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Ann Valder Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:A

Collection Contents:
Judy Bayley

0001    Judy Bayley, owner of the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas, and her grand-daughter, Laura-Lisa, are shown with Tanya the elephant during the CancerCrusade at the International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1970s)
0002    L-R; Lynn Claiborne, Linda Kramer, Judy Bayley, Joan Shoofey, Bonnie Gragson, Judy Silverman, Bea Farrell, Mary Barnett. Probably a charity Event. Las Vegas. (c.1970-71)
0003    L-R: (1) Joan Rashbrook (2) Judy Bayley (3) Mrs. Bayley's mother. (c.1970-71)
0004    Groundbreaking for Judy Bayley Theater [and Artemus Ham Hall?]. L-R: Art Ham, Jr., Judy Bayley, UNLV President R.J. Zorn, Mrs. A.W. Ham, Sr., Wing Fong.
0005    Judy Bayley on horseback. [During Cancer Society fund-raiser?]    (c.1970-71)
0006    Larry duBoef (at left); others unidentified. American Cancer Society officials. (Feb. 1969)
0007    Judy Bayley holding check donated to American Cancer Society.(c. late 1960s, early 1970s)
0008    Judy Bayley. Others unidentified-probably American Cancer Society officials. (c. late 1960s, early 1970s)
0009    Unidentified officials of the American Cancer Society receiving a check as donation. (c. late 1960s, early 1970s)
0010    Judy Bayley holding check donated to American Cancer Society. Others unidentified. (c. late 1960s, early 1970s)
(Following photos probably taken at an event to honor Judy Bayley:)

0011    L-R: people arriving for fundraiser. L-R; (1) Joan Rashbrook (2) ?, (3) Joan Shoofey (4) Judy Bayley (5) Larry duBoef. (c.1971)
0012    [Charity fundraiser or event to honor Judy Bayley] International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c. 1971) L-R; Senator Alan Bible, Judy Bayley's mother, Judy Bayley, Gus Giuffre.
0013    Judy Bayley accepts applause from Gus Giuffre and audience, International Hotel. (c.1971)
0014    Judy Bayley International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0015    Judy Bayley, Gus Giuffre (center). International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971) Former Governor Grant Sawyer at right.
0016    Far left, Monsignor Ryan; 3rd from left U.S. Senator Howard Cannon; sixth from left, U.S. Senator Alan Bible; seated near podium is Judy Bayley; standing at podium, Gus Giuffre; next to him is former Governor Grant Sawyer. International Hotel. (c.1971)
0017    Judy Bayley, left, accepts honorary proclamation-International Hotel, Las Vegas, c. 1971.
0018    L-R: U.S. Senator Alan Bible, Gus Giuffre, Judy Bayley. International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0019    L-R: Joan Shoofey, Judy Bayley, Larry duBoef. (c.1971)
0020    L-R; Judy Bayley's mother, U.S. Senator Alan Bible, U.S. Senator Howard Cannon, Judy Bayley (pointing), Gus Giuffre (at podium). International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0021    Judy Bayley and Gus Giuffre. International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0022    Judy Bayley; unidentified. International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0023    L-R: Gus Giuffre, Herb Kaufman, Judy Bayley. International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0024    L-R: Gus Giuffre, Herb Kaufman, Judy Bayley, U.S. Rep. Walter Baring International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0025    Judy Bayley's mother, Judy Bayley, Joan Rashbrook. International Hotel, Las Vegas. (c.1971)
0026    Second from left, Judy Bayley's mother; next is Judy Bayley; U.S. Senator Howard Cannon, Mrs. Bonnie Gragson. Man with arm on podium is Gus    Giuffre. International Hotel, Las Vegas, c, 1971. Probably an event to honor Judy Bayley for her charitable endeavors.
0027    Joan Shoofey and Judy Bayley. (c.1971) Larry duBoef with his side to the camera.
0028    Judy Bayley (left) accepts proclamation. At back is Gus Giuffre. International Hotel, Las Vegas, c. 1971. Probably an event to honor Mrs. Bayley for her Charitable works.
0029    Judy Bayley with former Governor Grant Sawyer. (c.1971)