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Joe Andre Photographs

Location: PC 05:B, PC Negatives Box 09, PC Slides Binder 03

Collection Contents:

0001 Joe Andre’s Silver Diner Restaurant , circa 1935.
0002 Joe Andre’s Restaurant and Store, 1938
0003 Close-up of Andre’s Store, located Catie-Korner to Exchange Club.
0004 Andre owned this fountain and grocery, located next door to the Exchange Club he also owned. This fountain was a major bus stop for the Las Vegas, Tonopah, Reno stages.
0005 Andre’s Café, circa 1956


0006 Andre in U.S.M.C. Uniform. 1906-1907
0007 Andre in his U.S.M.C band uniform. Inscribed “Compliments of Jos. O. Andre PVT. U.S.M.C.
0008 Christmas in the Canal Zone. Andre in fore-ground , other person unidentified.
0009 Canal Zone. Andre in background, other person unidentified.
0010 Andre’s band in the Canal Zone. No name of band given.
0011 Andre in Salt Lake City, Utah. Circa 1918.
0012 Andre poses with his saxophone. Salt Lake City, Utah.
0013 Another professional photograph of Andre from the Amundesen Studio-Salt Lake City, Utah. 1918
0014 Andre’s Frisco’s Big 4 Orchestra. This band performed in Ely, NV. Andre was the third man from the left.
0015 “Ye Foot Warmers” Another of Andre’s orchestras. Andre is fourth man from the left. The second man to the left might have been Billy Billings. Other members unidentified.
0016 “Goldie’s Big Casino Orchestra” This band played in Tonopah. Andre was the fourth man from the left. Circa 1922
0017 An unidentified orchestra. Andre is second man from the left.
0018 The Trailer built by Andre. He towed this trailer to Beatty with his Cadillac all the way from California. From left to right is Andre, Andre’s dog, his daughter Ruth, and Sylvia, And Billy Billings. Circa, mid 1930s.
0019 Andre’s Restaurant in Beatty. Located in building adjoining the Exchange Club (which Andre also owned). Fifth person at bar, from left, was Joe Andre, sixth from left, was Dorothy Andre. Picture taken in mid-1940s.

Folder 124-2


0020 A very cold New Years morning. Andre is far right. His partner (center) got married to the woman on the left. At the time of this photo, Andre was living with them.
0021 Joe Andre on the road with his band. Some of their equipment was hauled on the running boards of these vehicles.
0022 Dorothy Andre posing “behind-the-wheel” of their car.
0023 Dorothy Andre stands next to a road sign indicating the distance between Tonopah and Ely.
0024 Joe and Dorothy Andre pose by a Joshua Tree while taking a break from their desert travels.
0025 Joe Andre’s car with his daughter Ruth seated on the roof. His car advertised The Song Shop in Astoria, Oregon.
0026 Dorothy Andre and Ruth on the road.
0027 Joe Andre and his daughter Ruth take a rest stop.
0028 Picnic in Oregon. Andre in middle of picture, bottom row. Taken in 1921
0029 Andre with neighbors at a picnic in Oregon.
0030 Ruth Andre fishing at an unidentified location. Circa 1925-1926
0031 Unidentified orchestra. Andre is standing second from the right.
0032 Ruth Andre with her new car, her dog, and her father.
0033 Ruth Andre poses by her car at the Silver Diner Café.
0034 Unidentified woman. This photo was taken at Andre’s Fountain in Beatty, NV.
0035 Same unidentified woman as in 124 0034. Same location
0036 Photo from an Elks Charity Ball in Tonopah, NV. People include Dorothy Andre, Myrtle Marker and Bob Marker
0037 Joe Andre with unidentified people.
0038 Joe Andre in Las Vegas, NV after retirement.