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Jacob E. Von Tobel Photograph Collection

Extent: 0.3 Linear Feet (4 hanging folders, 1 flat file, and 1 shared box of negatives)
Location: Photo Cabinet 7:D, Oversize Photo Cabinet F, Photo Collection Negatives Box 14

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Collection Contents:
The Jacob E. Von Tobel Photograph Collection contains black-and-white photographs of the pioneer Von Tobel family from 1900 to 1980. The collection includes photographs of the Von Tobel family, early Las Vegas, Nevada buildings and landmarks, and aerial photographs of Las Vegas and surrounding areas.



0001    Grocery Store, and the Westlake family.

0002    Cart used to take mail from Post Office to depot, taken in 1908.

0003    Class picture, only school in Las Vegas at the time.

0004    Las Vegas High School, 1917 or 1918 Senior Class.

0005    Group swimming at the old ranch, now the site of the present Elks Club.

0006    Class picture, taken in 1917, it is the whole school at the time.

0007    Class of 1918, Las Vegas, Nevada.

0008    Six Companies, Las Vegas businessmen, Boulder City. (duplicate in Cashman and Cragin Collections) OVERSIZE

Additions to Collection

Early Las Vegas

0009    Ed Von Tobel, and American bachelor in Europe in 1900.

0010    Auction of Las Vegas Townsite lots, May 15, 1905 (neg. only)

0011    McWilliamsville.

0012    The First State Bank was the first banking institution in Las Vegas. (neg. only)

0013    Wagonload of lumber from Ed Von Tobel Lumber Co. Clark Forwarding Co., owned and operated by Ed W. Clark and Charles C. Ronnow, hauled the lumber and supplies.

0014    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. inspects the loading of a wagon carrying supplies to the Bullfrog Mining District, part of the early-day lumber business of Von Tobel and his partner, Jake Beckley, ca. 1904-1915.

0015    Jake Beckley, partner with Ed Von Tobel, sr., is shown next to supply wagon on its way to one of the mining camps of the Rhyolite or Beatty Districts.

0016    Supply year located just west of the 500 block on So. Main St., fall 1905.

0017    Three young men picnicking at week-end retreat built by Ed Von Tobel, Sr. and partner Jake Beckley. Shown left to right: 1) unidentified 2) Floyd Francis 3) Jake Beckley.

0018    Three young men sitting in front of cabin built by Von Tobel, Sr. and Beckley for a weekend- retreat. Floyd Francis (right), a long-time Von Tobel employee is the only identified person in this photo.

0019    Floyd Francis (center), Jake Beckley (right), and an unidentified man (on left) swim in an "old swimming hole" formed on the property of Von Tobel and Beckley.

0020    Another view of Floyd Francis, an unidentified man, and Jake Beckley in the swimming hole on the property in Paradise Valley owned by Von Tobel and Beckley.

0021    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. and (possibly) Tony Felix on an exploring trip for mining claims in mountains surrounding Las Vegas.

0022    Jake Beckley and Tony Felix exploring in mountains surrounding Las Vegas area.

0023    The Old Ranch with tent housing on the property, 1905.

0024    The first public train into Las Vegas from Los Angeles is shown, May 15, 1905.

0025    A herd of wild burros in the Las Vegas area. (neg. only)

0026    A drill rig which put down the hole for the first well in the Vegas Heights District in Las Vegas in 1907. The crew was Booth and Madison shown at right.

0027    Von Tobel stands in front of his lumber company. Jake Beckley, Von Tobel's partner, is standing on wagon holding reins of the team.

0028    On October 8, 1908, Ed Von Tobel, Sr. and Marie (sometimes called Mary) Hamerl were married in Los Angeles. This photo was taken while they were on their honeymoon in southern California. Mr. & Mrs. Von Tobel are shown standing on the stairway at right.

0029    panorama of Las Vegas, 1908. The home of Mr.. & Mrs. Ed Von Tobel., Sr. is shown with the peaked roof (appearing to be sitting atop a power pole).

0030    L-R: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., Jake and William Beckley are shown on their Paradise Valley property with their first artesian well, 1909.

0031    "Birdseye view of Las Vegas, Nevada" is the title placed on this copy of an old postcard dated June 13, 1909. The view is from the railroad tracks of the SP, LA & SL R.R.

0032    Clark County Jail.

0033    Fremont street in about 1909, looking west. SP, LA & SL R.R. depot is shown.

0034    panorama of the railroad yards (SP, LA and a portion of downtown Las Vegas, about 1910.

0035    The railroad (SP, LS & SL) cottages are shown in the background of this photo, 1910. Many of them still remain on south Second, Third, and Fourth Streets. In the foreground, is South Main Street with the two story house at the right erected by pacific Fruit Express Co. for an ice plant official.

0036    Labor Day, 1915 celebration on Fremont Street.

0037    Fremont Street and 2nd Street (now Casino Center Blvd.) shown about 1918. White Cross Drug Store is shown. The sign of the Majestic Theatre is in the foreground.

0038    "Welcome to Las Vegas: The Gateway to Boulder Dam" banner across Fremont Street, June 23, 1919. The welcome was for Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, Secretary of the Interior who had come to Las Vegas to determine whether the community would be the center of Dam Construction or whether another town would be built at the Dam site.

0039    The Overland Hotel at Fremont and Main Streets, 1920.

0040    Aerial of SP, LA & SL R.R. yards and downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Creek is shown by the dark line running diagonally from the top of this photo.

0041    The Von Tobel children shown on the porch of their Mt. Charleston cabin about 1921. Shown from left to right: George, Jake, Ed Jr., & Elizabeth.

0042    Las Vegas Grammar School Band, 1921 or 1922. Bottom row, left to right: Lysle Dubois, Joe Phillips, Robert Dutton, George Ball,
unknown, Tom Carrol, "Buck" Cox. Second row, left to right: Harvey McDonald, George Bloedel, George Bremner, unknown, Stanley Reed, Kingrey
Whitneck, Bill Hooper, John McDonald, Matt Kelly (Director). Third row, left to right: Lawrence Whitneck, John Walsh, unknown boy with the
big horn, Jake Von Tobel, Jack Williams (with clarinet). Top row, left to right: Allye Lawson, Reed boy (father was railroader), Thomas
Croal (coronet), Charles Harmon (flag bearer), Kendal Nungesser, Taylor Pothoff, Bud Fitzgerald (trombone), Jack Beyer, Karl Martin.

0043    Fremont Street just east of the Main Street intersection in the early 1920s is shown. The Bank of Southern Nevada and the Northern
Club are partially shown at the right of the photo.

0044    The Von Tobel children, Christmas 1923, in front of the Von Tobel home at 114 N. 3rd Street.

0045    The Adcock & Ronnow Department Store about 1925. The store building was located on the south side of Fremont Street between First &
Second Streets. On the light pole is the sign "B.P.O.E/ 1948" designating the lodge rooms of the Las Vegas Elks, organized in Las Vegas on
June 7, 1923, with the late Harley A. Harmon as the first Exalted Ruler. The second floor of the building was occupied by the Elks for many

0046    Pictured is the residential area in downtown Las Vegas, 1926, on South Second Street. From left, the houses shown are: the home of
State Senator E.W. Griffith; a rental house twenty feet wide; the Ed Von Tobel, Sr. house at 214 South Second; and a house originally built
by Ed Smith, engineer on the first SP, LA & SL R.R. train to come to Las Vegas 1905. At the time of this photo, the Smith home was owned by
Mr. and Mrs. W.N. Schuyler.

0047    Left to right shown are: Elwood Mead, Comm. Of Reclamation; Phil swing, author of the bill, a member of House of Representatives
from California; Pres. Coolidge; U.S. senator Hiram Johnson, another author of the boulder Dam bill; Addison T. Smith, Chairman, Committee
on Reclamation, House of Representatives; W.B. Matthews, General Counsel, Boulder Dam Association, Los Angeles, California. The occasion
is the signing of the Boulder Cam bill, Dec. 21, 1928.

0048    The Hotel Nevada, on the southeast corner of Main & Fremont Streets, is the oldest continuous hotel business in Las Vegas, although
it has been known as the Sal Sagev (Las Vegas spelled backward) since `1928. On the north side of the building is the Bank of Southern
Nevada. The Rhoads & Rhoads General Machine Works, on the right of the picture, was one of the first automobile agencies in town.

0049    The depot constructed by the SP, LA & SL R.R. which stood at the west end of Fremont Street. This photo was taken in 1929.

Later Las Vegas

0050    Fremont Street, looking west, June 2, 1931. The El Portal Theatre is shown at the right of the photo.

0051    Las Vegas High School constructed in 1930.

0052    Aerial view of Las Vegas, 1931. Center foreground are the Union Pacific, R.R. Company shops with two tall standpipes. Las Vegas
High School, gym, and adjoining Butcher Memorial Football Field are at the right of center.

0053    Night Club Row, which included the Red Mill (left) and the Black Cat (right), was located on East Charleston Boulevard, just east of
Fremont Street intersection, 1932.

0054    On April 23, 1932, the Hoover Dam construction site was the scene for an unprecedented "hot sands" initiation ceremony by the Al
Malaikah Temple of the Shrine of Los Angeles.

0055    This photo was taken at the first Helldorado celebration sponsored by the Las Vegas Elks Lodge in 1935. See 0204-0056 for further

0056 A "Golden Wedding"-see also 0204-0055.

0057    Aerial of downtown Las Vegas, late 1930s, early 1940s.

0058    In the office of the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company are, on the left, A.D. Hinrichsen, a long-time employee and in the center, Ed Von
Tobel, Sr. This photo was taken in 1940.

0059    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. loved to travel. Here he is shown on a trip to Cuba. Number one marked on the photograph is Otto Kimball, Nevada
pioneer and early-day Las Vegas insurance agent and realtor. Number 2 is Ed Von Tobel, Sr.

0060    Three homes in the best residential area in Las Vegas between 4th and 5th Streets on Fremont Street. The three homes were
originally built by Chris Brown, C.P. "Pop" Squires, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas E. Williams.

0061    The Kiwanis Club of Las Vegas of which Ed Von Tobel, Sr. was a charter member. In the photo many old-time community leaders can be
identified. Left to right: 1) Victor Shurtleff, 2) Fred Bartlett, 3) Mrs. Stella Fleming, Clark County Welfare director, 4) Ed Von Tobel,
Sr., 5) Bert Purdy, 6) Herb Kraus, 7) V. Gray Gubler, 8) Monsignor Donald Carmody, 9) Dr. Hale B. Slavin, 10) David Farnsworth, 11) James H.
Down, Sr., 12) Judge A.S. Henderson, 13) Robert B. Griffith, 14) The Rev. Ford L. Gilbert, Methodist Church pastor, 15) Otto Kimball, 16)
I.R. "Cy" Crandall, and 17) George "Bud" Albright.

0062    Las Vegas Kiwanis Club members in February 1943. 1) Quannah McCall 2) Fr3ed Neilson 3) Ed Von Tobel, Sr. 4) Bert Purdy 5) George
Franklin, Sr. 6) Unidentified 7) A.D. (Heine) Heinrickson 8) Barney Burger 9) Herb Krause 10) Harve Perry 11) Gray Gubler 12) Dean
Bingham 13) Don Carmody 14) Al Wendelbow 15) Hal Slavin 16) (?) Salvation Army 17) Howard Woodbury 18) Dave Farnsworth.

0063    Standing on the porch of the luxurious Von Tobel family home at 214 So. 2nd Street are left to right: Ed Von Tobel, Sr., Jake Von
Tobel, Ed Von Tobel, Jr., and Lt. George Von Tobel. This photo was taken on February 27, 1944.

0064    Aerial view of Las Vegas immediately following the close of WW II. The street beginning at the upper right is Fremont curving into
Boulder Highway at the extreme lower left of the picture. Charleston Blvd. Begins at the upper left and extends thru the center of the
picture. At the upper left is the Huntridge addition to the left of Charleston Blvd. The tower of the Huntridge Theatre can be seen is jus
left to Charleston Blvd. The housing are in the center of the triangle formed by the two main streets is the Mayfair addition. It was
completed about 1940. Las Vegas High School can be seen in the center. In the right foreground is the Sunrise Addition.

0065    Rotary Club about 1946. Kneeling-left to right-Jack Woods, C.P. Squires, Dr. John McDaniel, William Ruyman, Fred O'Donnell, Allye
Lawson, Harry Allen, Marion Earl, Cliff Huntington, Sebastian Mikulich, Al Caradette. Standing left to right-J. Kell Houssels, Jake Von
Tobel, Al W. Blackman, Tom Campbell, Harvey Luce, Alden Sharp, J.W. "Weary" Wilson, Dr. Dave Hemmington, Dr. Wilbur Sylvester, L.N.
Grindell, ?, James Shaver, M.W. Davis, Chris Rasmussen, Carl Hyde, M.M. Sweeney, Ed Borsack, Frank Gusewell, Ed Ciliax, ? , Ernest
Cragin, W.J. "Bill" Moore, Max Kelch, Walter Bracken, Dr. Stan Hardy, Archie Grant, Cyril Wengert, Dr. Robert Gatewood, ? , Bill Ferron,
Dr. Claire Woodbury, Richard Stadelman.

0066    The May 6, 1947 Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce luncheon honoring the "pioneers" of Las Vegas. The luncheon was held at the Biltmore
Hotel, corner of Bonanza Road and No. Main Street. Shown here left to right are: Bob Hall, Mrs. C.P. "Mom" Squires, C.P. "Pop" Squires,
Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., Mrs. R.E. Lake, Sr., with her tow daughters, Mrs. Anna Lake Bearden and Mrs. Alice Lake Gifford, Mrs. Minnie
Westlake with her son, Otto Westlake, Mrs. Charles Aplin, Charles Aplin, Mrs. Pearl Lavavey Payne, Mrs. Bob Hall, Fred Pine, Mrs. Fred Pine,
Mrs. Ann Kramer, and Mrs. Emily Ball.

0067    Pictured is the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company at 217 So. 1st Street in June 1947. the Mint Hotel is at the left and the First
National Bank building is at the right of the photo.

0068    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. shown here at the age of 74. This photo was taken in 1947. He was born April 29, 1873 and died Sept. 9, 1967.

0069    Ed Von Tobel, Sr., shown here, was born in Fairbury, Illinois, April 29, 1873.

            He died September 9, 1967.

0070    This photo is on the occasion of the traditional holiday season party the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company held for its employees. This
party held in 1948 included: 1) Ed Von Tobel, Sr., 2) Jake Von Tobel 3) A.D. Hinrichsen.

0071    This photo of the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company at 217 So. 1st Street was taken Feb. 14, 1949. In the center background is shown the
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church with its bell tower.

0072    Aerial view of downtown Las Vegas in the early 1950s. The Union Pacific Depot is in the center foreground. Las Vegas High School
is shown at the right, with large areas of undeveloped land behind it.

0073    Interior shot of the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company whish was the first "supermarket" of the lumber and hardware business. This
"supermarket" was established in Las Vegas in 1952. The Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company inaugurated this new plan of sales. Counters were
numbered and supplies were displayed in bins, so that customers could seek out their own merchandise, just as had been done in grocery
stores. Photo taken probably 1952.

0074    This photo was taken to announce the addition of the Big Boy Barbecue line to the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company, located at 217 South
1st Street. Three members of the firm posed for this photo in May, 1954. Left to right are: 1) Ed Von Tobel, Sr., 2) Jake (son), 3) Ed,
Jr. (son)

0075    After the "supermarket" of the lumber and hardware industry was inaugurated by the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company in Las Vegas in 1952,
interested merchants from all over the world visited Las Vegas to view the operation. Pictured here is one such delegation from Australia.
Left to right are J.O. Geddes and A. Crotty of Australia and Ed Von Tobel, Sr.

0076    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. (on right) is shown making a presentation from the company to the "airman of the month", who was selected at Nellis Air Force Base for excellence in the performance of his duties. The award was made in July 1955.

0077    The Von Tobel warehouse located west of the freeway (in Las Vegas) consisted of two acres of ground and a large warehouse. Photo
taken in the early 1960s.

0078    This photo was taken on the occasion of a birthday party given for Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel. Standing left to right (are) Mrs. Ed
Von Tobel, Ed Von Tobel, Sr., A.D. Hinrichsen, who worked for the Von Tobels for 44 years, and Ed Von Tobel, Jr. Ed Von Tobel, Sr. lived to
be 94 and Mrs. Von Tobel lived to be 88.

0079    Ed Von Tobel, Sr. was honored by the Electric League of Southern Nevada on Feb. 11, 1966. He was presented the "Free Enterprise
Award" of the year. His sons Jake Von Tobel is on the left and George Von Tobel is on the right.

0080    Shown is an aerial view of the construction site of the new Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company store at 2655 Maryland Parkway taken
November 17, 1966. The street running from right top to bottom of the photo is Maryland Parkway. In the foreground the street is Karen Way
and in the distance is Sahara Avenue. The large building at left is Vegas Village which had been completed two years earlier.

0081    This photo shows the south end of the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company at 217 South 1st Street in 1967. At the extreme left is the Mint
Hotel, then below the street light standard can be seen the top of the Fremont Hotel (the first downtown high-rise.) At the extreme right
is the First National Bank building.

0082    The old Von Tobel Lumber Company just prior to its move to 2655 Maryland Parkway in 1969. This photo taken in 1967 shows the store
which was located on the southeast corner of South 1st and Carson Streets. On the far right is a building that for many years was occupied
by Scoop Garside's Bonanza Printers. They moved out of the downtown area in 1969.

0083    This aerial, taken in 1967, shows the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company under construction at 2655 Maryland parkway. The street at right
is Karen Lane intersecting Maryland Parkway.

0084    Upon the death of Ed Von Tobel, Sr. on September 9, 1967, at the age of 94, his family learned he had made a bequest for a
substantial sum to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. A plague commemorating his generosity was presented by the University in May, 1968.
At left is George Von Tobel and at right is Jake Von Tobel, sons of the company founder. In the center is Dr. Donald Moyer, former
chancellor of UNLV.

0085    The house of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr. was destroyed by fire in late 1969. At the time the home was built, which was in 1925,
it was considered the finest home in Las Vegas and was the costliest. It was the first private home to have a basement. After the death of
Mr. Von Tobel in 1967 and Mrs. Von Tobel in 1968, the house stood vacant for some time. Then it was sold and moved to a new location at 702
Lacey Lane. It was still on stilts, awaiting a new foundation, when the mysterious fire started.

0086    "First Lumber Yard"-This City of Las Vegas Diamond Jubilee (1905-1980) Historical Marker was placed at the site where Ed Von Tobel Sr. and Jake Beckley established their lumber yard in 1906. The company was the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company.

0087    The family of Ed Von Tobel, Sr. are present at the ceremony by the City of Las Vegas honoring Ed Von Tobel Sr., and Jake Beckley. The City of Las Vegas Diamond Jubilee (1905-1980) Historic Marker was placed at the site where Von Tobel and Beckley established their lumber yard in 1906. Standing left to right are George Von Tobel, Ed Von Tobel Jr., Ed's wife (?), Elizabeth Von Tobel Zahn, and Jake Von Tobel.

Addition to Collection

0088    New store-Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company-at 217 So. 1st Street. (1956)