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Claudine Williams Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:D

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Collection Contents:
CD 1

0001    Claudine Williams, 1949.
0002    Claudine Williams in front of dormitory named for her at UNLV, 1991.
0003    Claudine Williams on left, circa 1950s, in Texas.
0004    L--R: Dr. Von Zant (Sp?), Mary Stewart,    Homtra (Sp?), Shelby Williams. C. 1958-59.    Shelby played gin rummy with Dr. V.Z. for 10-pt.

0005    Claudine Williams, probably in Texas .    Sept. 18, 1959.
0006    Claudine and husband Shelby Williams in Texas. ( Owl Foto Service )
0007    Claudine Williams, unknown location, March 1959.
0008    Claudine and friend in Texas, April 1959.
0009    Claudine and Shelby Williams in Texas, ca. 1950s.
0010    April 1985.    Mom sitting, Sister, Claudine Williams, Shawn and Kelly (grandsons of Claudine).
0011    Claudine Williams probably receiving Honorary Doctorate from UNLV, ca. 1997-2005.
0012    Claudine Williams, second from right, with UNLV President Carol C. Harter, probably receiving honorary doctorate, ca. 1997-2005.
0013    L-R Claudine Williams, Marilyn Emmanuel, Betty Wetherill. Snow cones for summer.
0014    Claudine Williams, unknown date.
0015    L-R Antoinette Maceo, Claudine Williams , Mrs. Frank Maceo.    1946-47
0016    L-R Michael, Claudine, Shelby Williams, ca. 1950s. ( Michael is their son.)

CD 2

0017    Shelby and Claudine Williams, c. 1954. ( photographer, B. Batton)
0018    Shelby, Claudine, and Michael,1963, Houston.
0019    Shelby, Michael, and Claudine Williams at World's Fair, 1963-4.    Jack Dempsey's Restaurant in New York.
0020    Shelby Williams at the Holiday Casino, Las Vegas.
0021    L-R-- Unknown, Unknown, Yvonne Atkinson-Gates, Claudine Williams, Kenny Guinn, ca. late 1980s.
0022    Claudine Williams with Murray Guinness.
0023    Claudine Williams, left, sitting with Murray and Leona Guinness, and two unidentified friends at the Desert Inn, unknown date.
0024    Claudine Williams dedicated a plaque at Harrah's to founders Claudine and Shelby Williams.
0025    Broadwater Resort , 2110 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, MS . Opened 1939 and owned by T.W. Richardson . "Everybody loved T.W."    Dealt at gaming dinners. Borrowed 35K against this hotel from Mr. Joe Brown to finish the Royal Nevada in Las Vegas.

0026    Label on back: 8.8.98.    Del Mar Sorrento Stakes--Gr. II--$100,000 #4 Silverbulletday Gary Stevens O: Mike Pegram T: Bob Baffert 2nd: #8 Excellent Meeting 3rd: #6 Colorado Song 6 1/2 Furlongs in 1:17 2/5 $3.40 2.40 2.10

0027    Kitty Rodman left, with Claudine Williams, ca. 2000.
0028    Claudine Williams, center ,2nd from left--Richard Goeglein, Harrah's and Holiday executive.
0029    Claudine Williams with Moe Dalitz, majority owner.    (Life Magazine photo).
0030    Kitty Rodman, Shelley Berkley, Claudine Williams . (Photo by Cashman Professional)    9-29-03
0031    Ernest Borgnine with Claudine Williams, May 2003.
0032    Claudine Williams in her office at Harrah's.
0033    L-R- Unknown, Elizabeth Dole, Claudine Williams, and Thalia Dondero, 1992.

CD 3

0034    Claudine Williams and Joe Francis with wheelbarrow of casino chips at a Harrah's renovation.
0035    Nevada Commission on Tourism. Claudine Williams second from left, Lorraine Hunt second from right, far right Frank Song? Head of CVB. Ca. 1990.

0036    Claudine Williams, left. Thalia Dondero, right.
0037    Grandsons- Ian, Shawn, Claudine center, with Mike Rose and Debbie Fields.
0038    Claudine Williams standing with the model for Harrah's renovation. . ( Las Vegas News Bureau photo)
0039    Kitty Rodman; Robert Reich, former US Secty of Labor- speaker at UNLV Foundation Dinner; Claudine Williams.
0040    Seated center, Sue Wagner; to the right Claudine Williams, ca. 1980s.
0041    Jack Kemp, Claudine Williams, Tom Weisner.
0042    L-R: Unknown, Claudine Williams, Murray Guinness, Terry Lanni.
0043    Vacated
0044    Vacated.
0045    Richard Bryan, Unknown, Claudine Williams; American Bank ribbon cutting ceremony, 1990.
0046    L-R James Bilbray, Claudine Williams, Unknown, Richard Bryan.    Ribbon cutting ceremony, American Bank, 1990.
0047    L--R, Unknown, Jan Jones, Claudine Williams, Thalia Dondero
0048    Claudine Williams, center. Two other women not identified.
0049    Claudine Williams with John D. Rockefeller, 1994.

CD 4

0050    Senator Bob Dole and Claudine Williams.
0051    Claudine Williams with Bill Clinton.
0052    Claudine Williams (2nd from left); Tom Wiesner (2nd from rt.).
0053    Unknown, Irwin Molasky, Claudine Williams.
0054    Phyllis McGuire, Kitty Rodman, Thalia Dondero, Leona Guinness, Claudine Williams.
0055    Claudine Williams behind scale model of Harrah's. (Las Vegas News Bureau)
0056    Steve Wynn and Claudine Williams.    
0057    Advertisement: Harrah's Casino Hotel, Las Vegas; Claudine Williams standing behind slot machine with employees.
0058    Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce?    Dedication of James Cashman plaque.
0059    Lee Iacocca, center, Claudine Williams far right. Others not identified.
0060    Terry Lanni, Claudine Williams, Mike Sloan.
0061    Norm and Avis Jansen, Bob Peterson and Claudine Williams
0062    L--R, Thalia Dondero; Claudine Williams; Nancy Houssels, Woman of the Year; at the Black and White Ball
0063    L--R, Thalia Dondero, Claudine Williams, Nancy Houssels (Woman of the Year) at the Black and White Ball.

CD 5

0064    L--R, Thalia Dondero, Claudine Williams, Nancy Houssels (Woman of the Year) at the Black and White Ball.
0065    L--R, Thalia Dondero, Claudine Williams, Nancy Houssels (Woman of the Year) at the Black and White Ball.
0066    Woman of the Year, Nancy Houssels, holding her trophy at the Black and White Ball.
0067    Woman of the Year at the Black and White Ball. Nancy Houssels (head turned) receives trophy from Claudine Williams.            
0068    Claudine Williams, Kitty Rodman, Hillary Clinton.
0069    Hillary Clinton and Kitty Rodman.
0070    Kitty Rodman and Claudine Williams.
0071    Seated left to right:    Claudine Williams, Toni Clark.    Toni Clark's birthday, 4-4-95. Others not identified.
0072    Mary StewartClaudine's best friend , 2nd from right;    Claudine Williams, fourth on right side. Photo in paper frame, "Paris en bateaux mouches".
0073    L--R Leona Ginnis, Kitty Rodman, Claudine Williams, Thalia Dondero.
0074    Photo from the Nathan Adelson Hospice 1999 Monarch Award Dinner book: L-r: unknown, Kitty Rodman, Claudine Williams, Thalia Dondero.
0075    Claudine at 6 months, 1921.    From the Nathan Adelson Hospice 1999 Monarch Award Dinner book.
0076    Claudine Williams as a young woman.    From the Nathan Adelson Hospice 1999 Monarch Award Dinner book.

CD 6

0077    Claudine Williams as a young woman.    From the Nathan Adelson Hospice 1999 Monarch Award Dinner book.
0078    Claudine Williams.
0079    Ed Guthrie, Kitty Rodman, John Ensign, Claudine Williams, Unknown.
0080    Photo of letterhead or business card?    "Holiday Casino, Claudine Williams, Chairman of the Board."
0081    Artist's rendering of the Holiday Inn. Is the front of a postcard.
0082    Reverse of postcard showing the Holiday Inn Casino.
0083    Similar to photo #80: "Harrah's Las Vegas".                
0084    Business card? "chamber of Commerce, Claudine Williams, Board of Directors".
0085    "Cal-Neva Super Speed Train Commission, Claudine Williams, Commissioner". Appears to be a business card.
0086    Business card: " Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Claudine Williams, Secretary/Treasure".
0087    Shelby Williams with cocktail servers Las Vegas, Nevada. Other man unknown. (Photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)
0088    L to R: Edwina and D.A. Jones, Joe Salvato, Claudine at a Houston club. Claudine as a young woman.)
0089    In folder from Escambron Beach Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo of Claudine and Shelby; Claudine's best friend, Mary Stewart, is dancing with Dr. Von Zant (sp?) whom she married. Dr. VonZant and Shelby were longtime gin-rummy playing friends.

CD 7

0090    Michael Williams, son of Claudine and Shelby Williams.
0091    1973 Holiday Casino Grand Opening.    Claudine Williams, Bonnie Gragson, Shelby Williams, , Mayor Oran Gragson.
0092    L-R: Claudine, Shelby, and Michael Williams. (In folder from Caesar's Palace Photography Studio)
0093    What appears to be a business card: "Nevada Commerce Bank, Claudine Williams, Chairman of the Board".
0094    1983-84-- PROMUS, parent of Holiday Casino.    Richard Goeglein, Claudine Williams, Michael Rose.
0095    Group in front of American Bank of Commerce. Claudine Williams is in the front row.
0096    Las Vegas Strip. Holiday Inn, Holiday Casino, Imperial Palace. (no date)
0097    Holiday Casino in Las Vegas. (no date)

CD 8

0098     Silver Slipper Gambling Hall Saloon in Las Vegas.
M0001    The cover of an issue of Luxury Las Vegas Magazine.
M0002    Table of contents for above magazine.    Shows article on Claudine Williams beginning on p. 27.
M0003    First page of the article on Claudine Williams (p. 27). Shows photo    of her and text.
M0004    Second page of the article photo and text. (see above)
M0005    Full page portrait of Claudine Williams from same article.
M0006    Page 30 of the articleClaudine Williams in center of photo.
M0007    Page 31 of the article-text.
M0008    Page 32 of the article-text.
M0009    Page 33 of the article-text and photo.

CD 9

M0010    Page 34 of the article from Luxury Las Vegas Magazine. (see above)
M0011    Cover of Nevada Woman magazine. Features Kitty Rodman, front left; Nancy Houssels, back right; Claudine Williams 2nd from right; Elaine Wynn next to Claudine Williams.

M0012    Article on Claudine Williams from above magazine.
M0013    Cover of magazine: Casino Enterprise Management.
M0014    First page of article from above magazine titled: "Great Women of Gaming".
M0015    Next page of article; features Claudine Williams and photo of her.
M0016    Photo of a program from The "Louie" Awards, February 5, 2000. Shelley Berkley, 4th from left; Claudine Williams 6th from left; others not identified. Presented by the 18 Society Foundation. Photo Class of 2000.
M0017    Claudine Williams receiving her "Lifetime Achievement Award" from her friend Jan Jones. Claudine Williams, Chairman of Harrah's Las Vegas.)