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Southern Nevada Educators Photograph Collection

Location: PC 07:B, PC Negatives Box 12

Collection Contents:
0001    Ruth Fyfe, principal of North Ninth Street School in 1956.
0002    Helen C. Cannon, Las Vegas teacher.
0003    Ruby M. Thomas.
0004    Dolores Kelly, principal of Elbert Edwards Elementary School.
0005    Harvey N. Dondero.
0006    Roger M. Bryan, principal of Harvey N. Dondero.
0007    Don Miller, principal of Andrew Mitchell Elementary School.
0008    Lyle W. Burkholder, "Mr. Educator."
0009    R. Guild Gray.
0010    Howard J. Mitchell.
0011    Andrew J. Mitchell.
0012    Unidentified man.
0013    On occasion of the visit of the President of Turkey to the Boulder City Schools. 2-11-54.
0014    Sue B. Robinson, principal of Robert L. Taylor Elementary School and Robert L. Taylor.
0015    Rex Bell. Former Lt. Governor of the State of Nevada.
0016    Dr. Kenny C. Guinn.
0017    Richard David.
0018    Gary B. Harper, former principal of Will Beckley School-now of Halley Hewetson. [neg. only]
0019    Will Beckley. [neg. only]
0020    Herbert T. Freeman, Principal. [neg. only]
0021    Carl E. Partridge, Principal, Ruth Fyfe School. [neg. only]
0022    Leva Beckley. [neg. only]
0023    Fay E. Galloway [neg. only]
0024    L-R: Charles (Chuck) Galloway-son, Gertrude (widow), Burk Gillies(principal, Fay Galloway School), Jacelyn (Jody) Hall (daughter), 4-23-80. [neg. only]
0025    Stuart Reid-Sept. 1983--Will Beckley School. [neg. only]
0026    Dr. Clare W. Woodbury, Board of School Trustees member.