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Cahlan, Florence Lee Jones

Collection Contents:

Las Vegas

0001    Old Fort with unidentified men, 1909
0002    Old Fort in ruins, c. 1925
0003    Kyle-Park Ranch, John S. and William Park home in North Las Vegas, panoramas
0004    John S. Park home
0005    John S. Park home
0006    John S. Park home
0007    John S. Park home
0008    Kyle Ranch adobe house
0009    Building a road, unidentified men People

0010    John Cahlan, portrait
0011    Florence Lee Jones Cahlan, portrait
0012    Florence Lee Jones Cahlan, portrait
0013    Dr. William S. Park standing in front of auto at Kyle-Park Ranch, c.1922
0014    Graduation class photos including William S. Park (OVERSIZE)
0015    John William Park in stable at Kyle-Park Ranch, about age seven
0016    John William Park in front of Kiel Ranch Fruit wagon
0017    Unidentified young man in front of Kiel Ranch Fruit wagon
0018    Lorenzo Romans
0019    Rainbow Club and Casino
0020    Rainbow Club and Casino
0021    Golden Anniversary layout of Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1955. L-R: Florence Lee Jones, "Chick" Perkins
0022    Front page of the Golden Anniversary edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1955
0023    L-R: Robert "Robbie" Robinson, Florence Lee Jones Cahlan, John F. Cahlan.
0024    USO effort. Florence Lee Jones Cahlan, third from left, holding plate of doughnuts.
0025    Florence Lee Jones Cahlan, at left.
0026    Nellis Air Force Base-Florence Lee Jones (3rd from left).
0027    Seated at typewriter is Florence Lee Jones Cahlan.
0028    Left to right: Col. Moore; Capt. Roscoe turner; John Cahlan; Mr. Smith; Major Force. [Photograph appeared in L.V. Review Journal Nevadan, Aug. 29, 1971, Page 6.]




0029    First mail flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, 1926. Front left: Maury Graham, pilot; At scales: "Pop" Honshue, founder of Western Airlines. Los Angeles postmaster is weighing mail sacks.
0030    Western Airlines M2 lined up on Rockwell Field, Las Vegas (4/17/26)
0031    Western Airlines M2 biplane-first plane to fly Los Angeles-Salt Lake route, stopping in Las Vegas enroute. Note Indian head on fuselage-first insignia of Western Airlines.
0032    "Four Horsemen of Western Airlines plus one"-L-R: Fred Kelly, Jimmy James, Al DeGarmo, Maury Graham. At far right: C.C. Mosely, manager of Las Vegas airport. (1926) M2 plane in rear.
0033    Western Airlines plane being refueled at Rockwell Field , Las Vegas, by Nevada Oil Co. truck. Note landing strip. (1926)
0034    Glamorous Fanchon and Marco girls helping Western Airlines inaugurate four-engine airliner service from Alhambra Airport in 1930. (These four-engine aircraft were Fokker planes.)
0035    Western Airlines' first pilot Fred Kelly , showing a boy scout knife to other veteran flier Jimmy James (L). Center, company engineer Herbert Hoover, Jr. son of the late President. They are standing beside a Douglas M-2 biplane, the type of aircraft first used in 1926 by WAL. (Photo taken in late '30s.)
0036    Ford tri-motor plane. (Western Airlines-1940's)
0037    Top photo: Before-First Western Airlines Express plane to land in Las Vegas, April 17, 1926. Bottom Photo: After-Western Airlines planes lined up at Las Vegas in 1940's.
0038    First Western Airlines Express plane landing in Las Vegas on 25th anniversary (1951). Bill Morgan, pony express rider, delivering mail sacks to Jimmy James, pilot. Looking on are Mayor Ernie Cragin and Commissioner Leonard Arnett.


0039    White Pine County's newest town, New Ruth, where most of the houses shown in this picture were moved by Kennecott, a distance of over two miles to a new location to escape caving action which would have resulted from the Deep Ruth Mine operations. The homes are employee-owned. (1960-61)
0040    New Comptroller's building at McGill, Nevada. It was completed in December of 1959. Photo shows inside of the L and provisions for parking and street level loading. (1960-61)


Kennecott Corporation (cont.)

0041    Ely and East Ely, Nevada. ( Commercial and tourist hub and county seat of White Pine.) 1960-1961
0042    The Ward charcoal ovens are one of many tourist attractions in White Pine County. These historic remnants of the old mining days in the West are located just outside of Ely.
0043    Kennecott's power plant at McGill, Nevada. The plant provides power for all Kennecott operations and power is sold to a private company to service McGill, Ely, and New Ruth. (1960)
0044    Kennecott Copper Corporation -McGill, Nevada. (1960-61) Scene shows skip hoist system which greatly speeds the removal of ore from the Liberty Pit.
0045    Kennecott's internationally famous Liberty Pit which has been in production since 1908. (photo taken 1960-61)
0046    Aerial photo of Kennecott's reduction plant also shows the town of McGill in right foreground. The crusher and concentrating facilities are located at upper right and the smelter is marked at left by the two huge smokestacks. (Photo: 1960-61)
0047    An aerial view looking east shows the Veteran Pit in foreground, the Tripp Pit in the center, and the huge Liberty Pit in the background. (photo 1960-61)
0048    Rotary car dumper takes loaded ore cars and empties them---Kennecott Copper Corp. (1960-61)
0049    The end product-blister copper-is being poured from holding furnace into conveyor belt molds. Each bar weighs approximately 400 pounds and contains 99.4 per cent copper.
0050    Mr. J.C. Kinnear, Jr., General Manager, Kennecott Copper Corporation, Nevada Mines Division. (1960-61)
0051    Mr. M.J. O'Shaughnessy, Assistant General Manager, Kennecott Copper

Corporation, Nevada Mines Division. (1960)

Union Pacific Railroad

0052    Union Pacific #8444 steam locomotive. Northern class, 4-8-4 wheel arrangement. "FEF" class designation. First of type built in 1937 for freight and passenger service.
0053    Union Pacific locomotive #8444. (Credit UP Railroad Museum Collection.)
0054    Union Pacific #8444 steam locomotive. ( See #0045 0052 for complete i.d.)
0055    Union Pacific RR steam locomotive #8444. (See 0045 0052 for complete i.d.)
0056    Union Pacific steam locomotive.
0057    Old Union Pacific insignia. (Credit: UP Railroad photo.)


City of Las Vegas Diamond Jubilee

0058    Las Vegas's    75th anniversary and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Chairman John Cahlan, left stopped by Las Vegas High School to congratulate three members of the school's 50th graduating class-from left to right, Veronica McCullough, Steven Katz and Kim Harney. Supt. Of Schools Cr. Claude G. Perkins, far right, Announced that this year's diploma will bear the Diamond Jubilee Seal. (1980)
0059    A Diamond Jubilee plaque rite at the site of Las Vegas' original water supply gave ex-water district directors a chance to sip again. From left are seated: Thalia Dondero, Thomas Foley, George Ullom, Paul Zimmerman, Leonard Fayle; (standing) Maurice Gedance, Bert Leavitt, Richard Ronzone, Manny Cortez, Ron Lurie, Jubilee coordinator John Cahlan, Roger Hall and Larry Farnsworth. (10-29-80)
0060    Unveiling the Western Airlines plaque at the site of the first airport in Las Vegas.
(Diamond Jubilee-1980) L-R: Commissioner P.J. Christensen; Commissioner Ron Lurie; Jubilee coordinator John F. Cahlan; Western Airlines board Chairman Art Kelly. (Site: corner of Sahara and Paradise Road.) (9-23-80)
0061    Western Airlines plaque. (Sept. 23, 1980)
0062    John F. Cahlan, left, coordinator of Las Vegas' Diamond Jubilee, unveils a plaque
at Second and Lewis Streets, the former site of the city's first school. (Sept. 16, 1980) At right is Ruth Fyfe, veteran teacher. Originally the Salt Lake Hotel, the building was remodeled and converted to a grammar school in 1905 with about 200 students. The site is now a parking lot.
0063    John F. Cahlan, left, (coordinator of Las Vegas' Diamond Jubilee celebration),and Ron Lurie (Mayor Pro-Tem) at plaque marking the site of Las Vegas' first bank-Second and Fremont Street. (Dec. 9, 1980)
0064    Plaque marking the site of "Block 16"-First and Ogden Streets. The historic marker marks the Diamond Jubilee (75th anniversary) of the city of Las Vegas. L-R: Bob Shelton (Old Vegas); John F. Cahlan, Jubilee coordinator; Cecil Simmons (Old Vegas); and Charles Aplin (Pres. Of So. Nevada Historical Society) October 16,1980)
0065    L-R: Bob Shelton, John Cahlan, and Cecil Simmons-looking at historic plaque marking site of "Block 16" October 16,1980
0066    Re-enactment of the land auction of 1905-May 15, 1980-Las Vegas, Nevada. The occasion was the Diamond Jubilee Celebration (75th anniversary) of the city of Las Vegas. L-R: (1) Lt. Gov. Myron Leavitt, (representing Sen. Paul Laxalt); (5) and (6) unidentified. (7) Sen. Howard Cannon; (8) Gov. Robert List; (9) John F. Cahlan, Jubilee coordinator; (10) Mayor William Briare; (11) City Commissioner Ron Lurie; (12) City Comm. Al Levy; (13) City Comm. Paul Christensen;(14) King Merle Frehner; (15) Queen Evelyn McDonald.
0067    May 15, 1980. Part of crowd awaiting arrival of steam train for land auction reenactment.


City of Las Vegas Diamond Jublilee (cont.)

0068    Engine 8444-one of the last mobile steam engines , biggest attraction of land auction day. ( May 15,1980)
0069    First depot location historical marker unveiling. (May 15, 1980) L-R: Ed Kennefick, UPRR president; Frank Scott, owner Union Plaza Hotel; Howard Cannon (in derby), U.S. Senator from Nevada; Mayor Bill Briare.
0070    Re-enactment of land auction. (May 15, 1980) L-R: (1) John Cahlan, Jubilee coordinator; (2) Mayor Bill Briare; (3) City Commissioner Ron Lurie.
0071    May 15, 1980. Crowd in front of stage set up for re-enactment of 1905 land auction. This took place in Union Plaza parking lot where the original auction was held.
0072    Square dancers whooping it up at Second & Fremont during celebration of Diamond Jubilee of city. ( May 15, 1980)
0073    L-R: Doris Kramer Lumsden, daughter of Adam Kramer who came in on first train; Margaret Allen, old-timer of 1929; Florence Jones Cahlan, 1933. (May 15, 1980)
0074    LDS presentation of "Within These Walls" as part of Las Vegas Diamond Jubilee and LDS Sesquicentennial. (July 24, 1980) L-R:
0075    Diamond Jubilee Hostess for 1980, Leanna Grant, at LDS presentation, July 24,1980. At right is John F. Cahlan. (LDS also observed sesquicentennial that night.)


0076    John F. Cahlan speaking at Lorenzi Park dedication. (October 22,1980)
0077    Aerial view of Las Vegas Strip, looking north from MGM Grand Hotel area. [c. 1974-1978]
0078    Aerial view of UNLV. Also shows part of Las Vegas to the north of the university. [c. late 1970's]
0079    Goldfield , Nevada. (Nevada ghost town)
0080    Chill Wills-inscribed to John Cahlan: "To my friend John Cahlan-who was just settin' here runinatin' 'bout the nice time we had together at the Variety Club opening in Las Vegas-Sincerely Chill Wills." (OVERSIZE)