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Schuyler, Donald

Collection Contents:
Las Vegas High School (Clark County High School)

0001    Basketball team 1920-21

0002    Basketball team 1921-22

0003    Basketball team, 1923

0004 Las Vegas City Band marching down Fremont Street. W.N. (William N.) Schuyler on snare drum at the right. (c. 1919)

0005 Don Schuyler Sr. and Freda Schuyler in front of Boulder City home-509 Avenue L. (1938) With Florence Halseth, Idell Anderson, Jonnie Halseth (boy in foreground) and Don Jr. and Gail Schuyler.

0006 June 1935. Parents of Don Schuyler Sr. and Freda Humphrey at time of their wedding. (L-R Emma Schuyler, Wm. Schuyler, James L. Humphrey (top) and Harriet Humphrey. Taken alongside the Humphrey house in Reno. (403 Hill Street.)

0007 Don Schuyler Sr. (1-2 years old) with his maternal grandfather Levi Schaefle in Los Angeles. (c. 1906)

0008 William Norton Schuyler holding violin-about 24 years old, living in Denver, CO at time. (1898)

0009 Don Schuyler Sr. getting an award. (1964) General Rollins presenting a Corps of Engineers award.

0010 Don Schuyler Sr. on survey crew. (c. 1935) With the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey at the Powell Cairn built about 1880 by John Wesley Powell on his exploration of the southwestern United States. The location is not known but almost has to be in AZ, NV, or UT.

0011 Don Schuyler Sr.-played basketball for Elko High in 1923-24, his senior
after transferring from Clark County High School. (1924)

0012 Don Schuyler Sr. in downtown Honolulu, HI. (1943-44) Walking around downtown in his uniform.

0013 Don Schuyler sr. in his navy chief petty officer uniform. (1943-44)

0014 Don Schuyler Sr. in Hawaii while he was in the U.S. Navy. He is in the back row, second from left, with his navy buddies. (1943-44)
0015 Don Schuyler Sr. in Las Vegas, probably between 10 and 12 years of age. Early Las Vegas home (Bridger St.?) with his dog. (1915)

0016 Don Schuyler Sr. on Elko HS basketball team in 1923-24. Spud Murphy, Floyd Knickerbocker, Buster Johnson, G. Wright, Schuyler.
(Spring 1924)
0017 Don Schuyler Sr., about 17 years old, in front of Clark County High School, in CC sweater and riding boots and pants. (c. 1922)

0018 Don Schuyler Sr. with his children Don Jr. and Gail. Reading to his children from book The Citadel.

0019 Don Schuyler Sr., age 51, Wilmington, NC. (1956)

0020 Freda Humphrey (Schuyler) (1920) She was probably 18 years old, around time of high school graduation from Reno High School.

0021 Freda Humphrey (1924) around 22 years old. Probably taken at time of her graduation from University of Nevada (Reno) with high school teaching certificate.

0022 Freda Humphrey Schuyler, c. 1957. About 56 years of age, Wilmington NC.

0023 Freda Humphrey and Don Schuyler on their wedding day. June 2, 1935. At home in Reno-403 Hill Street.

0024 Donald R. Schuyler Sr. and William Schuyler in Las Vegas. Probably 210 Carson Street (according to 1930 census) (c. 1930)

0025 Donald Schuyler Sr. at his "Famous Artists School" in Westport, Connecticut. (1960)

0026 Freda Schuyler on a survey trip with Don Sr. (c. 1935). On road to Dixie Valley, Nevada, just east of Fallon and Lovelock on the
west side of the Chalk Mountains.

0027 Peggy Schuyler in son Don & Freda's home in Alexandria VA. Visiting with Bob Griffith (seated) and Dorothy and Charles Keeler. (1960)

0028 May 1957. William and Peggy Schuyler after their retirement and move from their longtime home at 604 South Sixth Street to their new apartment at 1502 Rexford Place, both in Las Vegas. Daughter-in-law Freda H. Schuyler standing between them.

0029 Don Schuyler Sr. and his children Gail and Don Jr. At Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington NC. (1955)

0030 William and Emma (Peggy) Schuyler with grandchildren. Peggy holding Gail Schuyler, Marion Cahlan (far right) holding Don Schuyler Jr. and Forest Cahlan in front of William. (1937)

0031 W.N. Schuyler and wife Peggy-50th anniversary celebration with their children Donald Sr. on left and Ruth Schuyler Cahlan on the right. (May 1950)

0032 Don Schuyler Sr. in front of his car in the snow in Reno. At the side of his wife's family (Humphrey) house-403 Hill Street.

0033 Parents of Don Schuyler Sr. and Freda on their wedding day. (6/21/1935) at 403 Hill Street, Reno.

0034 Freda Humphrey Schuyler (between 1931-35) while teaching high school English in Las Vegas, NV. She was a roomer at the William and Peggy Schuyler home and met her future husband Don Schuyler Sr. at that time.

0035 Don Schuyler Sr. and wife Freda in backyard of their Alexandria VA home. (1964)

0036 Don and Freda Schuyler with their five Walsh grandsons. L-R: Chris, Pat, Peter, Mike and Kelly. Gail Schuyler Walsh was the mother, married to Robert Walton Walsh. (1964)

0037 January 1900. Emma and William N. Schuyler (left) and Jack (John) and Caroline Heaton. In Denver, CO. Caroline is Emma's sister (Caroline Schaefle) and was prominent in Las Vegas real estate market in 1930s-40s. Caroline established the first Las Vegas radio station KGIX in 1928 in the "country" at the current location of 9th and Mesquite Streets.

0038 William Schuyler with daughter Ruth and his father Charles Mortimer Schuyler. (1904) William about 30, Ruth Estella about 3, Charles about 55. (studio portrait)

0039 Emma Schaefle (Schuyler), Mabel Schaefle (Hitte) and William J. Schaefle as children. Emma (left) is about 9-10 years old. 91889)

0040 (1923) Albert Edmunds Cahlan and Ruth Schuyler wedding day. Al & Ruth by pillar at left. William Schuyler, Ruth's father, at far right. Married about Oct. 22, 1922 at the Episcopal Church in Las Vegas by Rev. Smithe. The rest of the party is not identified but bridesmaid Miss Allison Moffat and Bryan Bunker, the best man, may be shown as well. Donald Schuyler Sr. was an usher but is not in the photo.

0041 Donald Schuyler Sr., far right, about 8 years old. (1913) Possibly his class t 5th Street Grammar School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

0042 Albert Cahlan Family with William and Emma Schuyler. (1947) Possibly a gathering to celebrate birth of Susan Henderson, the Cahlans' first grandchild. Top row, L-R; W. Schuyler, Marion Cahlan Henderson, Al Cahlan. Middle row land seated, L-R; Emma Schuyler, Ruth Cahlan with granddaughter Suzie on her lap, and Marion Cahlan (Al's mother). Forest Cahlan is seated on the floor.

0043 William Norton Schuyler at age 56. This photo was used on his calling card when he ran for office of Clark County Clerk in 1930. (c. 1930)

0044 William N. and Emma Peggy Schuyler at 50th wedding anniversary party. At Robert W. Griffith home on Rancho Circle in Las Vegas. (1950)

0045 Al Cahlan and Ruth Schuyler Cahlan next to car. (1950) Location unknown. (color)

0046 Four Schuyler generations. Donald Jr. on great grandmother Allen Angevine Schuyler's lap (seated) with Donald Sr. on left and William on right, standing. (1936)

0047 Don Schuyler Sr. viewing parade from Treasury Building, Washington, D.C. (1965) He and wife Freda were in D.C. for Lyndon Johnson's presidential inauguration. He (Don) was in the office of Eva Adams, director of the U.S. Mint. Prior to this position, Eva was an administrative assistant for Nevada Senator Alan Bible.

0048 About 1931-William Schuyler family on camping trip to Kaibab Forest, Grand Canyon, AZ. L-R: William, Emma, Ruth, Marion and Donald Sr.

0049 Peggy Schuyler with sister Mabel Schaefle Hitte. Probably Las Vegas-210 Carson Street. (1931)

0050 January 1952-newspaper photo of Delphine Squires' birthday celebration-her 84th. Names of ladies under picture; includes Mrs. W.N. Schuyler

0051 Newspaper photo-Peggy Schuyler (2nd from rt.), involved in donation to Variety School. (1952) Other ladies named under photo. Mrs. Dondero is wife of Harvey who was a roomer at the Schuylers' home and became prominent in the LV school system.

0052 Peggy Schuyler at Mesquite Club function in Las Vegas. She was present at the first anniversary party of the club. Newspaper photo 1952. She was honored as a past president at this 41st anniversary of the club.

0053 About 1912. First anniversary of the Mesquite Club in Las Vegas. She (Peggy Schuyler) is probably seventh from the right on the very top row.

0054 2005-Plaque to Peggy Schuyler from the Las Vegas Mesquite Club for her service as a charter member in 1911 and as president in 1920-21. Post-humously presented in 10-21-2005. Jean Garner Cahlan, who is a current member, passed this on to Peggy's grandson Forest Cahlan about 2006 and then he passed it on to his cousin Don Schuyler Jr. (color)

0055 Don Schuyler Sr. with his son Don Jr. and grandson Jeff Schuyler in the backyard of son Don's home in Los Alamos, New Mexico. (1969) (COLOR)

0056 Don Schuyler Sr. in his SAE fraternity photo-University of Nevada at Reno. 9c. 1924)

0057 Albert W. Cahlan family. (1910) L-R: Albert, his wife Marion and their two sons Albert E. and John F.    Living in either Reno or Carson City. Both Al and John became prominent in Las Vegas newspaper and community affairs.