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Morgan Sweeney Photograph Collection

Location: PC 08:C, PC Negatives Box 15, MC MS 01:F

Collection Contents:
Boulder City and Lake Mead

0001        Boulder City Rangers force, 1941; Chief Chas. Peterson; L. To R.: Micheal Slattery, Geo. Talley, (?), Harold Lampsa, Jack Weiler, C. Kirby, --- Wedell, Floyd Genery, --- Rice, --- Bywater, --- Patrien, --- Merritt. Not shown: Wm. Getts, T. Lopez, --- La Croix, W. Grandpre, --- Stocker, ---McKay, A. Reynolds, --- Martain, Barney White.
0002        Snow to Waterline. Lake Mead. Jan 12, 1949
0003        Recreational Boats on Lake Mead. Jan. 12, 1949
0004        Bureau of Reclamation Administration Building, Boulder City, Nev. Oct. 5, 1955
0005        Boulder City Hospital, Boulder City, Nevada. (March 10, 1954)
0006        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking east. 1945-55(?)
0007        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking southwest. 1950-55(?)
0008        Aerial View looking south across Boulder City. Hemenway Wash to right. 1950-55(?)
0009        Northeast aerial view of Boulder City. 1947-54(?)
0010        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking west. 1950-55 (?)
0011        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking southwest. 1955(?)
0012        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking south. 1950-55(?)
0013        Hemenway Wash. 1950-55(?)
0014        Hemenway Wash. 1950-55(?)
0015        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking west. 1955 (?)
0016        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking northeast. 1950-55 (?)
0017        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking northeast. 1950-55 (?)
0018        Aerial View of Boulder City, Nevada, looking northeast. 1950-55 (?)

Emery Falls and Parker Dam

0019        Emery Falls, lower right. Note turbid water in lower reaches of the Grad Canyon of the Colorado. The agitated current here was so swift the boat could make on headway.
0020        Entrance to Emery Falls to the right. Drift marks end of sand waves and swift water on downstream end of castle-like formation. Note swift water in the distance.
0021        Looking upstream about Mile 274. Clear water of lake appears on top of the silt deposit. Sand (or silt)) face is higher than it appears in picture.
0022        Close-up to drift wood looking upstream. Entrance to Emery Falls to the left.
0023        Looking upstream about mile 274. Note silt bank where canyon ends and the lake beings.
0024        "Colorado Aqeduct Dam" [i.e., Parker Dam]
0025        "Colorado Aqeduct Dam" [i.e., Parker Dam]
0026        "Colorado Aqeduct Dam" [i.e., Parker Dam]
0027        "Colorado Aqeduct Dam" [i.e., Parker Dam]

Hoover Dam

0028        Looking upstream through Black Canyon (future site of Hoover Dam). Photo by Walker R. Young, 1922
0029        Nevada intake towers (left); Arizona intake towers (right); 1933.
0030        "August 6, 1941. Hoover (then Boulder) Spillway Discharge. Arizona No. 1 Drumgate opened (lowered) slightly. Drumgates fully raised had back water 115 miles, they are eleven (11) feet high above the water line but measure 100'x16'.
0031        8-6-41. Arizona Drumgate lowered No. 2.
0032        View 1. 8-6-41. No. 3 Arizona Drumgate lowered
0033        View 1. 8-6-41. Arizona Drumgates lowered No.1-2-3 discharged into the Arizona Spillway Tunnel 50' diameter 2200' in length.
0034        8/6/41. Discharge 15,000 S.F. Arizona Drumgate lowered for the discharge of 15,000 S.F.
0035        8/6/41. Arizona Drumgate lowered for 15,000 S.F. discharge.
0036        8/6/41. View of the Lake Mead during discharge of 15,000 S.F. through the Arizona Spillway. It May be noted the "high" elevation of the lake has left its white mark on the shores of Lake Mead probably? Never to be reached again. Looking to the Nevada side spillway observe the fine white lime above the water on the No.4 gate above water.
0037        8/6/41. Arizona Spillway Tunnel discharge of 15,000 S.F. into the Colorado River. Cavitation of the concrete within the tunnel, resulting from this discharge caused considerable damage.
0038        Switchyard, Ca. 1950's.
0039        Switchyard, Ca. 1950's.
0040        Location: No. w Warehouse. Contractors Yard. Nov. 28, 1950.
0041        Location: Hoover Powerplant. States Switchyard area. Blasting for removal of overburden.
0042        [Canyon wall above Nevada valve house at Hoover Dam; ca. 1950-55(?)
0043        Location: Hoover Dam Powerplant; Title: Proposed location of "States" Switchyard before commencement of construction. Oct. 2, 1950.
0044        Location: Arizona wing of powerhouse; Location: Removal of concrete plug from A-9 draft tube opening.
0045        Location: Hoover Powerplant Arizona wing, showing details. Empty wheel pit prior to start of construction on generating Unit A-3
0046        Intake tower, lower cylinder gate modification. Detail making cut, buring, lower section gate note skin-plate hanging with holes burned through for lifting out. Cutting machine and guide detail. Welders, L. to R: E.M. Fitzgerald, Oulie Cameron. (Nov. 1951).
0047        Construction of turbine, 1951.
0048        [Constructing a turbine at Hoover Dam] (Sep. 24, 1951)
0049        [Constructing turbine at Hoover Dam] July 20, 1951.
0050        [Constructing turbine at Hoover Dam.] Oct.1951.
0051        Nevada Powerhouse, 1951.
0052        Arizona roof-- takeoff structure for Bank "Y" to left-- completed. Takeoff structure for Unit A-9 to right -- completed. (Oct. 1951)
0053        Rim tower C11T1x completed. Aug. 6, 1951
0054        Location: Hoover Dam. Generator shaft for Unit A-9 enroute to powerplant via 150-ton cableway. 1951.
0055        Location: Hoover Dam. Nevada Cableway landing. A-4 rotor spider. 1951.
0056        Location: A-4, fluted diffuser for pressure relief valve energy absorber upon arrival at Hoover Dam, Nevada Cableway landing. Ca.1951
0057        Location: 150-ton cableway landing, Nevada. Title: Half section and inlet quarter section of A-9 scroll case upon arrival at Hoover Dam, Nevada Cableway landing. [ca.1950's]
0058        30,000 kva transformer for Unit A-4 upon arrival at the Nevada cableway landing. (Hoover Dam, Dec. 20, 1951)
0059        Water Treatment Plant Wash Water Tank for new installation Dec.1950. Tank steel 50,000 gallon capacity dimension 12'0" diameter, 60'0"long. DWG No. 45-301-4143 = $6,059.00
0060        Location: Interior Arizona Wing of powerhouse, elev.673. Construction activities during installation of generating units A-3, A-4 and A-9. 1951.
0061        [Nevada powerhouse t Hoover Dam.]
0062        Rim tower C11T1x during erection. 1951
0063        Hoover Powerplant. Reinforcing steel workers tying and placing steel rod; Carpenters installing forms preparatory to placing concrete. Aug.31, 1951
0064        Hoover Powerplant engineers aligning and checking forms for placement of concrete. 1951.
0065        Hoover Powerplant. General activity in generator foundation forming; note generator foundation bolts around circle. Oct.4, 1951
0066        Hoover Powerplant. A-9 turbine pit. Form work completed for concrete lift to elevation 673. 1951.
0067        Hoover Powerplant. Turbine runner (water wheel) being removed for inspection. Ca.1951.
0068        Hoover Powerplant. Concrete placement in progress for Unit A-9. Aug.24, 1951.
0069        Hoover Powerplant. Unit A-4 turbine. Boring mill in operation boring for lower stationary seal. Sept. 17, 1951.
0070        Hoover Powerplant. Unit A-4 turbine. Wicket gates, runner, and shaft in place. 1951.
0071        Hoover Powerplant. Interior view of A-8-9 penstock. Dark spots at 45 degree from vertical and horizontal mark the location of lower set of piezometer taps. Taps locations have been cleaned and repainted. Note wire projecting into penstock, upper right, locating tap hole. Pool of water visible at bottom, tire hoist inside 30-foot penstock at top of raise.
0072        Hoover Powerplant. A-4 butterfly valve. Valve completely assembled and tested. Weight 200 tons. Dec.20, 1951
0073        Hoover Powerplant. A-4 generator. Workmen taping upper coils support rings. July 26, 1951
0074        Hoover Powerplant. A-4 generator .Taping coils in stator in progress.
0075        Hoover Powerplant. Generator Unit A-9. Three sections of stator, complete with laminations and coils, assembled on generator floor. July 13, 1951
0076        Location: Hoover Powerplant. A-4 generator stator. 12" of laminations have been stacked and are ready for pressing. 1951.
0077        [Construction on Hoover Dam. 1951.]
0078        Hoover Powerplant. Generator A-9. Generator shaft on floor after cleaning. June 28, 1951
0079        Hoover Powerplant. Generator A-4. Rotary completely stacked. 1951.
0080        Hoover Powerplant. Generator A-4, stacking lamination for rotor. July 13, 1951.
0081        Hoover Powerplant. Placing field coils on Unit A-9 rotor. 28 coils are required for assembly. Rotor is built up from 4700 sheets. 1951.
0082        Hoover Powerplant. Construction progress in States switchyard area. Mar.31, 9151
0083        Hoover Powerplant. Advanced stage of construction in Sates switchyard area.
0084        Unit A-4. Isolated phase bus structure, installations in progress. Spare transformer for Unit A-8 to left. [Hoover Dam] Sep. 17, 1951.
0085        Hoover Dam and Powerplant. Double circuit cantilever rim tower C1 and 13Tlx. Serves A-9 and Bank "Y". May 2, 1951.
0086        Hoover Powerplant. Highline conductor stringing from tower C11T4 to C11T5, across Black Canyon. Winch is located on the Nevada side of the canyon, pulling conductor and insulator string across the canyon. Tire is attached to -inch haul back line for visibility. 8-27-51.
0087        Hoover Powerplant. Relocated transformer Bank Y. Relocation of Bank "Y" completed. Oct. 16, 1951.
0088        Hoover Powerplant, A-4. Showing detail of conduit formed to be embedded in concrete, and forming at A-3 for the placement concrete. Sept. 24, 1951.
0089        Hoover Powerplant. Turbine scross-case in position, assembled. Aug. 6, 1951.
0090        Unit A-9 transformer in transit via cableway to the Nevada wing for assembly. Oct. 16, 1951.
0091        [Workmen in Hoover Powerplant ca. 1951]
0092        Hoover Powerplant. Penstock cover plate about to be removed for installation of butterfly valve.
0093        Hoover Powerplant. Lowering butterfly valve into position between penstock and turbine. Feb. 16, 1952
0094        Hoover Powerplant. Unlading quarter section of Unit A-4 generator stator at No. 2 warehouse. [ca. 1952]
0095        [Hoover Powerplant. Working on Generator Unit A-4] Jan. 14, 1952.
0096        Jan. 14, 1952.Rotor, Generator Unit A-4, being placed inside stator. Jan. 15, 1952.
0097        Hoover Powerplant. Unit A-4 generator. Stator and air housing in place on foundation. Lower bearing bracket and brakes in place ready to receive rotor. Jan. 10, 1952.
0098        [Hoover Powerplant. Working on Generator Unit A-4] Jan. 14, 1952.
0099        Hoover Powerplant. A-4 generator rotor being moved over. A-3 stator to be placed in final position. Jan. 15, 1952.
0100        Hoover Powerplant. New installation, transformer bank A-9. Jan 31, 1952.
0101        [Hoover Dam -- bolts in Nevada valvehouse rear wall 1951]
0102        No. 5 intake tower, lower cylinder gate modification. Detail work platform. March 12, 1954.
0103        [Scaffolding on face of rock slab above Hoover Dam valve house 1954]
0104        [Scaffolding on face of rock slab above Hoover Dam valve house 1954]
0105        No. 5 intake tower, lower cylinder gate modification. Oxweld cutting machine mounted on guide rail for angle cut on 2-inch plate, using long off-set tip (short tip used on inch skin plate.) Mar. 12, 1954
0106        Low water as of 11:00 A.M. [Hoover Dam Nevada spillway] May 13, 1954
0107        Hoover Dam Feb. 19, 1954.
0108        [Boats near Hoover Dam ca. 1954]
0109        [Hoover Dam[ Feb. 26, 1954
0110        N-8 turbine ring, at No.2 warehouse location showing special low-slung car and height of load, 15'2" above car bed. Gauging distance piece. Dec. 1, 1959
0111        [Arizona powerhouse (left) and Nevada powerhouse (right) Dec. 13, 1957.
0112        [Roof of Arizona powerhouse at Hoover Dam] Dec. 13, 1957.
0113        [Hoover Dam [1-13-55
0114        [Hoover Dam -- inside top of the intake tower mechanism for raising and lowering cylinder gates.]
0115        [Hoover Dam -- mechanism for raising and lowering the stoney gates.] Nov.8, 1955
0116        [Hoover Dam -- mechanism for raising and lower the stoney gates.] Nov.27, 1955
0117        [Interior view of Hoover Dam]. June3, 1955.
0118        [Working on Hoover Dam] June 3, 1955.
0119        [Working on Hoover Dam] June 3, 1955.
0120        [Pipe gallery at Hoover Dam] August 1, 1955.
0121        Pipe gallery at Hoover Dam. El. 643.
0122        Hoover Dam. [ca. 1960's]
0123        Hoover Dam. [ca. 1960's]
0124        Hoover Dam. Nevada cableway landing, elevation 673. Car load of transformer oil on cableway skip, to be used in transformer serving N-8 to be seen in background. Transformer 3-phase, manufactured in Switzerland. Aug. 22, 1961.
0125        [Canyon wall outlet works at Hoover Dam Arizona needle valves spewing water.]
0126        [Hoover Dam interior of a penstock]
0127        [Hoover Dam interior of a penstock]
0128        Governor Gallery, Nevada visitors' gallery].
0129        [Hoover Dam turbine shaft].
0130        [Hoover Dam Nevada visitors' gallery].
0131        [Hoover Dam Bus Gallery.]
0132        [Hoover Dam Cylinder gates in intake tower]
0133        [Hoover Dam cylinder gates in intake tower]
0134        [Hoover Dam Nevada powers].
0135        [Hoover Dam interior view].
0136        [Hoover Dam stoney gate, Arizona side.].
0137        [Hoover Dam cableway over Nevada powerhouse ca. mid 1950's]
0138        [Hoover Dam government cableway mid 1950's].
0139        [Hoover Dam government cableway mid 1950's].
0140        [Hoover Dam government cableway, Nevada side, mid 1950's].
0141        [Hoover Dam Nevada side government cableway 1950's].
0142        [Hoover Dam government cableway looking toward Arizona side -- ca. 1950's].
0143        [Hoover Dam government cableway, Nevada side, ca. mid 1950's].
0144        [Terrazzo monument at Hoover Dam]                April 14, 1955.
0145        [Hoover Dam bas-relief on Arizona elevator tower.] Mar. 31, 1955.
0146        [Hoover Dam bas-relief on Arizona elevator tower.] Mar. 31, 1955.
0147        Diagram of Boulder Dam and Power Plant.
0148        [Hoover Dam Visitors' gallery overlooking the penstock.]
0149        [Schematic in visitors' gallery.] Apr. 20, 1954.
0150        [Hoover Dam monument.] 1955.
0151        Guided tours at Hoover Dam.
0152        Hoover Dam transmission lines.
0153        Major transmission lines and interconnections. (southwest)
0154        Panoramic perspective of Hoover Dam area.
0155        Hoover Dam monument at night.
0156        [Hoover Dam -- looking downstream toward the lower portal road.]
0157        Hoover Dam
0158        [Hoover Dam Arizona intake towers ca. mid 1950's.]
0159        Hoover Dam.
0160        Hoover Dam.
0161        Hoover Dam.
0162        Arial view of Hoover Dam.
0163        [Hoover Dam canyon wall outlet works in operation -- ca. mid 1950's.]
0164        Hoover Dam [ca. 1950's].
0165        Hoover Dam [ca. 1950's].
0166        Arial view of Hoover Dam -- 1950's].
0167        Boulder Canyon Project -- Hoover Dam -- Supervisors Safety Training, Mar.16, 1962. (Persons identified on front of photo)
0168        Hoover Dam employees: left to right: L.J.Hudlow, R.E.Donlin, L.H.Harman, D.D.Dutter.
0169        Harvey W. Boyce, Boulder Canyon Project Electrician, became the first Bureau of Reclamation apprenticeship graduate in the Nation on April 16, 1951, when he was presented his "diploma" in a brief ceremony at Hoover Dam. Doing the horrors is John H.Phillips, armature-winder at Hoover Dam and member of the apprenticeship committee. A few moments later Mr. Boyce was handed his promotion from apprentice to journeyman by Director of Power L.R.Douglass, third from left. The Boulder Canyon Project was the first throughout the Bureau of Reclamation to establish the apprenticeship training program. Left to right are Morgan J. Sweeney, Construction and Maintenance Superintendent, Boulder Canyon Project; Steve Wenta, cabinet maker and finish carpenter and member of the apprenticeship committee; Mr. Douglass, Mr. Boyce, Mr. Phillips, M.H.Mitchell, Regional Personnel Officer and chairman of the apprenticeship committee, and Lloyd Hudlow, Assistant Director of Power. (Bureau of Reclamation photo)

0170        "It required this number of electricians and more (those on shift were not able to appear in the picture), to complete the electrical work on Hoover Powerplant. Ralph Lowry, fourth form the left in the front row, was in charge of all the work in the powerplant, and on his left his Wilbur (Slim) Handley, chief electrician, and next to last in the back row on the right is Morgan J. Sweeney, who provide this picture."

0171        Director of Power L.R.Douglass, of the Bureau of Reclamation's Boulder Canyon project, presents Harvey W. Boyce, his promotion from apprentice to journeyman electrician in a ceremony in the Nevada wing of the Hoover Dam Powerplant on April 16, 1951. (Other persons identified on back of photo.)