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Photo Collections Record

Frank Watts Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:A, PC Negatives Box 11, PC Slides Binder 03, MC MS 01:D

Collection Contents:
El Rancho Vegas

0001    El Rancho Vegas
0002    El Rancho restaurant (day of fire)
0003    El Rancho bar
0004    Showroom/dining room at El Rancho
0005    Room in El Rancho
0006    Room interior at El Rancho
0007    Room interior at El Rancho


0008    Craps table at El Rancho
0009    Beldon Katleman and Joe E. Lewis
0010    Max Weber, chef, El Rancho Vegas.
0011    Max Weber, chef, El Rancho Vegas
0012    Front of El Rancho with Virgil Murphy and Frank Watts
0013    Frank Watts, Sec.-Treas., Virgil Murphy, Manager
0014    Eleanor Roosevelt and Beldon Katleman
0015    Eleanor Roosevelt and Beldon Katleman
0016    Bill Woodburn, Beldon Katleman and Eleanor Roosevelt
0017    Beldon Katleman, Eleanor Roosevelt and Pearl Bailey
0018    Joe E. Lewis, Beldon Katleman and Eleanor Roosevelt
0019    Beldon Katleman and Sophie Tucker
0020    Sophie Tucker's birthday and Tony Martin
0021    Arturo Petterini, Beldon Katleman and Sophie Tucker
0022    Sophie Tucker, Beldon Katleman and Victor Mature
0023    Betty Grable and Harry James
0024    Beldon Katleman and Betty Grable
0025    Beldon Katleman, Joe E. Lewis and Walter Winchell
0026    Zsa Zsa Gabor and Beldon Katleman
0027    Beldon Katleman and Joe E. Lewis
0028    Charles Kahn, Oleg Cassini and Beldon Katleman
0029    John Carrol and Beldon Katleman

Folder 169-2


0030    Walter Winchell, Bob Hope, Joe E. Lewis, and Beldon Katleman
0031    Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme and Joe E. Lewis
0032    Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme on wedding day.
0033    Hal and Cindy March's wedding
0034    Beldon Katleman and Hal March
0035    Hal March and Cindy March
0036    David Janssen and Charles Kahn
0037    David Janssen and his wife and Beldon Katleman
0038    David Janssen and his wife and Carol Channing
0039    Beldon Katleman and Ash Resnick and Father Ryan
0040    Joe E. Lewis, Ash Resnick and his wife
0041    Ash Resnick, Jack Carter and Charles Kahn
0042    Beldon Katleman and Spike Jones
0043    Victor Mature
0044    Julius LaRosa
0045    Eartha Kitt, Julius LaRosa
0046    Spencer Tracy and Lorraine Day
0047    George Murphy
0049    Cubby Broccoli and Cary Grant
0050    Grace Kelly, Louella Parsons, James McHugh, and Sonja Henie
0051    Spike Jones and Millie Katleman
0052    Max Weber, chef at El Rancho Vegas
0053    Max Weber, chef at El Rancho Vegas

Hoover Dam

0054    Hal and Cindy March at Hoover Dam in 1940s

Additions to Collection

0055    Board meeting?
0056    El Rancho Vegas-5th Gin Rummy Cardcutta Tournament
0057    El Rancho Vegas-panoramic scene-c. 1940s. (Snow on the ground)
            (OVERSIZE: housed with Franklin Watts MS Collection #T-120)