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Thompson, Evan


01    Beatty in background


02    Daylite pass looking to Rhyolite, 1925

03    Bottle house, front of

04    Bottle house, side view

05    Auto at Rhyolite, including Mr. And Mrs. Corwell and friend

06    Tent house in disrepair, Bonanza Mt. in background

07    J. Irving Crowell on Old Dinah s. of Rhylolite

08    Mining tower between Mt. Ladd and Montgomery Mt.

09    Tradin' Post at Bottle House, with Mr. And Mrs. Evan Thompson (postcard)

Keene Wonder Mine, California

10    Automobiles outside structure

11    Mine ca. 1925

12    Transferring water, ca 1925

13    Mine ca. 1925

Unidentified location

14    Location of photo Barstow, California on Santa Fe Railroad