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John Steiger Photograph Collection

Location: PC 12:D

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Collection Contents:
0001    Faculty of Las Vegas Grammar School 1922, Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Chesbro, Miss Sullivan, Miss Priddy, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Bahs (sp?), Miss Carllton (sp?), Mrs. Kitely, Miss Gardner, Miss Weber, Miss Clary, Mrs. Hyce, Miss Reed, Miss Casey, Miss Clough
0002    Afternoon kindergarten class - Las Vegas Grammar School. May 1922
0003    Kindergarten class, Las Vegas Grammar School, June 1921.
0004    Faculty of Las Vegas Grammar School, June 1921.
0005    Las Vegas Grammar School students, 1923 (postcard)
0006    Las Vegas Grammar School students (1922)
0007    Main railroad shops of the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad. (March 6, 1920)
0008    Red light district Las Vegas, NV. Feb. 15, 1920.
0009    Railroad round house. March 7, 1920.
0010    Kindergarten orchestra- Las Vegas Grammar School. (1923)
0011    Kindergarten orchestra- Las Vegas Grammar School. (1923)
0012    Afternoon Kindergarten class, Las Vegas Grammar School (1923)
0013    Kindergarten float in parade of carnival. Las Vegas, NV. (1923)
0014    Eighth grade class, Las Vegas Grammar School (1923)
0015    Aerial view of Las Vegas, NV. (1920's)
0016    Aerial view of Las Vegas, NV. (1920's)
0017    Some of the school teachers and railroad men at Wilson Ranch. Sept. 1921 (AE Steiger)
0018    Snow scene near the falls at Mt. Charleston. April 24, 1921.
0019    Taken at Mt Charleston, NV. April 24, 1921.
0020    Mt. Charleston, NV. April 24, 1921.
0021    Wilson Ranch, 32 miles from Las Vegas. Sept. 1921
0022    School teachers from five different states at Wilson Ranch, Sept. 1921
0023    Taken on the Edge of town. Las Vegas NV. Feb. 5, 1920
0024    Mormon girls at the plunge (swimming Pool) - Las Vegas, NV. Feb. 1920
0025    Ranch near Las Vegas, Nov. 1919
0026    Miss Mc Cally, office girl at Wilson Ranch. Sept. 1921. (Harry Steiger informant)
0027    Miss Gardner, Mr. Homan, Miss Weber at Wilson Ranch. Sept. 1921
0028    Indian School. Irrigation pond at Wilson Ranch (1921)
0029    Irrigation pond at Wilson Ranch, 30 miles from Las Vegas. (Sept. 1921)
0030    Indian school
0031    Somerville Atkins and Homer in Flivver at Mt. Charleston, NV. (June 12, 1921)
0032    Entrance of the Frenchman gold mine 9 miles from Las Vegas. (March 1921)
0033    Taken at the campfire at Mt. Charleston, NV. (April 24, 1921)
0034    View of Mt. Charleston, NV. (April 21, 1921)
0035    Resting on a pipe in the mountains at Mt. Charleston, NV. Taken by George Summerville. (April 24, 1921)
0036    Top view of Little Falls, Mt. Charleston, NV. (June 12, 1921.)
0037    Boulder Canyon (1919-1920?) (postcard)
0038    Black Canyon dam site, Colorado River. (1920-21?) (postcard)
0039    Black Canyon, Colorado River (postcard) January 1923
0040    Fortification Mountain, Colorado River. (c.1920) (postcard)
0041    Boulder Canyon and the Colorado River. (c. 1920) (postcard)
0042    Colorado River above Boulder Canyon. (c.1923) (postcard)
0043    Boulder Canyon (c. 1920) (postcard)
0044    Interior of machine shop at railroad yard, Las Vegas, NV. (c. early 1920's)
0045    Artesian well 4 miles from Las Vegas. (March 6, 1920)
0046    Labor Day 1921. Las Vegas, NV.
0047    Labor Day festivities, 1921. Las Vegas, NV. (postcard)

Additions to Collection    (** these are PRINTS)

0048    View of Mt. Charleston, Nev. (April 24, 1981) (Taken by George Summerville)
0049    Miss Geraldine Clayton, Elko, Nev. Taken at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. April 24, 1921. One of the big snow drifts.

0050    "Mt. Charleston, Nevada. June 12, 1921. Resting after climbing the mountain were (sic) it was very hard climbing. Notice the paper sack on log that is our Eats. Blieve (sic) me it was good. Summerville & Homan." (handwritten inscription H.E. Steiger)

0051    "Mt. Charleston, Nevada. June 12 1921 near the Hotel. Left to right; Geo. Summerville of Scotland; Clifford Atkins of Oklahoma; Walter Homan of Boston, Mass." (handwritten inscription H.E. Steiger)

0052    "Below Littlefalls. Mt. Charleston, Nev. June 12 1921. Sled riding on the snow bank below falls. Homan & Summerville." (handwritten inscription H.E. Steiger)

0053    "Little Falls, Mt. Charleston, Nevada. June 12 1921 Homan & Steiger." (insc.-H.E. Steiger; photo by Summerville)
0054    "View at Mt. Charleston, Nev., taken April 24, 1921. Notice the snow storm below the trees."-H.E. Steiger inscription.
0055    "View of mts. In Charleston taken April 24, 1921." (inscription by H.E. Steiger)
0056    "View mts. At Charleston, Nev. Taken April 24, 1921 wile (sic) it was snowing below us." (handwritten insc. H.E. Steiger)
0057    "Taken on way to Mt. Charleston, April 24, 1921, by Geo. Summerville; notice the Eagle Rock and Miss Clayton." (handwritten insc. H.E. Steiger)

0058    Mountains in Nevada. Ca. 1923.
0059    Burro. (Nov. 1919) Extensive inscription on back of photo.
0060    Desert near the state line separating Utah and Arizona. (c. 1919) Extensive inscription on back of photo.
0061    "Taken at swimming pool one mile east of Las Vegas, Nevada. Taken in Feb. 1920. The girls are Mormons from Bunkerville, Utah and men Fischers from Chicago, Ill. And myself." (inscription H.E. Steiger)

0062    Buddy Doherty, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1923)
0063    Buddy Doherty Las Vegas, Nev. 1923.
0064    Buddy Doherty, Las Vegas, Nevada. (1922)
0065    Nola and Nyla Ullom. Las Vegas, Nevada. (c. 1922-23)
0066    Indian girl who worked for Florence Doherty, Las Vegas, Nev. (c. 1922-23)
0067    Indian ranch (pond) taken 30 miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. (1922)
0068    Three kindergarten children Las Vegas, Nev. (1922)
0069    Black Canyon (Nevada) 1922.
0070    "Miss Katherine Casey. Taken at Black Canyon dam site. Jan. 27-1923" (handwritten insc. H.E. Steiger)
0071    Mr. Oliver. Las Vegas, Nev. (c. 1919-1921)
0072    Thelma 1920 Las Vegas.
0073    Looking southwest from tourist camp, Las Vegas, Nev. Mountains are 35 miles away. Nov. 1919. (Extensive inscription on reverse.)