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Photo Collections Record

Squires Family Photographs

Extent: 5.4 Linear Feet (13 hanging folders, 1 shared box of negatives, 2 oversized boxes, and 1 flat file)
Location: PC 01:A, PC Negatives Box 01, PC Slides Binder 01, MC MS 01:A, RS 1.5.2, RS 1.5.5

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Wilson-Park Photograph Collection, approximately 1900-1930. PH-00222. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Charles P. and Delphine Squires Collection, 1905-1964. MS-00009. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Collection Contents:
The Squires Family Photographs document the Squires Family and the development of the Las Vegas Valley in Nevada from approximately 1860 to 1980, with a bulk of the photographs depicting people and events from 1900 to 1950. The photographs depict the Euro-American settlement and growth of Las Vegas, Nevada; traveling and exploration of Southern Nevada and the Southwestern United States; the Hoover (Boulder) Dam and the Colorado River; clubs and social groups; and the Squires Family, especially prominent newspaper editor and publisher Charles Pember (C. P. or “Pop”) Squires, Delphine “Mom” Anderson Squires, and their children.

Early Las Vegas

0001    Depot, ca. 1910

0002    Las Vegas and Tonopah RR locomotive

0003    First Ice Plant (burned 1907)

0004    (second ) Ice Plant

0005    First State Bank (frame building)

0006    Construction of cement block, First State Bank

0007    Exterior, First state Bank, 1st and Fremont

0008    Interior, First State Bank, including Chris Brown, John S. Park

0009    Cement block yard at corner of 2nd & Fremont

0010    Typesetters, Las Vegas Age

0011    Thomas Department Store in ruins

0012    Another view

0013    Ruins of Ball's Grocery

0014    Vegas Home Bakery

0015    First and Ogden, 1907

Block 16

0016    Street scene including Arizona Club

0017    Arizona Club (no print)

0018    Present Arizona Club during construction, team of horses and wagon's (dup. Hancock Collection, #0003-0006)

0019    Exterior, Arizona Club (postcard)

0020    Interior, Arizona Club (postcard); Three men at end of bar wearing dark clothing: Man in center is Wyatt Earp, man at left is Al James, owner of Arizona Club, c. 1907

0021    Parade, visiting kilt band, 1905


folder 2-1

C.P. Squires Collection

Early Las Vegas cont.


0022    Frame schoolhouse on So. 2nd, burned 1910

0023    School held in Baptist Church, group of schoolchildren; Florence Squires, teacher

0024    School children on stairs? Church, Florence Squires Daugherty teacher

0025    Christ Episcopal Church

Clark County Court House

0026    First construction of courthouse, 1909

0027    Construction of second courthouse, 1914

0028    "            "            "

0029    "            "            "

0030    "            "            "

0031    Photograph of drawing of completed court house

0032    Tent post office, 1st (in Clark townsite) (see also 0046)

Hotel Las Vegas (tent hotel)

0033    View from a distance

0034    Dining room

0035    Small tent adjacent with Mr. & Mrs. Chris Brown, Walter Bracken

0036    Similar view

Overland Hotel

0037    Remains after 1911 fire

0038    Another view

0039    "        "         "

0040    "        "         "

0041    New Overland Hotel, 1912

Folder 2-2

0042    Hotel Nevada

0043    Las Vegas Hotel, Fremont Street


Folder 2-2
C.P. Squires Collection

0044    Hewetson Hospital, Second Street

0045    Hewetson Hospital, snow scene

0046    Tent post office, Walter Bracken

0047    Power and Telephone Company (Park Bldg.?)


0048    Squires home on Fremont Street

0049    John S. Park residence, Charleston (similar to White House, Kyle (Kiel) Ranch

Artesian Wells, water

0050    Well on McGriff Ranch

0051    McGriff and his peach trees

0052    Artesian Well

0053    "The E-y spout" (see also #002 0129)

Later Las Vegas

Bonanza Airlines

0054    Las Vegas men and women in front of aircraft

0055    Women boarding plane, including Alta Ham, Delphine Squires, Florence Murphy

0056    Women being greeted, departing plane

0057    Luncheon

0058    Movie making

0059    Nellis, large group of men in front of truck

0060    Squires Park

0061    Close-up of above

0062    Carl Ray building under construction (OVERSIZED)


Colorado River, Hoover Dam

0063    Delegation in boat at river, including James Scrugham

0064    Construction scene at river (OVERSIZED)

0065    Anderson Brothers Dining Hall

0066    Truck on grade from construction at riverbed

Folder 2-2

C.P. Squires Collection

0067    Cement work halfway

0068    Power Station


0069    Montgomery Hotel

0070    Street scene including Bullfrog Bank & Trust Company, Porter Brothers store

0071    Ruins at Callville, including, Robert Gibson

0072    Gold Center, including buildings, vehicles for Gold Center Ice and Brewing Company

0073    Gold Hill street scene (postcard) (Frashers photo)


0074    Stone cabin

0075    Pack train

0076    Goodsprings, Hotel Fayle

0077    C.I. Wadsworth & Bros. General Merchandise

0078    Yellow Pine Mine

0079     "Sizing Things Up", in front of Otto Schwartz's store

Indian Springs

0080    Scene from distance, ranch

0081    Group of Las Vegas people at Ranch

0082    Johnnie street scene

0083    Lucky Strike Mine

0084    (Mt.) Charleston forest fire from distance

0085    Court house, Pioche

Round Mountain (Nye Country)

0086    Mining operation

0087    (Goldfield), Goldfield Consolidated Mining Co. Cares

0088    View from mine

0089    Miners

0090    Street scene with wagons

0091    Scene include. Mine and railroad tracks, near Columbia Junction

0092    Construction scene (Round Mt.?)


Folder 2-2 (cont.)

C.P. Squires Collection


0094     Borax Mine, Ryan, Cal., Jimmy Gill driver

Unidentified Location

0095    Lumber at mining camp

folder 2-3


0096    Florence Squires Doherty Boyer

0097    Peter Buol

0098    Ed Clark (portrait)

0099    Ed Clark (full length view)

0100    Ed Clark in front of Council Rooms, Bishop's Lodge

0101    Joseph Ira Earl

0102    Sam Gay (portrait)

0103    Sam Gay ( portrait)

0104    Proctor "Heehaw" Smith (portrait)

0105    Frank Stevens

People in Groups

0106    Sideboard bar including Henry Jackson, Cliff Lake, Rosy Bennet, John Deal

0107    Mesquite Club women in costume

0108    Christening of Battleship Nevada, including Eleanor Siebert, Tasker Oddie

0109    Group including Mr. & Mrs. Tasker Oddie

0110    Group including Mr. & Mrs. Tasker Oddie

0111    Group of young men including Virgil Ham, Leland Ronnow, Ernie Cragin, Bob Young, William Copper, Cyril Wengert

0112    Group in desert including Sen. Ashurst, Sen. & Mrs. James Scrugham, Sen. Morris

0113    Group of men including Hoover and Scrugham

0114    Two men including Sam Arentz

0115    Men outside cabin, including W.J. Stewart, James Cashman, C.C. Boyer

0116    Men at railroad station, including C.P. Squires, Dr. Forest Mildren and Ernie Cragin

0117    Similar view with Bill Pike replacing Squires

0118    Rotary Club including Allye Lawson, Vic Ekdahl, Leonard Fayle and C.P. Squires


Folder 2

C.P. Squires Collection


Folder 2-3 cont.

People in groups cont.

0119    Beta Sigma Phi serving donuts

0120    Women at lunch including Mrs. Arden Lewis, Florence Boyer, Mrs. M.P. Willis, Betty Ham Dokter, Pat Hesse, Alta Ham, Mrs. Clare Woodbury

0121    Wednesday Pan Club including.

0122    Sen. Pat McCarran calls on Col. Stanton Smith, commanding officer of Tonopah Army Air Field

0123    60th wedding anniversary, Delphine and C.P. Squires

0124    Rotary party at Jack Woods ranch (fifty people)

0125    Event at school, including Mrs. C.P. Squires, Mrs. W.B. Mundy

0126    U-Wah-Un Study Club including 20 Las Vegas women

0127    Group of older Las Vegans including Florence Boyer

0128    Unidentified prospector, 1931 "An Old Desert Rat" (postcard)


0129    Buol Well, 1914

0130    First winter in Las Vegas, Christmas at C.P. Squires home, 1906 Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. M. Bunney, Mrs. Bracken, C.N. Brown, Mrs. Williams, J.S. Park ,Mrs. Noland, Squires, Mrs. W.R. Thomas, E.W. Griffith, M. Bunney, W.R. Thomas, Mrs. J.S. Park, W.R. Bracken, Mrs. C.N.Brown, Mrs. Squires, Mr. Dan Noland.

0131    Wedding of "Ma" Kennedy, Amy Semple McPherson's mother, at Hoover (Boulder) Dam; Art Ham, Celia Cragin, Veronica and Harley Harmon, Alice Campbell, Myrtle Taylor, stranger in white (?), Delphine Squires, Ernie Cragin

0132    Mother-Daughter Luncheon of the Wednesday Pan Club Seated:

1.    Mrs. Julian Moore, nee Frances McNamee

2.    Mrs. Doris Ham

3.    Mrs. C.W. Pierce, nee Carol Williams

4.    Mrs. Jerry (Georgia) Woodbury

5.    Mrs. Clinton Campbell, nee Alice Doherty

6.    Mrs. Howard Jones, ness Margie Martin

0002    Squires Collection

Additions cont.


1.    Mrs. Leo (Frances) McNamee

2.    Mrs. Fred (Patience) Hesse

3.    Mrs. Hazel Williams

4.    Mrs. Clare (Lola) Woodbury

5.    Mrs. C.C. (Florence) Boyer

6.    Mrs. Arden (Helen) Lewis

0133    Beta Sigma Phi United Service Organization (U.S.O.) meeting Sally McDermott (Mrs. Paul)-woman dark dress next to cookies; Sonya ? (Honrath)-woman holding flag.

Additions to Collection


0134    "Grandmother's yard in New Lisbon, Wisconsin."-(handwritten inscription) The Miles McWhorter house; Miles and Janet McWhorter were Delphine Squires' maternal grandparents.

0135    Grandma Anderson (Mary Annice McWhorter; Mrs. James).

0136    "My Mother-Clear Lake, Iowa"-(handwritten insc. On back)

0137    Delphine Anderson-about 1905

0138    Delphine Anderson-high school graduation photo, Austin, Minnesota. (1886) (She was called "Della" by her friends in Minnesota)

0139    Delphine "Della" Anderson Squires. (ca. 1900)

0140    Charles Pember Squires--about age 18

0141    C.P. Squires--about age 20

0142    Charles P. Squires-March 4, 1889

0143    Charles P. Squires (1896)

0144    Taken at Minnehaha Falls, near St. Paul, Minnesota (about 1888) Ed Parson, Lillie Warner, Lyman Sherwood, Chas.P.Squires standing. Gertrude Sherwood, Delphine and Matt Ellis, can't remember man selling-handwritten inscription

0145    Charles P. Squires-taken in Los Angeles

0146    Charles P. Squires (Los Angeles about 1904)

0147    Baby-not identified

0148    Squires children-Jim, Herb, Florence-1200 W. 24th St., Los Angeles

0149    Herbert Arthur Squires-Los Angeles

0150    Florence, Herbert, Jim & mother (Delphine) in Los Angeles

0151    Florence, James & Herbert in Los Angeles

0152    Florence Squires, age 1 year

0002    Squires Collection

Family ( cont.)

0153    Florence Squires

0154    Florence Squires Boyer

0155    Florence Squires Boyer with her three children: (l-r): John, Alice, Charles (in front)

0156    Florence Squires Boyer; two of her children, Alice and (John) Doherty

0157    Florence Squires-age 14

0158    Florence and Frank A. Doherty, August 1912

0159    Delphine Squires during construction of Squires house at 407 Fremont St. (April 1906)

0160    L-R: Mrs. Ira (Alice) MacFarland; Mrs. Charles (Delphine) Squires; Mrs. O.T. (Edna) Johnson. Taken at Indian Springs Ranch

0161    Alice Doherty and Florence

0162    Rhyolite depot, February 1925. L-R: C.P. Squires, C.C. Boyer, Mrs. C.C. Boyer, James Cashman

0163     Front yard of C.P. Squires home-Mrs. C.P. Squires (left) and Russell Squires (standing in front)

0164     L-R: (1) Hazel (Mrs. N.E.) Williams; (2) Delphine Squires; (3) Ruth (Mrs. W.E.) Ferron    (4) W.E. Ferron; (5) Florence Boyer; (6) C.C. Boyer; (7) James Cashman

0165     L-R: Alice Doherty Campbell, Carol Williams Pierce, Florence Boyer, Anna Bracken, C.C. Boyer, Delphine Squires, Hazel Williams, Pop Squires, Walter Bracken

0166     (front): (1) Jimmy Squires; (3) Bobbie Squires; (Back row); (2) C.C. Boyer; (4) Florence Boyer; (5) Mom; (6) Nila Squires; (7) Russell Squires; (8) Herbert Squires; (9) Jim Squires

0167     (1) Pop Squires (2) Florence Boyer (3) Mom Squires (4) Bobbie Squires (front) (5) Nila Squires (behind Bobbie) (6) Russell Squires (7) Jimmie Squires (in front of Russell) (8) Herbert Squires (9) C.C. Boyer (10) Jim Squires , ca. 1926

0168     Group called "Teddy's Terrors." Photo was taken May 8, 1903 at the old depot of the Santa Fe Railroad while they were waiting the arrival of the Presidential Special carrying President Theodore Roosevelt. (C.P. Squires was one of the founders of this group dedicated to furthering the candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt.) Man in white suit, center is Mayor Snyder (Democrat), who was taken captive by the organization and affectionately dubbed "Pinkey" because of the color of his beard. He has his arm draped over the shoulders of J. Wallace F. Diss. (C.P. Squires is second from the right?)

0169     ("Teddy's Terrors--looks like C.P. Squires, second row, second from right (?)--c.1903 (OVERSIZED)

0170     L-R: Mattie, C.C. Boyer, and Florence. (Deer Creek, NV)

0171     Delphine Squires, left. (Deer Creek, NV)

0172     Delphine "Mom" Squires at Deer Creek, NV

0173     Deer Creek, Nevada L-R: Jim Squires, Florence Boyer, Herbert Squires, "Pop", "Mom" ,Russell Squires

0174     "Mom" Squires and Alice MacFarland at Indian Springs Ranch

0002    Squires Collection

Family (cont.)    

0175     Alice MacFarland at Indian Springs Ranch

0176     Delphine "Mom" Squires and Alice MacFarland at Indian Springs Ranch

0177     C.P. Squires, left. (Redwood forest, California; Dec. 11, 1927)

0178     "Pop" Squires and C.C. Boyer on exploratory road trip in Northern Arizona with county commissioners

0179     "Pop" Squires and his granddaughter Alice (1913)

0180     L-R: C.P. Squires; Harry Cawrey, pastry chef; Brigham Townsend . (Taken at Hotel Frontier, Las Vegas)

0181     "Pop" Squires in front of his home at 408 so. 7th St. (6-15-47)

0182     L-R: Mrs. Vail Pittman (Liz), Governor's wife; Pop Squires; Florence Boyer. (At the Governor's mansion in Carson City, about 1950)

0183     Squires family reunion at the C.C. Boyer home in Carson City (1947). Front row Mrs. Herbert A. Squires, with Kathleen (daughter of John Doherty); Mrs. C.C. (Florence Squires) Boyer, with Charla, daughter of Charles Doherty; Mrs. John H. Doherty with daughter, Susan; Mrs. Charles P. Squires

0184     Pop with great-granddaughter, left to right: Kathleen Doherty, Charles Doherty, Susan Doherty (1947)

0185     Mrs. Vail Pittman (Liz) with Florence Boyer-- Governor's mansion about 1950

0186     Las Vegas Rotary. (C.P. Squires holding banner, far left.)

0187     Charles P. Squires receiving award at Editors and Publishers annual meetings in 1948

0188     The Squires' 60th wedding anniversary, August 21, 1949, at the Flamingo Hotel. L-R: John Doherty, Betty Lou Doherty, C.C. Boyer, Clinton Campbell, Herbert Squires, Florence Squires, Alice Doherty Campbell, Helen Squires, Florence Squires, Alice Doherty Campbell, Helen Squires, Florence Squires Boyer, Delphine Squires, Charles P. Squires, Genevieve Doherty, Charles S. Doherty holding Charla Sue Doherty

0189     Pop Squires and his sister, Helen Squires (c. 1956)

0190     Mr. And Mrs. Charles P. Squires (right) and prize-winning Helldorado float entered by

         Tropicana Hotel. (1953 or 1954)

0191    1st row: Pop, Anna Fayle, Mom, Florence Boyer 2nd row: Leonard Fayle, C.C. Boyer. Taken at the George Franklin home on 5th place, about 1954

0192     Mrs. Charles P. Squires-about 1956

0193     Delphine and Charles Squires on their 60th anniversary--Aug. 21, 1949. Little girl at    right is great-granddaughter, Charla Sue Doherty

0194     Mr. And Mrs. Charles P. Squires at one of the resort hotels (Las Vegas)

0195     Charles P. Squires

0196    "Pop" Squires with the Liberty Bell

0197    (May 1958) Recognition Luncheon-"Mom" Squires (left) and Julia St. Amand, Past City Council President

0198    "Pop" Squires

0002    Squires Collection

Additions to Collection

Family ( cont.)

0199    Charles P. Squires

0200    Charles P. Squires

0201    C.P. Squires and Thomas Dewey

0202    Mr. And Mrs. C.P. Squires -60th wedding anniversary (Aug. 21, 1949)

0203    Mr. And Mrs. C.P. Squires ("Pop's" 85th birthday-1950)

0204    L-R: Frank Buol and Pop Squires

0205    Mr. And Mrs. C.P. Squires at their home-408 So. 7th Street, Las Vegas

0206    Center: Florence Squires Boyer and her husband C.C. Boyer, oldest customers of First National Bank


0207    Deer Creek, Nevada (photo by Ullom)

0208    Deer Creek, Nevada (photo by Ullom)

0209    Deer Creek, Nevada (photo by Ullom)

0210    The first railroad station in Las Vegas, consisting of an old railroad coach placed on a siding about January 1905

0211    Las Vegas-July 1905. As seen through window of a dining car near the railroad station

0212    Depot of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad built in 1906. (Las Vegas) This served the railroad for many years until the present very modernistic structure took its place.

0213    First load of manganese from the "Three Kids Mine", now known as Manganese Ores, as it passed the W.R. Thomas building at First and Fremont, Las Vegas. (This building later demolished.) (Shows LV Pharmacy)

0214    Fremont Street, looking east from First Street, Jan. 5, 1926 (courtesy C.C. Boyer)

Grand Canyon

0215    Balcony overlooking the north rim of the Grand Canyon

0216    Cabins near the north rim of the Grand Canyon

0217    The lodge at the north rim of the Grand Canyon

0218    Store situated on the north rim of the Grand Canyon

0219    Balcony at the lodge overlooking the north rim of the Grand Canyon

0002    Squires Collection

Additions to Collection


0220    The ruins of Fort Colville on the Colorado River

0221    Tents of the 87th Squadron (one of 125)

0222    C.C. Boyer's car (c. 1920's)

0223    "Travel-1920 style" (C.C. Boyer's car)

0224    Petroglyphs (Nevada)

0225    Pete and his mule

0226    This photo was taken by C.P. Squires on the occasion of planting the first tree in the courthouse park, Las Vegas, Nevada. Date March, 1911, as near as can be fixed. The building shown at left is the first Clark County Courthouse (now used for the LV City Library).    Las Vegas City Library had been constructed by popular subscription by Las Vegas businessmen as promised by them during the county division campaign in 1908-1909. This building provided sufficient quarters for the county offices for five years, following which, the present courthouse was built. Persons shown, as far as their identity can be remembered, are Holding the tree-Ed W. Clark Using the shovel-Judge E.L. Taber Others, left to right: Charles Ronnow; Judge W.R. Thomas; unidentified; Bob Dillon; Frank A. Stevens; Harley A. Harmon and Dr. R.W. Martin (partly in picture).

0227    Alice MacFarland (Mrs. Ira)

0228    Chief C.T. Truschel-"To my good friend Charles P. Squires)-inscription

0229    Indian Institute at Pine Ridge, S.D. (Feb. 20-22, 1902) Conducted by Supervisor A.O. Wright (OVERSIZED)

0230    Beginning Squires house, 1906

0231    Squires house under construction (1906)

0232    Squires house under construction (1906)

0233    Squires home-1907 (Russell Squires on steps)

0234    Squires home (Fremont Street)

0235    (Front porch of Squires home in Las Vegas)

0236    Dining room in Squires home, Las Vegas

0237    Interior of Squires home in Las Vegas

0238    Squires home before stores were built

0239    Squires house, (left); Brown house, (right) (Brown house was located on what was to be the site of the Coronet's store)

0240    Home of Dr. James Squires in Austin, Minnesota (Pop Squire's dad) This was Pop Squires' boyhood home.

0002    Squires Collection

Additions to Collection


0241    [Dr. Roy Martin?]

0242    Las Vegas Wash. (c. 1929-31)

0243    Lorenzi Park resort (?), Las Vegas, NV. (c. 1920's)

0244    Lorenzi Park resort (?), Las Vegas, NV. (c. 1920's)

0245    Descending from the "Crow's Nest"--the first lookout point over Black Canyon (1931)

0246    The "Crow's Nest", the first lookout point over Black Canyon, 1931

0247    Man standing at the "Crow's Nest", the first lookout point over Black Canyon, 1931

0248    Man standing at the "Crow's Nest", the first lookout point over Black Canyon, 1931

0249    Group of people on the Colorado River at the south end of Black Canyon at the start of Hoover Dam construction (1931)

0250    Vicinity of the "Crow's Nest", the first lookout point over Black Canyon at the start of Hoover Dam construction (1931)

0251    Boat landing on the Colorado River through Black Canyon at the start of Hoover Dam construction (1931)

0252    Embarking on a tour of the Colorado River through Black Canyon prior to Hoover Dam construction (1931)

0253    Cruising the Colorado River in Black Canyon prior to Hoover Dam construction

0254    Overlooking Hemenway Wash and the future bed of Lake Mead (second from left): R.F. Walter, chief engineer for U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; (standing behind woman): Glen E. "Bud" Bodell, chief of Six Companies' security (1931)

0255    "First Post Office-built 1863." (location unknown)

0256    Haigh Post Office (c. 1920's)

0257    Fremont Street parade-Las Vegas, NV (c. 1920's)

0258    Zion National Park, Utah (c. 1920's)

0259    Zion National Park, Utah (c. 1920's)

0260    Zion National Park, Utah (c. 1920's)

0261    Envelope containing miscellaneous snapshots (approximately 45 in number) Thesecould not be identified.

0002 - Squires Album Collection

Album 1

1:5.1     Lunch on grade at 69 mile post

1:9.1     Community Center, Death Valley Junction

1:9.2     Superintendent's house, Death Valley Junction

1:9.3     Pacific Coast Borax Company

1:9.4     Hospital and Theatre, Death Valley Junction

1:10.1    Corridor at Death Valley Junction

1:10.2    Community Building at Death Valley Junction (Pacific Coast Borax Company)

1:10.3    Mileage post, group photo

1:11.3    Peter Buol (wearing hat), William Pike

1:14.4    (Negative only) U.W. Beckley Men's Furnishings

1:21.1    Tom Thumb wedding

Album 2

2:Inside front cover - C.P. "Pop" squires

2:8.4     (Negative only) Las Vegas Land & Water Co., N.2nd near Fremont Street

2:12.2    (Negative only) Picnic at Old Ranch

2:14.1    (Negative only) Las Vegas Tent Hotel under construction

2:16.1    First State Bank

2:40.1    (Negative only) Spring

2:52.2    (Negative only) Family gathering

2:52.3    (Negative only) House

2:57.1    (Negative only) Bracken house on Fremont Street

2:59.2    (Negative only) car on street near Oasis Garden in snow

2:76.1    Majestic Theater, Las Vegas (ca. 1915)

Album 4

4:2.1    Ed Clark

4:5.2    Harley Harmon

4;6.2    Dr. Roy Martin

4:10.3    John S. Park residence

4:14.3    Goodsprings School, Goodsprings, Nevada

4:22.1    John T. McGowan and Helen Holmes, Kalem Co. Director and actress, 1915

4:23.1    Set for scene of Kalem Co., "Hazards of Helen" Filmed in Las Vegas in 1915, woman is Helen Holmes

4:23.2    Set for scene of Kalem Co., "Hazards of Helen" filmed in Las Vegas in 1915

4:23.4    Set for scene of Kalem Co., "Hazards of Helen" filmed in Las Vegas in Feb.,1915

0002 - Squires Album Collection

Album 4 (cont.)

4:23.5    Kalem Co. filming "Hazards of Helen" filmed in Las Vegas in Feb., 1915. Cameraman is R. Peck; man on crutches is John T. McGowan, director; woman is Helen Holmes

4:24.5    (Negative only) Mrs. Ira (Alice) MacFarland; Mrs. Charles (Delphine) Squires; Mrs. O.T. (Edna) Johnson; people swimming at Indian Springs

4:28.3    (Negative only) Will Beckley Men's Furnishings store

4:29.1    (Negative only) Class Picture

Album ?

Scenes at Indian Springs Ranch owned by Ira &Alice MacFarland (loose page, not numbered; probably Album 2, between pages 50-52)

Album 1

Album 2

Squires Album 1

P8.4     Borax Roaster Death Valley Junction, Death Valley Railroad cars on tripple

P36.1,4 Pullman car in background. San Pedro, Los Angeles &Salt lake rebuilt wood car, LasVegas? 1924?

P39.2    Pullman, Las Vegas. 1924?

P54.1,2,3 SP, LA & SL shops, Las Vegas, 1910

P55.1,2,3 Sump fire, Las Vegas

Squires Album 2

P7.1    Las Vegas yard, SP, LA & SL car, 1906-1908?

P.24    Las Vegas yard coal trestle 1906-1908

P43.3    Las Vegas & Tonopah with Folk 1906-1908

Squires Album 4

P18.1,3 Virginia & Truckee locomotive No.11 at Reno Station. 1915?

P20    Pullman fire/Las Vegas 1915?

0002 - Squires Album Collection

Squires Album 4 cont.

P24.4     Yellow Pine Mining Co. Shay locomotive

P27.3,4,5 Yellow Pine Mine Railroad, Goodsprings and mine site