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Wengert Family Photograph Collection

Extent: 1.8 Linear Feet (5 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, 1 over sized folder)
Location: PC 02:D, PC Negatives Box 05, MC MS 01:B

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Related Materials:
Wengert Family Papers, 1907-1967. MS-00192. Special Collections, University Libraries, University
of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The Wengert Family Photographs (1890-1966) depict the lives of the Wengert family. In addition are materials focusing on day-to-day activities such as holiday celebrations, family milestones, and some Southern Nevada Power Company employees. Although there are chronological gaps in the materials, particularly in the early years of Cyril and Lottie’s lives, the images provide historical documentation of this Las Vegas family.


Las Vegas

0001    Cyril & Lottie Wengert's home

0002    Cyril & Lottie Wengert's home

0003    Cyril & Lottie Wengert's home

0004    Cyril & Lottie Wengert's home

0005    Architect's rendering of Southern Nevada Power Co. offices

0006    Map of Las Vegas Convention Center and area.

Boulder City

0007    Black Canyon during Boulder Dam construction.


Cyril Wengert

0008    Portrait, about 25 years old

0009    Portrait about 30 years old (OVERSIZE)

0010    Portrait , 1946

0011    Bust picture, about 55 years old.

0012    Portrait , about 60 years old.

0013    Portrait , about 60 years old.

0014    Portrait , about 60 years old.

0015    Portrait , about 60 years old, at his desk

0016    Portrait , about 60 years old.

0017    Portrait , about 60 years old.

Lottie Ward Wengert

0018    With school class, Wells, Nevada, 1918

0019    On the front lawn.

0020    Cyril Wengert-Lottie Ward wedding party on the lawn

0021    Cyril Wengert with their first child , Jimmie.

0022    Lottie Wengert with Ward Wengert

0023    Cyril and Lottie Wengert

0024    Vacated


Lottie Ward Wengert (cont.)

0025    Cyril and Lottie Wengert, Marilyn Wengert age 3 mos. Jimmie Wengert age 19 months.

0026    Cyril & Lottie Wengert, Robert, Marilyn , Ward Wengert, portrait (OVERSIZE)

0027    Cyril & Lottie Wengert, Robert, Marilyn, Ward Wengert, August 22, 1993, Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

0028    Marilyn, Robert, Ward Wengert and Grandpa Wengert

0029    Cyril, Robert, Ward Wengert, three unidentified men, at "Lottie's leaving home"

0030    Cyril, Robert, Marilyn, Ward Wengert in the boat.

0031    Cyril, Jimmie, Marilyn , Robert, Shirley Wengert (NO PRINT)

0032    Vacated

0033    Cyril and Robert Wengert

0034    Cyril, Ward, Marilyn , Robert Wengert with unidentified boy sledding.

0035    Lottie and Shirley Wengert

0036    Cyril , Lottie, Robert, Ward, Marilyn, Shirley Wengert

0037    Robert and Ward Wengert with Grandma (?)

0038    Cyril, Robert, Ward, Marilyn, Shirley Wengert

0039    Robert, Marilyn, Ward, Shirley Wengert with Grandma (?) and unidentified girl

0040    Cyril and Shirley Wengert

0041    Cyril, Lottie, Ward, Marilyn, Robert Wengert

0042    Cyril, Maryiln, Ward, Robert Wengert at the lake

0043    Cyril , Ward, Robert, Marilyn Wengert

0044    Cyril, Robert, Ward Wengert

0045    Cyril, Lottie, Ward, Marilyn Wengert, August, 1945

folder 46-2            

PEOPLE continued

(Wengert Family continued)

0046    Cyril , Lottie, Ward and Bee Wengert, Bob and Marilyn Wengert Gatewood, going to Hawaii.

0047    Cyril , Lottie, Ward and Bee Wengert, Bob and Marilyn Wengert Gatewood, going to Hawaii.

Wengert Children

0048    Portraits, Marilyn, Jimmie, Ward Wengert

Marilyn Wengert

0049    About age 11 (NO PRINT)

0050    Fifteen years old.


Folder 46-2 continued


(Wengert children continued)

Ward Wengert

0051    Age 13

Robert Wengert

0052    About age five

0053    About age ten

Shirley Wengert

0054    About age three

0055    Age five

0056    Vacated

Group Photographs

0057    Jimmie and Marilyn Wengert

0058    Marilyn , Ward, Robert Wengert, November 27, 1931

0059    Marilyn , Jimmie, Ward, Robert Wengert at birthday party

0060    Robert, Marilyn, Ward Wengert at the swimming hole

0061    Ward, Marilyn, Shirley, Robert Wengert

0062    Ward and Robert Wengert

Marilyn Wengert Gatewood and family

0063    Cyril, Lottie Wengert; Bob, Marilyn Gatewood and their six children

0064    Marilyn Wengert Gatewood and her six children on Easter.

0065    Marilyn Wengert Gatewood, Bob Gatewood and children on Easter.

Ward Wengert and family

0066    Bee Wengert and their three children

Shirley Wengert Cherry and family

0067    With Jack Cherry and their four children


Business Meetings and People

0068    Cyril Wengert with three unidentified people

0069    Cyril Wengert with unidentified man

0070    Cyril Wengert with two unidentified men

0071    Cyril Wengert with three unidentified people

0072    Cyril Wengert with artist's rendering of Southern Nevada Power Co. offices, February, 1961

0073    Cyril Wengert with unidentified young man.

0074    Same as above

0075    Cyril Wengert, Earl Davison, Jerry Crowe, Reid Gardner, September 27, 1961 Wednesday evening.

0076    Arthur Smith, Cyril Wengert, Major M. Sweeney.

0077    Cyril Wengert and unidentified woman at party, September 27, 1961

0078    Cyril Wengert, Thayer Bigelow, Jean Bigelow, Bee Wengert, Pat Powers (secretary), Shirley Wengert Cherry, Ward Wengert

0079    Cyril Wengert and three unidentified people

0080    General Boyd Hubbard's party at Nellis Air Force Base; Mr. and Mrs. C.D. Baker, Mr. and Mrs.?, Archie Grant

Rotary International

0081    At the train station with the Rotarians, incl. Cyril Wengert

0082    Same as above

0083    At Las Vegas Station on UP, 1930s

0084    At Las Vegas Station on UP, 1930s

0085    With Union Pacific Stages buses, "        "         "

0086    Banquet meeting, incl. Cyril Wengert

0087    Banquet : Cyril Wengert, William Ferron, Jim Cashman Sr.

0088    With float for Las Vegas parade, incl. Cyril Wengert

0089    Rotarians Golden Anniv. Cyril Wengert, Will Beckley, William Ferron

0090    Ray Culley, Maxwell Kelch, James Cashman Sr. Cyril Wengert, Will Beckley, William Ferron

0091    James Cashman SR., Cyril Wengert, Will Beckley, William Ferron

0092    Group picture incl. Cyril Wengert


0093    Tea honoring Lottie Wengert as state president of Chapter K, 1952


0094    Cyril Wengert's 75th birthday, at Nevada Power Co. office, incl. Cyril Wengert with secretaries Betty Jane Bosch, Eileen Fenton, Betty Barry, Vivian Sheppard, Marge Townsend, Jeanne Murphy, Maria Levy

0095    Cyril Wengert's 75th birthday, at Nevada Power Co. office with Vivian Sheppard and his cake

0096    Cyril Wengert's 75th birthday party, with three unidentified people

0097    Cyril Wengert's 75th birthday party , with Ward and Bee Wengert, Bob Gatewood and Marilyn Wengert Gatewood, Cyril and Lottie Wengert

0098    Banquet table for Cyril Wengert's 75th birthday party

0099    Lottie Wengert, Marian Carlson, Dr. Julius Jensen, Corille Jensen

0100    Brunch with Cyril and Lottie Wengert Bob and Marilyn Wengert Gatewood ,December 6, 1964

0101    Lottie Wengert's baptism, February 21, 1964, with Father Don Nally, Father Baldus

Additions to Collections

0103    L-R Harry Manente (?), Tom Hull, Cyril Wengert, April 1941

Lottie Ward -Early

0104    Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus D. Ward, Lottie's parents.

0105    Lottie Ward.

0106    Lottie Ward. (Charter Oak, Iowa)

0107    Lottie Ward. ( Algona, Iowa)

0108    Lottie Ward. 1910

0109    Lottie Ward

0110    Lottie Ward

0111    Lottie Ward

0112    Christmastime 1907 (1) Harry Ward (2) Edna Jackson (3) Lottie Ward (4) Ma Schenck (5) Edwin Dunton (6) Ethel Ward (7) Glen Jenkinson (8) Arthur Ward (9) Harry Jenkinson.

0113    Lottie Ward, left. (1911)

0114    At Willard house, October 1910. Lottie Ward (center, bench).

0115    From back of Willard house

0116    Murphy Club Christmas tree-December 1910-Lottie Ward, front row, 3rd from left.



0117    Lottie Wengert's baptism, February 21, 1965. L-R: Father Baldus, Father Dan Nally, Cyril Wengert, Robert Wengert, Lottie, Pat Wengert, Ward Wengert, Bee Wengert.

0118    Lottie Wengert's baptism, February 21, 1965. L-R: Father Baldus, Father Dan Nally, Jack Cherry (Lottie's son-in-law)Cyril Wengert, Robert Wengert, Lottie, Pat Wengert, Ward Wengert, Bee Wengert.

0119    (Clockwise beginning at far end): Cyril Wengert, Bob Gatewood, Bee Wengert, Robert Wengert, Lottie Ward Wengert, Pat Wengert, Jack Cherry, Marilyn Gatewood.

0120    Cyril Wengert, (2nd from left): Lottie Wengert (2nd from right)

0121    Cyril Wengert, left; Marilyn Gatewood (their daughter), fourth from left; Lottie, far right.

0122    Clockwise beginning at left: Ward Wengert , Pat Wengert, Jack Cherry, Marilyn Gatewood, Cyril Wengert , Shirley Cherry, Bob Gatewood, Bee Wengert (face hidden), Robert Wengert, Lottie.

0123    Clockwise, from left: Ward Wengert, Pat Wengert, Jack Cherry, Marilyn Gatewood, Cyril Wengert, Shirley Cherry, Bob Gatewood, Bee Wengert, Robert Wengert, Lottie Wengert.



0124    Jessica Burton 1910

0125    "Sincerely yours, Mac"

0126    " 'Andy-Willard house Dec. 12, 1910

0127    Miscellaneous-several snapshots of house; interior of house; classrooms with people and without. (c. early 1900's-no identification) (Lottie Ward was a home economics teacher, some of the photos look like a home ec classroom.)

0128    Miscellaneous photos-classmate and friends of Lottie Ward Wengert. (no identification-c. 1900's some are dated Feb. 1, 1911)

0129    (NEGS ONLY) Two negs-no i.d. [Lottie Ward?]

0130    Miscellaneous - no identification-portraits of Lottie's friends, classmates, relatives??? (c. 1910)