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Walking Box Ranch (Rex Bell and Clara Bow) Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:D

Collection Contents:

0001    Clara Bow on the patio at the Walking Box Ranch, Searchlight, Nev.
0002    Clara Bow Bell on the patio at the Walking Box Ranch.
0003    Clara Bow Bell at the ranch, kneeling and aiming a rifle. (1931)
0004    George Bell and Rex Bell Jr., children of Rex and Clara Bow Bell.
0005    George and Rex Bell Jr. on a Shetland pony, Smoky, led by grandmother Daisy Beldam ( Rex's mother).
0006    George and Rex Bell Jr. at the ranch. (c. 1939)
0007    Clara Bow and Rex Bell at the ranch with her horse.
0008    Clara serving Rex a meal in the ranch kitchen.
0009    Clara and Rex's baby George.
0010    Clara and Rex's baby George.
0011    George Francis Robert Bell, age one month. Born June 14, 1938.
0012    Clara and Rex's baby George.
0013    Rex Larbow Tom Bell, age 3 years old, riding on a hobby horse, wearing cowboy outfit. Horse was given to him by Tom Mix.
0014    Swimming pool at Palm Springs. People sunbathing and swimming.
0015    Clara Bell with friend and other guests poolside at the ranch.
0016    Unidentified couple and child.
0017    Rex Bell Jr. on his 1st birthday, with cake.
0018    Walking Box Ranch, main ranch house, Searchlight, Nevada.
0019    Another view of the ranch house.
0020    Rex Bell and one of his boys at the ranch.
0021    Rex Bell with Rex Bell Jr., who is dressed in cowboy gear. Main room at ranch.
0022    Four views of the cattle and cowboys on the ranch.
0023    Clara Bow with two men.
0024    Clara Bow with two men.
0025    Clara Bow Bell and friend Marion Lewyn. (sp?)
0026    View of the house at Walking Box Ranch.
0027    Four views of cowboys in action on the ranch.
0028    Clara and friend Marion Lewyn cutting up.
0029    Clara Bow Bell on horseback.
0030    Rex Bell Jr. and Georgie Bell on a Shetland pony. (Rex Jr.'s first horse, Smokey).
0031    Color sketch of "Cupid's SpotWalking Box ranch house. Main house before addition of wing with master bedroom and boys' room.
0032    People eating at the dining room table in the ranch house. Rex Bell at head of table, Grandmother Beldam next to him.
0033    Baby mountain sheep at the ranch.
0034    Billy the desert big horn at the ranch. He was there for many years.
0035    Rex Bell and his son (Rex Bell Jr.) playing with model train in game room at ranch.
0036    Clara Bow Bell standing in front of the fireplace at the ranch.
0037    Group of people with a horse. Clara Bow Bell on a movie set.
0038    Group of unidentified people Clara at right?
0039    Clara Bow Bell on the ship going to Europe for her honeymoon with Rex.
0040    Clara with woman and child at a ski resort in Europe during her honeymoon.
0041    Clara Bow Bell seated at table-surrounded by group of unidentified men. Taken in Germany prior to the war.
0042    Clara Bow Bell and Rex Bell on board ship during their honeymoon. (enroute to Europe)
0043    Fritz Schmidt (water engineer) at Walking Box Ranch.
0044    Rex Jr. at the ranch in the snow.
0045    Snow scene and Joshua trees on the ranch.
0046    Rex Bell Jr. at the ranch in the snow.
0047    View of a portion of the ranch property-no buildings.
0048    Billy mountain sheep near Joshua tree on the ranch.
0050    Clara Bow Bell on skis. In Europe during her honeymoon.
0051    Group of people including Clara at foot of ski slopes. (honeymoon in Europe)
0052    Clara (?) in snow.
0053    Clara Bow Bell with a kangaroo on the ship during her honeymoon.
0054    View of the ranch property-desert scene-in the snow.
0055    Similar to above.
0056    Rex Bell Jr. on the ranch.
0057    Fritz Schmidt, water engineer, at the ranch house.
0058    View of one of the ranch buildings in the snow.
0059    Rex Bell and Fritz Schmidt.    
0060    Ranch scene-desert with Joshua trees-snow scene.
0061    View of ranch property and mountains in distance. Snow scene.
0062    Desert scene on ranch property.
0063    Swimming pool at the ranch house frozen over.
0064    Clara Bow Bell with horses in Europe on her honeymoon.
0065    Clara Bow Bell at right with unidentified woman and child. In Europe on her honeymoon.
0066    Rex Bell on skis in Europe during his honeymoon.
0067    A person in the snow-ranch buildings in background. Main house and workshop.
0068    One of the Bell boys-ranch buildings in background.
0069    Rex Bell (?) working in the snow on the ranch.
0070    Ranch property scene-in the snow-desert view.
0071    Rex Bell's dog Sheik in the snow on the ranch.
0072    Snowy view of the ranch property-desert view.
0073    Similar to above.
0074    View of part of the exterior of the ranch house.
0075    Snowy desert scene on the ranch property.
0076    Snowy scene showing rooftops of ranch buildings.
0077    Several people on bobsled in Europe. Rex Bell is one of them.
0078    Clara Bow Bell seated left in sleigh with unidentified man and woman. European honeymoon.
0079    Clara Bow Bell left in sleigh with two unidentified women. Clara's European honeymoon.
0080    Either Georgie or Rex Bell Jr. in the snow.
0081    View of the ranch house in the snow.
0082    Snow on the ranch buildings. One person in picture.
0083    Ranch buildings in the snow.
0084    Ranch buildings in the snow; one person in picture.
0085    View of the ranch house in the snow.
0086    Two dogs at the ranch house in the snow. One is Clara's cocker spaniel.
0087    Some of the ranch buildings after a snowstorm.
0088    Bunkhouse and other ranch buildings and a trailer in the snow.
0089    Main house at the ranch-- in the snow.
0090    Skier at the bottom of the ski run. (unidentified)
0091    Four people on a bobsled during the Bells' European honeymoon.
0092    Rex Bell and wife Clara Bow seated at a table in a restaurant in Europe during their honeymoon.
0093    Billy the mountain sheep and man at the ranch.
0094    Fence on the ranch-horses beyond.
0095    Herd of horses on the ranch.
0096    Herd of horses on the ranch.
0097    Similar to above.
0098    Animals and desert in the snow-part of the ranch.
0099    Herd of horses on the ranch.
0100    Snowy scene on the ranch-desert and animal.
0101    Herd of horses on the ranch.
0102    Guinn "Big Boy" Williams. Movie actor and good friend of the Bells, taken at Lake Mead.
0103    Clara Bow Bell (right) and unidentified woman and child at ski resort in Europe. Taken during the Bells' honeymoon.
0104    Large group of people posing in front of a ski area in Europe.
0105    George Francis Robert Bell, age one month. He was born June 14, 1938. He is on the baby scales.
0106    George Bell, age one month.
0107    Goat on the ranch.
0108    Similar to above.
0109    Goat on the ranch.
0110    Close-up view of a goat at the ranch.
0111    Goat at the ranch.
0112    Close-up view of a goat.
0113    Goat at the ranch.
0114    Another view of same goat.
0115    Same as above.
0116    Goat at the ranch.
0117    Group of people in the snow in Europe. Clara second from right.
0118    Clara Bow Bell (left) and three other unidentified women in a sleigh in Europe during her honeymoon.
0119    Group of people in the snow; European honeymoon.
0120    Man and goat, outbuildings, on the ranch.
0121    Goat on the ranch.
0122    Close-up of goat on the ranch.
0123    Another view of the goat.
0124    View of a goat on the ranch.
0125    Man pictured petting goat on the ranch.
0126    Unidentified man and goat on the ranch.
0127    Similar to above.
0128    Unidentified man and goat on the ranch.
0129    Similar to above.
0130    Clara Bow Bell relaxing on a deck chair during European honeymoon; Rex at right.
0131    Chimpanzee riding a bicycle in Germany-postcard.
0132    Clara Bow Bell on her honeymoon; standing on the ship near the railing.
0133    Rex Bell Jr. with his first horse ( Shetland pony)-named Smokey. He is about six years old.
0134    Clara Bow Bell in Europe.
0135    Clara with her two boys sitting by the pool at the ranch.
0136    Clara and the boys on the patio at the ranch.
0137    Clara Bow Bell.
0138    Rex Bell Jr. posing in a cowboy hat.
0139    Four people posing by the swimming pool.
0140    Two people sitting on the side of the pool.
0141    Two women on the side of the pool-Clara at right?
0142    Hotel Nipton. Nipton, California. (1930s)
0143    Group of people posed in front of the Hotel Nipton.
0144    Someone peeking over the "Ladies" sign at an outhouse, Probably at the Hotel Nipton.
0145    Three unidentified people.
0146    Clara Bow Bell in the driver's seat along with other people in a car.
0147    Rex Bell Jr. with his first birthday cake.
0148    Man on a horse with a woman.
0149    Calf in the desert on Walking Box Ranch.
0150    Rex Bell on horseback.
0151    Cowboys and horses on the ranch-branding.
0152    Cowboys branding an animal on the ranch.
0153    Cowboys herding cattle on the ranch.
0154    Horses on Walking Box Ranch.
0155    Horses on the ranch.
0156    Miners' tent on the ranch. They came to rest for a few days.
0157    Group of men, many on horseback.
0158    Rex Bell and Clara Bow Bell, center, with four unidentified men. One of the men is Bill Frolicki. (sp?)
0159    Rex Bell Jr. with a calf on the ranch.
0160    Clara Bow Bell's horse.
0161    Another view of the same horse.
0162    Clara's horse on the ranch.
0163    Another view of the horse.
0164    The same horse.
0165    Clara Bow Bell (right) and unidentified woman.
0166    Several people on horseback.
0167    Clara Bell Bow.
0168    Clara (left) and unidentified woman.
0169    Horses in a corral on the ranch.
0170    View of mountains in the distance and the desert with Joshua trees on the ranch.
0171    One of the Bell boys on a Shetland pony.
0172    Rex Bell Jr. in the guest bedroom at the ranch.
0173    Group photo of twelve people at the ranch. Looks like Clara and Rex in the middle.
0174    Unidentified woman.
0175    Group photo taken indoors. Many are in costume. Not at the ranch.
0176    Rex Bell Jr. at the beach.
0177    Rex Bell at the beach.
0178    Ronald Marshall.                                        
0179    Rex Bell with Smokey.
0180    Lon Chaney.    
0181    Desert scene on the ranch-mountains in distance.
0182    Desert scene on the ranch after snowfall.
0183    Desert scene and fencing on the ranch.
0184    Dog (Sheik)-snow scene behind him.
0185    Ranch desert scene after snowfall.
0186    View in back yard (?) of ranch.
0187    Georgie and Rex Bell Jr. with unidentified woman on ranch.
0188    Rex Bell and Fritz Schmidt at ranch.
0189    View of rooftops, desert and mountains in distance.
0190    Little George Bell, son of Rex and Clara.
0191    One of the foremen at the ranch.
0192    One of the foremen on horseback at the ranch.
0193    Joshua trees and clouds at the ranch.
0194    Desert scene, flora, on the ranch
0195    Unidentified man standing in the snow at the ranch.
0196    One of the cowboys on the ranch. Another cowboy and cattle in background in corral.
0197    Color-tinted postcard showing the Walking Box Ranch,
            Nipton, California. Titled: "Birth of a New Star". This postcard announced the birth of Rex Bell Jr.
0198    Handwriting on reverse of postcard: Walking Box Ranch,
            Nipton, Calif. The new boss is Larbow 'Tony' Bell, December 16,1934."
            (Larbow Tony Bell is Rex Bell Jr.)
0199    Group of people seated at the dining room table-Rex Bell at end of table.
            Grandmother Daisy Beldon next to him. Others unidentified.
0200    Clara Bow Bell (left) and her friend Marion Lewyn.
0201    Rex Bell grooming the Shetland pony, Smokey, at the ranch.
0202    Clara Bow Bell.
0203    Clara Bow Bell with one of her dogs.
0204    Clara Bow Bell and husband Rex opening Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree at the ranch.
0205    Clara Bow Bell baking in the ranch kitchen.
0206    Clara Bow Bell and man (Rex?).
0207    A cow on a road near or on the ranch.
0208    Rex Bell being served dinner by a waiter, Richard- at the ranch.
0209    Group shot of six people, including Clara, at the Hotel Nipton.
0210    Unidentified child with a dog.
0211    Unidentified child and woman in western town (tourist attraction?).
0212    Probably Clara Bow (and Rex?) outside a mine shaft.
0213    Three photos of a lake?
0214    Two unidentified women.
0215    Unidentified cowboy stooped down, eating.
0216    Clara Bow Bell and another woman.
0217    Rex Bell (?) on the ranch.
0218    Clara Bow Bell (?) and man seated.
0219    Similar to above.
0220    Unidentified child with dog at the ranch.
0221    Rex Bell Jr. outside the ranch house in the snow.
0222    View of the desert and Joshua trees on the ranch.
0223    Rex Bell Jr., left, and Georgie Bell.
0224    Clara Bow Bell in driver's seat of car-unidentified man.
0225    View of Nick's house at the ranch.    He was one of the maintenance men. (snow scene, with dog)
0226    One of Clara's dogs at the ranch.
0227    Two unidentified men and Rex Bell's race horse.
0228    Man with Rex Bell's race horse.
0229    Unidentified man at the stables where Bell's race horse was kept.
0230    Two unidentified men and Rex Bell's race horse.
0231    Rex Bell with baby Rex Bell Jr.
0232    First picture of Rex Larbow Bell, one month old. Taken from a newspaper dated Jan. 24, 1935.
0233    Two men with Rex Bell's race horse.
0234    Unidentified man with Rex Bell's race horse.
0235    Two men with Rex Bell's race horse.
0236    Similar to above.
0237    L-R: Jack Oakie, Rex Bell, Edgar Bergen (?), Charlie McCarthy (puppet) and Bill Frolicki.
0238    Clara Bow Bell hugging a boy (one of her sons?).
0239    Rex Bell with horses in a corral on the ranch.
0240    Two women and a child in a car.
0241    Rex Bell on horseback. Other man is Marion Lewyn's husband.
0242    Rex Bell near the ranch house.
0243    Clara Bow Bell (left) with Marion Lewyn.    
0244    Clara's dog at the ranch.
0245    Trailers and boat at Searchlight, Nevada, after snowfall. (1979)
0246    A snow-covered house in Searchlight, Nevada, 1979.
0247    Clara Bow Bell in driver's seat with unidentified woman and child.
0248    Sketch (pastel colored) of the ranch house at Walking Box Ranch.    Caption says: "House Prints on the Sand"
0249    L-R; Clara, Rex, Helene. She was a caretaker for Rex Jr. and George.
0250    Clara Bow Bell, left, with her cousin Billy Bow.     Man is holding a child, either George or Rex Bell Jr.
0251    Couple clowning around the Ladies outhouse-near Hotel Nipton?
0252    Group photo of men and horses on the ranch.
0253    Men and horses on the ranch.
0254    Clara Bow Bell standing between two unidentified men.
0255    Two women and a man seated at a table in a restaurant. (unidentified)
0256    Two unidentified people.
0257    Clara Bow Bell and unidentified man outside The Hill Top Club.
0258    Three unidentified people standing next to a car.
0259    Pastel sketch of the ranch house viewed from the back.
0260    Pastel sketch of the swimming pool at the ranch. "Cupid's Spot on the Desert"
0261    Rex Bell sitting on the fence. Two ranch hands also pictured along with sheep in the corral on the ranch.
0262    Clara Bow Bell and unidentified man sitting in chairs.
0263    The road, Searchlight to Nipton, fourteen passengers aboard a horse-drawn cart. (postcard?)
0264    Clara Bow Bell with an unidentified man, seated on the lawn in chairs.
0265    Group standing by the ranch swimming pool. At left, Rex holding a child, and Clara (?)    Rest not identified.
0266    Richard, the Bells' cook, outside the ranch house.                        
0267    A cow grazing in the desert on ranch property.
0268    Two dogs (one is Sheik)-in the rock garden on the side of the ranch house.
0269    Clara Bow Bell (left) with Marion Lewyn..
0270    Unidentified man.
0271    Curley Fletcher on left. He wrote the poem, Strawberry Roan. Other man not identified.
0272    Clara Bell Bow on horseback with Rex Bell.         .
0273    Vehicle with Walking Box Ranch, Searchlight, Nevada" on the side. Was Bells' Ford station wagon.    Three men pictured, none are identified.
0274    Clara and two dogs on the covered patio at the ranch.
0275    Rex Bell Jr. from the back.            
0276    Rex and Clara on the patio.
0277    Rex, Clara, and Helene, all in bathing suits by the pool.
0278    Same as above.
0279    People on horseback, cattle in the background, on the ranch.
0280    Clara Bow Bell in her desert garden.
0281    Clara Bow Bell in her desert garden.
0282    Clara and Carmen Schmidt in bathing suits by the pool.
0283    Clara Bow Bell sitting by the pool.        
0284    Clara and Carmen Schmidt by the pool.
0285    Clara and several unidentified people by the pool.
0286    Clara Bow Bell in a convertible with an unidentified man.
0287    Clara Bow Bell and unidentified man in a convertible.
0288    Interior view of one of the rooms in the ranch house-sitting or living room.
0289    An outbuilding on the ranch.
0290    Desert view on the ranch property.
0291    Rex Bell and Curley Fletcher men seated at the bar at the ranch, having drinks.
0292    Clara Bell Bow seated on the front bumper of her Rolls Royce.
0293    Clara and dog on the lawn at the ranch house.
0294    Clara Bell Bow with Beautiful, the donkey, on the ranch.
0295    Rex Bell and Grandma Beldam with Rex Bell Jr. who is dressed in cowboy gear, seated on a saddle.
0296    Rex Bell helping his son Rex Bell Jr. put on his cowboy gear.
0297    Clara Bow Bell.
0298    Clara Bow Bell in Europe.
0299    Clara Bow Bell in Germany after WWI..
0300    Clara Bow Bell with two unidentified soldiers in Germany after WWI..
0301    Clara Bow Bell-building remains in background-in Germany after WWI.
0302    Clara Bow Bell in Germany after WWI.
0303    Building remains-in France after WWI.
0304    Building remains and road through the hills. Germany after WWI.
0305    Clara Bow Bell at right and two dogs; her cousin Billy Bow holding Rex Jr.
0306    Rex Bell with Rex Jr. on hobby horse.
0307    Skiers on a ski hill. Location is Europe.
0308    Two people on a bobsled in Europe.
0309    Clara Bow Bell (right) with unidentified woman in Europe.
0310    Two people on a bobsled in Europe..
0311    Clara Bow Bell (right) with unidentified woman in Europe.
0312    Two people on a bobsled in Europe.
0313    Skiers on a ski slope in Europe.
0314    Building or mine remains in Europe.
0315    Clara Bow Bell and Rex Bell in what appears to be a movie scene.
0316    Clara Bow Bell with her cousin Billy Bow at the ranch.
0317    Rex Bell standing next to his horse.
0318    Group of people seated at the dining table in the ranch house. Clara and Rex Bell at either ends of the table.
0319    Group of servicemen (for General Patton) at party at ranch. Georgie Bell seated on a saw horse (?), and Rex Bell Jr. seated at front.
0320    Rex Bell (left) with Mr. Wells looking at blueprints or plans of some sort. Other man not identified.
0321    Rex Bell holding Rex Jr. (left) and George in the game room at the ranch.
0322    Clara Bow Bell standing in the rock garden at the ranch house.
0323    L-R: Rex Bell Jr., Rex Bell, George Bell.
0324    Rex Bell, left, seated at the bar with Bill Frolicki..
0325    Bill Frolicki and little Georgie Bell.                                
0326    Rex Bell left with three other men at a bar.
0327    Rex Bell (center with head down) and two couples. Man at left is Bill Frolicki.
0328    Horse on the ranch as seen through a window. (Handwriting says "Mom's horse".)
0329    The ranch house. Unidentified couple at left. Woman on horse with Rex (?) at right.
0330    Marian Lewyn, film personality, on horse. Handwriting on photo says "A Friend"-above Marian; and "Dad" above the man.
0331    Marian Lewyn, film personality, at left. Clara Bow at right, aiming the rifle. At the ranch.
0332    Clara Bell Bow.    Water and boats in background.
0333    Unidentified people-Clara in long fur coat? Same location as above.
0334    Clara Bow Bell, center (?), Rex Bell (?) at right; other woman not identified.
0335    Rex Bell, 2nd from right, with two other couples standing by a roulette wheel. In the game room at the ranch house. Bill Frolicki also present.
0336    Red Vergani (Sp?)    (cowboy) on horseback at the entrance to the ranch.
0337    Clara Bow and Rex Bell sitting on a couch in the living room of the ranch.
0338    Group seated at the dining room table at the ranch. Rex Bell at end of table.
0339    Woman (grandma?) with Rex Jr. hunting Easter eggs in California.        
0340    Couple standing.
0341    Unidentified man standing on railroad tracks.
0342    Rex Bell seated at right with unidentified man.