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Toleno, Mary Griffith

0001    Fort Churchill Cemetery (1964)

0002    Fort Churchill Cemetery (1964)

0003    Fort Churchill, Nevada, Cemetery (1964)

0004    Joan Cotner at Fort Churchill, Nevada.

0005    Fort Churchill.

0006    Sylvia Warner, Tony, Joan Cotner at Fort Churchill, Nevada (March 1964)

0007    "Reno, THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD" (postcard) Virginia St. Reno, Nevada." (handwritten message)

0008    Mound House near Carson City.

0009    Mary Griffith Toleno at American River in Carson Valley

0010    "Virginia and Truckee No.11, "Reno" at Carson City, (Dave Coons)

0011    Virginia Truckee RR.

0012    Virginia and Truckee Railroad, Carson City, Virginia City and Reno- Virginia City and Reno-Hauls silver from the Comstock Lode.

0013    St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral, Reno, before remodeling, 1944.

0014    New York Mine, Silver City.

0015    Only redwood on the east slope of the Sierras-removed for freeway.

0016    New York Mine, Silver City.

0017    New York Mine, Silver City.

0018    New York Mine, Silver City

0019    Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

0020    Ruins of Pony Express Station on Placerville to Virginia City Run.

0021    Lake Tahoe seen from Kingsbury Grade

0022    Pony Express stop-over on Kingsbury Grade-was a Harvey House.

0023    Kingsbury Café

0024    Kingsbury Grade, near Reno

0025    Virginia City, Nevada, before 1875 fire.

0026    Virginia City, Nevada, before 1875 fire.

0027    Virginia City, Nevada, before 1875 fire.

0028     Similar scene.

0029    Looking down 6-mile Canyon, Virginia City, Nevada, March 1964.

0030    St. Mary's of the Mountain Church, Virginia City, Nev. March 1964

0031    Geiger Grade

0032    Geiger Grade

0033    Geiger Grade

0034    Geiger Grade

0035    Grammar School , Lovelock, Nevada, 1935.

0036    Courthouse, Lovelock, Nevada, 1935

0037     High School , Lovelock Nevada, 1935

0038     "X" is my office. The bldg. Straight ahead is the courthouse. This the hotel in the corner. 1935" (handwritten inscription) Main Street, Lovelock, Nev.

0039    Lake Tahoe.

0040    Fort Churchill (1964)

0041    RR from Sutro to Dayton, Nevada.

0042    Onstage-Piper's Opera House Virginia City.

0043    Mary Toleno in Virginia City, Graves Mansion

0044    "First Girls" State of Nevada which I started with Mel Tepson, Reno-handwritten inscription about 1946 or 47.

0045    Cemetery at Genoa.

0046    Gold Hill -Wells Fargo Bldg. And Fire Station. Mary Griffith Toleno.(OVERSIZE).