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James Cashman Photograph Collection

Location: PC 01:D, PC Negatives Box 02, PC Slides Binder 01, MC MS 01:A, RS 1.5.4

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Collection Contents:
Early Las Vegas

01    Las Vegas station with SP, LA & A1 switcher engine (0-6-0) and caboose.
02    Hauling manganese, 1st WW (Overland Hotel in background)
03    Overland Hotel (around the world Buick)
04    Close-up of around the world Buick, including J. Cashman
05    Patriotic celebrations, including Harley Harmon (probably Las Vegas)
06    Artesian well on city golf course, including Bill Pike

Later Las Vegas

Air Transportation (may not all be in Las Vegas)

07    Airplane
08    Airplane
09    Turning propeller
10    Bill Pike in cockpit
11    Two gentlemen by plane
12    Cashman car at plane, including Cashman, Loretta Young, Roscoe Turner
13    Bill Pike sitting in plane.


14    Vail Pittman and James Cashman, Pittman receiving shirt, banquet
15    Pittman with shirt and boots, Cashman
16    Pittman, Cashman, Jones
17    Desert Love Buggy
18    Desert Love Buggy, Cashman, Gracie Allen, George Burns
19    Death Valley Express-Pop Squires, Ed Von Tobel
20    Horseback riders
21    Pageant, 1948
22    Helldorado Committee
23    Locals at Calgary Stampede
24    Locals at Calgary Stampede
25    Dedication at Cashman Field including Cashman, Averill Harriman, Ernie Cragin, Frank Gusewelle
26    Aerial view
27    Aerial view
28    View from stands
29    View towards stands
30    Cashman Cowboys

Las Vegas Men's Groups

31    Men including Cashman, Wengert , Bracken, Ferron, Adcock, Lawson
32    Large group
33    Rotarians Banquet
34    Rotarians in front of union Pacific Stages bus
35    Rotarians Banquet

Folder 13-2

Automobile business in Las Vegas

36    1906 Cadillac
37    1906 Cadillac [?]
38    1910 Oldsmobile Limited
39    [Cashman office?]
40    Cashman Garage road sign
41    Cashman's Grand Opening, May 25, 1951

Strike against Cashman, 1952

42    "Monkey Business"
43    James Cashman and jackass picket
44    Monkey picket
45    Uncle Sam
46    Pickets, including man dressed as woman
47    Monkey business sign
48    Pickets
49    Uncle Sam
50    Monkey business sign
51    Picketer
52    The friendly picket post
53    Jackass picket

Auto business in Las Vegas (cont.)

57    James Cashman and Nevada Citizens Committee
58    James Cashman and unident. Man 95Shell Oil photograph
59    James Cashman and unident. man wearing Buick button, 1941
60    James Cashman and Leonard Firestone, [autographed photo by Firestone]
61    James Cashman, Firestone and Charles Traweek
62    "Advertising for Friday" group of unident. men
63    Group at GM Dealer Conference including James Cashman , and out of town dealers, 1955
64    General Motors group including Cashman
65    GM dealer conference, 1955, Cashman and other dealers
66    Unident. men outside Riviera , including James Cashman Jr., and Sr.
67    Close up of four men including James Cashman Jr. and Sr.
68    James Cashman and unident. Associates
69    Cashman Cadillac on Sahara Avenue

Folder 13-3



70    Buckhorn Ranch

71    Buckhorn Ranch

Black Canyon, Colorado River, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead

72    Black Canyon, June 10, 1927. L-R: James Cashman Sr.; James Cashman Jr.; Leah Cashman , Tona Cashman, Juanita Gusewelle, Mary Frances Gusewelle; (?), (?).
73    Colorado River Ferry in Black Canyon
74    Colorado River Ferry
75    Clasp of Colorado River Ferry
76    Ferry at slip; (dock)
77    (Row boat) in production (boat building)
78    Small boat on river
79    Same
80    Fishing, County Commissioners, Boyer
81    Prayer of thanks, signing of dam bill
82    Aerial view of dam under construction
83    First official Reclamation car to cross Boulder Dam
84    Cashman Boat, autographed picture of Marian Nixon
85    Garwood boat on Lake Mead, Col. Bob Russell at helm
86    Grand Canyon Nav. Co. yacht on Lake Mead, 1935
87    Yacht on Lake Mead
88    Same yacht on lake (may be famous stunt photo where fish are from Pacific Ocean)
89    Fishing behind Hoover Dam

Carson City

90    Governor's Mansion before 1968 remodeling (postcard)

Eldorado Canyon

91    Techatticup Mine


92    Goodsprings Hotel, Jean Fayle seated in auto

Harris Springs, Mt. Charleston (C.V.T) Gilbert Ranch)

93    Group in front of cabin, C.V.T Gilbert Ranch
94    Same, including James Cashman and Mrs. MacNamee

Kingston Canyon (see also albums)

95    Deer Hunting, hunters on horseback, 1936
96    Pheasant ?, including James Cashman , Vail and Key Pittman

Folder 13-4



97     View of Searchlight (tents and cabins)
98     Another view, burros in foreground
99     Telephone Office, Christmas, 1916
100    Street scene, celebration , Palace Bar
101    Clasp of scene, celebration , Palace Bar
102    Dr. Charles A. Jepson's Drug Store and office, ca. 1906
103    Loaded trucks
104    Cashman-owned truck outside the XX Bar, may be Cashman in photo, 1916
105    Original business, Cashman, 1910
106    Quartette Mill
107    Small mill, two Anglos and Chinese named Sam yet
108    Baseball Club, identified individuals include Orrin Smith, Sheriff
109    Baseball game
110    The Wellington [saloon], Burdick & Thurman, owners
111    Saloon [unident.], probably Searchlight
112    Men in touring car including Cashman, Lloyd Walbrecht, Geo. Clark
113    First election in Searchlight, ca. 1907, thirteen individuals most i.d.'d
114    Hunting party, unidentified, old car

Logan, Montana

115    L.Cashman's Saloon, 1916

Unidentified location (probably Searchlight or Vegas)

116    Truck and trailer hauling equipment
117    Car and unidentified driver outside
118    Shovel digging foundation
119    Baseball team outside East Side Bar

Folder 13-5



120    Mr. & Mrs. James Cashman
121    James Cashman-prepared for Helldorado Celebration
122    James Cashman
123    James Cashman
124    James Cashman, Sr.
125    James Cashman and man; Cashman on right
126    Cooper-winner of Santa Monica Road Race, Aug. 9, 1913
127    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barker, parents of Leah Cashman (James Cashman Sr.'s wife). (1922).
128    Six Companies, LV businessmen , Boulder City (dup. In Cragin Coll.) (OVERSIZE)


Las Vegas (all OVERSIZE)

129    Aerial view, downtown Las Vegas, looking north, ca. 1925
130    Aerial view, downtown Las Vegas, looking west, ca. 1925
131    Aerial view, Cashman Field and Las Vegas Fort, ca. 1960
132    Aerial view, Cashman Field and Las Vegas Fort, ca. 1960 (similar view)

Colorado River (all OVERSIZE)

133    View of river and rock formations (L.J. Manis, photographer?)
134    View of river and rock formations (L.J. Manis, photographer?)
135    View of river and rock formations (L.J. Manis, photographer?)
136    View of river and rock formations (L.J. Manis, photographer?)
137    Cars and people at unidentified location, appears to be picnicking place, brush covered shelter.


138    BPOE Elks Board of Trustees, including Lewis E. Rowe, Fred Bartlett, Jim Cashman
139    Dedication of Elks Lodge, Las Vegas, including Jim and Mary Cashman, Tona Cashman Siefert
140    Early view of Fremont Street and Overland Hotel (OVERSIZE) (Glass plate negative only-no print)

Folder 13-5


Album 1

1.1    The buckskin hunt of October 4, 1936, at the head of Kingston Canyon on the Nevada National Forest. Eight hunters went out at 4:30 a.m. and came back with eight buckskins. Left to right are:

James E. Gurr        Salt Lake City, Utah

George C. Larson    Ely, Nevada

Roscoe Thomas        Las Vegas, Nevada

C.J. Olsen            Ogden, Utah

James Cashman     Las Vegas, Nevada

Vail Pittman         Ely, Nevada

Ivan L. Dyreng        Austin, Nevada

Bill Williams         Austin, Nevada

2.1    Same as above

3.1    Eight buckskins killed October 4, 1936 by annual hunting party. The bucks weighed an average of about 155 pounds. The largest weighed 192 pounds, and the smallest weighed approximately 100 pounds. All deer were killed on the opening day of the season in Lander County, Kingston Canyon, Nevada National Forest, Nev.

4.1    The rifles used in the killing , together with the deer.

5.1    Another view of the deer.

6.1    Kingston Ranger Station, the headquarters of the October, 1936 hunting party.

Album 2

1.1    Members of the party: Key Pittman , Vail Pittman, Jim Cashman, Claude Mackay, George Larson, Gill Williams, Don Gondolfa, Charlie Dunwoody, and Chet Olsen.

2.1    Senator Key Pittman of Nevada, an ardent sportsman and a lover of the great outdoors. Key bagged his limit on the second day of the season.

3.1    Claude Mckay of Las Vegas, with a satisfied smile after bagging his buck.

4.1    Jim Cashman, Key Pittman and Vail Pittman, quenching their thirst with a "shot of something", while    Claude Mackay judges the champion.

5.1    After lunch Don Gondolfa snaps a picture of Jim Cashman, Vail Pittman, Charlie Dunwoody, Key Pittman, Claude Mackay, Chet on the second day. Some difficulty was experienced in waking Jim Cashman up long enough to get a picture.

6.1    Eight buckskin killed by the 1937 hunting party, strung up the second day of the hunt. Kingston Canyon, Nevada National Forest, Nevada.

7.1    Another view of the deer.

8.1    Kingston Ranger Station, Nevada National Forest, the headquarters of the 1937 hunting party.

9.1    Before the party separated, Chet Olsen snapped a picture of, left to right, Jim Cashman, Vail Pittman, Charlie Dunwoody, Don Gondolfa, Key Pittman, Claude Mackay, George Larson, Bill Williams.

10.1    A few 'truths' about members of the party:


Key Pittman-Likes water better than whiskey-sometimes. Climbs to the top of Pike's Peak but finally gets in position.

George Larson-Ardent juggler of bottles and cans- Drinks coffee four times an hour when he can get it- takes pills- no wonder he can't see any deer.

Vail Pittman (Deadshot Vail) -Never misses. Outshoots Jim Cashman, wins all his money. Nevertheless Jim never gets discouraged.

Jim Cashman-Fires many shots, hits sometimes, sometimes he doesn't. Carries a sock, lost his shot gun, hopes to get it back. Drinks sauerkraut juice when there is nothing else.

Charlie Dunwoody (Deerslayer Dunwoody)-Hits them every time, sometimes. As poker player he is a damn good singer. Carries a big flashlight for self-protection.

Bill Williams-Tells hair raising stories- most of which are supposed to be true. Anyway he is a damn good wrangler and a genuine fellow.

Don Gondolfa -Says he won't shoot them unless they are big ones and then misses the big ones. Hopes to get a deer if the season lasts long enough. The size comes down every day.

Claude Mackay- (Multishot Deerslayer)-Always busy. Disgusted at Jim's pop-shooter.

Chet Olsen- Goes up to run them down to key and then shoots them between the lines. Does lots of shooting but little damage. Recommends peach shampoos to Jim Cashman. Suggests whiskey for Key instead of water.

Album 3

1.1    Looking South down Kingston Canyon from top of Bald mountain. Kingston Ranger Station can be seen in the canyon bottom.

1.2    Looking at Bunkerhill from the top of Bald Mountain.

2.1    Jim and Shorty ready for the hunt.

2.2    Chet, on old Sorrel, not so nimble but hell for stout.

3.1    McQueen [?] scans the adjoining country for game.

3.2    And find it in the shadow of Bald Mountain

4.1    Here is the result of a might hunters cool nerve and keen eye. If we only had rifles that could shoot further, straighter, and sometimes over the mountain.

4.2    After the second day, Jim takes his meals sitting lightly (and he had lots of company). The cook gives him two hands and a boost.

5.1    Hal says it must be your imagination

5.2    Jim and Hal have two where they won't get away.

6.1    Charley Dory builds a trailer and assembles a deer conveyor.

6.2    Charley Dory with a load of live weight.

7.1    Part of the optimistic group ready to leave.

7.2    Nine good ones already bagged.

8.1    Don, Jay, Charley, and Jep. Look at that smile.

8.2    Hal, Chet and Jim seem to be pretty well satisfied.

9.1    "Jep" with the help of "Irene" get a 4 pointer.

9.2    "Hal" , "Jim" and "Chet" standing and "Jay" sitting scan the country for buckskin.

10.1    All that were left when the hunt was over.

10.2    Supper after the day is done-and boy that cook sure put out some food.

11.1    A little hand of penny anti after supper and before bed time. View of river and rock formations (L.J. Manis, photographer?)