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Helen J. Stewart Photograph Collection

Extent: 5.3 Linear Feet (9 hanging folders, 4 flat files, and 1 shared box of negatives)
Location: PC 04:D, PC Negatives Box 08, PC Slides Binder 03, MC MS 01:C

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Collection Contents:
The Helen J. Stewart Photographs depict the Stewart Family from approximately 1860 to 1950. The photographs primarily depict Helen
J. Stewart and her children as well as the Stewart Ranch (also know as the Las Vegas Ranch) in Southern Nevada. The photographs include the early Las Vegas, Nevada town site, landscapes of Southern Nevada and the American Southwest, mines and mining camps, railroads and railroad workers, the Las Vegas Fort (also known as the Old Mormon Fort), hotels and early businesses in Las Vegas, Native Americans and Native American artifacts, and postcards.

Antiquities (petroglyphs, Stewart basket collection)

0001 Indian Hieroglyphics at Huntsman
0002 Petroglyphs
0003     Stewart basket collection
0004 Stewart basket collection
0005 Stewart basket collection
0006 Stewart basket collection
0007 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0008 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0009 Stewart basket collection
0010 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0011 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0012 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0013 Helen J. Stewart with basket collection
0014 Stewart basket collection
0015 Stewart basket collection
0016 Stewart basket collection
0017 Stewart basket collection
0018 Stewart basket collection
0019 Stewart basket collection
0020 Stewart basket collection
0021 Stewart basket collection
0022 Stewart basket collection
0023 Stewart basket collection
0024 Helen J. Stewart making basket purchase (oversize)
0025 Stewart basket collection
0026 Stewart basket collection
0026 Stewart basket collection
0027 Helen J. Stewart
0028 Helen J. Stewart with unidentified people
0029 unidentified person with Indian cradle

Las Vegas Ranch aka Stewart Ranch, Old Fort , Las Vegas Fort

0030 Ranch house south wall of Las Vegas Fort
0031 Old Stewart home near Las Vegas
0032 Ranch house south wall, Las Vegas Fort
0033 Ranch house south wall, Las Vegas Fort (oversize)
0034 Ranch house (oversize)
0035 back of ranch house
0036 Ranch house, south wall, L.V. Fort (Old Fort) remnant
0037    Las Vegas Fort, Las Vegas, Nevada


Las Vegas Ranch (aka Stewart Ranch) (cont.)

0038    South wall end Las Vegas fort
0039 Las Vegas fort
0040    Las Vegas fort and Las Vegas Creek (post card)
0041    North end of Las Vegas fort
0042    Tents on Las Vegas Ranch aka Stewart Ranch, Old Ranch (oversize)
0043    Tents on Las Vegas Ranch aka Stewart Ranch, Old Ranch (oversize)
0044    Las Vegas Ranch (oversize)
0045    Tents on Las Vegas Ranch a.k.a. Stewart Ranch
0046    Family on creek (oversize)
0047    Family on creek (oversize)
0048    Family tent on creek (oversize)
0049    Family on creek (oversize)
0050    Family tents on creek (oversize)
0051    Family tents (oversize)
0052    Family on creek (oversize)
0053    Family on creek (oversize)
0054    Stewart Ranch (postcard)
0055    Stewart Ranch Las Vegas, NV, tents and creek
0056    Silvery waters of Vegas creek (postcard)
0057    Las Vegas Ranch
0058    Creek (postcard)
0059    orchard, Las Vegas Ranch
0060    orchard, Las Vegas Ranch
0061    orchard, Las Vegas Ranch
0062    orchard, Las Vegas Ranch
0063    Kids in orchard, Las Vegas ranch
0064    Woman by creek (oversize)
0065    Las Vegas Ranch (oversize)
0066    Las Vegas Ranch (oversize)
0067    Ducks on Las Vegas Ranch
0068    Horses and Cattle on Las Vegas Ranch
0069    Las Vegas Ranch
0070    Las Vegas Ranch
0071    Las Vegas Ranch
0072    Area called Horse corral
0073    Four acres Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas
0074    Horse corral area, Old Ranch
0075    Horse corral area, Old Ranch
0076    Horse corral area, Old Ranch
0077    Horse corral area, Old Ranch


Las Vegas

0078    McWilliamstown
0079    The Depot, Las Vegas, NV
0080    Hotel Charleston, Las Vegas, NV
0081    Unidentified people
0082    Murray & Buol Well (postcard)
0083    First school house at 2nd & Lewis, Las Vegas (oversize)
0084    Las Vegas drug store (oversize)
0085    Las Vegas Hospital 1909- on reverse-Stable Las Vegas Ranch 1900
0086    Las Vegas Town (oversize)
0087    Las Vegas Town (oversize)
0088    Arizona Club, Las Vegas (oversize)
0089    Interior, Arizona Club (oversize)
0090    John S. Park (later Ferron) residence 4th and Fremont, Las Vegas (oversize)
0091    Grade near Kiel (Kyle) Ranch (oversize)


0092    Engine 3416, Caliente
0093    Colorado River
0094    Colorado River
0095    Eureka, Nevada
0096    Ore, dump Combination Mine, Goldfield , NV (postcard)
0097    Goldfield Consolidated Mill, Goldfield, NV., 1911 Welch & Tune (postcard)
0098    Goodsprings, NV
0099    Kyle Canyon Sawmill
0100    Toinavah Wall


0101 Watsons Camp, Arizona


0102    House in California
0103    House in California
0104    Manvel Hotel, California

Stewart Family

0105    Archibald Stewart
0106    Archibald Stewart

Stewart Family (continued)

0107 Archibald Stewart & his father ca. 1869
0108 Grandmother Weisers, Helen J. Stewart mother
0109 Helen J. Stewart as young woman
0110 Helen J. Stewart
0111 Helen J. Stewart
0112 Helen J. Stewart
0113 Helen J. Stewart
0114 Helen J. Stewart (oversize)
0115 Helen J. Stewart
0116 Helen J. Stewart
0117 Helen J. Stewart (oversize)
0118 Helen J. Stewart
0119 Helen J. Stewart at Sam Yount home in Calif.
0120 Will Stewart
0121 Helen J. Stewart
0122 Hiram Stewart
0123 Tiza Stewart
0124 Close up Tiza Stewart
0125 Tiza Stewart
0126 Tiza Stewart
0127 Evaline Stewart 1888
0128 Evaline Stewart 1888
0129 Evaline Stewart 1888
0130 Evaline Stewart 1888
0131 Close up Evaline Stewart
0132 Evaline Stewart on burro
0133 Evaline Stewart in Indian costume
0134 Helen J. Stewart, daughters Evaline and Tiza
0135 Archie Stewart
0136 Archie Stewart
0137 Archie Stewart
0138 Tiza and Evaline Stewart
0139 R-L Lena Carl Stewart (Mrs. Will) Eva Stewart, Tiza Stewart, Dreme Gann
0140 Lena Carl Stewart, Will Stewart Archie Stewart, Ca. late 1890s.
0141 Frank Will, Helen, Eva, Hiram , Tiza Stewart
0142 Helen J. Stewart and unidentified person (postcard)
0143 Lena Carl Stewart
0144 Mina Crosby Stewart
0145 Mina Crosby Stewart, Will Stewart
0146 Mina, Helen, Will Stewart
0147 Evaline Stay Moden, daughter of Evaline Stewart (oversize)



0148 Vida McC. Boyle
0149 Emmet D. Boyle
0150 Unidentified person
0151 Unidentified person
0152 Unidentified person
0153 Unidentified person
0154 Unidentified person
0155 Unidentified person
0156 Archie on grass
0157 Isolated Squaw Man
0158 Unidentified people
0159 Unidentified people
0160 Unidentified people
0161 Helen J. Stewart & unidentified people
0162 Unidentified people
0163 Unidentified people
0164 Unidentified people
0165 Unidentified people
0166 Helen J. Stewart in California
0167 Unidentified person
0168 Lena Crosby Steward Yount
0169 Paul & Betty at Rancho Palo Verde
0170 After Paul and Betty's breakfast
0171 Unidentified people
0172 Unidentified people
0173 Unidentified baby
0174 Unidentified people
0175 Paul and Betty near Silver Lake (Los Angeles) June 1, 1940
0176 Clarence Stay, Helen Stewart Unidentified child
0177 Tiza Stewart
0178 Unidentified person
0179 Unidentified person

Unidentified Location

0180 Freight team-Manvel to Goodsprings
0181 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0182 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0183 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0184 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0185 Unidentified Location (oversize)

Unidentified Location (continued)

0186 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0187 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0188 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0189 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0190 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0191 On desert between Eldorado Canyon and Las Vegas, June 1906
0192 Unidentified location
0193 Unidentified location
0194 Unidentified location
0195 Unidentified Location (oversize)
0196 Unidentified location
0197 West End Borax (oversize)
0198 Unidentified location
0199 Unidentified location
0200 Unidentified location
0201 Unidentified location
0202 A Nevada Locomotive
0203 Unidentified Location
0204 Unidentified location
0205 Unidentified location
0206 Unidentified location
0207 Unidentified location
0208 Unidentified location (oversize)
0209 Unidentified location (oversize)

Additional pictures

0210 Reverse Stable Las Vegas Ranch 1909
0211 Horses on Las Vegas Ranch
0212 Railroad surveyors
0213 Railroad surveyors
0214 Railroad surveyors
0215 Cattle on Las Vegas Ranch
0216 People in front of the Beckley stores sign
0217 Helen J. Stewart standing beside her collection of Indian Baskets.
0218 Dining Room at Las Vegas Ranch (Stewart Ranch), 1907
0219 Houses at the Las Vegas Ranch
0220 Pine Canyon, Nev. 1908
0221 Four unidentified men standing in front of wagon, November 1908
0222 Two men with horse drawn wagon at the Mesquite Well, 1908
0223 Man & horse at Clark's well, Willow Springs, 1908


Additional pictures (continued)

0224 Four unidentified men at Lester's camp, on the Colorado River, 1909
0225 Sandstone Ranch
0226 Quarries near Wilson's Ranch (Sandstone Ranch)
0227 Spring above Sandstone Quarry
0228 Indian Frank's camp on the Colorado River
0229 Native American Woman
0230 "Spot where Nelson was killed"
0231 Unidentified man

Digital images are on a CD in Photograph Collection 0104
The original pictures are in Collection T-87 Box 3 Folder 2
The Birthday scrapbook of Helen J. Stewart 1924

0232 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "My favorite picture of your Birthday group" 1924.
0233 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "Mrs. Stewart enjoys her Birthday flowers" 1924.
0234 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "Another one that's very good" 1924.
0235 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "the old spirit of always willing to share is here also" 1924.
0236 Helen Stewart standing outside. The caption reads, "This one makes your look older than you really are-but have included it
        as its one of the group of pictures" 1924.
0237 Helen Stewart standing outside. The caption reads, "I think you must have been calling to the birds here" 1924.
0238 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "Slipping up on the stork" 1924.
0239 Helen Stewart standing outside. The caption reads, "Bet he's a wise "old bird" and I think the flowers would make any impression"
0240 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "Flirting with the stork" 1924.
0241 Helen Stewart sitting outside. The caption reads, "A little bit discouraged but ready with a bouquet this time" 1924.
0242 Sam standing outside. The caption reads, "Sam telling the stork his troubles" 1924.
0243 Helen Stewart standing outside with her nephew. The caption reads, "Nephie and I Mother's Day Sunday May 11th, 1924.
0244 Helen Stewart sitting outside with her nephew. The caption reads, "Mother's Day to many, but to us-Motherless Day" 1924.