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Caesars Palace Photograph Collection

Location: PC 09:B, PC Slides Binder 07

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Collection Contents:

0001    Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
0002    Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
0003    Palace Court, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
0004    Circus Maximus Showroom; Caesars Palace
0005    Roman Forum Casino; Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
0006    Bacchanal Room; Caesars Palace, LV.
0007    Spanish Steps Steak & Seafood House; Caesars Palace.
0008    Ah'So Steak House; Caesars Palace, LV.
0009    Villa Suite Caesars Palace, LV.
0010    Via Suite Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
0011    Garden of the gods; Caesars Palace, LV.
0012    Omnimax Theatre; Caesars Palace, LV.
0013    Brahma Shrine; Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
0014    Million dollar baby slots; Caesars Palace.
0015    Appian Way Shopping Gallery; Caesars Palace.
0016    Appian Way Shopping Gallery; Caesars Palace.
0017    Olympiad Race & Sports book; Caesars Palace.
0018    Empress Court; Caesars Palace.
0019    Hagler v. Leonard; Caesars Palace.

0020    World of Caesar; Caesars Palace.

Additions to Collection (prints)

0021    Herbert Marrion, captain at Caesars Palace.
0022Caesars Palace exterior
0023Caesars Palace exterior
0024Caesars Palace exterior
0025Caesars Palace exterior
0026Caesars Palace exterior
0027Caesars Palace exterior