4 Maurine
     3: 6.5 F.B. Hubbard.
     3:6.6 Fred Wilson
     3:8.3 Maurine
     3:8.5 Maurine
     3:9.1 Fred Wilson
     3:9.4 Fred
     3:9.6 Fred
     3:10.1 Maurine
     3:10.3 Maurine
     3:10.5 Maurine Wilson and Fred Wilson
     3:12.1 Maurine
     3:13.1 Maurine
     3:13.3 Maurine
     3:14.1 Maurine Wilson and Fred Wilson
     3:14.2 Maurine Wilson and Fred Wilson
     3:14.3 Maurine Wilson and Fred Wilson
     3:15.1 Maurine Wilson
     3:17.2 Maurine and Fred Wilson
     3:17.3 Fred with dog
     3:18.3 Fred and Maurine
     3:18.4 Fred
     3:18.5 Maurine
     3:19.1 Fred Wilson at right
     3:19.2 F.B. and Ida Hubbard at left
     3:19.3 House at 902 Greenwood, Canon City Colorado.
     3:20.3 Maurine and Fred Wilson.
     3.21.3 Fred and Maurine.
     3.23.1 Fred (neg)
     3:23.2 Maurine
     3:23.2 Maurine
     3:23.4 Fred and Maurine
     3:23.5 Fred
     3:23.6 Maurine
     3:23.7 Fred
     3:24.1 Maurine Hubbard
     3:24.4 Maurine
     3:25.5 L-R: Ida, Fred, Maurine, F.B. (neg)
     3:26.3 Maurine Wilson
     3:26.5 L-R: Garland Ronnow; ?, Pauline Honrath; S.Ronnow; Donna Jean Honrath
     3:26.6 Fred and Maurine
     3:28    All photos: rock art
     3:29.1 Maurine and Fred Wilson (neg)
     3:29.2 Ida Hubbard. (neg)
     3:29.3 F.B. & Ida Hubbard (neg)
     3:29.4 Maurine
     3:29.5 Maurine and Fred. (neg)
     3:29.6 F.B. and Ida Hubbard
     3:30.2 Fred Wilson
     3:30.3 Fred Wilson
     3:30.5 Maurine
     3:30.6 Maurine and Fred Wilson
     3:31.4 Ida, F.B. and Maurine (person at right not identified)
     3:31.5 Fred Wilson
     3:32.1 Maurine (center), Fred (right)
     3:32.2 Maurine at left
     3:32.3 Maurine at right
     3.33.1 Fred Wilson (neg)
     3.33.2 Maurine (neg)
     3:35.1 Fred and Maurine and ?
     3:35.2 Rock art
     3:35.3 Rock art

     Album 4
     (Many of the photos in this album taken during Maurine's college days.)

     4:1.1 Maurine
     4:1.2 Maurine
     4:1.3 Ida Hubbard
     4:1.4 Maurine
     4:1.5 Maurine
     4:2.1 Fred Wilson
     4:2.2 Maurine
     4:2.4 Maurine at the ocean
     4:3.1 Maurine
     4:3.2 Fred
     4:3.3 Maurine
     4:3.5 Maurine Hubbard
     4:3.6 Maurine
     4:4.1 Maurine (at left)
     4:5.1 Maurine
     4:5.4 Maurine
     4:5.5 Maurine
     4:6.1 Maurine in Red Cross uniform
     4:6.3 Maurine
     4:8.1 Maurine
     4:8.2 Ida & F.B. Hubbard; Maurine standing in front
     4:8.3 Ida & F.B. at left
     4:8.4 F.B. Hubbard (right0
     4:9.2 Maurine
     4:9.3 Maurine (behind tree); Ida, (back, right)
     4:9.4 Maurine & Ida (second and third from left)
     4:10.1 L-R: F.B., Ida, and Maurine Hubbard
     4:10.2 Maurine at right
     4:10.4 F.B., Ida, and Maurine, in camp
     4:11.1 Ida, (?), F.B., Maurine, (?), ( ?)
     4:12.2 Maurine Hubbard
     4:12.3 F.B. and Ida at right
     4:14.3 Maurine Hubbard
     4:15.1 Maurine – 1919
     4:15.3 Maurine at left (1919)
     4:16.1 Maurine at left
     4:16.4 Maurine
     4:16.5 Fred Wilson
     4:17.4 Ida & F.B. Hubbard on running board (center)
     4:18.1 Fred in a canoe
     4:18.2 Ida in Red Cross uniform
     4:18.4 Maurine
     4:19.1 Grandmother Conklin (right)
     4:19.2 Grandmother Conklin
     4:19.3 Grandmother Conklin
     4:19.4 Grandmother Conklin (at right)
     4:20.2 Maurine (left)
     4:20.3 Maurine (left)
     4:21.5 Maurine Hubbard
     4:22.2 Maurine
     4:22.3 Maurine (at right)
     4:22.5 Maurine (center)
     4:22.6 Maurine
     4:24.2 Maurine
     4:24.4 Maurine
     4:24.6 Maurine (left)
     4:25.1 Maurine Hubbard Wilson
     4:25.2 Maurine
     4:26    Maurine
     4:27.1 F.B., Ida, and Maurine
     4:27.2 Maurine (left)
     4:28.1 Ida holding the baby
     4:28.3 Maurine holding the baby
     4:28.5 L-R: Maurine, F.B., and Ida
     4:28.6 Ida with baby
     4:29.4 Maurine in car with a baby
     4:30.1 Maurine holding the baby
     4:31.1 Maurine driving car; Ida in back seat
     4:31.2 Maurine
     4:31.4 Maurine at wheel
     4:33.2 Maurine (at right)
     4:33.4 Maurine
     4:34.1 Maurine with violin
     4:34.2 Maurine with violin
     4:34.3 Maurine with violin (at right)
     4:35.1 Maurine (center)
     4:35.2 Maurine (far right)
     4:35.3 Maurine
     4:36.3 Maurine (at right)
     4:37.1 Maurine (at right)
     4.:37.4 Maurine (left)
     4:38.1 Maurine (left)
     4:38.4 Maurine
     4:39.1 Maurine (at right)
     4:39.2 Maurine (left)
     4:39.3 Maurine
     4:39.4 Maurine (at right)
     4:40.2 Maurine (at right)
     4:40.4 Maurine (at far right)
     4:41.1 Fred Wilson (left)
     4:41.3 Maurine Hubbard
     4:41.4 Maurine (at right)
     4.42.2 Maurine wearing her college graduation gown
     4.42.3 Maurine with violin
     4.42.4 Maurine (at right)
     4.42.5 Maurine (left)
     4:43.2 Maurine standing in front, wearing fur coat
     4.44.1 Maurine (front, center)-wearing fur coat.
     4.45.1 Maurine (same as above)
     4.45.4 Maurine in graduation gown
     4.45.5 Maurine (right)
     4:49.1 Fred (at left)
     4:49.2 Fred
     4:50.1 Maurine at graduation (left)
     4:50.3 Ida and F.B. center of running board
     4:52.3 Maurine (right)
     4:53.1 Maurine
     4:53.2 Ida and Maurine (center)
     4:53.3 Maurine (second from right)
     4:55.1 Maurine (left)
     4:56.1 Dunne and Wilson-liberty.
     4:56.2 U.S.S. Oregon-San Diego Harbor
     4:57.3 Maurine at the ocean
     4:58.1 Maurine (second from right)
     4:59.1 Maurine and Ida, front center
     4:59.4 Ida, Maurine, and F.B., (L-R, back row)
     4:60.3 Barracks 72 BN.
     4:60.4 Maurine (fourth from left)
     4:61.1 Maurine eating from watermelon
     4:62.1 Maurine (second from left).

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     Album 5

     Album 5 is a collection of photographs taken during Maurine Hubbard Wilson's high school days. They are photos of her, her classmates, high school activities, etc. None are identified but there are many of her and these are easily recognized. (c.1915)

     Album 6

     (These photos were taken when Maurine was a young girl in Murray, Utah)
     6:1 Maurine, center, front
     6:9 Maurine standing at left.
     6:13 Maurine on horseback (left)
     6:16 Ida Hubbard & Maurine
     6:17 Maurine
     6:19 Maurine, second row, far left (seated in grass); F.B. Hubbard, back row, second from right: Ida Hubbard in front of him and to his left.
     6:22 Ida (left) and F.B. Hubbard (center).
     6:23 (L-R) F.B., Maurine, and Ida Hubbard-railroad depot, Murray, UT.
     6:25 Ida Hubbard, left. Grandmother Conklin , right.

     Album 7

     Album 7 is a collection of photographs of Maurine's music students. Most are identified in the album, often with a hand-written note from the student. There are also group photos of students without identification.

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