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Southern Nevada Historical Society

Collection Contents:
Basic Magnesium Industries, Henderson, Nevada

0001        Showing construction of temporary administration building, BMI, 9-23-41            

0002        Air view looking east showing beginning of plant site excavation, BMI, 10-8-41.

0003        Air view looking east showing completed railroads siding and temporary water storage tanks, NMI, 10-8-41

0004        Air view looking west, temporary administration building, BMI, 10-8-41

0005        Air view looking north showing plant site temporary administration building, temporary water tanks and railroad siding, BMI,

0006        View showing construction in progress of temporary general storage warehouse, BMI, 10-27-41.    

0007        Air view looking southwest showing temporary warehouses and addition of drafting room to the temporary administrative building, BMI, 10-29-41

0008        Air view looking east showing plant site excavation and administration building in background, 10-29-41

0009        View of electrolysis building No. 1 showing excavation, footing forms and reinforcing steel, BMI, 11-4-41.

0010        Showing first concrete being poured for footing of electrolysis building No. 1, BMI, 11-4-41.

0011        Aerial view of temporary administration building, 11-10-41.

0012        Track laying on railroad spur No. 10 from Royson to plant site, 11-21-41.

0013        Pouring and finishing concrete floor of temporary brick grinding building, BMI, 11-25-41.

0014        Air view looking east showing construction activities, BMI, 12-1-41.

0015        Air view looking north showing first stages of construction of temporary boarding camp. BMI, 12-8-41.

0016        General air view looking east showing construction progress on chlorine cell buildings electrolysis units, temporary brick
grinding building and railroad spurs, BMI, 12-8-41.

0017        Air view looking northwest showing plant site area and temporary boarding camp area in the right center, BMI, 12-8-41.

0018        Showing machine excavation for electrical distribution tunnel. BMI, 12-17-41.

0019        Showing forms for footings of chlorinator units in chlorination building No. 1, BMI, 12-17-41.

0020        Vie looking northwest from spur No. 4 showing start of work on permanent warehouse group, BMI, 12-18-41.

0021        Vie looking northeast showing concrete footings poured and pier reinforcing steel in place for chlorine cell building No. 1,
BMI, 12-22-41.

0022        Showing progress on tent platforms for temporary boarding camp, BMI, 12-29-41.

0023        Showing installation of the first double spindle dry grinder in the temporary brick grinding building, BMI, 12-29-41.

0024        Pouring concrete in octagonal base of chlorination cell in cell unit No.1, BMI, 12-29-41.

0025        Air view showing site of water supply site of water supply intake. Intake structure and pumphouse to be built on point of island
(at right center). Causeway between island and mainland in center. BMI, 12-30-41.

0026        Air view looking northwest showing terminal reservoir site (left center), plant site (upper center), temporary boarding camp (right center), BMI, 12-30-41.

0027        View looking east first stages of floor construction of electrical distribution tunnels, BMI, 1-2-42.

0028        Air view of water intake site showing causeway upper right, BMI, 1-5-42.

0029        Air view looking north showing terminal reservoir site and 40" pipeline ditch, BMI, 1-5-42.

0030        Air view looking southeast, showing present construction condition of metal plant units No.1 (right) to No. 10 (left).
Octagonal chlorinator unit bases have been stripped unit No.1, BMI, 1-5-42.

0031        General air view looking east showing construction in progress. Chlorine plant units center left to mental plant units upper
center. Temporary brick grinding building center. Permanent warehouse group upper left, BMI, 1-5-42.

0032        Air view looking east showing temporary boarding camp. BMI, 1-5-42.

0033        Showing ditch excavation for 49" pipeline. BMI, 1-5-42.

0034        View looking east showing reinforced steel for floor slab of electrical distribution tunnel. BMI, 1-9-42.

0035        Showing excavation for footings rectifier building No. 1, BMI, 1-9-42.    

0036        View near Lake Mead, showing crew setting stubs for tower on North Transmission. BMI, 1-10-42.

0037        General air view looking towards Lake Mead showing type of country to crossed by pipeline. BMI, 1-13-42.42.

0038        Air view looking towards Leak Mead showing booster pumping station site, (center), access road to island (upper center). BMI,

0039        Air view looking southeast showing mental plant units 1 (right), 2 and 3 (left), BMI, 1-13-42.

0040        Air view looking northwest showing permanent warehouse group. Structural machine shop (center exterior wall forms in place. BMI,

0041        Air view showing sewage disposal plant for temporary boarding camps. BMI, 1-13-42.

0042        Reinforcing steel and electrical conduit in floor slab of rectifier building No. 1, BMI, 3-28-42.

0043        Reinforcing steel and electrical conduit in floor slab of rectifier building No. 1, BMI, 3-28-42.            

0044        Metal plant electrolysis unit No.1, shoeing steel framing and electrolysis cells in place. BMI, 3-28-42.

0045        Air view showing demountable houses in various stages of construction. Plant site in background. BMI, 3-28-42.

0046        General air view showing Terminal Reservoir (lower right), demountable house (upper center), temporary boarding camp (upper
right), and plant site (background left), BMI, 3-31-42.

0047        General air view of plant looking west. Temporary boarding camp in foreground. BMI, 3-31-42.

0048        Air view of portion of preparation plant showing magnesite silo footings in foreground and pellet production building in
background. BMI, 3-31-42.

0049        Air view of portion of chlorine plant showing brine preparation tanks and footing (upper left), steel framing of cell renewal
building (center), chlorine electrolysis buildings (center right and left), and drying, cooking and liquefaction units between electrolysis buildings, temporary brick grinding building (lower right). BMI, 3-31-42.

0050        General air view of metal plant unit No. 1shwoing rectifier unit, electrolysis unit and chlorinator unit. BMI, 3-31-42.
0051        Metal plant unit No. 1 showing chlorinator shells and steel framing for chlorination building. BMI, 4-1-42.
0052        General view of electrolysis unit No. 1. Units 2and 3 identified by chlorinator shells standing in place in background, BMI, 4-1-42.
0053        View from north side of chlorination building No. 1 showing steel erection equipment and wash towers in place, BMI, 4-1-42.
0054        Chlorine brine preparation tanks under construction, BMI, 4-1-42.
0055        [Chlorine?] storage tanks, BMI, ca. 1941-42

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